SIARAD - Fusser9: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1BAGerCE <oedd o (y)n erCE &g> [//] <oedd o (y)n> [//] # <(dy)na fo> [//] # dyna [//] # oedd o (we)di # dallt na # lloc # oedd yr [//] y wal o_gwmpas yr eglwys yn_de .
  IMer.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S therethat_is.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN PRTno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ enclosureunk be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF wallwall.N.F.SG aroundaround.PREP.[or].around.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF churchchurch.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  he was...he was...that's it, he'd understood that the wall around the church was an enclosure, you know
2ABE+< lloc .
3BAGwrth_gwrs lloc ydy # corlan +/ .
  ofof_course.ADV courseunk enclosurebe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESfold.N.F.SG pen
  of course, an enclosure is a pen
4ABEia corlan # (y)r [?] anifeiliaid <mwy neu lai yeahCE> [?] .
  yesyes.ADV penfold.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF animalsanimals.N.M.PL moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, a pen for the animals, more or less, yeah.
5BAG+, <yn y> [/] <yn y> [/] <yn y> [/] <yn y> [/] # yn y # deheubarth neu yn y # canolbarth beth bynnag yn_de .
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF southern_partunk oror.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mid_partcentral region.N.M.SG whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  in the south or in mid Wales anyway, isn't it
6BAGerCE ond umCE +/ .
  IMer.IM butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  er but um...
7ABEwellCE yeahCE mae e ffordd (y)ma (he)fyd .
  wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S wayway.N.F.SG herehere.ADV alsoalso.ADV
  well yeah, it is in these parts too
8ABEtimod gyn ti &l # enwau lleoedd ffordd (y)na xx .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S namesnames.N.M.PL placesplaces.N.M.PL wayway.N.F.SG therethere.ADV
  you know, you have place names around there [...]
9BAG+< ie ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes
10ABEPont_LlocCE yn # NeboCE (a)cw a # xx +/ .
  Pont_Llocname inin.PREP Neboname thereover there.ADV andand.CONJ
  Pont_Lloc in Nebo and [...] ...
11BAG+< ie yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
12BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE na oedden ni (y)n # adrodd a ryw gwahanol bobl yn cyfrannu # eu pwt felly # ac yn adrodd yr erCE # gwahanol enwau llefydd oedd [?] efo lloc ["] yn_de .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV noPRT.NEG be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT report.NONFINrecite.V.INFIN andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM differentdifferent.ADJ peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT contribute.NONFINcontribute.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P bitpet.N.M.SG thusso.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT report.NONFINrecite.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM differentdifferent.ADJ namesnames.N.M.PL placesplaces.N.M.PL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP llocunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  yeah yeah, no, we were reporting and various people were contributing their bit, like, and reporting the er different place names that had "lloc" in, you know
13BAGond oedd # GruffCE +// .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Gruffname
  but Gruff was...
14BAG<os &ðɛɬ> [//] os ddalltais i o (y)n iawn felly <oedd yr> [//] oedd y wal o_gwmpas yr eglwys <yn ryw fath o> [//] # yn [/] yn [/] # yn # &de &n yn lloc go iawn yn_de wsti umCE # yn hytrach na bod o (y)n # gorlan # gadw defaid neu beth bynnag yn_de .
  ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ understand.1S.PASTunk PRON.1Sto.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT rightOK.ADV thusso.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF wallwall.N.F.SG aroundaround.PREP.[or].around.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF churchchurch.N.F.SG PRTin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP enclosureunk ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM PRTPRT ratherrather.ADV PRTPRT.NEG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT penfold.N.F.SG+SM keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM sheepsheep.N.F.PL oror.CONJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  if I understood him correctly, like, the wall around the church was some kind of...was a real enclosure, wasn't it you know, um, rather than being a pen to keep sheep or whatever, you know
15BAGhwyrach bod (y)na +// .
  perhapsperhaps.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  perhaps there's a...
16BAGachos # xx +// .
  because [...] ...
17BAGti nabod HuwCE # Huw_WatkinCE # PenrhynCE ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN Huwname Huw_Watkinname Penrhynname
  you know Huw, Huw Watkin Penrhyn?
18ABE+< yndw .
19BAGyr erCE xx .
  the er [...]
20ABE+< yeahCE xx gymeriad .
  yeahyeah.ADV charactercharacter.N.M.SG+SM
  yeah [...] character
21BAGyeahCE yr umCE # &ʔʔ mathemategydd .
  yeahyeah.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM mathematicianunk
  yeah the um mathematician
22ABEyeahCE yeahCE seryddwr a ballu .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV astronomerunk andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON
  yeah yeah, astronomer and things
23BAG+< ia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
24BAGia seryddwr ia .
  yesyes.ADV astronomerunk yesyes.ADV
  yes, astronomer, yes
25BAGew wrth fy modd efo fo .
  goshoh.IM byby.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S likingmeans.N.M.SG withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  gosh, I think he's great
26BAGac oedd Rhys_ParryCE yna hefyd yn_de wsti +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Rhys_Parryname therethere.ADV alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and Rhys Parry was there too, you know
27ABE+< &=laugh xx gymeriad .
  [...] character
28ABE+< oedd o (y)n # be ti (y)n galw athro mathemateg ar ElenCE <(f)y wraig i ti weld> [?] .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT call.NONFINcall.V.INFIN teacherteacher.N.M.SG mathematicsmathematics.N.M.SG onon.PREP Elenname POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S wifewife.N.F.SG+SM PRON.1Sto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM
  he was, what do you call, the maths teacher of Elen, my wife, you see
29BAG+< oedd ?
  was he?
30BAGoedd [//] na oedd wir ?
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF noPRT.NEG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF truetrue.ADJ+SM was he really?
31ABEYsgol Glan_ClwydCE de .
  Schoolname Glan_Clwydname TAGbe.IM+SM
  Glan Clwyd School, you see
32BAG+< yeahCE [?] .
33BAGie yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
34ABEargian [?] gymeriad de .
  lordgood_lord.IM charactercharacter.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  gosh, a character isn't he
35BAG+< wrth (f)y modd efo fo de .
  byby.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S likingmeans.N.M.SG withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGbe.IM+SM
  he's great, you know
36BAGac er +// .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM
  and er...
37BAGoedd [?] o (y)n gweithio (y)n GreenwichCE doedd na [?] .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN inin.PREP Greenwichname be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG nono.ADV
  he was working in Greenwich wasn't he, no
38BAGoedd [?] ?
  was he
39ABEoedd yn tad yn gynnar (fe)lly timod ac yn umCE # erCE # cymeryd mesuriadau ar leoliadau rei o (y)r sêr xx <ballu wedyn> [?] +.. .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP fatherfather.N.M.SG PRTPRT earlyearly.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM IMer.IM take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN measurementsmeasurements.N.M.PL onon.PREP locationslocations.N.M.PL+SM somesome.PRON+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF starsstars.N.F.PL suchlikesuchlike.PRON thenafterwards.ADV
  yes definitely, early like you know, and um, taking measurements for the locations of some of the stars [..] and suchlike, then...
40BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE xx yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah [...] yeah
41BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah, yeah yeah
42ABEroth [?] o sgwrs xx yn lle (y)na yn Tan_(y)_BwlchCE ar un o (y)r sgyrsiau (y)ma timod xx Llên_Gwerin .
  give.3S.PASTgive.V.3S.PAST PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S talkchat.N.F.SG inin.PREP placewhere.INT therethere.ADV inin.PREP Tan_y_Bwlchname onon.PREP oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF talkschats.N.F.PL herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES Llên_Gwerinname
  he gave a talk [...] at that place in Tan-y-Bwlch, one of these talks you know [...] Llên Gwerin
43BAGxx # mae o (y)n wneud sgyrsiau yndy ?
  [...] he does talks, does he?
44BAGwsti achos erCE dw [/] dw i (y)n gweld o (y)n ddyn &ss xx isio cadw # allan o bethau fel (yn)a (fe)lly .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT manman.N.M.SG+SM wantwant.N.M.SG keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN outout.ADV ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV thusso.ADV
  you know, because er I see him as a man who wants to keep out of things like that, like
45ABE+< oohCE yndy .
  IMooh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH
  ooh yes
46BAGond erCE ohCE (dy)na fo xx .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM IMoh.IM therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but er oh, there we are [...]
47ABE+< ia ia yeahCE ond ohCE # os gei di gyfle ryw dro umCE [?] +.. .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM ifif.CONJ get.2S.NONPASTget.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM chanceopportunity.N.M.SG+SM somesome.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG+SM IMum.IM
  yes yes yeah but oh, if you get a chance some time um...
48BAGyeahCE .
49ABExx xx sgwrs .
  talkunk chat.N.F.SG
  xx xx talk
50ABE&t hynny (y)dy # mae o (y)n anhygoel sti .
  thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT incredibleincredible.ADJ know.2Syou_know.IM
  that is, he's incredible, you know
51ABEmae (y)n un o (y)r erCE erCE y traddodwyr mwya anhygoel dw i (we)di glywed erioed dw meddwl .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF speakersunk mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP incredibleincredible.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN+SM evernever.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  he's one of the, er er, the most incredible speakers I've ever heard, I think
52ABEoherwydd # fe wneith o ymdrin â pwnc seryddol de +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF do.3S.NONPASTdo.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S deal.NONFINdeal_with.V.INFIN.[or].strive_.V.INFIN withwith.PREP subjectsubject.N.M.SG astronomicalunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  because he'll deal with an astronomical subject, right
53BAGmmmCE .
54ABE+, yn fanwl # wyddonol wsti # timod .
  PRTPRT exactdetailed.ADJ+SM scientificscientific.ADJ+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  scientifically exact, you know
55BAGmmmCE mmmCE mmmCE .
  IMmmm.IM IMmmm.IM IMmmm.IM
  mm mm mm
56ABEac eto fyth de mae styleCE # o draethu o de timod mor # xx &=laugh funnyE timod .
  andand.CONJ yetagain.ADV evernever.ADV+SM TAGbe.IM+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES stylestyle.N.SG ofof.PREP speak.NONFINpronounce.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES soso.ADV funnyfunny.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and yet, right, his style of speaking, right you know, is so [...] funny, you know
57BAG+< mmmCE .
58BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah
59ABE&=laugh timod mae golwg hollol straightCE xx timod de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES lookview.N.F.SG completecompletely.ADJ straightstraight.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, he looks completely straight [...] you know, right
60BAG<dw i> [/] dw i (ddi)m (we)di glywed o (y)n siarad &g yn gyhoeddus o_gwbl [?] .
  I haven't heard him speak in public at all
61BAGyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah, yeah
62ABE<neu timod> [?] # oedd pobl wrth eu boddau de .
  oror.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG byby.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P likingpleasure.N.M.PL TAGbe.IM+SM
  or you know, people loved him, right
63BAGia ?
64BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah
65ABE+< oedd gynnyn nhw (ddi)m diddordeb o_gwbl (y)n y pwnc .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM interestinterest.N.M.SG at_allat_all.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF subjectsubject.N.M.SG
  they had no interest at all in the subject
66BAGyeahCE yeahCE ond justCE +/ .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ justjust.ADV
  yeah yeah but just...
67ABE<a (ddi)m cofio> [?] diawl o (ddi)m_byd am be oedd o (y)n draddodi de .
  andand.CONJ NEGnot.ADV+SM remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN devilunk ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM aboutfor.PREP whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT deliver.NONFINcommit.V.INFIN+SM.[or].deliver.V.INFIN+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  and remembering nothing at all about what he was saying, you know
68BAG+< <ond efô (y)n dod> [?] +/ .
  butbut.CONJ PRON.3SMunk PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN
  but him coming...
69ABEond [/] ond ohCE justCE watsied o .
  butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM justjust.ADV watch.NONFINunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP
  but oh, just watching him
70BAG+< ia .
71ABEac yn traddodi .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT deliver.NONFINcommit.V.INFIN.[or].deliver.V.INFIN
  and speaking
72BAGia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes
73ABEa timod argoeledig <(dy)na chdi> [?] draddodwr .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES goshunk therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S speakerunk
  and you know, oh my God, that's a speaker for you
74BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah
75BAG+< <mae o> [//] mae [/] mae gynno fo frwdfrydedd # heintus yn_does i ddeud y gwir (fe)lly .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S enthusiasmenthusiasm.N.M.SG+SM infectiousinfectious.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  he's got an infectious enthusiasm, hasn't he, to tell the truth, like
76ABEohCE anhygoel sti .
  IMoh.IM incredibleincredible.ADJ know.2Syou_know.IM
  oh incredible, you know
77BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah, yeah yeah
78BAGa dyna be oedd gynno fo .
  andand.CONJ therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and that's what he had
79BAGoedd o (y)n roid ei bwt i_fewn (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S bitpet.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  he contributed his bit like, you know
80BAGoedden ni (y)n sôn am y lloc (y)ma (fe)lly ac umCE +"/ .
  be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF enclosureunk herehere.ADV thusso.ADV andand.CONJ IMum.IM
  we were talking about this enclosure, like, and um...
81BAG+" o (y)r Lladin wyddost ti erCE erCE # localE ["] yn_de .
  fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF LatinLatin.N.F.SG know.2S.NONPASTknow.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S IMer.IM IMer.IM locallocal.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  from the Latin, you know, er er "local" isn't it
82BAG&lo lloc ["] localE ["] locationE ["] yn_de .
  llocunk locallocal.ADJ locationlocation.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  "lloc", "local", "location", isn't it
83ABE+< ohCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah
84BAGdyna be oedd o (y)n ddeud yn_de .
  therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  that's what he was saying, you know
85BAG&dɪ wedyn mae [/] # mae (y)n amlwg <bod o (y)n> [/] # bod o (y)n air sydd yn golygu mwy na # corlan ddefaid felly yn wreiddiol yn_de wsti a <bod o (y)n> [//] bod y # lloc (y)ma hwyrach yn # eto os ddalltais i (y)n iawn # umCE yn # ryw fath o # um:CE le yn amgáu # cell # mynacho(d) [//] &m # &m um:CE # umCE be [/] be (ba)set ti (y)n ddeud cell # mynach felly yn_de wsti .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT obviousobvious.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT wordword.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT mean.NONFINedit.V.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP PRT(n)or.CONJ penfold.N.F.SG sheepsheep.N.F.PL+SM thusso.ADV PRTPRT originaloriginal.ADJ+SM TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF enclosureunk herehere.ADV perhapsperhaps.ADV PRTPRT againagain.ADV ifif.CONJ understand.1S.PASTunk PRON.1Sto.PREP PRTPRT rightOK.ADV IMum.IM PRTin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP IMum.IM placeplace.N.M.SG+SM.[or].where.INT+SM PRTPRT enclose.NONFINencapsulate.V.INFIN.[or].enclose.V.INFIN cellcell.N.F.SG monksunk IMum.IM IMum.IM whatwhat.INT whatwhat.INT be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM cellcell.N.F.SG monkunk thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  then it's obvious that it's a word which means more than sheepfold, like, originally, right you know, and that this enclosure was perhaps a, again if I understood correctly, um some sort of um place enclosing a monk cell, um um what would you say, a monk cell, like right you know
86ABE+< ohCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah
87ABE+< yeahCE bosib # yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV possiblepossible.ADJ+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah possibly, yeah
88ABE+< yeahCE cell mynach yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV cellcell.N.F.SG monkunk yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah a monk cell, yeah
89BAG&=cough ond erCE wsti oedd y # drafodaeth yn # symud felly o +// .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF discussiondiscussion.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT move.NONFINmove.V.INFIN thusso.ADV fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP
  but er, you know, the discussion moved, like, from...
90BAGwsti <oedd o> [//] erCE yn yr un gwynt justCE # <oedd # um:CE rywun yn sôn am> [//] na na wnaeth GruffCE sôn am # y gored yn_de +/ .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S IMer.IM PRTin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM windwind.N.M.SG justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF IMum.IM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP nono.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ nowho_not.PRON.REL.NEG do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM Gruffname mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF weirunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  you know, he in the same breath just. im someone was talking no Gruff talked about the weir, right
91ABEmmmCE .
92BAG+, i_lawr # ar y traeth yn_de .
  downdown.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF beachbeach.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  down on the beach, right
93BAG<mae (y)na> [/] mae (y)na +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV
94BAGdwn i (ddi)m os ti (y)n gwybod yn fan (y)na (fe)lly <ar y fo(ryd)> [/] ar y foryd yn fan (y)na <mae (y)na> [/] # mae (y)na hen gored yn_does wsti .
  know.1S.NONPAST.NEGknow.V.1S.PRES.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV thusso.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF estuaryunk onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF estuaryunk inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV oldold.ADJ weirunk be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I don't know if you know there, like, on the estuary there, there's an old weir, isn't there, you know
95ABE+< oes .
96ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah yeah
97BAGac umCE # wedyn <oedd yr> [//] # oedd y drafodaeth umCE +// .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF discussiondiscussion.N.F.SG+SM IMum.IM
  and um then the discussion was um...
98BAGerCE dw (ddi)m yn gwybod xx # faint o drafodaeth go iawn ta be oedd yn mynd ymlaen yn y mhen i (fe)lly .
  IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP discussiondiscussion.N.F.SG+SM ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV orbe.IM whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onforward.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S headhead.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP thusso.ADV
  er I don't know [...] how much real discussion or what was going on in my head, like
99BAGond umCE # y # gair gored ["] yn_de cored ["] yn_de cor ["] yn_de wsti corlan ["] yn_de wsti yr un math o syniad o rywbeth yn amgáu yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG goredunk TAGisn't_it.IM coredunk TAGisn't_it.IM corunk TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES corlanfold.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM kindtype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP ideaidea.N.M.SG ofof.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT enclose.NONFINencapsulate.V.INFIN.[or].enclose.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM
  but um the word "gored", right, "cored" right, "cor" right you know, "corlan" right you know, the same kind of idea of something enclosing, you know
100ABE+< yeahCE .
101ABEyeahCE .
102BAG+< lloc ["] corlan ["] yn_de # bangor ["] yn_de .
  llocunk corlanfold.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM bangorunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  "lloc", "corlan" right, "bangor" right
103BAGwsti &bd dw i # wrth y modd <efo (y)r> [/] efo (y)r um:CE # termau fel (yn)a felly de wsti .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S byby.PREP POSS.1Sthe.DET.DEF likingmeans.N.M.SG withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM termsterms.N.M.PL likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know, I love um terms like that, like right you know
104ABE+< ++ ia (y)r tarddiadau ieithegol (y)ma (dy)na chdi yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF derivationssources.N.M.PL linguisticunk herehere.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yeahyeah.ADV
  yes these linguistic origins, there you are, yeah
105BAG+< ia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes
106BAGac umCE xx <mi oedd> [//] o'n i (y)n gweld # rhwng y gair # cored ["] # a (y)r gair lloc ["] yn_de o'n i gweld yr un cysyniad yno felly (y)n_de wsti sef rywbeth wedi amgáu yn_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN betweenbetween.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG coredunk andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG llocunk TAGisn't_it.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM conceptconcept.N.M.SG therethere.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES namelynamely.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP enclose.NONFINencapsulate.V.INFIN.[or].enclose.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and um [...] I saw between the word "cored" and the word "lloc" right, I saw the same concept there, like right you know, that is something enclosed you know
107BAGanywayE hwyrach na fi (y)dy hynny de .
  anywayanyway.ADV perhapsperhaps.ADV PRT(n)or.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGbe.IM+SM
  anyway perhaps that's just me, right
108ABE+< xxx .
109ABEmae gyn ti erCE gored bach niceCE iawn yn GlynnogCE de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S IMer.IM weirunk smallsmall.ADJ nicenice.ADJ veryvery.ADV inin.PREP Clynnogname TAGbe.IM+SM
  you've got a really nice little weir in Clynnog, right
110ABEGored_BeunoCE mae nhw (y)n galw hi .
  Gored_Beunoname be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT call.NONFINcall.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  they call it Gored Beuno
111ABEwedyn be sy gyn ti (y)dy (y)r erCE # y traeth # caregog yma .
  thenafterwards.ADV whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF beachbeach.N.M.SG stonyunk herehere.ADV
  then what you have is er this pebbly beach
112BAG+< yeahCE .
113BAGyeahCE .
114ABEtimod umCE cerrig crynion # a ballu (y)dyn nhw i_gyd .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM stonesstones.N.F.PL roundunk andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ
  you know um, they're all round pebbles and things
115ABEtimod (d)oes (yn)a (ddi)m # ounceCE o dywod +/ .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM ounceounce.N.SG ofof.PREP sandsand.N.M.SG+SM
  you know, there's not an ounce of sand
116BAGna .
117ABE+, rhwng # ClynnogCE ac AberdesachCE (fe)lly de .
  betweenbetween.PREP Clynnogname andand.CONJ Aberdesachname thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  between Clynnog and Aberdesach like, right
118ABEwedyn umCE # pan mae llanw allan <ti (y)n> [//] mae o (y)n # agor # &ta darn helaeth o dir efo (y)r cerrig mana [?] de .
  thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES tidefill.V.INFIN outout.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT open.NONFINopen.V.INFIN piecepiece.N.M.SG extensiveample.ADJ ofof.PREP landland.N.M.SG+SM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF stonesstones.N.F.PL finestunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  then um when the tide's out, opens an extensive piece of land with the finest pebbles, right
119ABEa (we)dyn <mae gyn ti fel> [?] pwll mawr # yn ei ganol o .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S likelike.CONJ poolpool.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S middlemiddle.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then you have like a big pool in its middle
120BAGyeahCE .
121ABEac umCE # timod mae o (y)n agor i (y)r môr yn fan (y)no .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT open.NONFINopen.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF seasea.N.M.SG inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  and um, you know, it opens to the sea there
122BAGyeahCE .
123ABEa mae (y)na rywfaint o dywod ar ei waelod a ballu .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV some_amountamount.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP sandsand.N.M.SG+SM onon.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S bottombottom.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON
  and there's some sand at its bottom and things
124ABEac umCE xx [=! coughs] hwnna (y)dy Gored_BeunoCE .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Gored_Beunoname
  and um [...] that's Gored Beuno
125ABEac yn_ôl yr erCE y storyCE am y lle beth bynnag umCE # oedd y mynachod yn dod yno .
  andand.CONJ according_toback.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF storystory.N.SG aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ IMum.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF monksunk PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  and according to, er, the story about the place anyway um the monks came there
126ABEa (we)dyn oedden nhw (y)n umCE # gadael [//] pan mae (y)r llanw (y)n dod fewn # yn ei agor o # gadael i (y)r # &ɬ lli ddod i_fewn a # unrhyw bysgod a ballu # a (we)dyn yn rhoid umCE ryw fath o # giât neu ryw erCE # glwyd ballu # erCE ar # erCE timod yn y ceg fel petai .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF tideincoming tide.N.M.SG PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN inin.PREP+SM PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S open.NONFINopen.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF flowflood.N.M.SG come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP andand.CONJ anyany.ADJ fishfish.N.M.PL+SM andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN IMum.IM somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP gategate.N.F.SG oror.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM IMer.IM gategate.N.F.SG+SM suchsuchlike.PRON IMer.IM andon.PREP IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mouthmouth.N.F.SG likelike.CONJ if_be.3S.CONDITif (it) were.CONJ
  and then they um let...when the tide comes in, open it, let the flow come in and any fish and things, and then put um some sort of gate or some er gate or such er and er you know, in the mouth, as it were
127BAGyeahCE yeahCE # i gadw (y)r pysgod i_fewn .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV toto.PREP keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF fishfish.N.M.PL inin.PREP
  yeah yeah, to keep the fish in
128ABE+< a (we)dyn +.. .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV
  and then...
129ABE(dy)na chdi de .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S TAGbe.IM+SM
  that's it right
130ABEa (we)dyn oedd y # cwbl yn draenio allan .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.ADJ PRTPRT drain.NONFINdrain.V.INFIN.[or].drain.V.INFIN+SM outout.ADV
  and then it all drained out
131BAG+< yeahCE [?] .
132ABEac oedd unrhyw bysgod yn cael eu dal (fe)lly de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF anyany.ADJ fishfish.N.M.PL+SM PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P catch.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN.[or].continue.V.2S.IMPER.[or].tall.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and any fish were caught, like right
133BAG<oes (yn)a> [/] oes (yn)a modd gwybod yn union sut oedd o (y)n gweithio erbyn hyn ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV waymeans.N.M.SG know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ howhow.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  is there a way of knowing exactly how it worked by now?
134BAG<oes (yn)a (ddi)m> [/] oes (yn)a (ddi)m un sydd yn dal i weithio o_gwbl nag oes ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM oneone.NUM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT stillstill.ADV toto.PREP work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN+SM at_allat_all.ADV NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF
  there isn't one that's still working, is there?
135BAGoes (y)na un ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV oneone.NUM
  is there one?
136ABEumCE +/ .
137BAGsureCE bod (y)na ar y cyfandir yn rywle yn_does .
  suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF continentunk inin.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG
  there's probably one on the continent somewhere, isn't there
138ABEwellCE mae raid bod (y)na yn +/ .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP
  well there must be in...
139BAG+< neu yng ngwledydd # AsiaCE .
  oror.CONJ inmy.ADJ.POSS.1S countriescountries.N.F.PL+NM Asianame
  or in the countries of Asia
140ABEia ia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yes yeah
141ABEond mae (y)r egwyddor yn un syml iawn wrth_gwrs de .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF principleprinciple.N.F.SG PRTPRT oneone.NUM simplesimple.ADJ veryvery.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  but the principle's a very simple one of course, right
142BAG+< yndy .
143BAGond <sut fath o> [/] sut fath o +//?
  butbut.CONJ howhow.INT kindtype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM withhe.PRON.M.3S howhow.INT kindtype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM withhe.PRON.M.3S
  but what kind of...
144BAGti (y)n deud giât felly neu [?] gadw nhw i_fewn felly (y)n_de ar_ôl i (y)r # llanw godi a (y)r bysgod fynd i_fewn yn_de .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN gategate.N.F.SG thusso.ADV oror.CONJ keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inin.PREP thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM afterafter.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF tideincoming tide.N.M.SG rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN+SM andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF fishfish.N.M.PL+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP TAGisn't_it.IM
  you say gate, like, or keep them in, like right, after the tide's risen and the fish go in, right
145BAGsut fath o giât fysai hynny (fe)lly ?
  howhow.INT kindtype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP gategate.N.F.SG be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  what kind of gate would that be then?
146ABEwellCE rywbeth wedi cael ei gwneud efo gwial (ba)swn i feddwl timod xx gwial syml (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  wellwell.ADV somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN withwith.PREP wickerunk be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES wickerunk simplesimple.ADJ thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  well something made with wicker, I'd think, you know [...] simple wicker, like, you know
147BAG+< yeahCE .
148BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
149ABEoherwydd pan mae (y)r umCE [//] # y [/] y dŵr yn gwagio rywfaint timod umCE # &m bosib mynd allan agos at y pen iddo fo .
  becausebecause.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF waterwater.N.M.SG PRTPRT empty.NONFINempty.V.INFIN some_amountamount.N.M.SG+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM possiblepossible.ADJ+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV closenear.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF headhead.N.M.SG to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  because when the water empties a little, you know, it's possible to go out close to its top
150BAGmmmCE .
151ABEac mi fysai (y)n bosib gosod rywbeth i_fewn xx bod (y)na gerrynt yn +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRTPRT possiblepossible.ADJ+SM place.NONFINartificial.ADJ.[or].place.V.2S.IMPER.[or].place.V.INFIN somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV currentcurrent.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  and it would be possible to place something in it [...] that there's a current ...
152BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
153ABE+, yn gwagio allan de .
  PRTPRT empty.NONFINempty.V.INFIN outout.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  emptying out, you know
154BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
155ABE+< ond umCE +.. .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  but um...
156BAGyeahCE .
157ABE+< &=sigh (dy)na o de timod .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMof.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  that's it isn't it, you know
158BAGyeahCE # yeahCE xx mae (y)r pethau (y)ma (y)n # syml iawn .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL herehere.ADV PRTPRT simplesimple.ADJ veryvery.ADV
  yeah, yeah, [...] these things are very simple
159BAGachos mae +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
160ABE+< <ond efallai> [/] ond efallai bysai (y)na erCE erCE timod umCE adeiladwaith dipyn # gwell na sydd (y)na rwan oherwydd timod justCE olion y peth sy (y)na wan wrth_gwrs de .
  butbut.CONJ perhapsperhaps.CONJ butbut.CONJ perhapsperhaps.CONJ be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV IMer.IM IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM constructionstructure.N.M.SG a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM betterbetter.ADJ.COMP PRTPRT.NEG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL therethere.ADV nownow.ADV becausebecause.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES justjust.ADV tracestracks.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL therethere.ADV nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM of_courseof_course.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  but perhaps there would have been er er you know, um a much better construction there than what's there now because, you know, it's just its remains that are there now of course, isn't it
161BAG+< mmmCE .
162BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
163BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
164BAGa ti (y)n deud na cerrig crynion ydyn nhw i_gyd felly yeahCE ?
  andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN PRT(n)or.CONJ stonesstones.N.F.PL roundunk be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ thusso.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  and you say that they're all just round pebbles, like, yeah?
165ABEia timod cerrig gwaddod # umCE timod erCE rhan o (y)r umCE # gwaddod y &m moraineE (y)ma fel petai timod .
  yesyes.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES stonesstones.N.F.PL sedimentunk IMum.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM partpart.N.F.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM sedimentunk DETthe.DET.DEF morainemoraine.N.SG herehere.ADV likelike.CONJ if_be.3S.CONDITif (it) were.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes you know, sediment pebbles, um you know, er part of the um sediment of this moraine, as it were, you know
166BAG+< yeahCE .
167BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
168BAGfysai rhaid iddyn nhw +/ .
  be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM necessitynecessity.N.M.SG to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  they'd have to...
169ABE+< xx <mae nhw> [/] mae nhw (y)n gerrig go fawr hefyd timod .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT stonesstones.N.F.PL+SM ratherrather.ADV bigbig.ADJ+SM alsoalso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  [..] they're quite large stones too, you know
170BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
171BAGohCE rightCE erCE fysai rhaid i &v hynny fod felly achos <fysai (y)r> [/] # (fy)sai <(y)r llanw> [//] llanw mawr yn # sgubo nhw i_ffwrdd yn_bysai .
  IMoh.IM rightright.ADJ IMer.IM be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM necessitynecessity.N.M.SG toto.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM thusso.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF tideincoming tide.N.M.SG tideincoming tide.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ PRTPRT sweep.NONFINsweep.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P awayout.ADV be.3S.CONDITunk
  oh right, er that'd have to be, like, because the tide...a big tide would sweep them away, wouldn't it
172BAG<fysai (y)r &v> [//] # (fy)sai # rhaid iddyn nhw adnewyddu (y)r peth yn [/] # yn aml faswn i feddwl yn_bysai # yr [/] yr [/] # yr [//] # <mur y> [/] y wal y [/] # y peth ei hun felly (y)n_bysai ?
  be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM necessitynecessity.N.M.SG to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P renew.NONFINrefresh.V.INFIN.[or].renew.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT oftenfrequent.ADJ be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.CONDITunk DETthat.PRON.REL DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF wallwall.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF wallwall.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG thusso.ADV be.3S.CONDITunk
  they'd have to renew the thing often, I'd think, wouldn't they, the wall of the thing itself, like, wouldn't they?
173ABEia ond [/] ond [?] y peth ydy timod gyn ti fel bowlen # erCE i_fewn yn ei ganol o +/ .
  yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S likelike.CONJ bowlbowl.N.F.SG IMer.IM inin.PREP inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S middlemiddle.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yes but the thing is, you know, you've got like a bowl in its centre
174BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
175ABE+, ac wrth_gwrs yr erCE f:ynedfa fach (y)ma de .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM entranceunk smallsmall.ADJ+SM herehere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and of course this little entrance, eh
176BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
177ABEwedyn erCE dyna (y)dy (y)r [/] # y ffordd mae (y)n debyg ond +.. .
  thenafterwards.ADV IMer.IM therethat_is.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF wayway.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM butbut.CONJ
  then er that's the way, probably but...
178BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
179BAGyeahCE .
180ABEond Duw a ŵyr timod be fysai (y)na wreiddiol .
  butbut.CONJ Godname PRTand.CONJ know.3S.NONPASTgrandson.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM therethere.ADV originaloriginal.ADJ+SM
  but God knows, you know, what would be there originally
181BAGyeahCE .
182ABE+< ond y peth ydy wrth_gwrs mae (y)r enw yn_dydy # Gored_BeunoCE .
  butbut.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF namename.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG Gored_Beunoname
  but the thing is, of course, it's the name, isn't it, Gored Beuno
183BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
184ABEac umCE # mae hwnna (y)n dyddio nôl felly i (y)r cyfnod erCE &mənaislɔ [//] mynachlogydd .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT date.NONFINdate.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN thusso.ADV toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF periodperiod.N.M.SG IMer.IM monasteriesunk
  and um, that dates back, like, to the period of the er monasteries
185BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
186BAG+< ond wrth_gwrs # cored ["] ydy (y)r gair yn_de efo c [: &ek] yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV coredunk be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM withwith.PREP cunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  but of course, the word is "cored", isn't it, with a "c" isn't it
187BAGti gwybod hynna ?
  PRON.3Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  you know that?
188BAGxxx sy (y)n gysylltu fo efo corlan ["] yn_de wsti .
  be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT connect.NONFINlink.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S withwith.PREP corlanfold.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  [...] you connect it with "corlan" don't you, you know
189ABE+< ohCE yeahCE &v dyna fysai fo (y)n sicr yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV therethat_is.ADV be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT certaincertain.ADJ.[or].sure.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah that's what it would be certainly, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
190BAGyeahCE yeahCE rywbeth yn amgáu # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT enclose.NONFINencapsulate.V.INFIN.[or].enclose.V.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah, something enclosing, yeah yeah
191BAGwrth_gwrs umCE # llyn CwellynCE ei hun .
  of_courseof_course.ADV IMum.IM lakelake.N.M.SG Cwellynname POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG
  of course lake Cwellyn itself
192ABE+< oohCE .
193BAGumCE <cawell lyn> ["] oedd hwnna felly .
  IMum.IM cawellunk lynlake.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG thusso.ADV
  um that was "cawell lyn", like
194BAGoedd (y)na ryw fath o # drapCE pysgod yn fan (y)na doedd .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP traptrap.N.SG+SM fishfish.N.M.PL inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG
  there was some kind of fish trap there, wasn't there
195ABE+< ohCE yeahCE ?
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
196BAGdyna lle mae +/ .
  therethat_is.ADV wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  that's where...
197ABE+< yn lle fasai hwnnw dŵad ?
  PRTin.PREP wherewhere.INT be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG say.2S.IMPERcome.V.INFIN
  where would that be, then?
198ABE<yn yr> [/] erCE yn y # &d le mae o (y)n # gwagio allan mae (y)n debyg yeahCE ?
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT empty.NONFINempty.V.INFIN outout.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  where it empties out probably, yeah?
199BAG+< dw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  I don't know
200BAGdw i ddim yn gwybod sut fysai fo (y)n gweithio .
  I don't know how it would work
201BAGdyna [?] pam dw i (y)n godi o justCE felly (y)n_de i weld os xx # ti (y)n gwybod .
  therethat_is.ADV whywhy?.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT raise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  that's why I'm raising it just, like you know, too see if [...] you know
202BAGachos umCE +.. .
  becausebecause.CONJ IMum.IM
  because um...
203ABEoherwydd timod mewn [//] umCE erCE llefydd fath â # umCE # afon LledrCE yn dod i_lawr i Betws_(y)_CoedCE yn fan (y)no de gyn ti (y)r hen drapCE # eogiaid yn fan (y)no (y)n_does .
  becausebecause.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP IMum.IM IMer.IM placesplaces.N.M.PL kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ IMum.IM riverriver.N.F.SG Lledrname PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN downdown.ADV toto.PREP Betws_y_Coedname inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S DETthe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ traptrap.N.SG+SM salmonssalmon.N.M.PL inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG
  because you know, in um er places like um the river Lledr coming down to Betws-y-Coed there, right, you've got the old salmon trap there, haven't you
204BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
205BAGoes .
206ABEwedyn be oedd yn digwydd oedd wrth_gwrs pan mae (y)na dipyn o li yn yr afon de oedd yr eogiaid yn [/] yn # dŵad ac yn xxx a beth bynnag .
  thenafterwards.ADV whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF of_courseof_course.ADV whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP flowflood.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG TAGbe.IM+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF salmonssalmon.N.M.PL PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP andand.CONJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ
  then what would happen was of course when there's some flow in the river, right, the salmon would come and [...] and what ever
207BAG+< mmmCE .
208ABEwedyn oedd y [/] # y gawell (y)ma yn ffitio # umCE i_fewn i # fel hafn bach # yn y dŵr yn_de yn yr afon (fe)lly .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF cageunk herehere.ADV PRTPRT fit.NONFINfit.V.INFIN IMum.IM inin.PREP toto.PREP likelike.CONJ crevasseunk smallsmall.ADJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF waterwater.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG thusso.ADV
  then this cage would fit um into like a little crevasse in the water, right, in the river, like
209BAGdyna (ba)sai (y)n # digwydd yeahCE ?
  therethat_is.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV
  that's what would happen yeah?
210ABEac ar li de # fysai (y)r erCE pysgod yn cael eu dal .
  andand.CONJ onon.PREP flowflood.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM fishfish.N.M.PL PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P catch.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN.[or].continue.V.2S.IMPER.[or].tall.ADJ+SM
  and when there was a flow, right, the fish would get caught
211BAG+< felly yr un syniad â cored # môr # felly (y)n_de sti <bod (y)na> [//] bod y lli yn cyfateb i lanw yn_de .
  thusso.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM ideaidea.N.M.SG asas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES weirunk seasea.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Syou_know.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF flowflood.N.M.SG PRTPRT correspondcorrespond_to.V.INFIN toto.PREP tidefill.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  so the same idea as a sea weir then isn't it, you know that the flow corresponds to the tide, isn't it
212BAGia ?
213ABEumCE # ia i raddau .
  IMum.IM yesyes.ADV toto.PREP degreesunk
  um yes to a certain extent
214BAG+< <bod y> [//] bod [/] bod y +/ .
  that the...
215ABEtimod ond [/] ond be [/] be gyn ti <(y)n y> [/] yn y gored môr (y)ma ydy wrth_gwrs bod umCE # y darn o [/] o ddŵr yna yn [/] yn eitha # helaeth .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ whatwhat.INT whatwhat.INT withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF weirunk seasea.N.M.SG herehere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES of_courseof_course.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF piecepiece.N.M.SG ofof.PREP ofof.PREP waterwater.N.M.SG+SM therethere.ADV PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT quitefairly.ADV extensiveample.ADJ
  you know but what you have in this sea weir is of course that um the piece of water there is quite large
216BAG+< yeahCE .
217BAGmmmCE .
218ABEtimod mae gyn ti erCE wely go fawr i bysgod i fynd iddo fo (fe)lly .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S IMer.IM bedbed.N.M.SG+SM ratherrather.ADV bigbig.ADJ+SM forto.PREP fishfish.N.M.PL+SM toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV
  you know, you've got quite a large bed for fish to go to, like
219BAGyeahCE .
220ABEa wedyn bod o (y)n justCE gwagio naturiol ohono (e)i hun de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT justjust.ADV empty.NONFINempty.V.INFIN naturalnatural.ADJ of.3SMfrom_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then that it just empties naturally itself, isn't it
221BAGmmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
222ABEa (we)dyn bod nhw methu mynd allan wedyn de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV thenafterwards.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then that they can't get out then, you know
223BAGmmmCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
224ABEond yn yr afon wrth_gwrs timod <mae (y)r erCE> [/] mae (y)r lli mor gry # mae (y)r umCE # y gawell ei hun # fath â ryw dwmffat .
  butbut.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG of_courseof_course.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF flowflood.N.M.SG soso.ADV strongstrong.ADJ+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF cageunk POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM funnelunk
  but in the river, of course you know, the flow is so strong, the cage itself is like some kind of funnel
225BAG+< yeahCE .
226BAGyeahCE (dy)na fo .
  yeahyeah.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yeah that's it
227ABEumCE mae o tua ryw faint dŵad ryw +/ .
  IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S approximatelytowards.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM say.2S.IMPERcome.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM
  um it's about some, how much, about...
228BAGyeahCE .
229ABE+, wyth naw troedfedd o hyd .
  eighteight.NUM ninenine.NUM footfoot.N.F.SG ofof.PREP lengthlength.N.M.SG
  eight or nine feet long
230BAGmmmCE .
231ABEumCE +/ .
232BAGfath â cawell cimwch felly mewn ffordd .
  kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ cageunk lobsterunk thusso.ADV inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG
  like a lobster cage then in a way
233ABEwellCE &ʔ na be [//] timod mae [/] mae fel twmffat de .
  wellwell.ADV nono.ADV whatwhat.INT know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ funnelunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  well no, you know it's like a funnel, right
234BAG+< mmmCE .
235ABEtimod mae [/] <mae o (y)n> [//] # timod [?] &r mae (y)r # fynedfa # fel [/] fel frameCE sgwâr frameCE sgwâr fath â frameCE llun de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF entranceunk likelike.CONJ likelike.CONJ frameframe.N.SG squaresquare.N.M.SG frameframe.N.SG squaresquare.N.M.SG kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP frameframe.N.SG picturepicture.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know it' know the entrance is like a square frame, a square frame like a picture frame right
236BAG+< ia oedden nhw (y)n hir hir yn_doedden .
  yesyes.ADV be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT longlong.ADJ longlong.ADJ be.3PL.IMP.NEGbe.V.3P.IMPERF.TAG
  yes they were really long, weren't they
237BAG+< ia (dy)na fo .
  yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yes that's it
238BAG+< cofio cael +.. .
  remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN
  I remember getting...
239BAGcofio (y)n gweld lluniau ohonyn nhw yeahCE .
  remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN picturespictures.N.M.PL of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P yeahyeah.ADV
  I remember seeing pictures of them yeah
240ABEumCE a mae tua ryw # erCE erCE lathen o uchder # <neu efo> [?] ryw ddwy a hanner ar_draws .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES approximatelytowards.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM IMer.IM IMer.IM yardyard.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP heightheight.N.M.SG oror.CONJ withwith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM two.Ftwo.NUM.F+SM andand.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG acrossacross.PREP
  um and it's about er a yard in height or with about two and a half across
241BAG+< yeahCE .
242BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
243ABEa mae honno (y)n ffitio wedyn # i &ðl le arbennig i_fewn <yn y> [/] <yn y> [/] <yn y> [/] yn y graig mwy neu lai .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.F.SG PRTPRT fit.NONFINfit.V.INFIN thenafterwards.ADV toto.PREP placeplace.N.M.SG+SM specialspecial.ADJ inin.PREP inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF rockrock.N.F.PL+SM moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM
  and that fits then into a special place in the rock more or less
244BAG+< yeahCE .
245BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
246ABEa (we)dyn mae (y)r umCE [/] # yr erCE [/] # y [/] y +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF
  and then the...
247ABEdim gwial ydyn nhw ond umCE # erCE # &k cyll de .
  NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV wickerunk be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P butbut.CONJ IMum.IM IMer.IM hazellose.V.3S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  they're not wicker but um er, hazel, right
248BAGyeahCE .
249ABEtimod +/ .
  you know...
250BAGyeahCE .
251ABEpre(n) [/] pren cyll deuda [?] .
  woodwood.N.M.SG woodwood.N.M.SG hazellose.V.3S.PRES say.2S.IMPERsay.V.1S.PRES.[or].say.V.2S.IMPER
  hazelwood say
252BAGyeahCE .
253ABEwedyn mae (r)hein wan wrth_gwrs # lathen a &e &e efo # dwy a hanner ar_draws .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thesethese.PRON nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM of_courseof_course.ADV yardyard.N.F.SG+SM andand.CONJ withwith.PREP two.Ftwo.NUM.F andand.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG acrossacross.PREP
  then these now, of course, are a yard and have two and a half across
254ABEa wedyn yn y pen draw mae (y)r cwbl (we)di cael eu clymu efo (e)i_gilydd de +/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF endhead.N.M.SG overyonder.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.ADJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P tie.NONFINtie.V.INFIN.[or].mount.V.INFIN withwith.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then in the end it's all tied together, right
255BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
256ABE+, fel bod nhw (y)n dŵad yn fain de .
  likelike.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP thinunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  so that they become thin, right
257BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
258ABEa (we)dyn mae eog neu (ry)wbeth felly # yn cael ei sgubo i_fewn i hwn .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES salmonsalmon.N.M.SG oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM thusso.ADV PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S sweep.NONFINsweep.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  and then a salmon or something like that gets swept into this
259ABEa mae (y)r cerrynt mor gry nes mae o methu bagio allan de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF currentcurrent.N.M.SG soso.ADV strongstrong.ADJ+SM untilnearer.ADJ.COMP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN back.NONFINbag.V.INFIN outout.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and the current is so strong until it can't back out, right
260BAG+< <justCE y &ca> [//] &ʔʔ justCE y cerrynt sydd yn ddal o yno (fe)lly ia ?
  justjust.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF justjust.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF currentcurrent.N.M.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S therethere.ADV thusso.ADV yesyes.ADV
  it's just the that current holds it there then, yes?
261ABEmae (y)r # currentE yn ei ddal o (y)n ei le de fel [/] fel bod o methu dod allan de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF currentcurrent.ADJ PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S placewhere.INT+SM TAGbe.IM+SM likelike.CONJ likelike.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN outout.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  the current holds it in place, right so that it can't come out, right
262BAG+< ia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
263BAG+< ohCE rightCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM right.ADJ yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
264BAGohCE rightCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM right.ADJ yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
265ABEa timod [?] <fedr o> [/] fedr o (ddi)m bagio .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES can.3S.NONPASTbe_able.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S can.3S.NONPASTbe_able.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM back.NONFINbag.V.INFIN
  and, you know, it can't back out
266BAG+< ac oedd (y)na (ddi)m drws i gau felly <yn y &m> [/] <yn y> [/] yn y geg felly ?
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM doordoor.N.M.SG toto.PREP shut.NONFINclose.V.INFIN+SM thusso.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mouthmouth.N.F.SG+SM thusso.ADV
  and there was no door to shut, then, in the mouth, like?
267ABEna na na na na .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV
  no no no no no
268BAG+< nage # na # na .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV
  no, no, no
269ABEa (we)dyn timod umCE # y peth oedd o't ti mynd yna wedyn a justCE codi (y)r +/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.2S.IMPunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV thenafterwards.ADV andand.CONJ justjust.ADV raise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF
  and then you know, um the thing was, you'd just go there then and just raise the...
270BAGyeahCE .
271ABE+, peth i_fyny +/ .
  thingthing.N.M.SG upup.ADV
  thing up
272BAG+< ++ a wedyn oedd y # pysgodyn # (y)n sownd felly .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF fishfish.N.M.SG PRTPRT soundtightly_fixed.ADJ thusso.ADV
  and then the fish was stuck, like
273ABE+< +, a (dy)na (y)r pysgodyn yn dal yno dydy timod .
  andand.CONJ therethat_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF fishfish.N.M.SG PRTPRT stillcontinue.V.INFIN therethere.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and the fish is still there, isn't it, you know
274BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
275ABE+< a (we)dyn timod &ve fedr o (ddi)m bagio allan na fedr .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES can.3S.NONPASTbe_able.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM back.NONFINbag.V.INFIN outout.ADV NEGPRT.NEG can.3S.NONPASTskill.N.M.SG+SM.[or].be_able.V.3S.PRES+SM
  and then you know, it can't back out, can it
276BAG+< yeahCE .
277BAGmae sureCE na dyna be oedd yn llyn CwellynCE felly de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ PRTno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF inPRT.[or].in.PREP lakelake.N.M.SG Cwellynname thisso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  that's probably what was in lake Cwellyn then, isn't it
278BAGwsti achos # dw i gweld hynna (y)n oddCE wsti .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT oddodd.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know, because I see that as being odd, you know
279BAGumCE # wyt ti meddwl +// .
  IMum.IM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  um you think...
280BAGti gwybod # ffordd dw i (y)n gwirioni efo enwau llefydd yn_de ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN wayway.N.F.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT dote.NONFINdote.V.INFIN withwith.PREP namesnames.N.M.PL placesplaces.N.M.PL TAGisn't_it.IM
  you know the way I'm obsessed with place names, right
281BAGac umCE # mae [/] mae llynnoedd a m:ynyddoedd yn y pethau efo (y)r enwau # hyna un mae debyg <yn y> [//] a [/] a [/] ac [/] ac afonydd wrth_gwrs yn_de .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES lakeslakes.N.M.PL andand.CONJ mountainsmountains.N.M.PL PRTin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF namesnames.N.M.PL oldestthere.ADV+H oneone.NUM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES likelysimilar.ADJ+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ riversrivers.N.F.PL of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and um lakes and mountains are the things that have the oldest names apparently, and rivers of course, right
282ABEia (y)n hollol .
  yesyes.ADV PRTPRT exactcompletely.ADJ
  yes exactly
283BAGa baset ti (ddi)m yn disgwyl i [/] i lyn newid ei enw felly .
  andand.CONJ be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT expect.NONFINexpect.V.INFIN toto.PREP toto.PREP lakelake.N.M.SG+SM change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S namename.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  and you wouldn't expect a lake to change its name, like
284BAGa [?] mi wnaeth llyn CwellynCE .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM lakelake.N.M.SG Cwellynname
  and lake Cwellyn did
285BAGllyn TreweunyddCE oedd o # umCE tan ryw # dwy dair ganrif yn_ôl felly (y)n_de .
  lakelake.N.M.SG Treweunyddname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S IMum.IM untiluntil.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM two.Ftwo.NUM.F three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM centurycentury.N.F.SG+SM agoback.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  it was lake Treweunydd until about two or three centuries ago like, you know
286BAGa wedyn mi &n newidiodd .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT.AFF change.3S.PASTchange.V.3S.PAST
  and then it changed
287ABE+< ohCE yeahCE ?
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
288BAGia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes
289BAGos nad hwyrach fwy .
  ifif.CONJ NEGwho_not.PRON.REL.NEG perhapsperhaps.ADV moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM
  if not more perhaps
290BAGdw (ddi)m yn sureCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT suresure.ADJ
  I'm not sure
291BAGumCE # a wedyn # newidiodd ei enw # yn_ôl be dw i (y)n ddallt felly # umCE # erCE i [/] &ʔ oherwydd bod yr # gawell (y)ma xx y defnydd <o (y)r> [//] # canoloesol (y)ma o (y)r +// .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV change.3S.PASTchange.V.3S.PAST POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S namename.N.M.SG according_toback.ADV whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN+SM thusso.ADV IMum.IM IMer.IM toto.PREP becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF cageunk herehere.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF usematerial.N.M.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF medievalmedieval.ADJ herehere.ADV ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF
  um and then it changed its name, according to what I understand like, um er because this cage [...] the medieval use of the...
292BAGwellCE &w os [/] os oedd o (y)n ganoloesol fysai fo (y)n fwy na dwy dair canrif wrth_gwrs yn_de .
  wellwell.ADV ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT medievalmedieval.ADJ+SM be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM thanthan.CONJ two.Ftwo.NUM.F three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM centurycentury.N.F.SG of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  well if it was medieval it would be more than two or three centuries of course, wouldn't it
293BAGond umCE # na wsti mae o (y)n +/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM noPRT.NEG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  but um no, you know, it's...
294ABEmae (y)n debyg felly bod yr umCE &=clears_throat y defnydd o (y)r safle i ddal pysgod wedi dŵad yn bwysicach +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF usematerial.N.M.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF siteposition.N.M.SG toto.PREP catch.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN+SM fishfish.N.M.PL PRT.PASTafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN PRTPRT more_importantimportant.ADJ.COMP+SM
  it's likely that the use of the site to catch fish had become more important
295BAGyeahCE .
296ABE+, yn y cyfnod yna fel bod o (y)n [/] yn [/] yn +/ .
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF periodperiod.N.M.SG therethere.ADV likelike.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  in that period so that it...
297BAG+< yeahCE .
298BAGmae [//] ac wedi &t tanseilio (y)r enw gwreiddiol yn_de wsti .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP undermine.NONFINundermine.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF namename.N.M.SG originaloriginal.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and had undermined the original name, isn't it you know
299ABE+, cyfiawnhau # ac yn tanseilio (y)r [/] # <yr enwau> [?] newydd (fe)lly de .
  justify.NONFINjustify.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT undermine.NONFINundermine.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF namesnames.N.M.PL newnew.ADJ thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  justified and undermines the new names, like you know
300BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
301BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
302BAGac eto +// .
  andand.CONJ yetagain.ADV
  and yet...
303ABExxx .
304BAG+< &wɛ erCE erCE cofia # umCE # <yr afon> [//] un o (y)r afonydd sy (y)n rhedeg i_fewn <i (y)r> [/] # i (y)r llyn ydy TreweunyddCE (y)n_de .
  IMer.IM IMer.IM remember.2S.IMPERremember.V.2S.IMPER IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF riversrivers.N.F.PL be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF lakelake.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Treweunyddname TAGisn't_it.IM
  er remember, um the of the rivers which run into the lake is Treweunydd, right
305BAGwedyn # (we)di cael ei enwi ar_ôl <y &ɬ> [//] yr afon felly .
  thenafterwards.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S name.NONFINname.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG thusso.ADV
  so, it's been named after the river, then
306ABE+< ohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
307BAGhwyrach bod o (y)n enw gwan pa (y)r un bynnag yn_de .
  perhapsperhaps.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP namename.N.M.SG weakweak.ADJ.[or].pale.ADJ whichwhich.ADJ DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM ever-ever.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  perhaps it's a weak name anyway, eh
308BAG&mm dw (ddi)m yn sureCE yn_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT suresure.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  I'm not sure, you know
309BAGheb gael ei sefydlu (y)n iawn (fe)lly .
  withoutwithout.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S establish.NONFINestablish.V.INFIN PRTPRT rightOK.ADV thusso.ADV
  that wasn't established properly, like
310ABE+< ia ond timod <fel mae> [//] os oes (yn)a ryw ddefnydd newydd yn dŵad yna mae [/] mae (y)na # ddisodli (y)n digwydd yn aml iawn does timod [?] .
  yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES likelike.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM usematerial.N.M.SG+SM newnew.ADJ PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN thenthere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV displace.NONFINsupplant.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN PRTPRT oftenfrequent.ADJ veryvery.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes but you know like...if a new usage comes along, then displacement happens very often, doesn't it, you know
311BAG+< mmmCE # ia .
  IMmmm.IM yesyes.ADV
  mm yes
312BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yn hollol .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV PRTPRT exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah yeah, yeah yeah, exactly
313BAGerCE <un &a> [//] un ddamcaniaeth arall efo llyn Cwellyn wrth_gwrs erCE llyn y chwe llyn yn_de # <bod y> [//] bod (y)na chwe llyn # <yn # rhedeg> [//] # yn <ei # dyfrio> [/] # ei [/] ei dyf(rio) [//] ei ddyfrio fo felly de sti .
  IMer.IM oneone.NUM oneone.NUM hypothesisunk otherother.ADJ withwith.PREP lakelake.N.M.SG Cwellynname of_courseof_course.ADV IMer.IM lakelake.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF sixsix.NUM lakelake.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV sixsix.NUM lakelake.N.M.SG PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN PRTPRT POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES water.NONFINwater.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S water.NONFINwater.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S water.NONFINwater.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Syou_know.IM
  er another hypothesis with lake Cwellyn, of course, is er the lake of the six lakes, isn't it, that there are six lakes running...supplying it like, you know
314ABEac oes (y)na ?
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV
  and are there?
315BAG+< ond +// .
316BAGwellCE # pump yn_de &=laugh .
  wellwell.ADV fivefive.NUM TAGisn't_it.IM
  well five, you know
317ABE+< <ohCE pump> [=! laughs] .
  IMoh.IM fivefive.NUM
  oh five!
318ABEella na fo (y)dy (y)r chweched &=laugh .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV PRT(n)or.CONJ PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF sixthsixth.ORD
  perhaps it's the sixth
319BAG+< &=laugh <wellCE ia> [=! laughs] .
  wellwell.ADV yesyes.ADV
  well yes
320BAGond erCE dw meddwl efo [?] llyn Bwlch_y_MochCE i_fyny erCE uwchben <RhydCE &v> [//] Rhyd_dduCE fan (y)na # mi oedd hwnna # hwyrach yn rhedeg i_fewn # i GwellynCE ar un adeg ond erCE # wedi cael ei # &d erCE wyrdroi # i redeg i_lawr Dyffryn_NantlleCE yn diwedd .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN withwith.PREP lakelake.N.M.SG Bwlch_y_Mochname upup.ADV IMer.IM aboveabove.PREP.[or].overhead.ADV Rhydname Rhyd_dduname placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG perhapsperhaps.ADV PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP Cwellynname aton.PREP oneone.NUM timetime.N.F.SG butbut.CONJ IMer.IM PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSShis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S IMer.IM divert.NONFINunk toto.PREP run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN+SM downdown.ADV Dyffryn_Nantllename inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG
  but er I think with llyn Bwlch-y-Moch up er above Rhyd-ddu there, perhaps that used to run into Cwellyn at one time but er had been diverted to run down Dyffryn Nantlle in the end
321ABEia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
322BAGdw (ddi)m yn gwybod yeahCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV
  I don't know, yeah
323ABEheyCE <clyw achan> [?] troi at rywbeth arall de .
  heyhey.IM hear.2S.IMPERsense of hearing.N.M.SG.[or].hear.V.2S.IMPER.[or].hear.V.3S.PRES mateunk turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN toto.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  hey listen mate, turning to something else, right
324BAGyeahCE .
325ABE+< umCE # dw i (y)n <wybod bod> [?] chdi (y)n hel hen gardiau postCE ac yn y blaen de .
  IMum.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT collect.NONFINcollect.V.INFIN oldold.ADJ cardscards.N.F.PL+SM postpost.N.SG andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  um I know that you collect old postcards and so forth, right
326BAG+< ohCE yeahCE # be s(y) gyn ti ?
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  oh yeah, what do you have?
327ABEac umCE # ella bod hwnna gynno chdi .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM perhapsmaybe.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG with.2Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  and perhaps you've got that
328ABEdw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  I don't know
329BAG+< yndy mae o .
  yes, I have
330BAGBeddgelertCE yeahCE ?
  name yeah.ADV
331ABEBeddgelertCE yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  name yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
332BAGyeahCE yeahCE a (doe)s gynna i (ddi)m sbectol chwaith nag oes .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV andand.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnot.ADV+SM glassesglasses.N.F.PL eitherneither.ADV NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF
  yeah yeah and I haven't got my glasses either, do I
333BAGyeahCE yeahCE # <mae hwnna> [//] <mae &g> [//] <mae (y)na> [/] <mae (y)na> [/] mae (y)na lotCE dynnu lluniau # dechrau (y)r &ð ganrif ddwytha # o_gwmpas BeddgelertCE wrth_gwrs yn_de wsti .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV lotlot.N.SG take.NONFINdraw.V.INFIN+SM picturespictures.N.M.PL startbeginning.N.M.SG.[or].begin.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF centurycentury.N.F.SG+SM previouslast.ADJ+SM aroundaround.ADV Beddgelertname of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yeah yeah, that's...there was a lot of taking photographs at the beginning of the last century around Beddgelert of course, wasn't there, you know
334ABE+< oedd xx yeahCE yeahCE .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, [...] yeah yeah
335BAGumCE # ond umCE +/ .
  IMum.IM butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  um, but um...
336ABEond justCE meddwl bod [//] mae hwnna (y)n un bach da iawn oherwydd bod [?] dangos y [/] # y [/] y cwm yn ei gyfanrwydd a (y)r pentre (y)n y canol ac wrth_gwrs # dim ruddydendronsCE de .
  butbut.CONJ justjust.ADV think.NONFINthought.N.M.SG.[or].think.V.2S.IMPER.[or].think.V.3S.PRES.[or].think.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT oneone.NUM smallsmall.ADJ goodgood.ADJ veryvery.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN show.NONFINshow.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF valleycirque.N.M.SG inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES entiretyunk andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF villagevillage.N.M.SG inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF middlemiddle.N.M.SG andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV ruddydendronsunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  but I just thought that that's a really good little one because it shows the valley in its entirety and the village in the middle, and of course, no ruddydendrons, right
337BAGie (y)r oes cyn_rodidenaidd yn_de .
  yesyes.ADV DETthat.PRON.REL agebe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF pre_rhododendricunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  yes the pre-rhododendric age, wasn't it
338ABEahCE !
339BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
340BAGna mae (y)n un da .
  nono.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT oneone.NUM goodgood.ADJ
  no, it's a good one
341BAGti (ddi)m yn roid hwn i mi ?
  you're not giving this to me?
342ABEumCE wellCE dw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  IMum.IM wellwell.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  um well, I don't know
343ABEhynny ydy +/ .
  thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  that is...
344BAG+< nag wyt mwn &=laugh .
  NEGthan.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES know.1S.NONPASTunk
  no, probably not!
345BAGna na +/ .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV
  no, no...
346ABE+< &ɔ &ɔ &ɔ <os &di> [//] os ti isio fo fe gei di o .
  ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.AFF get.2S.NONPASTget.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP
  if you want it, you can have it
347BAG&=cough mae [/] mae (y)na gymaint ohonyn nhw (y)n_de efo (y)r olygfa yna (y)n_de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV so_muchso much.ADJ+SM of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF viewscene.N.F.SG+SM therethere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  there are so many of them, right, with that view, you know
348BAGumCE # does (yn)a (ddi)m dyddiad ar hwn felly .
  IMum.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM datedate.N.M.SG onon.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG thusso.ADV
  um, there's no date on this then?
349BAG<be (y)dy> [/] # be (y)dy o ?
  whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  what is it?
350BAGphotochromCE # Tunbridge_Wells:CE .
  unk name
351BAGia <(dy)dy o (ddi)m> [//] <does (yn)a (ddi)m> [/] # does (yn)a (ddi)m enw &gweiθ gwneuthurwyr .
  yesyes.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM namename.N.M.SG manufacturermanufacturers.N.M.PL
  yes, it's not...there's no manufacturer name
352ABE+< mae (y)n edrych fel petai (y)n <dyddio at> [?] +.. .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ if_be.3S.CONDITif (it) were.CONJ PRTPRT date.NONFINdate.V.INFIN toto.PREP
  it looks like it dates to...
353BAG(ba)swn i feddwl na ValentinesCE ydy o (fe)lly .
  be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM PRT(n)or.CONJ Valentinesname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV
  I'd think it was Valentines, like
354BAGond dw (ddi)m yn gwybod chwaith .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN eitherneither.ADV
  but I don't know either
355BAGumCE +/ .
356ABE<tyrd â o (y)ma> [?] !
  come.2S.IMPERcome.V.2S.IMPER withwith.PREP PRON.3SMfrom.PREP herehere.ADV
  give it here
357ABE<wna i> [/] wna i # ddarllen o os lici di .
  I'll read it if you like
358BAG<erCE mae (y)n> [?] +// .
  IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  er it's...
359ABEbe sy arno fo dŵad ?
  whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL on.3SMon_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S say.2S.IMPERcome.V.INFIN
  what's on it, say?
360ABE<(dy)na o> [?] # yr photochromCE [?] (dy)na chdi de .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF photochromunk therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S TAGbe.IM+SM
  there it is, the photochrom, that's it, right
361ABEumCE # nag oes .
  um no
362BAG+< yeahCE umCE +/ .
  yeah.ADV um.IM
363ABEfaswn [?] i (y)n deud bod o +/ .
  I'd say it was...
364BAGmae (y)na nifer ohonyn nhw felly (y)n_de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV numbernumber.N.M.SG of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  there are many of them, like, you know
365BAGa <dw i> [//] fedra i (ddi)m deud # yn union os [/] # os ydy hwnna gynno fi felly (y)n_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG with.1Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and I can't say exactly if I have that one, like, right, you know
366BAG<fyswn i> [//] <fysai (y)n> [/] <fysai (y)n erCE> [//] # fysai (y)n werth +// .
  be.1S.CONDITfinger.V.1S.IMPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRTPRT worthvalue.N.M.SG+SM.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES+SM
  I''d'd be worth...
367BAGa <mae o (y)n> [//] mae o mewn cyflwr da iawn hefyd yn_de erCE xx .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP conditioncondition.N.M.SG goodgood.ADJ veryvery.ADV alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM IMer.IM
  and it's in very good condition too, you know er [...]
368ABE+< yndy mae o .
  yes it is
369ABEdyma pam # wnes i # timod fachu o deud gwir .
  herethis_is.ADV whywhy?.ADV do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES grab.NONFINhook.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN truthtrue.ADJ
  that's why I grabbed it, to tell the truth
370BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
371BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
372ABE+< meddwl amdana chdi sti .
  think.NONFINthink.V.2S.IMPER about.2Sfor_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.2Syou_know.IM
  thinking about you, you know
373BAG+< fysai (y)n niceCE +// .
  be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRTPRT nicenice.ADJ
  it'd be nice...
374BAGia hollol .
  yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yes exactly
375BAGwellCE <fyswn i (y)n> [/] # fyswn i licio (e)i fenthyg o i weld os ydy o gynno fi .
  well I'd like to borrow it to see if I have it
376BAGwna i erCE # addo # roid o nôl i chdi o_kCE .
  do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S IMer.IM promise.NONFINpromise.V.INFIN.[or].promise.V.INFIN+SM give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S backfetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S o_kOK.IM
  I promise to give it back to you, ok
377ABEyeahCE wellCE hynny ydy # umCE # tra bod chdi efo diddordeb ynddyn nhw o ran # hanes datblygiad y tirlun felly # umCE croeso i ti fynd â fo .
  yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMum.IM whilewhile.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S withwith.PREP interestinterest.N.M.SG in.3PLin_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM historystory.N.M.SG developmentdevelopment.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF landscapelandscape.N.M.SG thusso.ADV IMum.IM welcomewelcome.N.M.SG toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yeah well, that is, um seeing as you've got an interest in them in terms of the development of the landscape, like, um you're welcome to take it
378BAG+< mmmCE .
379BAG+< ia .
380ABEos (y)dy o ddim gyn ti neu bod chdi isio (e)i gael o neu bod o well na un sy gyn ti +/ .
  ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S oror.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S oror.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM PRTthan.CONJ oneone.NUM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  if you don't have it, or you want it, or it's better than one that you have...
381BAG+< wellCE fedra i sganio fo ti gweld .
  wellwell.ADV can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S scan.NONFINscan.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S see.V.INFIN
  well I can scan it, you see
382ABEohCE Duw ohCE iawn (fe)lly .
  IMoh.IM Godname IMoh.IM rightOK.ADV thusso.ADV
  oh God, oh fine then
383BAGyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
384ABEumCE neu +/ .
  IMum.IM oror.CONJ
  um or...
385BAGna mi gei di o nôl .
  nono.ADV PRTPRT.AFF get.2S.NONPASTget.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP backfetch.V.INFIN
  no, you'll get it back
386BAGwna i barchu [=? (ddi)m bachu] o sti # yeahCE .
  do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S respect.NONFINrespect.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Syou_know.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  I'll respect it you know, yeah
387ABEpeth ydy timod # umCE # fedra i roid o i rywun fath â Gethin_EvansCE # CrafwynCE +/ .
  thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ Gethin_Evansname Crafwynname
  the thing is, you know, um I can give it to somebody like Gethin Evans Crafwyn
388BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
389BAGyeahCE .
390ABE+, neu hyd_(y)n_oed i Paul_CoxCE +/ .
  oror.CONJ eveneven.ADV toto.PREP Paul_Coxname
  or even to Paul Cox
391BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
392ABE+, hefo (y)r ymgyrch # ddifa ruddydendronsCE (y)ma beth bynnag de timod .
  withwith.PREP+H DETthe.DET.DEF campaigncampaign.N.F.SG eradicate.NONFINdestroy.V.INFIN+SM ruddydendronsunk herehere.ADV whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  with this campaign to eradicate these ruddydendrons anyway, right you know
393BAG+< ia # yeahCE hollol .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yes, yeah exactly
394ABEoherwydd (fe)dran nhw ddefnyddio (y)r math yna o beth .
  becausebecause.CONJ can.3PL.NONPASTbe_able.V.3P.FUT+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF kindtype.N.F.SG therethere.ADV ofof.PREP thingwhat.INT.[or].thing.N.M.SG+SM
  because they can use that kind of thing
395BAG+< hollol # hollol .
  exactcompletely.ADJ exactcompletely.ADJ
  exactly, exactly
396BAGhollol .
397ABEella bod o gyn GethinCE beth bynnag (ba)swn i feddwl (fe)lly [?] .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S withwith.PREP Gethinname whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM thusso.ADV
  perhaps Gethin's got it already, I'd think like
398BAG+< yeahCE .
399BAG+< <mae sureCE> [/] mae sureCE bod o .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  it probably is
400BAGmae o (y)n un # cyffredin felly .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT oneone.NUM commoncommon.ADJ thusso.ADV
  it's a common one like
401BAGond [?] mae (y)na gymaint ohonyn nhw .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV so_manyso much.ADJ+SM of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  but there are so many of them
402ABE+< yeahCE .
403BAGbyse(t) [/] byset ti (y)n gallu +// .
  be.2S.CONDITfinger.V.2S.IMPERF be.2S.CONDITfinger.V.2S.IMPERF PRTyou.PRON.2S can.NONFINPRT be_able.V.INFIN
  you could...
404BAG(pe)tasai (y)na ddyddiad <ti gweld> [?] <fyset ti> [/] fyset ti (y)n gallu # hel nhw i_gyd at ei_gilydd a gweld yr umCE # y datblygiad o <(y)r un> [//] &m fwy neu lai yr un erCE olygfa (y)n_de .
  if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP therethere.ADV datedate.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN be.2S.CONDITfinger.V.2S.IMPERF+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.2S.CONDITfinger.V.2S.IMPERF+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN collect.NONFINcollect.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ toto.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF developmentdevelopment.N.M.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM IMer.IM viewscene.N.F.SG+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  if there was a date, you see, you could gather them all together and see the um the development of more or less the same view, you know
405ABE+< ia yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah yeah
406ABE+< ie [?] de .
  yesyes.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  yes, isn't it
407BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
408ABEond o'n i (y)n meddwl timod fysai fo ddefnydd mawr i rywun fel PaulCE pan mae o (y)n rhoid ryw sgyrsiau ar umCE daclo ruddydendronsCE ballu timod .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S usematerial.N.M.SG+SM bigbig.ADJ toto.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM likelike.CONJ Paulname whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM talkschats.N.F.PL onon.PREP IMum.IM tackle.NONFINtackle.V.INFIN+SM ruddydendronsunk suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  but I was thinking, you know, it would be of great use to someone like Paul when he's giving some talks on um tackling ruddydendrons and so forth, you know
409BAG+< mmmCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV
410BAG+< yeahCE .
411BAGyeahCE # <wna i> [/] umCE # wna i un_ai sganio fo neu os (y)dy o gynno fi wna i justCE roid o nôl i chdi o_kCE # pan dan ni (y)n +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S IMum.IM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S eithereither.ADV scan.NONFINscan.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S oror.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S with.1Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S backfetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S o_kOK.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  yeah, I' I'll either scan it or if I have it I'll just give it back to you ok, when we're...
412BAGdan ni (y)n cyfarfod ws(nos) [/] # wsnos yma ta wsnos nesa # efo (y)r gwyfynod ?
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN weekweek.N.F.SG weekweek.N.F.SG herehere.ADV orbe.IM weekweek.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mothsunk
  are we meeting this week or next week, with the moths?
413ABExx arglwydd mawr xx mae gyn i ddyddiadur yma [?] .
  lordlord.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S diarydiary.N.M.SG+SM herehere.ADV
  [...] good lord [...] I've got a diary here
414BAGia ohCE # (dy)dy o (ddi)m ots wsti .
  yesyes.ADV IMoh.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM matterproblem.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes oh, it doesn't matter you know
415BAG<mae o (y)n y> [//] mae (y)n y llyfr yn_dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inPRT.[or].in.PREP DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF bookbook.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  it's in the book, isn't it
416ABEyndy mae o yma [?] rywle (y)n safeCE yn_tydy timod .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMfrom.PREP herehere.ADV somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT safesafe.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGunk know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes, it's here somewhere definitely, isn't it, you know
417BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
418ABExxx +// .
419ABEohCE ia # nos Fercher de !
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV nightnight.N.F.SG WednesdayWednesday.N.F.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh yes, Wednesday night isn't it
420BAGnos Fercher yma yeahCE ?
  nightnight.N.F.SG WednesdayWednesday.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  this Wednesday night, yeah?
421ABEia yn umCE +/ .
  yesyes.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM
  yes in um...
422BAG+< ia ti (y)n dod heibio fi (y)n_dwyt # i ni gael mynd ymlaen i # lle Alun_Wyn_OwenCE .
  yesyes.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN pastpast.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.2S.PRES.NEGunk toto.PREP PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forwardforward.ADV toto.PREP placeplace.N.M.SG Alun_Wyn_Owenname
  yes, you're coming by mine, aren't you, so we can go on to Alun Wyn Owen's place
423ABE+< yndw .
424ABE(dy)na chdi ia .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yesyes.ADV
  there you are, yes
425BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
426ABEerCE yn WaunfawrCE erbyn saith yeahCE ?
  IMer.IM inin.PREP Waunfawrname byby.PREP sevenseven.NUM yeahyeah.ADV
  er at Waunfawr by seven yeah?
427BAGia (dy)na chdi # (dy)na chdi # ia .
  yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yesyes.ADV
  yes, there you are, there you are, yes
428BAGna sôn am y cardiau postCE (y)ma umCE # a (y)r &g gyfres yn_de xx wsti <fedri di> [//] mae (y)na rhei # golygfeydd sydd wedi cael eu # &ʔ &f &ʔʔ &ʔ tynnu lluniau ohonyn nhw felly wedi cael tynnu lluniau ohonyn nhw # umCE # gymaint o weithiau felly (y)n_de <fedri di> [/] fedri di gael cyfres felly de trwy amser felly (y)n_de .
  nono.ADV mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF cardscards.N.F.PL postpost.N.SG herehere.ADV IMum.IM andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF seriesseries.N.F.SG+SM TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ viewsscenes.N.F.PL be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P take.NONFINdraw.V.INFIN picturespictures.N.M.PL of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P thusso.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN take.NONFINdraw.V.INFIN picturespictures.N.M.PL of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P IMum.IM so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP timestimes.N.F.PL+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM seriesseries.N.F.SG thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM throughthrough.PREP timetime.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  no, speaking about these postcards, um and the series right xx you know, you can...there are some views that have been taken picture of, like, that have been photographed so often, like, right, you can get a series, like, you know, through time like you know
429BAGumCE a mae (y)r FawddachCE yn un ohonyn nhw de o [/] o (y)r umCE +/ .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF Mawddachname PRTPRT oneone.NUM of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGbe.IM+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM
  and the river Mawddach is one of them you know, of the um...
430ABEia mae sureCE .
  yesyes.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ
  yes I'm sure
431BAG+, o [/] o lwybr y panoramaCE (y)n_de .
  ofof.PREP ofof.PREP pathpath.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF panoramapanorama.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  of the path of the panorama, right
432ABEohCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
433BAGa mi ges i un o # ddechrau (y)r pumdegau diwrnod o_blaen # umCE # efo # justCE dangos y spartinaE cordwellt +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF get.1S.NONPASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S oneone.NUM ofof.PREP beginningbegin.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG beforebefore.ADV IMum.IM withwith.PREP justjust.ADV show.NONFINshow.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk spartinaunk
  and I got one from the early fifties the other day, um with...just showing the spartina
434ABEohCE ia .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yea
435BAG+, yn dechrau felly (y)n_de <ar y> [/] <ar y> [/] <ar y> [/] ar y FawddachCE yn_de .
  PRTPRT start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Mawddachname TAGisn't_it.IM
  starting, you know, on the Mawddach, you know
436ABE+< dearCE [?] .
437BAGa wedyn +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV
  and then...
438BAGond drwg ydy <efo (y)r> [/] efo (y)r golygfeydd hynny felly xxx (doe)s gyn ti (ddi)m controlE efo +// .
  butbut.CONJ badbad.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF viewsscenes.N.F.PL thatthat.ADJ.DEM.SP thusso.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM.[or].nothing.N.M.SG+SM controlcontrol.SV.INFIN withwith.PREP
  but the problem is, with those views, then, [...] you don't have any control with...
439BAG&ʔ wsti weithiau mae (y)r llanw # i_fyny a ti (ddi)m yn gweld os ydy (y)r &s cordwellt yna neu beidio yn_de wsti .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF tideincoming tide.N.M.SG upup.ADV andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk therethere.ADV oror.CONJ desist.NONFINstop.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know, sometimes the tide is up and you can't see if the spartina is there or not, you know
440ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
441ABEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
442BAGond AbelCE # sôn am # gordwellt yn_de # oedden ni (y)n trafod hwnna # ar daith # Edward_LlwydCE dydd Sadwrn yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ Abelname mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP spartinaunk TAGisn't_it.IM be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT discuss.NONFINdiscuss.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG onon.PREP tripjourney.N.F.SG+SM Edward_Llwydname dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  but Abel, speaking of spartina, right, we were discussing that on a trip with Edward Llwyd on Saturday, right
443BAGa dwn i (ddi)m os ti (we)di sylwi ar hyn yn_de .
  andand.CONJ know.1S.NONPAST.NEGknow.V.1S.PRES.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP notice.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN onon.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP TAGisn't_it.IM
  and I don't know if you've noticed this, right
444BAGond dw i (we)di sylwi yn [//] # dros y dwy flynedd tair blynedd dwytha (y)ma (y)n_de +// .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP notice.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP overover.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF two.Ftwo.NUM.F yearyears.N.F.PL+SM three.Fthree.NUM.F yearyears.N.F.PL previouslast.ADJ herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  but I've noticed over the last two or three years, right...
445BAGti gwybod be dw i feddwl wrth y cordwellt yr # spartinaE dwyt wrth_gwrs .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM byby.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG of_courseof_course.ADV
  you know what I mean by spartina, don't you of course
446ABE+< ia ia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes yes
447BAGumCE # <ti gwybod be dw i feddwl> [//] # a mae sureCE bod chdi # ti gwybod be dw i feddwl wrth ergotCE ?
  IMum.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM byby.PREP ergotergot.N.SG
  um, you know what I mean...and I'm sure you you know what I mean by ergot
448ABEia .
449BAGyeahCE .
450BAGwellCE # mae spartinaE +// .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES spartinaunk
  well, spartina is...
451ABE+< y mallryg .
  DETthe.DET.DEF ergotunk
452BAGy mallryg ia .
  DETthe.DET.DEF ergotunk yesyes.ADV
  ergot yes
453ABE+< xxx .
454BAGia .
455BAGa mae (y)r spartinaE # erbyn hyn +// .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  and the spartina by now...
456BAGa dw i (ddi)m yn gwybod os (y)dy (we)di bod erioed yn_de .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN evernever.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and I don't know if it always has been
457BAGond yn sicr erbyn hyn yn_de mae (y)r ergotCE yn bob man # ar # yr umCE # ar y spartinaE yn_de # pethau fath â +/ .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT certaincertain.ADJ.[or].sure.ADJ byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP TAGisn't_it.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG inin.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM placeplace.N.MF.SG onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk TAGisn't_it.IM thingsthings.N.M.PL kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  but certainly by now, right, the ergot is all over the um the spartina, right
458ABEDuw [?] !
459BAGia .
460BAG<ac umCE> [/] # a dw i (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  and I don't know
461BAGhwyrach na # xx fi sy newydd sylwi a pobl eraill ddim yn_de .
  perhapsperhaps.ADV PRT(n)or.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL newlynew.ADJ notice.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN andand.CONJ peoplepeople.N.F.SG otherothers.PRON NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  perhaps it's just [...] that I've just notice and other people haven't, you know
462BAGdw i (we)di # cysylltu efo pobl # morwrol yn y gwaith yn_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP contact.NONFINlink.V.INFIN withwith.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG maritimeunk inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF workwork.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  I've contacted the maritime people at work, right
463BAGac umCE # (dy)dyn nhw (ddi)m (we)di sylwi (y)n arbennig (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3PL.PRES.NEGbe.V.3P.PRES.NEG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP notice.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN PRTPRT specialspecial.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  and they haven't noticed especially, right
464BAGond # mae # Alan_PowellCE erCE # un o (y)r gwybodusion yn fan (y)na (fe)lly # wedi # awgrymu mi # gael ryw bapur # o Mericia # <lle &m> [//] # ac erCE &s &s sydd &d ymdrin â (y)r union beth yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Alan_Powellname IMer.IM oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF learned_peopleunk inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV thusso.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP suggest.NONFINsuggest.V.INFIN PRON.1SPRT.AFF get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM paperpaper.N.M.SG+SM fromfrom.PREP Americaname wherewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG andand.CONJ IMer.IM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL deal.NONFINdeal_with.V.INFIN.[or].strive_.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF exactexact.ADJ thingwhat.INT TAGisn't_it.IM
  but Alan Powell, er one of the learned people there right, has suggested that I get a paper from America and, er, which deals with that exact thing, right
465BAGac # oes <mae (y)na> [/] # mae [/] mae (y)na duedd i (y)r # cordwellt (y)ma <gael ei> [/] # gael ei wladychu os lici di # gan yr umCE # yr ergotCE yn_de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV tendencytendency.N.F.SG+SM toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk herehere.ADV get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S colonise.NONFINcolonise.V.INFIN+SM ifif.CONJ like.2S.NONPASTlike.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM bywith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  and yes, there is a tendency for this spartina to be colonised, if you like, by the ergot, you know
466BAGond <mae nhw (y)n> [/] # mae nhw (y)n anferth sti # umCE mwy na be faset ti (y)n ddisgwyl ar y rhug .
  butbut.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT massivehuge.ADJ know.2Syou_know.IM IMum.IM biggermore.ADJ.COMP PRTthan.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT expect.NONFINexpect.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF ryeunk
  but they're massive, you know, um bigger than you'd expect on the rye
467ABE+< yeahCE .
468BAGgyda llaw # ychdi efo dy gefndir # umCE # amaethyddol .
  withwith.PREP handhand.N.F.SG PRON.2Sunk withwith.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S backgroundbackground.N.M.SG+SM IMum.IM agriculturalagricultural.ADJ
  by the way, you with you agricultural background
469BAGumCE # pam rhyg ["] ?
  IMum.IM whywhy?.ADV rhygunk
  um why "rhyg"?
470BAGdydy (y)r ergotCE ddim yn arbennig ar y rhyg nac (y)dy ?
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT specialspecial.ADJ onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF ryeunk NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  ergot isn't especially on rye, is it?
471ABEumCE # dw meddwl ar un amser erCE # bod o (y)n fwy oherwydd mae +// .
  IMum.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN onon.PREP oneone.NUM timetime.N.M.SG IMer.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  um I think at one time it was more, because...
472ABEmi oedd rhyg yn rywbeth # oedd yn cael ei dyfu mewn llefydd umCE # uwch # a [?] mwy garw # o ran tywydd a thir felly .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF ryeunk PRTPRT somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL IMum.IM higherhigher.ADJ andand.CONJ moremore.ADJ.COMP roughrough.ADJ ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM weatherweather.N.M.SG andand.CONJ landland.N.M.SG+AM thusso.ADV
  rye was something that was grown in um higher places and rougher, in terms of weather and land, like
473BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
474ABEac umCE # mi fysai fo mae (y)n debyg yn fwy tueddol o gael +/ .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM tendingbiased.ADJ ofof.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM
  and um it'd probably tend to get more of...
475BAGrightCE .
476ABE+, y mallryg (y)ma (y)n_de .
  DETthe.DET.DEF ergotunk herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  this ergot, you know
477BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
478ABEumCE # ond wrth_gwrs umCE # timod # umCE fyswn i feddwl bod rei o (y)r ydau eraill (y)ma # erCE +/ .
  IMum.IM butbut.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV IMum.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM be.1S.CONDITfinger.V.1S.IMPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN somesome.PRON+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF cerealscorns.N.M.PL otherothers.PRON herehere.ADV IMer.IM
  um but of course, um you know, um I'd think that some of these other cereals er...
479BAGia ia # ohCE dw i (we)di weld o ar bob math o [/] o [/] o +/ .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S onon.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM kinftype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP ofof.PREP ofhe.PRON.M.3S
  yes yes, oh I've seen it on all kinds of...
480ABEohCE mae gweiriau gyd de timod yn ei gael o .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES grasseshays.N.M.PL alljoint.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  oh all grasses, right you know, get it
481BAG+< &ʔ yeahCE &ʔ yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
482ABEond yn fwy ar ambell i flwyddyn os (y)dy (we)di bod yn # weddol dampCE ballu wrth_gwrs de .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM onon.PREP someoccasional.PREQ ofto.PREP yearyear.N.F.SG+SM ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT quitefairly.ADJ+SM dampdamp.ADJ.[or].tamp.SV.INFIN+SM of_coursesuchlike.PRON TAGof_course.ADV be.IM+SM
  but more on some years, if it's been quite damp and so forth of course, you know
483BAG+< yeahCE # ia ia # ia ia # ia ia .
  yeahyeah.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yeah, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes
484BAGohCE ti [//] erCE <ydy o (y)n> [/] # ydy o (y)n # cyd_fynd # efo # amodau (y)r flwyddyn felly de ?
  IMoh.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP coincide.NONFINunk withwith.PREP conditionsconditions.N.MF.PL DETthe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.F.SG+SM thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh does it coincide with the conditions of the year then?
485ABE+< yndy .
486ABEyndy .
487BAGhwyrach bod hynna (y)n &nɛ digon i (e)sbonio .
  perhapsperhaps.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP enoughenough.QUAN toto.PREP explain.NONFINexplain.V.INFIN
  perhaps that's enough to explain
488BAGachos yn AberCE yn_de ar traeth LavanCE yn_de lle mae (y)r # cordwellt yn &ʔʔ wsti yn [/] # y:n # frith yna (fe)lly +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ inin.PREP Abername TAGisn't_it.IM onon.PREP beachbeach.N.M.SG Lavanname TAGisn't_it.IM wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT abundantspeckled.ADJ+SM.[or].speckled.ADJ+SM therethere.ADV thusso.ADV
  because in Aber, right, on Lavan Sands, right, where the spartina, you know, is abundant, like
489ABE+< ++ blasterCE ym mhobman yeahCE .
  plasterblaster.N.SG.[or].plaster.N.SG+SM inin.PREP everywhereunk yeahyeah.ADV
  plastered everywhere, yeah
490BAG+, yn blasterCE ia # umCE # <mae (y)r> [/] # <mae (y)r umCE> [/] # mae (y)r ergotCE yn_de mallryg # yn [/] # yn blasterCE hefyd arnyn nhw felly (y)n_de i (y)r graddau (y)n_de # nes bod yr llanw yn # golchi drostyn nhw felly (y)n_de golchi nhw i_ffwrdd (y)n_de # a ti (y)n cael ryw fath o +/ .
  PRTPRT plasterblaster.N.SG.[or].plaster.N.SG+SM yesyes.ADV IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM ergotunk PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT plasterblaster.N.SG.[or].plaster.N.SG+SM alsoalso.ADV on.3PLon_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF degreesdegrees.N.MF.PL TAGisn't_it.IM untilnearer.ADJ.COMP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF tideincoming tide.N.M.SG PRTPRT wash.NONFINwash.V.INFIN over.3PLover_them.PREP+PRON.3P+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM wash.NONFINwash.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P offout.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP
  plastered, yes, um and the um the ergot, right, the "mallryg" is plastered also, on them like, right, to the extent that the tide washes over them, like, right, washes them away, right and you get some sort of
491ABEohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
492BAG+, tide_lineE neu ben llanw ohonyn nhw (y)n_de wsti # justCE yr ergotCE yn_de wsti .
  tide_lineunk oror.CONJ headhead.N.M.SG+SM tideincoming tide.N.M.SG.[or].fill.V.INFIN of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES justjust.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  tide-line or high water of them, right you know, just the ergot, right you know
493BAGa pan ti meddwl bod o (y)n wenwyn pur yn_de wsti # <ydyn nhw> [?] &=laugh wsti erCE oes (y)na ryw # fodd <iddyn nhw> [?] fynd i gadwyn fwyd yn_de wsti ?
  andand.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT poisonpoison.N.M.SG+SM purefairly.PREQ.[or].pure.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM waypleasure.N.M.SG+SM.[or].means.N.M.SG+SM to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP chainchain.N.F.SG+SM foodfood.N.M.SG+SM TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and when you think it's pure poison, right you know, do know er is there some way for them to get into the food chain, right you know?
494ABE+< ia wir ?
  yesyes.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM
495ABE+< arglwydd mawr yeahCE .
  lordlord.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV
  good lord, yeah
496BAGdw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  I don't know
497BAGond umCE +.. .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  but um...
498ABE(ba)sai (y)n ddifyr gweld os ydy o (y)n umCE # effeithio # adar a bob math o bethau felly hefyd de xx .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT interestingamusing.ADJ+SM see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM effect.NONFINeffect.V.INFIN birdsbirds.N.M.PL andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM thusso.ADV alsoalso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  it'd be interesting to see if it um effects birds and all kinds of things, like, also
499BAG+< wellCE ia # ia oedd bobl yn gofyn hynna felly (y)n_de .
  wellwell.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  well yes, yes, people were asking that, like you know
500BAGond &də (dy)dyn nhw (ddi)m yn +// .
  but they don't...
501ABE&=clears_throat .
502BAGpan ti sbïo arno fo (dy)dy o (ddi)m yn beth umCE # sydd yn # codi # awch i fwyta nhw chwaith nac (y)dy .
  whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN on.3SMon_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT thingwhat.INT IMum.IM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN eagernessunk toto.PREP eat.NONFINeat.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMthey.PRON.3P eitherneither.ADV NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  when you look at it, it's not something um which makes you want to eat it either, is it
503BAGwsti faset ti (ddi)m +/ .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM
  you know, you wouldn't...
504ABE+< na ond er mae (y)n dibynnu ar erCE os oes (yn)a broteinCE a bob math o bethau eraill yno fo does timod [?] .
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT depend.NONFINdepend.V.INFIN onon.PREP IMer.IM ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF therethere.ADV proteinprotein.N.SG+SM andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM otherothers.PRON in.3SMthere.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  no, but er it depends er whether there's protein and all kinds of other things in it, doesn't it you know
505BAGydy wsti mae [?] +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  yes, you know...
506BAGyeahCE hollol .
  yeahyeah.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah exactly
507ABEpeth ydy wrth_gwrs mae mewn # timod &p +// .
  thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  thing is you know, it's in...
508ABEmae (y)na +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV
509BAG+< os ydyn nhw (y)n wenwyn i adar wrth_gwrs yn_de .
  ifif.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT poisonpoison.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP birdsbirds.N.M.PL of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  if they are poisonous to birds of course, you know
510ABEwellCE ella wir yeahCE .
  wellwell.ADV perhapsmaybe.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  well perhaps indeed, yeah
511BAG+< xxx .
512ABE<mae nhw> [?] rightCE +// .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P rightright.ADJ
  they're right...
513BAG+< yeahCE mmmCE .
  yeah.ADV mmm.IM
514ABExx cael eu torri lawr xx gan ryw bacteriaCE <(y)n y> [/] yn y # cylla xx .
  get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P break.NONFINbreak.V.INFIN downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM bywith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM bacteriabacteria.N.PL inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF stomachunk
  [...] get broken down [...] by some bacteria in the stomach [...]
515BAG+< mmmCE .
516BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
517ABEond mae rhyfedd wsti timod umCE # mae (y)r effaith ar bobl wrth_gwrs &kə creu (y)r umCE hallucinationsE (y)ma a (y)r erCE # effeithiau rhyfedd ar y circulationE a bob math o bethau fel (yn)a .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES strangestrange.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF effecteffect.N.F.SG onon.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM of_courseof_course.ADV create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM hallucinationshallucination.N.PL herehere.ADV andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM effectseffects.N.F.PL strangestrange.ADJ onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF circulationcirculation.N.SG andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV
  but it's strange you know, um the effect on people, of_course, creating um these hallucinations and the er strange effects on the circulation and all kinds of things like that
518BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
519BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
520BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
521ABEumCE # mi oedd # cyfnodau timod yn y canoloesoedd ballu pan oedd umCE pobl yn cael eu cyhuddo o wrachyddiaeth yn_de +/ .
  IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF periodsperiods.N.M.PL know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF middle_agesunk suchsuchlike.PRON whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF IMum.IM peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P accuse.NONFINaccuse.V.INFIN ofhe.PRON.M.3S witcheryunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  um there were periods you know in the middle-ages and so forth when um people would be accused of witchery, you know
522BAGyeahCE .
523ABE+, oherwydd y symptomau # odd(i)_ar hwn .
  becausebecause.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF symptomssymptoms.N.M.PL fromfrom_on.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  because of the symptoms from this
524BAG&=cough .
525ABE<a mae (y)r> [?] paranoiaCE (y)n <un o> [//] rhan ohono fo beth bynnag (fe)lly .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF paranoiaparanoia.N.SG PRTPRT oneone.NUM ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG of.3SMfrom_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ thusso.ADV
  and the paranoia is part of it anyway, like
526BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
527ABEac oedd pobl yn cael eu cyhuddo o wrachyddiaeth a ballu <a (e)u> [/] a (e)u llosgi de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P accuse.NONFINaccuse.V.INFIN ofhe.PRON.M.3S witcheryunk andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON andand.CONJ POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P andand.CONJ POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P burn.NONFINburn.V.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM
  and people were accused of witchery and so forth and were burnt, you know
528ABEac umCE mewn llefydd fath â # umCE RussiaCE a # dwyrain EuropeCE ac yn y blaen # lle wyt ti (y)n cael # cyfnodau mae (y)n debyg o (y)r ergotCE (y)ma # mae pobl wedi umCE # sbïo nôl yn hanesyddol # ac erCE wedi gweld &e timod erCE # bod (y)na rei blynyddoedd lle oedd (y)na # losgi gwrachod yn fwy nag arfer (fe)lly # a mae (r)heiny (y)n cyfateb hefo # blynyddoedd gwlyb yn_de # lle fysai (y)r ergotCE yn fwy erCE +/ .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM inin.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ IMum.IM Russianame andand.CONJ easteast.N.M.SG Europename andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG wherewhere.INT be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN periodsperiods.N.M.PL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG herehere.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP IMum.IM look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN PRTPRT historicalhistorical.ADJ andand.CONJ IMer.IM PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM yearsyears.N.F.PL wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV burn.NONFINburn.V.INFIN+SM witchesunk PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM NEGthan.CONJ habithabit.N.M.SG.[or].use.V.3S.PRES.[or].use.V.INFIN thusso.ADV andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thosethose.PRON PRTPRT correspond.NONFINcorrespond_to.V.INFIN withwith.PREP+H yearsyears.N.F.PL wetwet.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM wherewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG PRTPRT moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM IMer.IM
  and um in places like um Russia and eastern Europe and so forth, where you apparently get periods of this ergot, people have looked back historically and er have seen, you know, er that there were some years where there was more witch burning than usual, like, and those correspond to wet years, you know, where this ergot would be more er...
529BAG+< ++ lle fysai (y)r ergotCE yn erCE +.. .
  wherewhere.INT be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF ergotergot.N.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM
  where the ergot was er...
530BAGmae hynna (y)n ddifyr .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT interestingamusing.ADJ+SM
  that's interesting
531ABEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
532BAGmae hynna ddifyr .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP interestingamusing.ADJ+SM
  that's interesting
533ABEac umCE +/ .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM
  and um...
534BAGmae hynna ddifyr .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP interestingamusing.ADJ+SM
  that's interesting
535BAGond [/] ond ti (y)n deud hynna wan de .
  butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  but you say that now, you know
536BAGond # pryd oedd hi ?
  butbut.CONJ whenwhen.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  but when was it?
537BAGia leni # ges i (y)r # plasterCE fel (pe)tai [?] o ergotCE # ar y [/] # y cordwellt yn # AberCE yn_de # yn [//] ar traeth LavanCE yn_de .
  yesyes.ADV this_yearthis year.ADV get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S DETthe.DET.DEF plasterplaster.N.SG likelike.CONJ if_be.3S.CONDITif (it) were.CONJ ofof.PREP ergotergot.N.SG onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF spartinaunk inin.PREP Abername TAGisn't_it.IM inPRT.[or].in.PREP onon.PREP beachbeach.N.M.SG Lavanname TAGisn't_it.IM
  yes this year I got the plaster, so to speak, of ergot on the spartina at Aber, you know, on Lavan Sands, you know
538BAGac umCE # (y)dy (we)di bod yn flwyddyn gwlyb # arbennig eleni ?
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT yearyear.N.F.SG+SM wetwet.ADJ specialspecial.ADJ this_yearthis year.ADV
  and um, has it been an especially wet year this year?
539ABEumCE +/ .
540BAG+< xx meddwl bod hi nag (y)dy .
  [...] think it's been, has it
541ABEwellCE [=! exhales] .
542BAG&m (dy)dy (ddi)m (we)di bod yn &e eithriadol nac (y)dy ?
  it hasn't been exceptionally, has it?
543BAG(ddi)m yn cofio &=laugh .
  NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN
  I don't remember
544ABE+< mmmCE na ddim felly falle [?] .
  IMmmm.IM no(n)or.CONJ NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM thusso.ADV perhapsmaybe.ADV
  mm no not really perhaps
545BAG+< na .
546ABE+< xxx .
547BAG<ond &e> [//] ond anywayE wsti xx +/ .
  butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ anywayanyway.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  but anyway you know [...]
548ABEond &e &ɔ do mi oedd hi (y)n_doedd .
  butbut.CONJ yescome.V.1S.PRES.[or].yes.ADV.PAST.[or].roof.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG
  but, yes it was, wasn't it
549ABEmi oedd hi yn [/] yn o wlyb # erCE +/ .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTin.PREP ratherhe.PRON.M.3S wetwet.ADJ+SM IMer.IM
  it was quite wet er...
550BAG+< erCE hwyrach bod hi (y)n xx +// .
  IMer.IM perhapsperhaps.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  er perhaps it was [...]
551BAG++ erCE ryw # gyfnod arbennig yn_de # yeahCE .
  IMer.IM somesome.PREQ+SM periodperiod.N.M.SG+SM specialspecial.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  er for some specific period, wasn't it, yeah
552ABE+, erCE Medi Hydref ballu .
  IMer.IM SeptemberSeptember.N.M.SG OctoberOctober.N.M.SG suchsuchlike.PRON
  er September, October or sometime
553ABEoherwydd # mae (we)di bod yn flwyddyn fungiCE anhygoel leni (y)ma dydy .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT yearyear.N.F.SG+SM fungifungi.N.SG incredibleincredible.ADJ this_yearthis year.ADV herehere.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  because it's been an incredible year for fungi this year, hasn't it
554BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
555BAGyndy .
556BAGyndy wyt ti isio gwres # i fungiCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG heatwarmth.N.M.SG forto.PREP fungifungi.N.SG
  yes, you need heat for fungi
557BAGwyt ti isio gwres +/ .
  be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG heatwarmth.N.M.SG
  you need heat
558ABEti isio +// .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG
  you need...
559ABEohCE mae (we)di bod <yn &g> [//] yn ddigon # tyner .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT enoughenough.QUAN+SM mildtender.ADJ
  oh it's been mild enough
560BAG+, a &guləp [//] gwlybaniaeth yn_de .
  andand.CONJ wetnessunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  and wet, you know
561ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
562ABEy ddau beth de timod .
  DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM thingwhat.INT TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  the two things, right you know
563BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
564ABEa mae (we)di bod yn flwyddyn # eithriadol am # amrywiaeth y fungiCE (fe)lly .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT yearyear.N.F.SG+SM exceptionalexceptional.ADJ forfor.PREP varietyvariety.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF fungifungi.N.SG thusso.ADV
  and it's been an exceptional year for the variety of fungi, like
565BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
566BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
567BAGyeahCE yeahCE os ti (y)n deud yn_de .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM
  yeah yeah if you say so, you know
568BAGo'n i (ddi)m yn gwybod hynna felly fy hun (fe)lly .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S selfself.PRON.SG thusso.ADV
  I didn't know that myself, like
569ABE+< yeahCE &o &m mi oedd hi de .
  yeah it was, you know
570BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
571ABEumCE erCE &ɔ oedd gynnon ni gourseCE # timod yn y <plas (a)cw timod efo (y)r hen> [?] GeorgeCE George_CampbellCE .
  IMum.IM IMer.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P coursecourse.N.SG+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mansionunk thereover there.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ Georgename George_Campbellname
  um er we had a course, you know, at the mansion you know, with old George, George Campbell
572BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
573BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
574ABE(y)r argoeledig yr amrywiaeth o stuffCE gafon ni de .
  DETthe.DET.DEF goshunk DETthe.DET.DEF varietyvariety.N.F.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S stuffstuff.SV.INFIN get.1PL.PASTget.V.1P.PAST+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P TAGbe.IM+SM
  gosh the variety of stuff we had, right
575BAGyeahCE # yeahCE wir ?
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM
  yeah, yeah really?
576ABEoedd hi (y)n hollol anhygoel de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT completecompletely.ADJ incredibleincredible.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  it was absolutely incredible, you know
577BAG+< ia .
578ABEmae hynna (y)n gyffredinol timod xxx <hefyd de> [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT generalgeneral.ADJ+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES alsoalso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  that's general you know [...] too, you know
579BAGyeahCE rightCE [?] yeahCE oedden nhw (y)n deud umCE +/ .
  yeahyeah.ADV rightright.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN IMum.IM
  yeah right, yeah they were saying um...
580ABE+< pobl eraill yn reportio (y)r un peth hefyd .
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG otherothers.PRON PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP report.NONFINunk DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG alsoalso.ADV
  other people reported the same thing too
581BAGGordon_FletcherCE (we)di arwain erCE # taith at MoelCE [/] # MoelyciCE neu Moel_y_ciCE neu beth bynnag .
  Gordon_Fletchername PRT.PASTafter.PREP lead.NONFINlead.V.INFIN IMer.IM tripjourney.N.F.SG toto.PREP Moelname Moelyciname oror.CONJ Moel_y_ciname oror.CONJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ
  Gordon Fletcher lead er a trip to Moelyci or Moel-y-ci or whatever
582BAGumCE # ac oedd erCE # Chris_JenkinsCE +// .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF IMer.IM Chris_Jenkinsname
  um and er Chris Jenkins had...
583BAGti nabod Chris_JenkinsCE ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN Chris_Jenkinsname
  do you know Chris Jenkins?
584ABEumCE na dw (ddi)m yn meddwl .
  um no, I don't think so
585BAG+< mmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
586BAGanywayE mae o (y)n # rhedeg y sioe # MoelCE [//] [?] be (y)dy o # umCE # Cwmni_MoelyciCE neu beth bynnag yn_de .
  anywayanyway.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF showshow.N.F.SG Moelname whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S IMum.IM Cwmni_Moelyciname oror.CONJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  anyway, he runs stuff, what is it, um Cwmni Moelyci or whatever, you know
587BAGa (we)dyn umCE # erCE oedd o (y)n poeni bod (y)na +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM IMer.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  and then um, er he was worried that there...
588BAG&ðənʊ <oedden nhw (ddi)m> [//] [?] <oedd o> [/] oedd o (we)di trefnu (y)r # diwrnod umCE # fun(gi)CE [/] fungiCE (y)ma felly .
  be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG IMum.IM fungifungi.N.SG fungifungi.N.SG herehere.ADV thusso.ADV
  they hadn't...he'd arranged this fungi day, like
589BAGac oedd o (y)n poeni .
  and he was worried
590BAGoedd o (we)di bod allan felly a (we)di gweld dim_byd yn_de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN outout.ADV thusso.ADV andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  he'd been out and hadn't seen anything, right
591BAGa <gaethon nhw> [/] gaethon nhw gant o bobl yn troi fyny (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ get.3PL.PASTget.V.1P.PAST+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P get.3PL.PASTget.V.1P.PAST+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P hundredhundred.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN upup.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and a hundred people turned up, right
592BAGac <oedd o (y)n> [/] ohCE xx oedd o (y)n # umCE pryderu fawr bod nhw (ddi)m mynd i gael dim_byd yn_de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMoh.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN bigbig.ADJ+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM nothingnothing.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and he was...oh [...] he was really um worried that they weren't going to get anything, right
593BAGond oedd Gordon_FletcherCE wedi # cael llwyth o bethau yn # diwedd de .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Gordon_Fletchername PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN loadload.N.M.SG.[or].tribe.N.M.SG ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  but Gordon Fletcher had gotten loads of stuff in the end, right
594BAGond # ti (ddi)m yn gwybod beth sydd yn # justCE skillCE y personCE yn ffeindio nhw ta [/] wsti erCE ta +// .
  butbut.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT justjust.ADV skillskill.N.SG DETthe.DET.DEF personperson.N.SG PRTPRT find.NONFINfind.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTbe.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM PRTbe.IM
  but you don't know what's...just the skill of the person who finds them or, you know er or...
595BAGai [/] ai hynny ta # blwyddyn dda ohonyn nhw felly (y)n_de ond [?] ti meddwl <yn y> [/] # yn y plas felly de .
  PRT.INTor.CONJ PRT.INTor.CONJ thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTbe.IM yearyear.N.F.SG goodgood.ADJ+SM of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM butbut.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mansionunk thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  is it that or a good year for them, like you know, you think, in the mansion like, you know
596ABE+< mi oedd hi yn flwyddyn eithriadol o dda yn un peth .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT yearyear.N.F.SG+SM extremeexceptional.ADJ ofof.PREP goodgood.ADJ+SM PRTPRT oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG
  it was an extremely good year for one thing
597BAG+< mmmCE .
598ABEa peth arall dw i (we)di sylwi (he)fyd timod pan ti mynd allan efo [/] efo [//] # chwilio am ryw fungiCE ballu de .
  andand.CONJ thingthing.N.M.SG otherother.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP notice.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN alsoalso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV withwith.PREP withwith.PREP search.NONFINsearch.V.INFIN forfor.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM fungifungi.N.SG suchsuchlike.PRON TAGbe.IM+SM
  and another thing I've noticed too, you know, when you go out with...looking for some fungi and such, you know
599BAG+< mmmCE .
600ABEduwcs # <wyt ti (y)n> [//] # timod fath â # leni (y)ma rwan de .
  goshunk be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ this_yearthis year.ADV herehere.ADV nownow.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  gosh, you' know, like this year now, right
601ABEwellCE [?] # do'n i (ddi)m (we)di bod allan ryw lawer yn craffu ar fawr ddim_byd de .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.IMP.NEGbe.V.1S.IMPERF.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN outout.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM lotmany.QUAN+SM PRTPRT inspect.NONFINgrasp.V.INFIN onon.PREP bigbig.ADJ+SM nothingnothing.ADV+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  well I hadn't been out much looking carefully at anything much, right
602ABExx courseCE (y)ma dod i_fyny <(we)dyn meddwl> [?] +"/ .
  coursecourse.N.SG herehere.ADV come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN upup.ADV thenafterwards.ADV think.NONFINthought.N.M.SG.[or].think.V.2S.IMPER.[or].think.V.3S.PRES.[or].think.V.INFIN
  xx this course coming up, then thought:
603ABE+" ohCE (y)r arglwydd dw (ddi)m (we)di gweld fawr ddim_byd o_gwmpas chwaith .
  IMoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF lordlord.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN bigbig.ADJ+SM nothingnothing.ADV+SM aroundaround.ADV eitherneither.ADV
  "oh lord, I haven't seen anything much around either"
604ABE+" ohCE (y)r arglwydd gobeithio bod (y)na rywbeth .
  IMoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF lordlord.N.M.SG hope.NONFINhope.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  "oh lord, I hope there is something"
605ABEde timod +" .
  TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  right, you know
606ABEac eto pan ti mynd allan i chwilio +/ .
  andand.CONJ yetagain.ADV whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV toto.PREP search.NONFINsearch.V.INFIN
  and yet, when you go out to look
607BAGia mmmCE .
  yesyes.ADV IMmmm.IM
  yes mm
608ABE+, o ddifri de +/ .
  ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP earnestserious.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  seriously, right
609BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
610ABE+, <mae nhw yna de> [=! whispers] +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  they're there, right
611BAGyndy yeahCE yeahCE .
  be.3SP.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, yeah yeah
612ABE+, <blasterCE de timod> [=! whispers] .
  plasterblaster.N.SG.[or].plaster.N.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  plastered, right you know
613BAG<yeahCE yeahCE> [=! whispers] yeahCE felly mae nhw (y)n deud yn_de .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV thusso.ADV be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM
  yeah yeah, yeah that's what they say, isn't it
614ABE+< wowCE [=! whispers] anhygoel achan .
  wowwow.IM incredibleincredible.ADJ mateunk
  wow incredible mate
615BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
616BAGsôn am ergotCE yn_de # ti gwybod lle mae (y)r gair yna (y)n dŵad ?
  mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP ergotergot.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG therethere.ADV PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN
  speaking of ergot, right, do you know where that word comes from?
617ABEydw # sbardun ceiliog .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES spurunk cockerelunk
  yes, a cockerel's spur
618BAGwellCE difyr # difyr .
  wellwell.ADV interestingamusing.ADJ interestingamusing.ADJ
  well, interesting, interesting
619ABEdim o (y)r Ffrangeg mae (y)n dŵad dŵad ?
  NEGnothing.N.M.SG fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Frenchname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN say.2S.IMPERcome.V.INFIN
  doesn't it come from the French?
620BAGia # hwyra(ch) +// .
  yesyes.ADV perhapsperhaps.ADV
  yes perhaps
621BAGxx be o'n i mynd i ddeud oedd # dew_clawE # gewin [//] # y gewin spareCE (y)na # ar goes ci yn_de .
  whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF dew_clawunk nailunk DETthe.DET.DEF nailunk DATspare.N.SG nailthere.ADV spareon.PREP thereleg.N.F.SG+SM ondog.N.M.SG legisn't_it.IM dog
  [...] what I was going to say was dew-claw, nail...that spare nail on the leg of a dog, right
622ABE+< ohCE # duwcs !
  IMoh.IM goshunk
  oh gosh
623BAGond yr un syniad wrth_gwrs .
  butbut.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM ideaidea.N.M.SG of_courseof_course.ADV
  but the same idea, of course
624ABE+< ohCE .
625ABEia ia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yes yeah
626BAG+< sbardun ceiliog ia ?
  spurunk cockerelunk yesyes.ADV
  a cockerel's spur, is it?
627ABEsbardun ceiliog yeahCE .
  spurunk cockerelunk yeahyeah.ADV
  a cockerel's spur, yeah
628BAG+< <mae sureCE> [/] mae sureCE bod y [/] &f # <yr un> [//] y [/] y gair yn golygu (y)r ddau beth yn Ffrangeg .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG PRTPRT mean.NONFINedit.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM thingwhat.INT inin.PREP Frenchname
  the word probably means both things in French
629BAGond o'n i (ddi)m yn erCE +.. .
  but I wasn't er...
630ABEyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
631BAGyeahCE (dy)na fo yeahCE yeahCE # difyr .
  yeahyeah.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV interestingamusing.ADJ
  yeah that's it, yeah yeah, interesting
632ABE+< yndy mae wneud synnwyr dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM sensesense.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  yes, it makes sense, doesn't it
633BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
634BAGyeahCE .
635ABE+< yeahCE duwcs annwyl .
  yeahyeah.ADV goshunk deardear.ADJ
  yeah, dear lord
636BAGyeahCE .
637ABEohCE .
638BAGahCE [=! exhales] .
639ABE+< <heyCE clyw achan> [?] xx .
  heyhey.IM hear.2S.IMPERsense of hearing.N.M.SG.[or].hear.V.2S.IMPER.[or].hear.V.3S.PRES mateunk
  hey listen, mate [...]
640ABEyli wyt ti (y)n umCE # mynd i gael dipyn bach mwy o amser wan i ddilyn y diddordebau (y)ma dwyt xx .
  see.2S.IMPERyou_know.IM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP timetime.N.M.SG nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM toto.PREP follow.NONFINfollow.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF interestsinterests.N.M.PL herehere.ADV be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG
  listen, you're um going to have a little more time now to follow these interests, aren't you [...]
641ABEsut mae (y)r erCE +/ .
  howhow.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM
  how are the er...
642BAGyndw .
643ABE+, paratoad i (y)r ymddeoliad yn dŵad ?
  preparationunk forto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF retirementretirement.N.M.SG PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN
  how's the preparation for the retirement coming along?
644BAGohCE &n &n edrych ymlaen yn fawr iawn i ddeud gwir (fe)lly # yndw .
  IMoh.IM look.NONFINlook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES.[or].look.V.INFIN forwardforward.ADV PRTPRT bigbig.ADJ+SM veryvery.ADV toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM truthtrue.ADJ thusso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH
  oh I'm looking forward very much to tell the truth, yes
645BAG<dan ni (y)n> [/] umCE # dan ni ffurfio cwmni sti .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P form.NONFINform.V.INFIN companycompany.N.M.SG know.2Syou_know.IM
  we're forming a company, you know
646ABEohCE ia ?
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yes?
647BAGumCE # ddim [/] ddim cwmni wneud pres felly ond erCE &g +// .
  IMum.IM NEGnot.ADV+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM companycompany.N.M.SG do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM moneymoney.N.M.SG thusso.ADV butbut.CONJ IMer.IM
  not a company to make money, like, but er...
648BAGwellCE [/] wellCE ia # mewn ffordd [=! laughs] .
  wellwell.ADV wellwell.ADV yesyes.ADV inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG
  well yes, in a way
649BAGcwmni &ɛ # umCE # cyfyngiedig # umCE # hanes y tirlun felly yn AberCE yn_de wsti .
  companycompany.N.M.SG IMum.IM limitedunk IMum.IM historystory.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF landscapelandscape.N.M.SG thusso.ADV inin.PREP Abername TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  a limted company um history of the landscape, like, in Aber, right you know
650ABEohCE difyr .
  IMoh.IM interestingamusing.ADJ
  oh interesting
651BAG+< umCE # er_mwyn erCE denu pres yr H_L_FCE yn_de +/ .
  IMum.IM forfor_the_sake_of.PREP IMer.IM attract.NONFINattract.V.INFIN moneymoney.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF H_L_Fname TAGisn't_it.IM
  um, to er attract HLF money, you know
652ABEia ia ia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes yes yes
653BAG+, umCE # i gael erCE # cyflogi rywun .
  IMum.IM toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM IMer.IM employ.NONFINemploy.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM
  um to employ er somebody
654ABEohCE greatCE .
  oh.IM great.ADJ
655BAGumCE # dw (ddi)m yn gwybod &=exhales .
  um, I don't know
656BAGdan ni (we)di bod yn # trafod efo (y)r # &m bobl yr +// .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT discuss.NONFINdiscuss.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF
  we've been discussing with the people of...
657BAGdw i ddim felly (y)n_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  I haven't like, you know
658BAGmae (y)na bobl sydd yn # ymhél â pethau (y)ma # &m &m well na dw i (fe)lly .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT deal.NONFINmeddle.V.INFIN withwith.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL herehere.ADV betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM PRTPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S thusso.ADV
  there are people who deal with these things better than I do, like
659BAGumCE # <yr &ɔ> [/] yr ochr # denu pres felly dw i (y)n +// .
  IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF sideside.N.F.SG attract.NONFINattract.V.INFIN moneymoney.N.M.SG thusso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  um the side of attracting money, like, I...
660BAG&=laugh .
661ABEohCE yeahCE mae hwnna (y)n arbenigedd ynddo (e)i hun dydy .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP expertiseexpertise.N.M.SG in.3SMin_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  oh yeah, that's an expertise in itself, isn't it
662BAGyeahCE yndy yn_dydy .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  yeah it is, isn't it
663BAGyeahCE [?] dw i (y)n # ar_goll braidd efo [/] # efo (y)r # grantiau (y)ma felly .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT lostlost.ADV ratherrather.ADV withwith.PREP withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF grantsgrants.N.MF.SG herehere.ADV thusso.ADV
  yeah, I'm rather lost wit these grants, like
664ABE+< ohCE # amser mae nhw gymryd de .
  IMoh.IM timetime.N.M.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh they take time, don't they
665BAGohCE esgob .
  IMoh.IM lordbishop.N.M.SG
  oh lord
666ABE+< ohCE (y)r argian annwyl .
  ohoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF lordgood_lord.IM deardear.ADJ
  oh dear lord
667BAGac erCE # dw i methu cael y mhen rowndyn nhw wsti yr umCE y &bi &gm # arian cyfatebol (y)ma ac +// .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S headhead.N.M.SG+NM round.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF moneymoney.N.M.SG correspondingcorresponding.ADJ herehere.ADV andand.CONJ
  and er, I can't get my head round them, you know, this match-funding and...
668BAGesgob dw i (y)n chael hi (y)n anodd .
  lordbishop.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT difficultdifficult.ADJ
  lord, I find it difficult
669BAGond anywayE diolch fyth mae (y)na bobl eraill i wneud hynny (fe)lly .
  butbut.CONJ anywayanyway.ADV thank.NONFINthanks.N.M.SG.[or].thank.V.INFIN evernever.ADV+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM otherothers.PRON toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  but anyway, thank God, there are other people to do that, like
670BAGumCE # ac umCE +/ .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ IMum.IM
  um, and um...
671ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE # ohCE mae (y)r brocessCE ddigon syml mewn gwirionedd timod .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF processprocess.N.SG+SM enoughenough.QUAN+SM simplesimple.ADJ inin.PREP truthtruth.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yeah yeah, oh the process is simple enough really, you know
672ABEond ohCE ti (y)n gorod # cael ryw # lythyrau cefnogol a ryw [/] ryw [/] # &d ryw # ddatganiadau gyn bobl o bob math .
  butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM lettersletters.N.M.PL+SM supportingencouraging.ADJ andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM somesome.PREQ+SM somesome.PREQ+SM statementsdeclarations.N.M.PL+SM fromwith.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG
  but oh you have to get some supporting letters and some statements from all kinds of people
673BAG+< ohCE ia <dan ni (we)di> [/] erCE &d ohCE dan ni (we)di bod yn mynd ar_ôl hynna [?] .
  oh yes, we've...we've been going after that
674BAG+< argian ydyn [?] mmmCE .
  lordgood_lord.IM be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES IMmmm.IM
  lord yes, mm
675ABEwedyn wyt ti (y)n gorod # creu ryw fath o ryw # amcan o [/] o [/] o incomeCE a [/] a # sut wyt ti mynd i gyflawni dy amcanion a ryw xx .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM estimateobjective.N.M.SG ofof.PREP ofof.PREP ofof.PREP incomeincome.N.SG andand.CONJ andand.CONJ howhow.INT be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP achieve.NONFINaccomplish.V.INFIN+SM POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S objectivesobjectives.N.M.PL andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM
  then you have to make some sort of estimate of income and how you're going to achieve your objectives and some [...]
676BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
677BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
678ABEa wedyn [?] mae cwbl yn ddychymyg llwyr de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wholeall.ADJ PRTPRT imaginationimagination.N.M.SG+SM absolutecomplete.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then it's all complete imagination, you know
679BAG+< yeahCE <yeahCE yeahCE> [=! laughs] &=laugh .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
680ABE+< timod ti (y)n justCE gwneud y peth allan o dy bloodyCE pen beth bynnag (fe)lly .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT justjust.ADV do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG outout.ADV ofof.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S bloodybloody.ADJ headhead.N.M.SG whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ thusso.ADV
  you know, you're just making the thing out of your bloody head anywya, like
681BAG&=laugh .
682ABEa fe ddylsen nhw bod yn gwybod hynny de [?] .
  and they should know that, you know
683BAG+< &=laugh yeahCE [=! laughs] .
684ABE<timod ohCE na> [?] dw i (y)n trio gwneud ryw amcan gweddol gall de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMoh.IM nono.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM estimateobjective.N.M.SG quitefairly.ADJ sensiblesane.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, oh no, I try to make quite a sensible estimate, you know
685BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE <fedra i edrych yn> [?] +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  yeah yeah, I can look...
686BAG&=laugh yeahCE [=! laughs] .
687ABEac ar_ôl ti wneud o +/ .
  andand.CONJ afterafter.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and after you do it...
688BAGmmmCE .
689ABE+, a cael y bloomingE pres # ti mynd ymlaen wedyn a ffeindio wellCE timod mae [/] ohCE mae [/] mae [/] mae [/] mae be wyt ti (y)n ei wneud yn diwedd a be wyt ti (y)n ei gael a [/] a (y)r canlyniadau yn y pen draw # (y)n hollol bloodyCE wahanol .
  andand.CONJ get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF bloomingblooming.ADV moneymoney.N.M.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN aheadforward.ADV thenafterwards.ADV andand.CONJ find.NONFINfind.V.INFIN wellwell.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG andand.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM andand.CONJ andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF resultsresults.N.M.PL inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF endhead.N.M.SG overyonder.ADV PRTPRT completecompletely.ADJ bloodybloody.ADJ differentdifferent.ADJ+SM
  and get the blooming money, you go on then and find, well you know, oh what you do in the end and what you get and the results in the end are completely bloody different
690BAG+< mmmCE # mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM mmm.IM
691BAG&=laugh .
692ABEoherwydd timod # <wyt ti (y)n> [/] wyt ti (y)n addasu ac yn esblygu dy brojectCE fel mae (y)n mynd ymlaen de [?] .
  becausebecause.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT modify.NONFINadapt.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT evolve.NONFINexplain.V.INFIN POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S projectproject.N.SG+SM likelike.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN aheadforward.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  because, you know, you modify and evolve your project as it goes on, you know
693BAG+< mmmCE mmmCE # wyt wyt wyt .
  IMmmm.IM IMmmm.IM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES
  mm mm, yes yes yes
694ABE<gyn i (ddi)m> [?] syniad i ba gyfeiriad mae (y)n mynd go iawn timod .
  withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM ideaidea.N.M.SG toto.PREP whichwhich.ADJ+SM directiondirection.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I have no idea in which direction it's going really, you know
695BAG+< na # na na # na na # yeahCE .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  no, no no, no no, yeah
696ABEohCE be gythraul mae isio [?] (y)r holl fanylder Duw a ŵyr xx .
  IMoh.IM whatwhat.INT devilunk be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.PREQ precisiondetail.N.M.SG+SM Godname PRTand.CONJ know.3S.NONPASTgrandson.N.M.SG
  what the hell do you need all the precision, God knows [...]
697BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
698ABEo_kCE timod mae (y)na bres yn y matterCE .
  o_kOK.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV moneymoney.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mattermatter.N.SG
  ok you know, there's money in the matter
699ABEwedyn [?] mae raid (i)ddyn nhw gyfiawnhau eu bloodyCE bodolaeth rywsut neu gilydd .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P justify.NONFINjustify.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P bloodybloody.ADJ existenceexistence.N.F.SG somehowsomehow.ADV+SM oror.CONJ otherother.N.M.SG+SM
  then they have to justify their bloody existence somehow or other
700BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
701ABE+< ond ohCE argoeledig .
  butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM goshunk
  but dear lord
702ABEhallelujahCE de .
  hallelujahhallelujah.SV.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM
  hallelujah, you know
703BAG+< ia wedyn # &p dyna [/] # dyna lle dan ni arni felly .
  yesyes.ADV thenafterwards.ADV therethat_is.ADV therethat_is.ADV wherewhere.INT be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P on.3SFon_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S thusso.ADV
  yes so, that's where we're at, then
704BAGoedden ni am fynd ar # &aʔ i [/] i erCE +/ .
  be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP toto.PREP toto.PREP IMer.IM
  we were going to go, er...
705ABE<sti fechan> [?] [=? timod achan] <dw i> [/] dw i (y)n falch gythreulig # bod gyn ti grewCE o bobl sydd yn mynd i gario (y)mlaen efo (y)r projectCE mwy neu lai .
  know.2Syou_know.IM matesmall.ADJ know.2Sbe.V.1S.PRES mateI.PRON.1S be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.1S.PRESPRT PRON.1Sproud.ADJ+SM PRTunk gladbe.V.INFIN devilishwith.PREP be.NONFINyou.PRON.2S withgrew.SV.INFIN.[or].crew.N.SG+SM PRON.2Sof.PREP crewpeople.N.F.SG+SM ofbe.V.3S.PRES.REL peoplePRT be.PRES.RELgo.V.INFIN PRTto.PREP go.NONFINcarry.V.INFIN+SM toforward.ADV carry.NONFINwith.PREP onthe.DET.DEF withproject.N.SG DETmore.ADJ.COMP projector.CONJ moresmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM or
  you know mate, I'm incredibly glad that you've got a group of people who are going to carry on with the project, more or less
706BAGmmmCE # ohCE <dw &m> [/] dw mynd i fod yna dal i fod sti .
  IMmmm.IM be.1S.PRESoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES go.NONFINbe.V.1S.PRES togo.V.INFIN be.NONFINto.PREP therebe.V.INFIN+SM stillthere.ADV tostill.ADV be.NONFINto.PREP know.2Sbe.V.INFIN+SM you_know.IM
  mmm, oh I'm still going to be there, you know
707ABE+< xx +/ .
708ABEohCE grea(t)CE [//] ohCE ia fel +/ .
  IMoh.IM greatgreat.ADJ IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV likelike.CONJ
  oh great, oh yes as...
709BAG<dw i (y)n> [/] <dw i (y)n> [/] erCE erCE # <dw i (y)n> [/] # dw i (y)n mynd i olchi nwylo yn llwyr o (y)r gwaith cadwraeth yn AberCE yn_de ar_ôl i mi # &drɔs [//] ddeud wrth pwy bynnag sy (y)n y nilyn i +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP wash.NONFINwash.V.INFIN+SM hands.POSSD.1Shands.N.F.PL+NM PRTPRT completecomplete.ADJ ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF workwork.N.M.SG conservationconservation.N.F.SG inin.PREP Abername TAGisn't_it.IM afterafter.PREP toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM toby.PREP whowho.PRON ever-ever.ADJ be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S follow.1Sfollow.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP
  I'm...I' er I'm...I'm going to wash my hands completely of the conservation work at Aber, you know, after I tell whoever follows me...
710BAGa dan ni (ddi)m yn gwybod hynny eto (fe)lly .
  andand.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP yetagain.ADV thusso.ADV
  and we don't know that yet, like
711BAGumCE yeahCE &ɔ +/ .
  um.IM yeah.ADV
712ABEohCE justCE gobeithio gei di rywun call .
  IMoh.IM justjust.ADV hope.NONFINhope.V.INFIN get.2S.NONPASTget.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM sensiblesane.ADJ
  oh I just hope you get somebody sensible
713BAGwe(ll)CE [/] wellCE # mae debyg na Eilir_DaviesCE .
  wellwell.ADV wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES likelysimilar.ADJ+SM PRT(n)or.CONJ Eilir_Daviesname
  well, it's probably Eilir Davies
714BAGond dan ni (ddi)m yn # sureCE iawn felly (y)n_de wsti .
  butbut.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT suresure.ADJ veryvery.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  but we're not quite sure like, right, you know
715ABE+< ohCE ia ?
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yes?
716BAGa wedyn # umCE +/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM
  and then um...
717ABEohCE Duw iawn <mae o> [/] mae o ddigon call dydy .
  IMoh.IM Godname rightOK.ADV be.3s.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMof.PREP enoughenough.QUAN+SM sensiblesane.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  oh God, right, he's sensible enough, isn't he
718BAGfydd o (y)n safeE pairE ofE handsE yn_bydd # wsti <dw i (y)n> [///] erCE umCE o leia felly (y)n_de wsti .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT safesafe.ADJ pairpair.N.SG ofof.PREP handshand.N.PL.[or].hands.N.SG be.3S.FUT.NEGunk know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM IMum.IM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP leastsmallest.ADJ+SM.[or].least.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  he'll be a safe pair of hands, won't he, you know, umm at least, like, isn't it
719ABE+< bydd # yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, yeah yeah yeah
720BAG<ond umCE> [/] # ond <mae isio> [/] # mae isio rywun i gadw (y)r umCE # momentumCE hefyd yn_de wsti # umCE +/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM momentummomentum.N.SG alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM
  but um, but you need somebody to keep the um momentum too, don't you, you know, um...
721ABEoes hollol .
  be.3S.PRESage.N.F.SG exactcompletely.ADJ
  yes, exactly
722ABEdyma [/] dyma xx troubleCE timod .
  herethis_is.ADV herethis_is.ADV troubletrouble.N.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  that's [...] the trouble, you know
723ABEmae [/] [?] <mae gyn ti> [///] # timod # <dw i (we)di gweld> [?] # cychwyn # a bod [/] bod yn erCE [?] rhan o gymaint <ar y> [?] projectau wedyn +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM partpart.N.F.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF projectsprojects.N.M.PL thenafterwards.ADV
  you've know, I've seen the start and been part of so much on the projects and then...
724BAGmmmCE .
725ABE+, hand_ioE+cym drosodd i ryw [/] # rywun sydd yn gyflogedig i wneud y peth <de timod> [?] a (r)heiny mynd offCE i ryw gyfeiriad hollol bloodyCE wahanol de .
  hand.NONFINhand.N.SG overover.ADV+SM toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT employedemployed.ADJ+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ thosethose.PRON go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN offoff.PREP toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM directiondirection.N.M.SG+SM completecompletely.ADJ bloodybloody.ADJ differentdifferent.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  hand over to somebody who's employed to do the thing, right you know, and those go off to some completely bloody different direction, right
726BAGyeahCE yeahCE # ond [/] ond # rhai(d) +/ .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ butbut.CONJ necessitynecessity.N.M.SG
  yeah yeah, but [you] have to...
727ABE+< a timod xx (doe)s gyn ti (ddi)m rheolaeth xx timod .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM controlmanagement.N.F.SG know.V.2S.PRES
  and you know, [...] you have no control [...]
728ABEohCE y siom de .
  IMoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF disappointmentdisappointment.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh the disappointment, you know
729BAG<wyt ti (y)n gor(od)> [/] ti gorod # derbyn hynna (y)n_de wsti .
  be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN accept.NONFINreceive.V.INFIN.[or].accept.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you have to accept that, right you know
730BAG&=clears_throat <dan ni> [/] dan ni (ddi)m yma am byth nac (y)dan wsti .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnot.ADV+SM herehere.ADV forfor.PREP evernever.ADV NEGPRT.NEG be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  we're not here for ever, are we, you know
731ABE+< ia yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah yeah
732ABEna na na na na na .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV
  no no no no no no
733BAG+< dan ni (y)n roid ein stampCE tra &da +// .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM POSS.1PLour.ADJ.POSS.1P stampstamp.SV.INFIN whilewhile.CONJ.[or].very.ADV
  we make our mark while...
734BAGtra dan ni yma dan ni roid ein stampCE ni felly (y)n_de .
  whilewhile.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P herehere.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM POSS.1PLour.ADJ.POSS.1P stampstamp.SV.INFIN PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  while we're here, we make our mark, like, you know
735BAGond # mae [/] mae (y)na amser yn dod pan ti (y)n gorod # gollwng dy afael +/ .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV timetime.N.M.SG PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN drop.NONFINrelease.V.INFIN drop.NONFINyour.ADJ.POSS.2S POSS.2Sgrip.N.F.SG+SM.[or].grasp.V.INFIN+SM hold
  but a time comes when you have to let go
736ABEyeahCE dw i gwybod xxx # ia hollol .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah I know [...] yes exactly
737BAG+, +< ac [/] a [/] a gadael [/] # gadael i (y)r oes nesa a (y)r genhedlaeth nesa # wneud ohoni # be mae nhw isio felly (y)n_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthat.PRON.REL agebe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF nextnext.ADJ.SUP andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF generationgeneration.N.F.SG+SM nextnext.ADJ.SUP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM of.3SFfrom_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S whatwhat.INT be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P wantwant.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and let the next age and the next generation make of it what they like, like right you know
738BAGti (y)n gorod derbyn hynna i ryw raddau .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN accept.NONFINreceive.V.INFIN.[or].accept.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM degreesunk
  you have to accept that to some extent
739BAGond umCE +/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  but um...
740ABEia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
741BAG+, I'mE notE doneE yetE felly efo (y)r ochr hanesyddol yn_de wsti .
  I''mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV donedone.AV.PAST yetyet.CONJ thusso.ADV withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sideside.N.F.SG historicalhistorical.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I'm not done yet, like, with the historical side, you know
742BAGond mae [//] o ran yr # cadwraeth yn_de na [?] +/ .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES ofhe.PRON.M.3S partpart.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF conservationconservation.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM nono.ADV
  but in terms of conservation, you know, no...
743ABE+< na mae (y)na lotCE [/] lotCE o waith i wneud eto does .
  nono.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV lotlot.N.SG lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP workwork.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM yetagain.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG
  no, there's still a lot of work to do, isn't there
744BAGmmmCE oes oes .
  mmm, yes yes
745BAGumCE # a wedyn dw i rightCE excitedE am hynna yn_de .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S rightright.ADJ excitedexcite.SV.INFIN+AV aboutfor.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGisn't_it.IM
  um, and then I'm quite excited about that, you know
746BAGac umCE +.. .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM
  and um...
747ABEohCE gwych de .
  IMoh.IM excellentsplendid.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh excellent, eh
748BAG&=clears_throat ac [/] ac umCE # dw isio wneud umCE # wsti trio datblygu (y)r # darlledu dipyn bach yn_de .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM IMum.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN develop.NONFINdevelop.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF broadcast.NONFINbroadcast.V.INFIN a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  and um, I want to do um, you know, try to develop the broadcasting a little bit, you know
749ABEohCE (dy)na o iawn de .
  IMoh.IM therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh, there you are, alright yeah
750BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
751ABEwellCE yeahCE wyt ti ddigon cegog dwyt .
  wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S enoughenough.QUAN+SM mouthyunk be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG
  well yeah, you're mouthy enough, aren't you
752BAG&=laugh .
753ABE+< &=laugh .
754BAGdiolch AbelCE yeahCE .
  thanksthanks.N.M.SG Abelname yeahyeah.ADV
  thanks Abel, yeah
755ABE+< yeahCE duwcs &=laugh .
  yeahyeah.ADV goshunk
  yeah gosh
756BAG+< un da i siarad .
  oneone.NUM goodgood.ADJ toto.PREP speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN
  fine one talking
757BAGond dyna fo &=laugh .
  butbut.CONJ therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but there we are
758ABE+< yeahCE wellCE xx de .
  yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  yeah well [...] right
759BAGumCE # a wedyn erCE +/ .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMer.IM
  um and then er...
760ABE(oe)s gyn ti syniadau i cyfeiriad yna ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S ideasideas.N.M.PL toto.PREP directiondirection.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  have you got ideas in that direction?
761ABErywbeth gwreiddiol rywbeth newydd ta +.. .
  somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM originaloriginal.ADJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM newnew.ADJ PRTbe.IM
  something original, something new, or..?
762BAGwellCE &=exhales # wellCE y peth mwya # gwreiddiol ond (dy)dy o (ddi)m_byd i wneud efo ymddeol chwaith <ydy (y)r> [/] # ydy (y)r peth umCE dan ni trio wneud efo Llên_y_LlysiauCE (y)n_de efo (y)r [//] # cael <yr erCE> [/] # yr erCE peth cwcio .
  wellwell.ADV wellwell.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP originaloriginal.ADJ butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S nothingnothing.ADV+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP retire.NONFINretire.V.INFIN eitherneither.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG IMum.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1Pwe.PRON.1P try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP Llên_y_Llysiauname TAGisn't_it.IM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM thingthing.N.M.SG cook.NONFINcook.V.INFIN
  well, the most original thing, but it's nothing to do with retiring either, is the thing um we're trying to do with Llên y Llysiau, you know, with the...getting the er cooking thing
763ABEyeahCE na yeahCE o'n i meddwl efo (y)r darlledu (y)ma ballu wan xx .
  yeahyeah.ADV nono.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF broadcast.NONFINbroadcast.V.INFIN herehere.ADV suchsuchlike.PRON nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM
  yeah no yeah I meant with this broadcasting and such now [...]
764ABE(oe)s gyn ti +/?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  do you have..?
765BAGyeahCE wellCE &da wsti (y)r erCE &nɛ &nɛ &n &n na <dw i> [//] dyna be dw i ddeud yn_de .
  yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM noPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  yeah well you know the I...that's what I'm saying, you know
766ABEohCE (dy)na o rightCE o_kCE [?] .
  IMoh.IM therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S rightright.ADJ o_kOK.IM
  oh I see, right ok
767BAG+< wsti (y)r [/] # <y cwc(io)> [//] yr # rhagle(nni) [//] rhaglenni DudleyCE (y)ma (y)n_de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF cook.NONFINcook.V.INFIN DETthat.PRON.REL programmesprogrammes.N.F.PL.[or].programme.V.2S.PRES programmesprogrammes.N.F.PL.[or].programme.V.2S.PRES Dudleyname herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  you know, the cooking..these Dudley programmes, you know
768BAGond dw i (y)n gweld (r)heina mynd i (y)r gwellt wsti .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN thosethose.PRON go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF strawgrass.N.M.SG know.V.2S.PRES
  but I see them going down the drain, you know
769ABE+< ohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
770BAG<does (yn)a (ddi)m> [//] dw i (ddi)m (we)di clywed dim_byd gynno fo (y)n_de wsti .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV from.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  there's nothing...I haven't heard anything by him, you know
771ABEna: justCE defnyddio ni i gael syniadau oedd o timod .
  nono.ADV justjust.ADV use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM ideasideas.N.M.PL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  no, he was just using us to get ideas, you know
772BAG+< ond umCE ond +.. .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM butbut.CONJ
  but um but...
773BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
774BAGna o ran umCE # darlledu na <dw i (ddi)m (we)di> [/] dw i (ddi)m (we)di meddwl am +// .
  nono.ADV ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM IMum.IM broadcast.NONFINbroadcast.V.INFIN noPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP
  no, in terms of broadcasting, no I haven't thought about...
775BAGwsti mae gynna i # ddigon ar y [?] plateCE .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP enoughenough.QUAN+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF plateplate.N.SG
  you know, I've got enough on my plate
776BAGmae [/] mae HuwCE wedi roid umCE # gearE &rɪ # record(ydd) [/] # recordydd i mi # fel o'n i ddeud gynnau .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Huwname PRT.PASTafter.PREP give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM IMum.IM geargear.N.SG recorderunk recorderunk toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S aslike.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM earlierlight.V.INFIN+SM
  Huw has given me um a recorder, as I was saying just now
777ABEmmmCE .
778BAGac wedyn erCE # wsti erCE # <dw i (ddi)m yn> [/] # dw i (ddi)m yn holwr da .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP interviewerunk goodbe.IM+SM
  and then er, you know er, I'm not a good interviewer
779BAGdw (ddi)m yn wrandawr da (y)n arbennig (y)n_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP listenerunk goodbe.IM+SM PRTPRT specialspecial.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  I'm not an especially good listener, you know
780BAGwedyn &n o'n i meddwl # datblygu # sgiliau felly dipyn bach felly (y)n_de wsti a # trio cael +/ .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN develop.NONFINdevelop.V.INFIN skillsskills.N.M.PL thusso.ADV a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN
  so I was thinking of developing skills like that a little, like right you know, and try to get...
781ABEella fedr o dy gael di ar ryw # gyrsiau ballu timod .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV can.3S.NONPASTskill.N.M.SG+SM.[or].be_able.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMof.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM onon.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM coursescourses.N.M.PL+SM suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  perhaps he can get you on some courses and such, you know
782BAGmae hynna (y)n bointCE dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT pointpoint.N.SG+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  that's a point, isn't it
783ABEyndy yn Duw .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH PRTin.PREP Godname
  yes, of course
784BAG+< weld be mae o (y)n feddwl o hynny (fe)lly .
  see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  I'll see what he thinks of that, like
785ABE+< pam lai de ?
  whywhy?.ADV lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  why not, you know?
786ABE+< timod oherwydd mae gyn ti hyfforddiant +// .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S trainingtraining.N.M.SG
  you know, because you've got training...
787ABEmae gyn ti systemCE hyfforddiant does .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S systemsystem.N.SG trainingtraining.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG
  you've got a training system, haven't you
788BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
789BAGdw i (we)di bod umCE +// .
  I've been um...
790BAGo'n i deud wrth MarikaCE justCE umCE # <cyn i ni umCE> [//] # cyn i chdi ddod .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN toby.PREP Marikaname justjust.ADV umum.IM beforebefore.PREP toto.PREP PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P IMum.IM beforebefore.PREP toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM
  I was telling Marika just um before we um...before you came
791BAGumCE # dan ni (we)di bod # efo (y)r # businessCE tirlun hanesyddol AberCE yn_de +// .
  IMum.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF businessbusiness.N.SG landscapelandscape.N.M.SG historicalhistorical.ADJ Abername TAGisn't_it.IM
  um we've been with this Aber historical landscape business, right...
792BAGmae [//] un elfen ydy hanes llafar yn_de wsti .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES oneone.NUM elementelement.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES historystory.N.M.SG oralspeech.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  one element is oral history, right, you know
793BAGdan ni (we)di bod yn # cynnal cyfweliadau efo # hen bobl # AberCE felly (y)n_de wsti &m # xx pobl sy (we)di cael eu magu # ac yn # mynd i # oed rwan (fe)lly yn_de wsti .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT carry_out.NONFINsupport.V.INFIN interviewsinterviews.N.M.PL withwith.PREP oldold.ADJ peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM Abername thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P bring_up.NONFINrear.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP ageage.N.M.SG nownow.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  we've been holding interviews with old people from Aber, like right you know, people who were brought up and so who are getting old now, right, you know
794ABE+< ia yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah yeah
795ABEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
796BAG(dy)dyn nhw (ddi)m <yn angenrheidrwydd> [//] # o angenrheidrwydd yn # byw # yn AberCE rwan (fe)lly .
  be.3PL.PRES.NEGbe.V.3P.PRES.NEG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP necessitynecessity.N.M.SG fromof.PREP necessitynecessity.N.M.SG PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP Abername nownow.ADV thusso.ADV
  they don't necessarily live in Aber now, like
797BAGond umCE # dan ni (we)di wneud ryw hanner dwsin o wahanol &gəve [//] gyfweliadau felly (y)n_de wsti .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM halfhalf.N.M.SG dozendozen.N.M.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S differentdifferent.ADJ+SM interviewsinterviews.N.M.PL+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  but um, we've done about half a dozen different interviews now, like right you know
798BAGond # gwirfoddolwyr eraill sy (we)di wneud y rhan fwya .
  butbut.CONJ volunteersvolunteers.N.M.PL othersothers.PRON be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF partpart.N.F.SG biggestbiggest.ADJ.SUP+SM
  but it's other volunteers who've done most
799BAGond dw i (we)di wneud umCE # un neu ddau fy hun (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM IMum.IM oneone.NUM oror.CONJ two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S selfself.PRON.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  but I've done um one or two myself, like, right
800BAGac umCE # erCE ges i hwyl arni dw meddwl felly (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM IMer.IM get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S funfun.N.F.SG on.3SFon_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and um, er, it went quite well, I think, like, right
801BAGwsti # dysgu # cau dy geg ydy xx <lotCE ohono fo> [=! laughs] (y)n_de wsti erCE # <gadael i (y)r personCE> [//] # wsti justCE promptio ddigon felly (y)n_de wsti .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES learn.NONFINteach.V.INFIN shut.NONFINclose.V.INFIN POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S mouthmouth.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES lotlot.N.SG of.3SMfrom_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF personperson.N.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES justjust.ADV prompt.NONFINunk enoughenough.QUAN+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know, a lot of it's learning to shut your mouth, isn't it you know, er let the know just prompt enough, like right you know
802ABE+< ohCE arglwydd xx .
  IMoh.IM lordlord.N.M.SG
  oh God [...]
803BAGdw i (y)n dueddol o +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT tendingbiased.ADJ+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP
  I tend to...
804ABEia hollol de .
  yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  yes exactly, isn't it
805BAGfel dw i (y)n wneud rwan hwyrach yn_de wsti xx mae (y)n &di xx +// .
  likelike.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM nownow.ADV perhapsperhaps.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP xx...
  like I'm doing now perhaps, isn't it you know xx it's...
806ABE<a be sy> [/] a be sy isio ydy timod bod gyn ti # <be o> [?] chdi (we)di paratoi o_flaen llaw # a hynny (y)dy bod gynno chdi # o leia ryw hanner dwsin o gwestiynau # neu hanner dwsin o [/] o [/] o feysydd gwybodaeth ti isio <mwy o xx> [//] mwy yn eu cylch nhw de # a (we)dyn bod chdi # timod yn mynd i bob cyfeiriad ond # <bod chdi> [//] # bod (r)hein gyn ti bod chdi medru mwy neu lai ticio nhw # nes wyt ti (we)di cael digon de +/ .
  andand.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL andand.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL wantwant.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S whatwhat.INT be.2S.IMPof.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP prepare.NONFINprepare.V.INFIN beforein front of.PREP handhand.N.F.SG andand.CONJ thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.2Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP leastsmallest.ADJ+SM.[or].least.ADJ+SM somesome.PREQ+SM halfhalf.N.M.SG dozendozen.N.M.SG ofof.PREP questionsquestions.N.M.SG+SM oror.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG dozendozen.N.M.SG ofof.PREP ofof.PREP ofof.PREP areasfields.N.M.PL+SM knowledgeknowledge.N.F.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG moremore.ADJ.COMP ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP moremore.ADJ.COMP inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P circlecircle.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM directiondirection.N.M.SG butbut.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thesethese.PRON withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM tick.NONFINtick.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P untilnearer.ADJ.COMP be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN enoughenough.QUAN TAGbe.IM+SM
  and what you need is, you know, that you have what you'd prepared beforehand, and that is that you have at least about half a dozen questions or half a dozen knowledge areas you want more [...] .. . more about them, right, and then that you, you know, go in all directions but that you...that you've got these, that you can more or less tick them until you've got enough, you know
807BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
808BAG+< mmmCE .
809BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
810BAGond weithiau sti # erCE ti justCE gorod derbyn # &mi &mə ia +/ .
  butbut.CONJ sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM know.2Syou_know.IM IMer.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN accept.NONFINreceive.V.INFIN.[or].accept.V.INFIN yesyes.ADV
  but sometimes you know, er you just have to accept...yes...
811ABE+, a (we)dyn bod gynno chdi gynnyrch # penodol # o (y)r peth de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.2Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S produceproduct.N.M.SG+SM specificspecific.ADJ ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then that you have a specific output of the thing, you know
812BAG+< ohCE ia <yn sicr mae> [//] wsti yn sicr ia .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV PRTPRT certaincertain.ADJ.[or].sure.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT certaincertain.ADJ.[or].sure.ADJ yesyes.ADV
  oh yes, certainly it' know certainly yes
813BAGhollol yn_de .
  exactcompletely.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  exactly yes
814BAGac # &m # pwrpas y cyfweliadau ydy i gael gwybodaeth am y tirlun yn_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ purposepurpose.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF interviewsinterviews.N.M.PL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM informationknowledge.N.F.SG aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF landscapelandscape.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and the purpose of the interviews is to get specific information about the landscape, isn't it you know
815BAGwaeth i ti heb â wybod am eu # gwyliau nhw yn ScunthorpeCE neu (ry)wbeth felly (y)n_de .
  worseworse.ADJ.COMP+SM toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S withoutwithout.PREP withas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN+SM aboutfor.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P holidaysholidays.N.F.PL PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inin.PREP Scunthorpename oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  there's no point in you knowing about their holidays in Scunthorpe or something like that, you know
816BAGti gorod &m sti [?] arwain nhw # odd(i)_ar pethau [//] # stuffCE sydd yn # gwbl amherthnasol felly wsti .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN know.2Syou_know.IM lead.NONFINlead.V.2S.IMPER.[or].lead.V.3S.PRES.[or].lead.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P offfrom_on.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL stuffstuff.SV.INFIN be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT completeall.ADJ+SM irrelevantnot applicable.ADJ.[or].off-topic.ADJ thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you have to guide them away from things...stuff which is completely irrelevant, like, you know
817BAGond umCE [/] # ond weithiau ti gorod derbyn &s mae gyn y bob(l) [//] personCE # dim ond # be s(y) gyn y personCE i ddeud yn diwedd yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM butbut.CONJ sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN accept.NONFINreceive.V.INFIN.[or].accept.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM personperson.N.SG NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV butbut.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF personperson.N.SG toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  but um, but sometimes you have to accept, the person only has what the person has to say in the end, you know
818BAG<wnes i> [/] wnes i wneud cyfweliad efo ElfynCE [//] &də R_Elfyn_HughesCE wsti cyn y &gə +/ .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM interviewinterview.N.M.SG withwith.PREP Elfynname R_Elfyn_Hughesname know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES beforebefore.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF
  I did an interview with R. Elfyn Hughes, you know, before the...
819ABE+< ohCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
820ABE+< ohCE <yeahCE yeahCE> [=! laughs] ?
  oh.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
821BAGia es i lawr [=! laughs] yn un swydd yn_de .
  yesyes.ADV go.1S.PASTgo.V.1S.PAST PRON.1SI.PRON.1S downdown.ADV PRTPRT oneone.NUM jobjob.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  yes, I went down especially, you know
822BAGum:CE # ac umCE # &ʔʔʔʔ &a # oherwydd # bod Dafydd_BevanCE # yr dyn # enwau llefydd yn_de # wedi erCE +// .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ IMum.IM becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN Dafydd_Bevanname DETthe.DET.DEF manman.N.M.SG namesnames.N.M.PL placesplaces.N.M.PL TAGisn't_it.IM PRT.PASTafter.PREP IMer.IM
  um, and um, because Dafydd Bevan, the place names man, you know, had er...
823ABE+< yeahCE .
824BAGdw i (y)n # ar y phoneCE efo fo ambell i waith # um:CE ynglŷn â niddordeb i mewn # enwau fath â gwern ["] a rhos ["] a ballu wsti .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF phonephone.N.SG withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S someoccasional.PREQ ofto.PREP timework.N.M.SG+SM IMum.IM aboutabout.PREP withwith.PREP interestinterest.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP inin.PREP namesnames.N.M.PL kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ gwernunk andand.CONJ rhosunk andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I'm on the phone with him sometimes um about my interest in names like "gwern" and "rhos" and so forth, you know
825ABE(dy)na chdi .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  there you are
826BAGac umCE # ac erCE wsti mae [/] mae DafyddCE yn un sydd yn # &p wsti erCE +"/ .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM andand.CONJ IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Dafyddname PRTPRT oneone.NUM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM
  and um, and er, you know, Dafydd is someone who's, you know, er:
827BAG+" Duw rhaid i chdi fod yn ofalus yn fan (y)na .
  Godname necessitynecessity.N.M.SG toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT carefulcareful.ADJ+SM inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  "God, you have to be careful there"
828BAGfelly (y)n_de +" .
  thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  like, right
829BAG+" Duw watsia di fan (y)na .
  Godname watch.2S.IMPERunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  "God, watch out there"
830BAGfelly (y)n_de +" .
  thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  like, right
831BAG<mae o> [//] [?] mae [/] mae [/] # mae (y)na fwgan tu ôl i bob coeden efo [/] # efo # astudiaeth enwau llefydd yn_does wsti .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV bugbearbogeyman.N.M.SG+SM sideside.N.M.SG backrear.ADJ toto.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM treetree.N.F.SG withwith.PREP withwith.PREP studystudy.N.F.SG namesnames.N.M.PL placesplaces.N.M.PL be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  there's a bugbear behind every tree with the study of place-names, isn't there, you know
832ABE+< oes duwcs .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF goshunk
  yes, gosh
833BAGti (y)n gorfod [?] ia +.. .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN yesyes.ADV
  you have to yes...
834BAGac umCE mae o (y)n dda iawn am [/] erCE am # &ʔʔ gorfodi fi i &v # fod yn ofalus yn_de .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT goodgood.ADJ+SM veryvery.ADV forfor.PREP IMer.IM forfor.PREP force.NONFINcompel.V.INFIN.[or].force.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT carefulcareful.ADJ+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  and um, he's very good at er at forcing me to be careful, you know
835BAG+" ond os wyt ti +// .
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  "but if you..."
836BAGmeddai fo +" .
  he said...
837BAG+" os wyt ti isio mynd ar_ôl y # gwern ["] (y)ma &ʔ xx wna i ddeud (wr)tha chdi pwy sy (we)di # <bod ynglŷn â> [//] mae wedi astudio hynny felly .
  ifif.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF gwernunk herehere.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM to.2Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S whowho.PRON be.PRES.PRELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN aboutabout.PREP withas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP study.NONFINstudy.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  "if you want to go after this "gwern" [...] I'll tell you who's been about...he's studied that, like"
838BAG+" erCE Elfyn_HughesCE yn_de .
  IMer.IM Elfyn_Hughesname TAGisn't_it.IM
  "er Elfyn Hughes isn't it"
839BAG+" dos ar ei ôl o (fe)lly .
  go.2S.IMPERgo.V.2S.IMPER onon.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S trackrear.ADJ PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV
  "go after him, like"
840ABEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
841BAGa wedyn mi es i (y)n_do .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT.AFF go.1S.PASTgo.V.1S.PAST PRON.1SI.PRON.1S yeswasn't_it.IM
  and then I went, didn't I
842BAG&m mi es yn # arbennig i drio cael # &ʔ &m gwybod be oedd o (we)di bod yn wneud yn_de .
  I went especially to try to find out what he'd been doing, didn't I
843BAGsoCE [?] achos oedd DafyddCE ddim yn cofio (y)n iawn .
  soso.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Dafyddname NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN PRTPRT rightOK.ADV
  so because Dafydd didn't quite remember
844BAGac umCE # &ʔ ges i (ddi)m_byd gynno fo [?] .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nothingnothing.ADV+SM from.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and um, I didn't get anything from him
845BAGoedd o fath â bod o (we)di anghofio (y)n llwyr am y peth yn_de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP forget.NONFINforget.V.INFIN PRTPRT completecomplete.ADJ aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  it was like he'd completely forgotten about it, right
846BAG<oedd o (ddi)m> [//] <oedd o> [/] <oedd o ddim> [///] # wrth ei # bromptio fo felly (y)n_de # ges i (ddi)m_byd yn_de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM byby.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES prompt.NONFINunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nothingnothing.ADV+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  he didn't...after prompting him, right, I didn't get anything right
847ABE+< Duw Duw .
  Godname Godname
  good God
848ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
849ABEdw i (y)n ffeindio hynna weithiau wsti .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT find.NONFINfind.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I find that sometimes, you know
850ABEtimod <pan fydda> [?] i (y)n # trio cael gafael ar wybodaeth gyn rywun enwedig [?] <os oedden nhw> [?] mynd i dipyn o oedran (fe)lly .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN holdgrasp.V.INFIN onon.PREP informationknowledge.N.F.SG+SM fromwith.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM specialespecially.ADJ ifif.CONJ be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP ageage.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  you know, when I'm trying to get hold of information from someone, especially if they were getting a bit old, like
851BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
852ABEumCE &=clears_throat wyt ti # mynd atyn nhw a [/] a sgwrs gyffredinol de .
  IMum.IM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P.[or].attract.V.2S.IMPER.[or].attract.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P andand.CONJ andand.CONJ chatchat.N.F.SG generalgeneral.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  um, you go to them, and a general chat right
853ABEa mae nhw offCE de .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P offoff.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM
  and they're off, right
854BAGyeahCE .
855ABEduwedd annwyl ryw atgofion anhygoel am (ry)wbeth neu gilydd de .
  Godunk deardear.ADJ somesome.PREQ+SM recollectionsreminders.N.M.PL incredibleincredible.ADJ aboutfor.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM oror.CONJ otherother.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  good God, some incredible recollections about something or other, right
856BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
857BAGyeahCE .
858ABEa wedyn dw i (y)n cofio mynd i weld ryw hen foyCE yn lle (y)na # yn RhiwlasCE timod .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ boyboy.N.SG+SM inin.PREP placewhere.INT therethere.ADV inin.PREP Rhiwlasname know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and then I remember going to see some old guy in that place, in Rhiwlas, you know
859ABEoedd o (we)di bod yn ymwneud hefo # cychwyn y gymdeithas # defaid mynydd ac yn y blaen de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT deal.NONFINconcern.V.INFIN withwith.PREP+H start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM sheepsheep.N.F.PL mountainmountain.N.M.SG andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  he'd been involved with starting the mountain sheep society and so forth, right
860ABEa (we)dyn oedd gynno fi ryw dri neu bedwar o gwestiynau o'n i <isio gwybodaeth> [//] # timod isio (e)u hatebion nhw # timod go iawn (fe)lly de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.1Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM somesome.PREQ+SM three.Mthree.NUM.M+SM oror.CONJ four.Mfour.NUM.M+SM ofof.PREP questionsquestions.N.M.SG+SM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG informationknowledge.N.F.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P answersanswers.N.M.PL+H PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV thusso.ADV TAGsouth.N.M.SG.[or].right.N.M.SG.[or].tea.N.M.SG+SM
  and then I had about three or four questions I wanted know wanted their answers, you know, really like, right
861BAGmmmCE .
862ABEa (we)dyn o'n i (y)na ac yn gofyn iddo fo am rywbeth penodol .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S therethere.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S aboutfor.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM specificspecific.ADJ
  and then I was there and asking him about something specific
863BAGmmmCE .
864ABEohCE xx <oedd o (ddi)m yn> [?] ryw gofio de .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh [...] he didn't really remember, right
865BAGmmmCE .
866ABEond argoel mynd offCE ar ryw dangentE arall de .
  butbut.CONJ goshomen.N.F.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN offoff.PREP onon.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM tangentunk otherother.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  but gosh, going off on some other tangent, right
867BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
868BAGxxx .
869ABEa timod ond pan ti +/ .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES butbut.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  and you know, but when you...
870BAGohCE [?] ti (y)n cael stuffCE wedyn dwyt wsti sy o werth felly (y)n_de # &hɛ yn annisgwyl de yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN stuffstuff.SV.INFIN thenafterwards.ADV be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL ofhe.PRON.M.3S worthvalue.N.M.SG+SM.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM PRTPRT unexpectedunexpected.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  oh you get stuff then, don't you, you know, which is valuable like, right, unexpectedly, right, yeah
871ABE+< <wyt ti (y)n &k> [//] <ti (y)n> [//] yeahCE ti (y)n cael lotCE o stuffCE .
  be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTin.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT yeahyeah.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP stuffstuff.SV.INFIN you get a lot of stuff
872ABEa timod o'n i (we)di gwneud bob math o ryw nodiadau .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S somesome.PREQ+SM notesnotes.N.M.PL
  and you know, I'd made all kinds of notes
873BAG+< yeahCE .
874ABE<oedd gyn i blooming@s:eng> [//] # &tsg argoel oedd gyn i lond nodlyfr o # bloodyCE +/ .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S bloomingblooming.ADV goshomen.N.F.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S fullfullness.N.M.SG+SM notebookunk ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP bloodybloody.ADJ
  I had blooming...lord I had a notebook-full of bloody...
875BAGyeahCE [=! laughs] .
876ABE+, timod wybodaeth a hyn a llall a straeon ac ati de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES informationknowledge.N.F.SG+SM andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ otherother.PRON andand.CONJ storiesstories.N.F.PL andand.CONJ so_onto_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, information and this and that and stories and so forth, you know
877BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
878ABE<doedd (y)na (ddi)m> [?] diawl o ddim_byd am be o'n i isio de .
  be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM devilunk ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM aboutfor.PREP whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  there was nothing at all about what I wanted, right
879BAG+< yeahCE .
880BAGyeahCE &=laugh <yeahCE dw i (y)n gwybod> [=! laughs] .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  yeah yeah I know
881ABE+< timod [?] .
  you know
882BAGwellCE # yr un peth # &ɛ &ɛ xxx +/ .
  wellwell.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG
  well the one thing [...] ...
883ABE+< eto fyth os byswn i mynd yn_ôl ryw dro arall a bod o # mewn # temperCE dipyn bach yn wahanol # neu bod chdi (we)di procio rywbeth ryw triggerCE arbennig timod (ba)set ti gael fflydlif [?] de .
  yetagain.ADV evernever.ADV+SM ifif.CONJ be.1S.CONDITfinger.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP tempertemper.N.SG a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ PRTPRT differentdifferent.ADJ+SM oror.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP prod.NONFINpoke.V.INFIN somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM somesome.PREQ+SM triggertrigger.N.SG specialspecial.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM floodunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  yet again, if I went back some other time and he was in a slightly different mood or that you'd probed something, some special trigger, you know, you'd get a flood, you know
884BAG+< yeahCE fasa ti [//] fys(ai) +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.2S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM
  yeah you'd...
885BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # mmmCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV mmm.IM
886BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
887BAG+< <mae isio mynd yn> [/] mae isio mynd yn_ôl fwy nag unwaith .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM NEGthan.CONJ onceonce.ADV
  you need to need to go back more than once
888BAGdw i (we)di bod erCE yn_ôl # erCE eildro efo [/] efo # RowlandCE yn PenisarwaunCE yn_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN IMer.IM backback.ADV IMer.IM second_turna second time.N.M.SG withwith.PREP withwith.PREP Rowlandname inin.PREP Penisarwaunname TAGisn't_it.IM
  I've been er back a second time with Rowland in Penisarwaun, you know
889ABE+< oes .
  yes, you do
890BAGgafodd o (e)i fagu yn [/] umCE # yn y NantCE yn [/] yn chwech [//] # ped(air) [//] o bedair i fod yn chwech oed felly (y)n_de .
  get.3S.PASTget.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMof.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S bring_up.NONFINrear.V.INFIN+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Nantname PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT sixsix.NUM four.Ffour.NUM.F fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP four.Ffour.NUM.F+SM toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT sixsix.NUM ageage.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  he was brought up in um, in the Nant at six...four...from four til he was six years old, like, right
891BAGxxx ddifyr iawn felly .
  interestingamusing.ADJ+SM veryvery.ADV thusso.ADV
  [...] very interesting, like
892BAGond mynd yn_ôl at umCE # Elfyn_HughesCE yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV toto.PREP IMum.IM Elfyn_Hughesname TAGisn't_it.IM
  but going back to um Elfyn Hughes, right
893BAGdyna be o'n i isio hefyd yn_de wsti .
  therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  that's what I wanted too, right you know
894BAGachos # doedd o ddim yn un o (y)r # werin bobl yn AberCE wrth_gwrs yn_de .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF folkfolk.N.F.SG+SM peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM inin.PREP Abername of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  because he wasn't one of the common people in Aber of course, you know
895BAGwedyn oedd o (y)n gyfweliad dipyn bach gwahanol <i (y)r> [/] i (y)r rhei <oedden nhw> [?] (we)di bod yn gwneud felly (y)n_de wsti .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT interviewinterview.N.M.SG+SM a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ differentdifferent.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF somesome.PRON be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  so it was a slightly different interview to the ones they'd been doing, like right you know
896ABE+< (dy)na chdi yeahCE .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yeahyeah.ADV
  that's it, yeah
897BAGy werin oedd y lleill (fe)lly .
  DETthe.DET.DEF folkfolk.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF othersothers.PRON thusso.ADV
  the others were the common people, like
898ABE+< &=clears_throat .
899BAGac umCE # erCE # be o'n i isio gynno fo # oedd # pam ddaru o ddewis Coedydd_AberCE # a (y)r coedydd eraill felly # umCE <yn &warxo> [//] yn [/] yn [/] yn Eryri # yn warchodfeydd natur yn_de .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM IMer.IM whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG from.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF whywhy?.ADV happen.PASTdo.V.123SP.PAST PRON.3SMof.PREP choose.NONFINchoose.V.INFIN+SM Coedydd_Abername andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF woodsunk othersothers.PRON thusso.ADV IMum.IM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP inPRT.[or].in.PREP inPRT.[or].in.PREP inin.PREP Snowdonianame PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP reservesunk naturenature.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  and um, er what I wanted from him was why he chose Coedydd Aber and the other woods, like, um in Snowdonia as nature reserves, you know
900BAGachos o'n i (y)n gwybod # neu o'n i (y)n meddwl &mo mod i (y)n gwybod yn_de ei [/] <ei syniadaeth o> [//] # xx y syniadaeth wreiddiol yn_de bod y coedydd (y)ma # wsti Coed_CymerauCE Coed_CamlynCE # Coed_y_RhygenCE # Coedydd_AberCE Coed_DolgarrogCE Coed_GorswenCE bod (r)heiny gyd yn [/] # yn weddillion # umCE carpio(g) [?] [//] carpiau <ryw hen flanced> [//] ryw hen orchudd di_dor dros # Eryri i_gyd fwy neu lai felly ar un adeg yn_de .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN oror.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S ideologyunk PRON.3SMof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF ideologyunk originaloriginal.ADJ+SM TAGisn't_it.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF woodsunk herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES Coed_Cymerauname Coed_Camlynname Coed_y_Rhygenname Coedydd_Abername Coed_Dolgarrogname Coed_Gorswenname be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thosethose.PRON alljoint.ADJ+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT remainsremnants.N.M.PL+SM.[or].remain.V.1P.PAST+SM.[or].remain.V.3P.PAST+SM IMum.IM raggedunk ragsunk somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ blanketunk somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ covercovering.N.M.SG+SM unbrokencontinuous.ADJ overover.PREP+SM Snowdonianame allall.ADJ moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM thusso.ADV onon.PREP oneone.NUM timetime.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  because I knew, or I thought I knew, that I knew, right, his ideation [///] the original ideation, you know, that these woods, you kniw, Coed Cymerau, Coed Camlyn, Coed-y-Rhygen, Coedydd Aber, Coed Dolgarrog, Coed Gorswen, that all of those were the er ragged remains...the rags of some old blanket, some old unbroken cover all over Snowdonia more or less, like, at one time, you know
901ABE+< iawn [?] .
902ABE+< ohCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
903BAG(r)hein oedd yn cynrychioli # yr [/] # yr elfennau # gwahanol felly (y)n_de .
  thesethese.PRON be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT represent.NONFINrepresent.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF elementselements.N.F.PL differentdifferent.ADJ thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  it was these that represented the, the different elements, like, wasn't it
904BAGwsti yr umCE # <dyffryn MaentwrogCE> [//] Coedydd_Dyffryn_MaentwrogCE yn cynrychioli (y)r # coedwigoedd mwya gwlyb mwya acidCE yn_de &gorɬe +// .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM valleyvalley.N.M.SG Maentwrogname Coedydd_Dyffryn_Maentwrogname PRTPRT represent.NONFINrepresent.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF woodsforests.N.F.PL mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP wetwet.ADJ mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP acidacid.N.SG DATisn't_it.IM
  you know, Coedydd Dyffryn Maentwrog representing the wettest, most acidic woods, you know...
905ABE+< gorllewinol acidCE # yeahCE .
  westerlywestern.ADJ acidacid.N.SG yeahyeah.ADV
  westerly, acid, yeah
906BAGac wedyn dyffryn ConwyCE # yng nghysgod yr [//] erCE Eryri xx sych a xx +/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV valleyvalley.N.M.SG Conwyname inmy.ADJ.POSS.1S shadowshadow.N.M.SG+NM DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM Snowdonianame drydry.ADJ andand.CONJ
  and then the Conwy valley, in the shadow of er Snowdonia [...] dry and [...] ...
907ABE+< yeahCE xx sych [//] sychach a mwy [/] mwy # mely(s) [/] melys hefyd o ran pridd (fe)lly .
  yeahyeah.ADV drydry.ADJ drierunk andand.CONJ moremore.ADJ.COMP moremore.ADJ.COMP sweetsweet.ADJ sweetsweet.ADJ alsoalso.ADV ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM earthsoil.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  yesh [...] drier and sweeter too, in terms of earth like
908BAG+< hollol yn_de .
  exactcompletely.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  exactlyy, isn't it
909BAG+< yeahCE .
910BAGond o'n i isio gael hwnna ar gof a chadw gyn y dyn ei hun yn_de mynd i lygad y ffynnon a mynd at [//] ar Elfyn_HughesCE yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG onon.PREP memorymemory.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ keepkeep.V.INFIN+AM bywith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF manman.N.M.SG POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG TAGisn't_it.IM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP eyeeye.N.M.SG+SM DETthat.PRON.REL fountainprosper.V.1P.PAST.[or].prosper.V.3P.PAST andand.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP onon.PREP Elfyn_Hughesname TAGisn't_it.IM
  but I wanted to get that recorded by the man himself, you know, go to the source, and go to Elfyn Hughes, you know
911BAGac ohCE # <oedd o (y)n> [//] # &=laugh <oedd o fwy ar dân i ddeud (wr)tha i> [=! laughs] ffordd oedd o (y)n # wsti # trin yr [/] yr [/] <yr erCE> [/] <yr erCE> [/] <y bobl> [//] # umCE # y [/] y [/] y [//] yr awdurdodau felly (y)n_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ IMoh.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM onon.PREP firefire.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM to.1Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wayway.N.F.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES treat.NONFINtreat.V.INFIN DETthat.PRON.REL DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF authoritiesauthorities.N.MF.PL thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and oh, he was...he was more eager to tell me the wat he, you know, treated the...the er...the er...the the...the...the...the authorities, like right, you know
912BAG+" ohCE xxx mynd i gael dim nonsenseCE gynnyn nhw .
  IMoh.IM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM NEGnot.ADV nonsensenonsense.N.SG from.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  "oh [...] going to have any nonsense from them"
913BAGfelly (y)n_de +" .
  thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  like, you know
914BAGges i &dla ddigon o hanes hynny felly xx ei gymeriad o felly (y)n_de +/ .
  get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S enoughenough.QUAN+SM ofof.PREP historystory.N.M.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.SP thusso.ADV POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S charactercharacter.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  I got enough of that history, like [...] his character, like, you know
915ABE+< ie yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah yeah yeah yeah
916ABExxx .
917BAG+, umCE # a (y)r [//] &ʔʔ wsti yr # agwedd # dim nonsenseCE oedd <gynno fo> [/] [?] gynno fo ers talwm felly (y)n_de wsti .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ DETthat.PRON.REL know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF attitudeaspect.N.F.SG NEGnot.ADV nonsensenonsense.N.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S sincesince.PREP whilelong_time.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  um and know the no nonsense attitude he had in the past, like right, you know
918BAGond ges i <affliw o ddim_byd ar> [=! laughs] [/] # ar # wsti # ei [/] <ei &v> [/] ei: [/] # ei syniadaeth o felly (y)n_de <wrth &s> [//] wrth sefy(dlu) +// .
  butbut.CONJ get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S traceunk ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM onon.PREP onon.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S ideologyunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM byby.PREP byby.PREP establish.NONFINestablish.V.INFIN
  but I didn't get anything at all aboout his ideology, like, in establishing...
919BAG<erCE ac mae o> [//] ac # mewn difri <mae o (y)n> [///] # wsti dan ni (y)n dal i warchod y llefydd (y)ma heddiw .
  IMer.IM andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S andand.CONJ inin.PREP earnestserious.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT stillstill.ADV toto.PREP protect.NONFINprotect.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF placesplaces.N.M.PL herehere.ADV todaytoday.ADV
  and he's...and in earnest, he' know, we still protect these places today
920BAG<mae &sə> [//] mae [/] mae weledigaeth o # ar y pryd yn_de <yn diwedd y rhyfe(l)> [//] wsti <yn y pumdegau (fe)lly> [//] # erCE diwedd y &m pumdegau felly yn dal yn fyw heddiw de wsti .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES visionvision.N.F.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF timetime.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF warwar.N.MF.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG thusso.ADV IMer.IM endend.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG thusso.ADV PRTPRT stillstill.ADV PRTPRT alivelive.V.INFIN+SM todaytoday.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  his vision at the time, you know, at the end of the know in the fifties, end of the fifties, like, is still alive today, right you know
921ABE+< (dy)na chdi yeahCE .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yeahyeah.ADV
  that's it yeah
922ABEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
923BAG<a mae nhw (we)di> [//] # mae [/] <mae (y)r> [/] mae weledigaeth o (we)di sefyll yn_dydy wsti .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES visionvision.N.F.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP stand.NONFINstand.V.INFIN be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and they've...the...his vision has stood, hasn't is, you know
924BAGo_kCE <dan ni (y)n> [/] # dan ni (y)n gweld y safleoedd # dipyn bach yn wahanol wan felly (y)n_de .
  o_kOK.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF sitespositions.N.M.PL a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ PRTPRT differentdifferent.ADJ+SM nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  ok we...we consider the sites a little bit differently now, like, right
925BAG<dan ni (y)n> [//] (doe)s gynnon ni ddim <yr un # umCE # gweledigaeth &wr> [//] yr un erCE # &a ag oedd gynno fo (y)n wreiddiol felly .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM IMum.IM visionvision.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM IMer.IM aswith.PREP be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT originaloriginal.ADJ+SM thusso.ADV
  we're...we don't have the same um vision...the same he had originally, like
926BAGond <yr un> [//] <dan ni (y)n> [/] # dan ni (y)n gwarchod yr un safleoedd .
  butbut.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT protect.NONFINprotect.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM sitespositions.N.M.PL
  but the same...we're...we're protecting the same sites
927BAG<mae nhw (we)di> [//] mae [/] <mae (y)r &w> [//] <mae (y)r> [/] &m mae [/] erCE mae (y)r gwerth mae o (we)di rhoid arnyn nhw wedi sefyll yn_dydy wsti .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL valuevalue.N.M.SG.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN on.3PLon_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP stand.NONFINstand.V.INFIN be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  they've...the...the...the...the er value he's put on them has stood, hasn't it, you know
928ABE+< yeahCE .
929ABEydy (y)r un un # weledigaeth oedd gynno fo neu (y)dy [/] (y)dy (y)r <athroniaeth tu ôl i (y)r peth> [//] sail y peth ydy honno (y)r un peth deuda mewn llefydd eraill hefyd # oedd ddim dan ei # arolygaeth o <fel yn> [/] fel yng gogledd Lloegr neu (y)r Alban neu beth bynnag (fe)lly ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM oneone.NUM visionvision.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S oror.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF philosophyphilosophy.N.F.SG sideside.N.M.SG backrear.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG foundationbase.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG say.2S.IMPERsay.V.1S.PRES.[or].say.V.2S.IMPER inin.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL otherothers.PRON alsoalso.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF NEGnot.ADV+SM underunder.PREP.[or].be.V.1P.PRES.[or].until.PREP+SM POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S supervisionunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S likelike.CONJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP likelike.CONJ inmy.ADJ.POSS.1S.[or].in.PREP northnorth.N.M.SG EnglandEngland.N.F.SG.PLACE oror.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF ScotlandScotland.NAME.F.SG.PLACE oror.CONJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ thusso.ADV
  is the same vision he had, or is the philosophy behind the thing.. . it's foundation, is that the same, say, in other places too, which weren't under his supervision, like in northern England or Scotland or whatever, like?
930BAG+< &=sigh yeahCE yeahCE &=sigh .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
931BAGyeahCE dw i (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  yeah I don't know
932BAG(dy)na chdi rywbeth arall <fysai (we)di> [//] fys(ai) +// .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM
  that's another thing for you that would have...
933BAG(pe)tasai fo (we)di # bachu ar y peth yn_de wsti fysw(n) [/] fyswn i (we)di gallu mynd ar_ôl hynna felly .
  if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP grab.NONFINhook.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.CONDITfinger.V.1S.IMPERF+SM.[or].finger.V.1P.PRES+SM be.1S.CONDITfinger.V.1S.IMPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  had he hooked onto the thing, right, you know, I'd have been able to go after that, like
934ABEtimod [?] mae (y)r egwyddor yn un erCE gyffredinol yn_dydy .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF principleprinciple.N.F.SG PRTPRT oneone.NUM IMer.IM generalgeneral.ADJ+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  you know, the principal is er a general one, isn't it
935BAG+< yeahCE .
936BAGyndy # yndy .
  yes, yes
937ABEfelly xx timod # ai # umCE (we)di # cymeryd y syniad a (e)i addasu o i (y)r # sefyllfa Gymreig oedd o o ran # ecoleg felly yntau # &og oedd o (y)n gwthio (y)r peth +// .
  thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRT.INTor.CONJ IMum.IM PRT.PASTafter.PREP take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF ideaidea.N.M.SG andand.CONJ POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S modify.NONFINadapt.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF situationsituation.N.F.SG WelshWelsh.ADJ+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMof.PREP ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM ecologyunk thusso.ADV orhe.PRON.EMPH.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT push.NONFINshove.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG
  so [...] you know, did he um take the idea and modify it to the Welsh situation in terms of ecology, like, or did he push the thing...
938BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
939BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
940BAGyeahCE .
941ABEneu [/] neu timod &o &a a <oedd o> [/] oedd o (y)n # seiliedig ar <y # bobl [?]> [//] ar: weledigaethau xxx tridegau a hyn a llall de timod xx pobl gynharach de .
  oror.CONJ oror.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPand.CONJ PRON.3SMbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.3S.IMPhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRThe.PRON.M.3S basedPRT onbased.ADJ DETon.PREP peoplethe.DET.DEF onpeople.N.F.SG+SM visionson.PREP thirtiesvisions.N.F.PL+SM andunk thisand.CONJ andthis.PRON.DEM.SP otherand.CONJ TAGother.PRON know.2Sbe.IM+SM peopleknow.V.2S.PRES earlierpeople.N.F.SG TAGearly.ADJ.COMP+SM be.IM+SM
  or or you know, was it based on the people...on visions [...] thirties and this and that, right you know [...] earlier people, isn't it
942BAG+< yeahCE .
943BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE hollol xx .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah yeah, yeah exactly [...]
944BAG+< dyna ti isio wybod yn_de wsti mewn ffordd yn_de .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  that's what you want to know, isn't it you know, in a way, isn't it
945ABEac xx mae (y)r peth yn mynd ymlaen rwan xx hir am # N_V_CCE felly [?] timod .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onforward.ADV nownow.ADV longlong.ADJ forfor.PREP N_V_Cname thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and [...] the thing's going on now [...] long about NVC, like, you know
946BAG+< yn [//] yeahCE yeahCE .
  PRTPRT yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah
947BAGond <mae NCE> [//] mae (y)r N_V_CCE yn [/] yn weledigaeth tra gwahanol yn_dydy .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Nname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF N_V_Cname PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT visionvision.N.F.SG+SM verywhile.CONJ.[or].very.ADV differentdifferent.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  but the NVC is a very different vision, isn't it
948BAGmae [//] [?] mewn ffordd mae o (y)n sbïo ar safle +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP siteposition.N.M.SG
  in a way, it looks at a site...
949ABEyndy (dy)dy o (ddi)m yn sbïo ar +/ .
  yes, it doesn't look at...
950BAG+, mewn [/] mewn [//] fel ynys nac (y)dy .
  inin.PREP inin.PREP likelike.CONJ islandisland.N.F.SG NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES an island, does it
951BAG<(dy)dy o (ddi)m (y)n> [/] <(dy)dy o (ddi)m (y)n> [/] (dy)dy o (ddi)m (y)n +// .
  it doesn' doesn' doesn't...
952BAGo_kCE mae o (y)n gyfansawdd yn yr ystyr bod chdi (y)n gallu gweld tebygrwydd rhwng safleoedd yn_de .
  o_kOK.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT compoundcomposite.ADJ+SM.[or].compound.ADJ+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF meaningmeaning.N.M.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN similaritysimilarity.N.M.SG betweenbetween.PREP sitespositions.N.M.PL TAGisn't_it.IM
  ok, it's compound [?] in terms of that you can see the similarity between sites, isn't it
953ABE+< ia .
954BAGond [?] mae o (y)n dal i roid gwerth +// .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT stillstill.ADV toto.PREP put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM worthvalue.N.M.SG.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES
  but it still places value...
955BAGwsti # <(dy)dy o (ddi)m yn> [/] (dy)dy o (ddi)m yn # &ddd # &d +// .
  you know, it's's not...
956BAG<mae o (y)n> [/] mae o (y)n edrych ar safleoedd unigol yn_dydy i ddeud y gwir felly wsti [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP sitespositions.N.M.PL individualsingular.ADJ.[or].individual.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  it looks at individual sites, to tell the truth, like, you know
957ABEyndy mewn erCE ryw fân gymunedau yn hytrach na un safle fawr de timod .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH inin.PREP IMer.IM somesome.PREQ+SM smallfine.ADJ+SM communitiescommunities.N.F.PL+SM PRTPRT ratherrather.ADV PRTno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ oneone.NUM siteposition.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes, in er some small communities rather than one big site, eh, you know
958BAG+< mmmCE # mmmCE yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
959ABE<hynny (y)dy> [?] xx fedri di (ddi)m rhoid ffin # ar y peth timod .
  thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN boundaryboundary.N.F.SG.[or].border.N.F.SG onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  that is, [...] you can't put a boundary on it, you know
960ABExx mae [/] mae o (y)n ffin ecolegol yn hytrach na ffin: # gloddiau neu ffin ddaearyddol # berchnogaeth de timod +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP boundaryboundary.N.F.SG.[or].border.N.F.SG ecologicalecological.ADJ PRTPRT ratherrather.ADV PRT(n)or.CONJ boundaryboundary.N.F.SG.[or].border.N.F.SG hedgeshedges.N.M.PL+SM oror.CONJ boundaryboundary.N.F.SG.[or].border.N.F.SG geographicalgeographical.ADJ+SM ownershipownership.N.F.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  [...] it's an ecological boundary rather than a boundary of hedges or a geographical boundary of ownership, isn't it, you know
961BAG+< mmmCE # mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
962BAG+< ia (y)n hollol # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV PRTPRT exactcompletely.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes exactly, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
963ABE+, <ac yn> [//] # a medru bod yn # justCE # patchCE bach yn gymaint â (y)r stafell (y)ma weithiau timod neu lai hyd_(y)n_oed de timod a # mewn cyswllt mwy pan ti (y)n sbïo ar yr erCE # ffordd mae o (y)n # tonyddu i_fewn i gymuned arall # drws nesa iddo fo ac yn y blaen de timod .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP andand.CONJ can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT justjust.ADV patchpatch.N.SG smallsmall.ADJ PRTPRT so_muchso much.ADJ+SM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roomroom.N.F.SG herehere.ADV sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES oror.CONJ smallersmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM eveneven.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ inin.PREP connectionlink.N.M.SG moremore.ADJ.COMP whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM wayway.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP wave.NONFINunk inin.PREP toto.PREP communitycommunity.N.F.SG+SM otherother.ADJ doordoor.N.M.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and can be just a small patch as big as this room sometimes, you know, or smaller even, right you know, and in a wider sense when you look at er the way it seeps into another community next door to it and so forth, isn't it, you know
964BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
965BAG+< ia .
966BAG+< ia yeahCE # yeahCE [?] .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah, yeah
967BAGtonyddu ["] .
968BAGdeud da AbelCE &=laugh .
  say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN goodbe.IM+SM Abelname
  that's good Abel
969ABEDuw ia (y)n_de .
  Godname yesyes.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  God yes, isn't it
970BAG+< &=laugh .
971ABEpam lai de ?
  whywhy?.ADV lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  why not, you know
972BAGia ia .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes
973ABEna xxx rightCE xx +/ .
  nono.ADV rightright.ADJ
  no [...] quite [...] ...
974BAGfelly dyna (y)dy (y)n erCE # mhrofiad i o [/] # o holi ychyd(ig) [//] yr ychydig dw i (we)di gwneud .
  thusso.ADV therethat_is.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM experienceexperience.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP ofof.PREP ofhe.PRON.M.3S ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN a_littlea_little.QUAN DETthe.DET.DEF a_littlea_little.QUAN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN
  so that's my er experience of questioning a little...the little I've done
975BAGna [?] dw i isio gwneud mwy o hynny (y)n_de wsti neu [/] # neu [/] neu sefydlu &m # &ʔʔ ddim i mi wneud o (y)n gymaint ag # trefnu umCE # gwirfoddolwyr i [/] # i wneud o felly (y)n_de wsti a cael +/ .
  nono.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES oror.CONJ oror.CONJ oror.CONJ establish.NONFINestablish.V.INFIN NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTwith.PREP arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN IMum.IM volunteersvolunteers.N.M.PL toto.PREP toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ get.NONFINget.V.INFIN
  no, I want to do more of that, right you know, or establish...not for me to do it as much as arrange um for volunteers to do it, like, isn't it, you know, and get...
976ABEyeahCE (fe)lly ti mynd i fod yn brysur uffernol achan .
  yeahyeah.ADV thusso.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT busybusy.ADJ+SM hellishunk mateunk
  yeah so you're going to be really busy, mate
977BAGmmmCE # <mae (y)n> [//] [?] gobeithio de .
  mm it's...hopefully, isn't it
978ABE+< iawn de .
  rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  great, yeah
979ABEiawn de .
  rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  great, yeah
980BAGxx gobeithio (y)n_de .
  hope.NONFINhope.V.INFIN TAGisn't_it.IM
  [...] hopefully, isn't it
981ABEduwcs xx .
  gosh [...]
982BAG+< a dw i isio wneud lotCE mwy o gerdded yn_de .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM lotlot.N.SG moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  and I want to do a lot more waking, you know
983BAG<dw i (we)di> [/] dw i (we)di mynd yn blwyfol iawn yn y blynyddoedd dwytha (y)ma .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP parochialunk veryOK.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF yearsyears.N.F.PL lastlast.ADJ herehere.ADV
  I've become very parochial in these recent years
984BAG<fydda i &m> [//] fydda i cofio # pan o'n i (y)n Sir_Feirionydd [?] yn_de # umCE # pan o'n i (y)n byw yn Dyffryn yn_de wsti .
  be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inin.PREP Meirionyddshirename TAGisn't_it.IM IMum.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP Dyffrynname TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I remember when I was in Meirionyddshire, isn't it, um, when I lived in Dyffryn, isn't it, you know
985ABE(dy)na chdi yeahCE .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S yeahyeah.ADV
  that's it, yeah
986BAGac erCE wsti # dw i (y)n dal i allu +// .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT stillstill.ADV toto.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN+SM
  and er, you know, I can still...
987BAGwsti dw i (y)n gwybod # enw pob un bryn a pant yn [//] ar y RhinogyddCE neu dw i (y)n teimlo mod i felly (y)n_de ac <ar y> [//] # ar yr arfordir yn fan (y)na felly .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN namename.N.M.SG everyeach.PREQ oneone.NUM hillhill.N.M.SG.[or].buy.V.3S.PRES+SM andand.CONJ hollowhollow.N.M.SG inPRT.[or].in.PREP onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Rhinogyddname oror.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM andand.CONJ onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF coastcoast.N.M.SG inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV thusso.ADV
  you know, I know the name of every hill and hollow in...on the Rhinogydd, or I think I do, like, you know, and on the coast there, like
988BAGac dw i (e)rioed wedi cael &an adnabyddiaeth # tebyg yn # gogledd Eryri ers i mi symud i_fyny de wsti .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN acquaintancerecognition.N.F.SG similarsimilar.ADJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP northnorth.N.M.SG Eryriname sincesince.PREP toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S move.NONFINmove.V.INFIN upup.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and I've never had a similar acquaintance in northern Eryri since I moved up, right, you know
989BAGdw i (we)di # mynd yn blwyfol i AberCE ers i mi symud i_fyny (fe)lly # o Dyffryn yn_de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP parochialunk toto.PREP Abername sincesince.PREP toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S move.NONFINmove.V.INFIN upup.ADV thusso.ADV fromfrom.PREP Dyffrynname TAGisn't_it.IM
  I've become parochial to Aber since I moved up, like, from Dyffryn, isn't it
990BAGwedyn erCE # xxx +// .
  thenafterwards.ADV IMer.IM
  then er [...] ...
991ABE+< yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
992BAGa wedyn <dw i isio> [/] dw i isio trio &g # &ne ehangu gorwelion yn_de wsti dipyn <bach felly> [=! laughs] wsti .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN expand.NONFINexpand.V.INFIN.[or].expand.V.INFIN horizonshorizons.N.M.PL TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and then I want...I want to try to broaden my horizons, isn't it, you know, a little, like, you know
993BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
994ABEia dw innau (y)r un peth wsti timod yn ardal # <lle wan> [?] yn NeboCE (y)ma timod .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inPRT arearegion.N.F.SG.[or].regional.ADJ whereplace.N.M.SG nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM inin.PREP Neboname herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  yes, I'm the same, you know in the area of, where now, in Nebo, you know
995ABEDuw annwyl timod dw i (we)di bod yna wan ers faint de ?
  Godname deardear.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM sincesince.PREP how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  dear lord, you know, I've been there now for, how much?
996ABEdair mlynedd ar ddeg # bedair [//] # ia &p mwy ia # hynny # mwy neu lai (fe)lly .
  three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM yearyears.N.F.PL+NM onon.PREP tenten.NUM+SM four.Ffour.NUM.F+SM yesyes.ADV moremore.ADJ.COMP yesyes.ADV thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM thusso.ADV
  thirteen years, fourteen...yes more, yes, that much, more or less, like
997BAG+< mmmCE .
998ABEac eto # dw i ddim quiteCE yn nabod # y lle o ran # enwau (y)r # tyddynod a # bob math o bethau yma [?] timod de .
  andand.CONJ yetagain.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM quitequite.ADV PRTPRT know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM namesnames.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF homesteadsunk andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  and yet I don't quite know the place, in terms of the names of the homesteads and all kinds of things, you know, isn't it
999BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1000ABEumCE dw i (we)di ryw # ddod i_mewn +// .
  IMum.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP
  um, I've kind of come in...
1001ABEmae gynnon ni (ei)n ynys bach yn fan (y)na timod .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P POSS.1PLour.ADJ.POSS.1P islandisland.N.F.SG smallsmall.ADJ inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  we've got our little island there, you know
1002BAGyeahCE .
1003ABEo_kCE &ʔʔʔ dw i (y)n # gyfarwydd â datblygiad cyffredinol # y tirlun a dipyn o hanes ac yn y blaen .
  o_kOK.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT familiarskilled.ADJ+SM.[or].familiar.ADJ+SM withwith.PREP developmentdevelopment.N.M.SG generalgeneral.ADJ DETthe.DET.DEF landscapelandscape.N.M.SG andand.CONJ a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP historystory.N.M.SG andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG
  ok, I'm familiar with the general development of the landscape and a little history and so forth
1004BAG+< yeahCE .
1005ABEa dw i (we)di # holi hwn a llall rywfaint felly de .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG andand.CONJ otherother.PRON some_amountamount.N.M.SG+SM thusso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and I've asked this and that a little, like, isn't it
1006BAGyeahCE .
1007ABEond diawl dydw i ddim wedi boddran +/ .
  butbut.CONJ devilunk be.1S.PRES.NEGbe.V.1S.PRES.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP bother.NONFINbother.V.3P.FUT
  but hell, I haven't bothered...
1008BAGyeahCE .
1009ABE+, mynd i (y)r nitty_grittyE de .
  go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF nitty_grittyunk TAGbe.IM+SM go to the nitty-gritty, you know
1010BAGyeahCE achos <mae [?] gyn> [//] wyt ti gwneud [//] # ymhél â <ryw &han> [//] # y tirlun ac # hanes <de felly> [?] yn dy waith yn gyffredinol xx # <wyt ti (ddi)m (we)di> [//] ti (ddi)m (we)di sbïo yn dy ardd gefn mewn ffordd &ɬ hwyrach yn_de .
  yeahyeah.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN deal.NONFINmeddle.V.INFIN withas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES somesome.PREQ+SM DETthe.DET.DEF landscapelandscape.N.M.SG andand.CONJ historystory.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM thusso.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S workwork.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT generalgeneral.ADJ+SM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM backback.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG perhapsperhaps.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  yeah because you deal with the landscape and history, you know like, in your work in general [...] you haven' haven't looked in your own back-yard in a way, perhaps, isn't it
1011ABE+< ia yeahCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah yeah
1012ABE+< naddo .
1013BAGyeahCE .
1014ABEond timod pan o'n i fwy yn # &d [//] erCE yn BetwsCE cyn symud i NeboCE (fe)lly timod duwcs <oedd (y)na> [//] [?] oedd gyn i (y)chydig bach mwy o ddiddordeb yn yr umCE +/ .
  butbut.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM inin.PREP Betwsname beforebefore.PREP move.NONFINmove.V.INFIN toto.PREP Neboname thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES goshunk be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S a_littlea_little.QUAN smallsmall.ADJ moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP interestinterest.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM
  but you know, when I was in er in Betws more, before moving to Nebo, like, you know, gosh there was...I had a little more interest in the um...
1015BAG+< mmmCE .
1016BAG+< mmmCE .
1017BAGmmmCE .
1018ABE+, erCE # timod &s llefydd unigol ac yn y blaen <a # timod> [//] # erCE a ballu timod .
  IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES placesplaces.N.M.PL individualsingular.ADJ.[or].individual.ADJ andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.M.SG andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  er, you know individual places and so forth and, you know, er and stuff, you know
1019BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1020BAGhwyrach bod o rywbeth i wneud efo # dy oed ti felly (y)n_de wsti # wsti +.. .
  perhapsperhaps.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S ageage.N.M.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  perhaps it's something to do with your age, like, isn't it, you know, you know...
1021ABE+< ella bod o sti .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Syou_know.IM
  perhaps it is you know...
1022BAGpan o'n i (y)n +/ .
  whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  when I was...
1023ABE+< synnwn i ddim de .
  I wouldn't be surprised, you know
1024BAGia yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes yeah
1025BAGa bod chdi mynd i ryw rigol bach fel ti mynd yn hŷn yn_de wsti .
  andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM grooveunk littlesmall.ADJ likelike.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT olderolder.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and that you get into some groove as you get older, isn't it, you know
1026BAGxx sicr mae (hyn)na xx wir amdana i .
  certaincertain.ADJ.[or].sure.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP truetrue.ADJ+SM about.1Sfor_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  [...] certainly that's true about me
1027ABE+< timod o_kCE dw i (we)di magu (y)na xx ClynnogCE a (y)r topiau (y)na timod ar [?] ryw farmCE fynydd yn [/] erCE (y)n uchel yn y topiau (y)na de timod xx .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES o_kOK.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP bring_up.NONFINrear.V.INFIN herethere.ADV Clynnogname andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF topstops.N.M.PL therethere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES onon.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM farmfarm.N.SG mountainmountain.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM PRTPRT highhigh.ADJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF topstops.N.M.PL therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know, ok I was brought up there [...] Clynnog and those high grounds, you know, on some mountain farm er high up in those hills, isn't it, you know [...]
1028BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1029BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1030ABExx # mwy neu lai medru gweld y lle o [/] o lle dan ni (y)n NeboCE wan de .
  moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG fromof.PREP fromof.PREP placewhere.INT be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P inin.PREP Neboname nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  [...] can more or less see the place from where we are in Nebo now, you know
1031BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1032ABEac wrth_gwrs mae (y)r cwbl yn y mhen i de timod .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF completeall.ADJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S headhead.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and of course, it's all in my head, isn't it, you know
1033BAGmmmCE .
1034ABExx dw i (y)n cofio mynd yn_ôl (y)na # <yn lled diweddar> [?] mynd [?] arwain taith Edward_LlwydCE a ballu timod mynd drwy (y)r ardal de timod de [?] .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV therethere.ADV PRTin.PREP ratherwidth.N.M.SG.[or].breadth.N.M.SG recentrecent.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN lead.NONFINlead.V.INFIN tripjourney.N.F.SG Edward_Llwydname andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF arearegion.N.F.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  [...] I remember going back there quite recently, leading an Edward Llwyd trip and so forth, going through the area, isn't it, you know, isn't it
1035BAGmmmCE .
1036ABEIesu mawr oedd bob_dim yn llifo nôl timod ac atgofion a &d +// .
  Jesusname bigbig.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT flow.NONFINdye.V.INFIN.[or].flow.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ memoriesreminders.N.M.PL andand.CONJ
  Jesus, everything flooded back, you know, and memories and...
1037ABEmwy neu lai yn gweld yn hun <pan o'n i efo> [//] [?] efo llaw fechan timod yn # gwneud hyn a llall a cofio # xx ryw gloddiau a <bob diawl o bob_dim> [?] de timod .
  moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN POSS.1Sin.PREP selfself.PRON.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withwith.PREP withwith.PREP handhand.N.F.SG smallsmall.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ otherother.PRON andand.CONJ remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM hedgeshedges.N.M.PL+SM andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM devilunk ofof.PREP everythingeverything.PRON TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  more or less saw myself when I was...with a small hand, you know, doing this and that and remembered [...] some hedges and every little thing, right, you know
1038BAG+< mmmCE .
1039BAGmmmCE # mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM mmm.IM
1040ABEond umCE # (dy)na o de cyfarwyddyd llwyr .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMof.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM familiarisationinstruction.N.M.SG totalcomplete.ADJ
  but um, that's it isn't it, total familiarisation
1041BAGmmmCE .
1042ABEa # <timod mae ryw> [//] mae o (y)n # rywbeth [?] rhyfedd de .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somesome.PREQ+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM strangestrange.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  and you know, it's something strange, isn't it
1043ABEumCE # timod er na [//] [?] dw i (ddi)m (we)di bod yno ryw lawer ers hynny # mae (y)r lle yn [/] yn [/] yn hynod fyw de .
  IMum.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES althougher.IM PRTPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM lotmany.QUAN+SM sincesince.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT extraordinaryremarkable.ADJ alivelive.V.INFIN+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  um, you know, although I haven't been there much since then, the place is extraordinarily alive, right
1044BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1045ABEac umCE (y)r un peth efo # llefydd eraill <sy (we)di cael> [//] # sy (we)di creu argraff arna i fath â umCE # Enlli a ballu timod .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG withwith.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL otherothers.PRON be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN impressionimpression.N.F.SG on.1Son_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ IMum.IM Enlliname andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and um, the same with other places that have made an impression on me, like um Enlli and so forth, you know
1046BAG+< yeahCE .
1047BAGyeahCE .
1048ABEti mynd i Enlli # a duwcs # bendigedig de .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Bardseyname andand.CONJ goshunk magnificentwonderful.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  you go to Bardsey and, gosh, magnificent, isn't it
1049ABE<a ddim> [?] (we)di bod yno # o_gwbl timod a [//] # &e ers sbelan de .
  andand.CONJ NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV at_allat_all.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ sincesince.PREP spellunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  and without being there at all, you know, for a while, you know
1050ABEond eto fyth mae (y)na ryw Enlli bach yn y mhen i de .
  butbut.CONJ yetagain.ADV evernever.ADV+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM Bardseyname smallsmall.ADJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S headhead.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM
  and yet, there's a little Bardsey in my head, you know
1051BAGmmmCE .
1052ABEfel mae (y)na ryw Hafod_y_WernCE fach # yn y mhen i .
  likelike.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM Hafod_y_Wernname smallsmall.ADJ+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S headhead.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP
  like there's a little Hafod_y_Wern in my head
1053BAG+< &=laugh <yeahCE yeahCE> [=! laughs] # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1054ABEa deud y gwir dw i (ddi)m isio # mynd yn_ôl ormod .
  andand.CONJ tell.NONFINsay.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV too_muchtoo_much.QUANT+SM
  and to tell the truth, I don't want to go back too much
1055BAG+< yeahCE .
1056BAG<dw gwybod> [=! laughs] # dw i gwybod .
  I know, I know
1057ABEoherwydd # <dw (ddi)m &i> [/] dw (ddi)m isio tarfu ar y ddelwedd # gyffyrddus braf lle dw i (y)n gwybod # timod be (y)dy be (fe)lly .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG disturb.NONFINdisturb.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF imageimage.N.F.SG+SM comfortableunk nicefine.ADJ wherewhere.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.INT thusso.ADV
  because I don't want to disturb the comfortable, lovely image where I know, you know, what's what, like
1058BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1059BAG+< dw i (we)di darganfod hyn felly xx +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP discover.NONFINdiscover.V.INFIN.[or].detect.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  I've discovered this, like [...] ...
1060BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE dw gwybod # mmmCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN IMmmm.IM
  yeah yeah, yeah I know, mmm
1061BAGmmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
1062ABEa timod erCE dydw i (ddi)m isio &n +// .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM be.1S.PRES.NEGbe.V.1S.PRES.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG
  and you know, I don't want...
1063BAG+< &=laugh .
1064ABEa [/] a timod <oedd o> [/] oedd o gymaint o siom rywsut xx heibio ryw hen # dyddyn xx PenralltCE # a mae (y)r bloodyCE lle (we)di newid allan o &vo <bob bodolaeth> [?] bron iawn .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP disappointmentdisappointment.N.M.SG somehowsomehow.ADV+SM pastpast.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ homesteadunk Penralltname andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF bloodybloody.ADJ placeplace.N.M.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN outout.ADV ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM existenceexistence.N.F.SG almostbreast.N.F.SG.[or].almost.ADV veryOK.ADV
  and you know, it was such a disappointment somehow [...] past some old homestead [...] Penrallt and the bloody place has changed out of all existance very nearly
1065BAG+< yeahCE .
1066ABEtimod anhygoel de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES incredibleincredible.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, incredible isn't it
1067BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1068ABEohCE siom de timod de !
  IMoh.IM disappointmentdisappointment.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh a disappointment, isn't it, you know!
1069BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1070ABEwell gyn i # xx byw # <yn y gorffennol rywsut> [=! laughs] pan oeddwn i (y)n gyffyrddus xx +/ .
  betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF pastpast.N.M.SG somehowsomehow.ADV+SM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP comfortableunk
  I prefer [...] living in the past somehow, when I was comfortable [...]
1071BAG+< byw efo dy +// .
  live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN withwith.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S
  living with your...
1072BAG+< mmmCE hmmCE .
  mmm.IM hmm.IM
1073BAG+< henaint (y)dy hynna AbelCE bach .
  old_ageold_age.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP Abelname smallsmall.ADJ
  that's old age Abel
1074ABE<ia holl(ol)> [/] ia hollol !
  yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yes, exactly
1075BAG+< yeahCE .
1076ABEyn union de .
  PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  exactly, isn't it
1077BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1078ABEond eto fyth yeahCE timod de # mae (y)r atgofion mor gry .
  butbut.CONJ yetagain.ADV evernever.ADV+SM yeahyeah.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF memoriesreminders.N.M.PL soso.ADV strongstrong.ADJ+SM
  and yet, yeah you know, you know right, the memories are so strong
1079BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1080BAGyeahCE .
1081ABEa mae nhw (we)di # bod yn # ddylanwad gymaint ar # sut ydw i (we)di datblygu # pwy ydw i mwy neu lai .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT influenceinfluence.N.M.SG+SM so_muchso much.ADJ+SM onon.PREP howhow.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP develop.NONFINdevelop.V.INFIN whowho.PRON be.3S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM
  and they've been such an influence on how I've developed, who I am more or less
1082BAGyeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1083ABEdiawl oedd (y)na ryw hen foyCE yn erCE arfer byw yn [/] yn Penrallt_UchaCE sti .
  devilunk be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ boyboy.N.SG+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP inin.PREP Penrallt_Uchaname know.2Syou_know.IM
  god, some old guy, er, used to live in Penrallt Ucha, you know
1084ABEtimod umCE # a pan oedden i (y)n # tua wyth deg oed ballu yn Hafod_y_WernCE <ddoth o> [/] ddoth o yno .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM andand.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.13P.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP eighteight.NUM tenten.NUM ageage.N.M.SG suchsuchlike.PRON inin.PREP Hafod_y_Wernname come.3S.PASTcome.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S come.3S.PASTcome.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S therethere.ADV
  you know, um, and when I was about eight, ten years old or something, in Hafod-y-Wern, he came there
1085ABEac umCE # uffern o gymeriad .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM hellunk ofof.PREP charactercharacter.N.M.SG+SM
  and um, a hell of a character
1086ABECharlie_One_EyeCE .
1087BAG&=laugh .
1088ABE+< a timod un llygad oedd gynno fo timod .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES oneone.NUM eyeeye.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and you know, he only had one eye, you know
1089ABEoedd o (y)n byw +/ .
  he lived...
1090BAG+< ew ia &=laugh ?
  goshoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  gosh really?
1091ABE+< ia .
1092ABE+, yn byw yn dlodaidd gythreulig de timod a [//] yn yr hen dyddyn bach yna [?] .
  PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP poorlyunk devillishunk TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ homesteadunk smallsmall.ADJ therethere.ADV
  lived incredibly poorly, right, you know, in that old little homestead
1093ABEoedd (y)na (ddi)m # trydan .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM electricityelectricity.N.M.SG
  there was no electricity
1094ABEoedd (y)na diawl o (ddi)m_byd .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV devilunk ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM
  there wasn't anything at all
1095ABEtimod justCE xx dân glo a [/] a dyna o de timod de [?] .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES justjust.ADV firefire.N.M.SG+SM coallock.N.M.SG+SM.[or].lock.V.3S.PRES+SM andand.CONJ andand.CONJ therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMof.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, just [...] a coal fire and that's it, right, you know, right
1096ABEac oedden i (y)n mynd yna bore Sadwrn .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.13P.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV morningmorning.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG.[or].Saturn.N.M.SG
  and I'd go there on Saturday mornings
1097ABEac wrth_gwrs umCE # erCE # yr hen foyCE (y)ma (y)n gymaint o straewr wsti timod .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV IMum.IM IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ boyboy.N.SG+SM herehere.ADV PRTPRT so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP storytellerunk know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and of course, um er, this old guy was such a storyteller, you know
1098ABEac o'n i mynd â ryw # damaid o gacen neu ryw fince_piesCE neu rywbeth .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM piecepiece.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP cakecake.N.F.PL+SM oror.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM mince_piesunk oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  and I'd take a piece of cake, or some mince-pies or something
1099ABEtimod erCE byth yn mynd yn waglaw de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM evernever.ADV PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP empty_handedunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, er never went empty-handed, right
1100ABEmynd yno (fe)lly timod a mynd â rhein iddo fo i ryw ginio hyn a llall timod de .
  go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV thusso.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP thesethese.PRON to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM dinnerdinner.N.M.SG+SM thisthis.ADJ.DEM.SP andand.CONJ otherother.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  went there, like you know, and brought him these for some dinner, this and that, you know, right
1101ABEa (we)dyn [?] justCE # cael ryw goupleCE o oriau wedyn de # yn gwrando ar hwn de yn [/] yn # paldaruo ryw straeon mwya anhygoel .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV justjust.ADV get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM couplecouple.N.SG+SM ofof.PREP hourshours.N.F.PL thenafterwards.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM PRTPRT listen.NONFINlisten.V.INFIN onon.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT blather.NONFINblather.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM storiesstories.N.F.PL mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP incredibleincredible.ADJ
  and then just got a couple of hours then, right, listening to him, right, blathering these most incredible stories
1102BAG+< mmmCE .
1103BAG+< oeddet ti wrth dy fodd .
  be.2S.IMPbe.V.2S.IMPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S byby.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S likingpleasure.N.M.SG+SM
  you loved it
1104ABEac i ryw # beth bychan tua ryw wyth deg oed de timod .
  andand.CONJ toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM thingthing.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ approximatelytowards.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM eighteight.NUM tenten.NUM ageage.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and to a little thing, about eight or ten years old, you know
1105ABEoedd [?] hwn wedyn timod de # yn # sôn amdano fo (e)i hun wsti # timod # pan oedd o # <yn y rhyfel> [=! emphasis] achan .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG thenafterwards.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM PRTPRT mentionmention.V.INFIN about.3SMfor_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF warwar.N.MF.SG mateunk
  this guy then, you know, right, was talking about himself, you know, when he was in the war, mate
1106BAG+< yeahCE .
1107BAG+< yeahCE .
1108BAGyeahCE .
1109ABEDuw <o o> [?] (y)n commandoCE de # a bod (y)na ryw # timod # ynys # fan (a)cw a ryw # be ti (y)n galw fo # elyn yn fan (y)na de .
  Godname be.3S.IMPof.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT commandocommando.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES islandisland.N.F.SG placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM thereover there.ADV andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT call.NONFINcall.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S enemyenemy.N.M.SG+SM inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  God, he was a commando, right, and there was some, you know, island over there and some, what do you call it, and enemy over there, right
1110BAG+< &=laugh yeahCE .
1111ABEarglwydd mawr a oedd neb yn barod i fynd yno i chwythu (y)r lle i_fyny i [//] am bod nhw (y)n dal yn_ôl erCE erCE y &b ymgyrch fawr (y)ma timod .
  lordlord.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF nobodyanyone.PRON PRTPRT readyready.ADJ+SM toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV toto.PREP blow.NONFINblow.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG upup.ADV toto.PREP forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN backback.ADV IMer.IM IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF campaigncampaign.N.F.SG bigbig.ADJ+SM herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  good lord, and nobody was ready to go there to blow the place up, because they were holding back, er er, this big campaign, you know
1112BAG+< yeahCE .
1113BAG+< yeahCE .
1114ABEac yntau # wedyn xx timod a (we)di &k roid machine_gunE yn ei geg # deifio am [?] nofio dan dŵr am [/] am hanner milltir de # i_fyny wedyn de a wedi [?] cymeryd drosodd y pillboxesE (y)ma a (we)di # saethu pawb a phopeth a (we)di ennill yr ynys &b ben ei hun timod .
  andand.CONJ PRON.3SMhe.PRON.EMPH.M.3S thenafterwards.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM machine_gununk inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S mouthmouth.N.F.SG+SM dive.NONFINdive.V.INFIN forfor.PREP swim.NONFINswim.V.INFIN underunder.PREP.[or].be.V.1P.PRES.[or].until.PREP+SM waterwater.N.M.SG.[or].tower.N.M.SG+SM forfor.PREP forfor.PREP halfhalf.N.M.SG milemile.N.F.SG TAGbe.IM+SM upup.ADV thenafterwards.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN overover.ADV+SM DETthe.DET.DEF pillboxespillbox.N.PL herehere.ADV andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP shoot.NONFINshoot.V.INFIN everybodyeveryone.PRON andand.CONJ everythingeverything.N.M.SG+AM andand.CONJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP win.NONFINwin.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF islandisland.N.F.SG headhead.N.M.SG+SM POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and then he [...] you know, and put a machine-gun in his mouth, dived in, swam under water for half a mile, right, up then, right and took over these pillboxes and shot everyone and everything and won the island by himself
1115BAG+< &=laugh .
1116ABEac yn mynd drwy hyn mor lliwgar wsti .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP soso.ADV colourfulcolourful.ADJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and went through this so colourfully, you know
1117BAG+< ac oeddet ti (y)n gegrwth yn blentyn bach .
  andand.CONJ be.2S.IMPbe.V.2S.IMPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP gapingunk PRTPRT childchild.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ
  and you were a gaping little child
1118ABE+< argoeledig yeahCE .
  goshunk yeahyeah.ADV
  gosh yeah
1119ABEa (we)dyn umCE # pan [//] erCE gafon ni deledu timod .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM whenwhen.CONJ IMer.IM get.1PL.PASTget.V.1P.PAST+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P televisiontelevise.V.INFIN+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and then um, when we got a television, you know
1120ABExx oedd hynny wan ganol y pumdegau de timod .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM middlemiddle.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  [...] now that was the mid-fifties, right, you know
1121ABEa finnau (y)n ddisgrifio fel [?] oedden ni (y)n cael y bloomingE teledu (y)ma de # <ac umCE> [//] # a bod isio aerialCE i_fyny ar y to .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM PRTPRT describe.NONFINdescribe.V.INFIN+SM likelike.CONJ be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF bloomingblooming.ADV televisiontelevision.N.M.SG.[or].televise.V.INFIN herehere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ IMum.IM andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN wantwant.N.M.SG aerialaerial.ADJ upup.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roofroof.N.M.SG
  and me describing how we got this blooming television, right, and um, and that we needed an aerial up on the roof
1122ABE+" ohCE Duw yeahCE dw i (y)n cofio fi achan yn roid ryw aerialCE i_fyny .
  IMoh.IM Godname yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM mateunk PRTPRT put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM aerialaerial.ADJ upup.ADV
  "oh God yeah, I remember myself, son, putting up some aerial"
1123ABEtimod xx mae hyn ymhell cyn i deledu ddod i fodolaeth de timod .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP farafar.ADV beforebefore.PREP toto.PREP televisiontelevise.V.INFIN+SM comecome.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP existenceexistence.N.F.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  you know [...] this is long before the television existed, right, you know
1124ABEond (dy)na o timod .
  butbut.CONJ therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  but that's it, you know
1125ABEdim ots am hynny nag oedd .
  NEGnot.ADV matterproblem.N.M.SG aboutfor.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF
  it didn't matter about that, did it
1126ABEtimod oedd [?] yntau ddisgrifio (e)i hun wedyn [?] # yn mynd i_fyny a [/] a [/] a timod &ee ar yr ysgol fawr (y)ma (y)n_de timod yeahCE [?] .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.EMPH.M.3S describe.NONFINdescribe.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN upup.ADV andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF ladderschool.N.F.SG bigbig.ADJ+SM herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES yeahyeah.ADV
  you know, he described himself then going up and, you know...on this big ladder, right, you know yeah
1127ABEac wrth_gwrs am bod (y)na gymaint o wynt yn chwythu fe chwythwyd yr ystol .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP windwind.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT blow.NONFINblow.V.INFIN PRTPRT.AFF blow.IMPERSONAL.PASTblow.V.0.PAST DETthe.DET.DEF ladder.NONFINunk
  and of course, because the wind was blowing so hard, the ladder was blown away
1128ABEac yntau wedyn yn hongian fel mwnci # &=laugh ar y to (y)ma .
  andand.CONJ PRON.3SMhe.PRON.EMPH.M.3S thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT hand.NONFINhang.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ monkeyunk onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roofroof.N.M.SG herehere.ADV
  and him hanging like a monkey on this roof
1129BAG+< &=laugh .
1130ABEtimod a ryw bethau fel (yn)a de timod de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, and some things like that, right, you know yeah
1131BAG+< <yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE> [=! laughs] .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1132ABE(y)r argoel <ohCE ryw> [?] ddelweddau anhygoel de timod .
  DETthe.DET.DEF goshomen.N.F.SG IMoh.IM somesome.PREQ+SM imagesimages.N.M.PL+SM incredibleincredible.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  gosh, oh some incredible images, right, you know
1133BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1134BAGxx +/ .
1135ABE+< hollol hollol ddychmygus de .
  completecompletely.ADJ completecompletely.ADJ imaginaryunk TAGbe.IM+SM
  completely, completely imaginary, yeah
1136BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1137ABEond ohCE ryw beth bach fath â fi timod de .
  butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM somesome.PREQ+SM thingthing.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  but oh, a little thing like me, you know, yeah
1138BAGmmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
1139ABEac xx oedd hynna (y)n creu gymaint o argraff mae (we)di effeithio # ar # timod yng # nychymyg creadigol i byth ers hynny de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP impressionimpression.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP effect.NONFINeffect.V.INFIN onon.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S imaginationimagine.V.INFIN+NM creativecreative.ADJ PRON.1Sto.PREP evernever.ADV sincesince.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGbe.IM+SM
  and [...] that created such an impression, it's effected, you know, my creative imagination ever since then, right
1140BAG+< yeahCE .
1141BAGyeahCE # yndy <mae (y)n> [?] # gweld hynna felly efo [?] +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV withwith.PREP
  yeah, yes, you can see that, like with...
1142BAGbron # faswn i (y)n # taeru bod chdi (y)n # sôn amdana chdi dy hun yn fan (y)na AbelCE &=laugh .
  almostbreast.N.F.SG.[or].almost.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT assert.NONFINinsist.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN about.2Sfor_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S selfself.PRON.SG inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV Abelname
  I'd almost swear that you're talking about yourself there, Abel
1143ABE+< wellCE yndy [?] wellCE [?] ia hollol xxx .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH wellwell.ADV yesyes.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  well it is, well yes exactly [...]
1144BAG+< <ti (y)n> [/] erCE ti (y)n un da am roid stretchCE ar bethau weithiau &=laugh .
  PRT.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT oneone.NUM goodgood.ADJ forfor.PREP put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM stretchstretch.SV.INFIN onon.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM
  you're a good one for putting a stretch on things sometimes
1145ABE+< yndw &b wrth_gwrs .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH of_courseof_course.ADV
  I am, of course
1146ABEa timod umCE # ac &o erCE timod [?] mae gen ti gyma(int) [//] # gymaint o gymeriadau ballu timod yn dod acw gyda (y)r nosau ballu timod ac yn deud straeon a ballu ac yn # justCE # wellCE cyn &də &ðə bloomingE dyddiau teledu a ballu de .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMum.IM andand.CONJ IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRES.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S so_muchso much.ADJ+SM so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP characterscharacters.N.M.SG+SM suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN thereover there.ADV withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF nightsnights.N.F.PL suchsuchlike.PRON know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN storiesstories.N.F.PL andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON andand.CONJ PRTPRT justjust.ADV wellwell.ADV beforebefore.PREP bloomingblooming.ADV daysday.N.M.PL televisiontelevision.N.M.SG.[or].televise.V.INFIN andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON TAGbe.IM+SM
  and you know, um, and er you know, you've got so many characters and such, you know, coming over in the evenings and such, you know, and telling stories and such, and just, well before the blooming days of the television and such, yeah
1147BAG+< mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
1148BAGmmmCE .
1149ABEa (we)dyn oedd y [/] y ddawn deud a (y)r celwydd golau a [/] a roid llathen ar bethau i greu storyCE allan o # ddim_byd de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF talenttalent.N.MF.SG+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF lielie.N.M.SG lightlight.N.M.SG andand.CONJ andand.CONJ put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM yardyard.N.F.SG onon.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM toto.PREP create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN+SM storystory.N.SG outout.ADV ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then, there was the gift of the gab and the white lie and stretching things to make stories out of nothing, isn't it
1150BAG+< mmmCE .
1151BAG+< mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
1152BAGmmmCE .
1153ABEryw ddigwyddiad bach mwya pitw de .
  somesome.PREQ+SM incidentevent.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP tinytiny.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  the most trivial little incident, isn't it
1154BAGmmmCE .
1155ABEond yng [//] # timod yng ngheg ryw straewr go iawn de (y)r argoeledig mae (y)r embellishmentsE (y)ma (y)n mynd arno fo a (y)r # llathenni o be ti (y)n galw o de .
  butbut.CONJ inmy.ADJ.POSS.1S.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES inmy.ADJ.POSS.1S mouthmouth.N.F.SG+NM somesome.PREQ+SM story_tellerunk ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM DETthe.DET.DEF goshunk be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF embellishmentsembellishment.N.PL herehere.ADV PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN on.3SMon_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF yardsyards.N.F.PL ofhe.PRON.M.3S whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT call.NONFINcall.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGbe.IM+SM
  but know, in the mouth of a real story-teller, right, gosh these embellishments go on it, and the yards of, what you call it, you know
1156BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1157BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1158ABEohCE (y)r argoeledig ti (y)n greu storiesCE go iawn de .
  IMoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF goshunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN+SM storiesstories.N.PL ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh dear lord, you create real stories, yeah
1159BAG+< &=laugh .
1160BAGyeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1161ABEa timod <dw i newydd> [//] <dw i (we)di> [/] dw i (we)di defnyddio hynny de # timod erCE yn # Plas Tan_(y)_BwlchCE pan dw i (y)n mynd allan ac yn # paldaruo ac yn stretsio pethau i ryw bobl yeahCE [?] timod de [?] .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S newlynew.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES IMer.IM inin.PREP Plasname Tan_y_Bwlchname whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT blather.NONFINblather.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP stretch.NONFINunk thingsthings.N.M.PL toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM yeahyeah.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  and you know, I've just...I've...I've used that, right, you know, er in Plas Tan-y-Bwlch, when I go out and blather and stretch things to some people, yeah, you know right
1162BAG+< yeahCE .
1163BAG+< mmmCE .
1164BAG+< &=laugh .
1165ABEahCE # &me [//] <mae o (y)n> [?] ffordd gyn i weithiau timod o justCE cadw (y)n [/] # erCE yn hun yn # gall hefyd de .
  IMah.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP wayway.N.F.SG withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP justjust.ADV keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM POSS.1Sin.PREP selfself.PRON.SG PRTPRT sanebe_able.V.3S.PRES.[or].be_able.V.2S.IMPER.[or].sane.ADJ+SM alsoalso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  ah, it's a way for me sometimes, you know, of just keeping, er, myself sane, too, right
1166ABEpan ti (y)n mynd allan efo ryw grewCE o (r)heiny xx bloodyCE diawlaid mwya di_ddim weli di ar &ð wyneb daear # wyt ti isio ryw (y)chydig bach o +/ .
  whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV withwith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM crewgrew.SV.INFIN.[or].crew.N.SG+SM ofof.PREP thosethose.PRON bloodybloody.ADJ devilsunk mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP insignificantunk see.2S.NONPASTsee.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM onon.PREP faceface.N.M.SG.[or].face.N.M.SG+SM earthearth.N.F.SG be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG somesome.PREQ+SM a_littlea_little.QUAN smallsmall.ADJ ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP
  when you're going out with a crew of those [...] most dull bloody devils you'll see on the face of the earth, you need a little bit of...
1167BAG+< mmmCE .
1168BAG+< &=laugh .
1169BAG++ yeahCE ryw &=laugh gyffro (fe)lly .
  yeahyeah.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM excitementexcitement.N.M.SG+SM thusso.ADV
  yeah some excitement, like
1170ABE+, humourCE dy hun # i [/] i [/] i # gadw dy # ben de timod .
  humourhumour.N.SG POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S selfself.PRON.SG toto.PREP toto.PREP toto.PREP keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S headhead.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  your own humour to keep your head, right, you know
1171BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE hollol .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah yeah, exactly
1172BAG+< mmmCE # yeahCE wellCE # hollol .
  IMmmm.IM yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  mm, yeah, well exactly
1173BAG+< yeahCE yeahCE # dw i gwybod # yeahCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV
  yeah yeah, I know, yeah
1174ABExx (y)n enwedig os ti mynd # ddiwrnod ar_ôl diwrnod ar_ôl diwrnod xx a ryw grewCE o ryw bethau sydd mwya # bloodyCE +/ .
  PRTPRT particularespecially.ADJ ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN dayday.N.M.SG+SM afterafter.PREP dayday.N.M.SG afterafter.PREP dayday.N.M.SG andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM crewgrew.SV.INFIN.[or].crew.N.SG+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP bloodybloody.ADJ
  [...] especially if you're going day after day after day [...] and a group of some things who are the most bloody...
1175BAG+< yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE hollol &=laugh .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, exactly
1176BAG++ sych felly .
  drydry.ADJ thusso.ADV
  dry, like
1177ABE+, pedanticCE a sych +/ .
  pedanticpedantic.ADJ andand.CONJ drydry.ADJ
  pedantic and dry...
1178BAGxx ia yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  [...] yes yeah, yeah
1179ABE+, ac erCE yn cwyno am bob_dim .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM PRTPRT complain.NONFINcomplain.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP everythingeverything.PRON
  and er, who complain about everything
1180BAG+< mae (y)n sureCE bod chdi (y)n gael nhw fan (y)na (he)fyd .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV alsoalso.ADV
  you probably get them there too
1181BAGyeahCE hmmCE .
  yeah.ADV hmm.IM
1182ABE+< ond timod ti (y)n cael nhw de .
  butbut.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGbe.IM+SM
  but you know, you get them, right
1183BAGmmmCE # ia dw i gwybod .
  IMmmm.IM yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  mm, yes I know
1184BAGpigo dy frainE +/ .
  pick.NONFINpick.V.INFIN POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S brainunk
  picking your brain...
1185ABE<dw i (y)n cofio un> [?] +/ .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN oneone.NUM
  I remember one...
1186BAG[- eng] go on .
  go.V.INFIN on.PREP
1187ABEdw i (y)n cofio ryw dro achan <yn y> [//] ben y MoelwynCE sti timod .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG+SM mateunk inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF tophead.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF Moelwynname know.2Syou_know.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I remember one time, mate, on top of the Moelwyn, you know
1188BAG+< yeahCE .
1189ABEa o (y)na ryw grewCE <o &rɪ> [//] o ryw # xx Saeson xx .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM crewgrew.SV.INFIN.[or].crew.N.SG+SM ofof.PREP ofhe.PRON.M.3S somesome.PREQ+SM English_peoplename
  and there was a group of some [...] English people [...]
1190BAG+< mmmCE .
1191ABE<ond arglwydd mawr> [=! laughs] # ar # ryw +// .
  butbut.CONJ goshlord.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ onon.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM
  but good lord, on some...
1192ABEwellCE timod y ddelwedd y ramblwr go iawn sti timod de .
  wellwell.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF imageimage.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF ramblerunk ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV know.2Syou_know.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  well you know, the true image of the rambler, you know, right
1193BAGyeahCE hmmCE .
  yeah.ADV hmm.IM
1194ABEac erCE # isio gwybod bob_dim am # timod # pethau xxx +// .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM wantwant.N.M.SG know.2Sknow.V.INFIN everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM aboutfor.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES thingsthings.N.M.PL
  and er, wanted to know everything about, you know, things [...]
1195ABEa timod # &i &iʃ timod oedden nhw isio # viewE de .
  andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P wantwant.N.M.SG viewview.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  and you know, you know, they wanted a view, yeah
1196BAG&=laugh .
1197ABEoedden nhw (ddi)m isio justCE eistedd lawr am goffeeCE .
  be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN downdown.ADV forfor.PREP coffeecoffee.N.SG+SM
  they didn't want to just sit down for a coffee
1198ABEoedden nhw isio rywle i gael # viewE de .
  be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P wantwant.N.M.SG somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM viewview.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  they wanted somewhere to have a view, right
1199BAG+< mmmCE .
1200BAG+< &=laugh .
1201ABEtimod ?
  you know?
1202BAGia # a mae viewE yn wahanol i olygfa yn_dydy wsti &=laugh sti [=! laughs] &=laugh .
  yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES viewview.N.SG PRTPRT differentdifferent.ADJ+SM toto.PREP viewscene.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES know.2Syou_know.IM
  yes and view is different to "golygfa", isn't it, you know, you know
1203ABE+< a finnau (y)n cyrraedd topCE y myn(ydd) +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM PRTPRT arrive.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN toptop.N.SG DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG
  and I got to the top of the mountain...
1204ABE+< ohCE yndy tad .
  ohoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH fatherfather.N.M.SG
  oh gosh yes
1205ABE+< yeahCE xx fedri di fesur a [/] a [/] a [/] a +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM measure.NONFINmeasure.V.INFIN+SM andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ
  yeah [...] you can measure and...
1206BAG+< &=laugh ia [=! laughs] .
1207ABEtimod propertyE (y)dy viewE de .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES propertyproperty.N.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES viewview.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, a view is property, isn't it
1208BAG+< &=laugh yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE yeahCE (y)n hollol .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV PRTPRT exactcompletely.ADJ
  yeah yeah yeah yeah, exactly
1209ABEhollol [?] # y ffordd oedden nhw isio fo .
  exactcompletely.ADJ DETthe.DET.DEF wayway.N.F.SG be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P wantwant.N.M.SG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  exactly, the way they wanted it
1210BAGyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1211ABEa cyrraedd y topCE de a deud xx +"/ .
  andand.CONJ arrive.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and arrived at the top, right, and said [...]
1212ABE+" dyma ni ta .
  herethis_is.ADV PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P thenbe.IM
  "here we are then"
1213ABE[- eng] +" this is your view of the day .
  this.DEM.NEAR.SG is.V.3S.PRES your.ADJ.POSS.2SP view.N.SG of.PREP the.DET.DEF day.N.SG
1214ABEde +" .
1215BAGyeahCE .
1216ABEohCE oedden nhw (y)n hapus de # hapus de cael y viewE ofE theE dayE de timod de .
  IMoh.IM be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT happyhappy.ADJ TAGsouth.N.M.SG.[or].right.N.M.SG.[or].tea.N.M.SG+SM happyhappy.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF viewview.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF dayday.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.IM+SM
  oh they were happy, weren't they, happy, weren't they, getting the view of the day, right, you know yeah
1217BAG+< &=laugh .
1218ABEa dyma (y)r bloodyCE boyCE (y)ma +// .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF bloodybloody.ADJ boyboy.N.SG herehere.ADV
  and this bloody guy...
1219ABErealCE pedantCE de timod .
  realreal.ADJ pedantpedant.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  a real pedant, right, you know
1220BAGyeahCE .
1221ABExx +// .
1222ABEohCE (y)r arglwydd mawr oedd o ramblwr go iawn de # efo (e)i fapCE bach mewn ryw # beth bach plasticCE a rei [?] hongian ar ei frest o timod de .
  IMoh.IM DETthe.DET.DEF lordlord.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S ramblerunk ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM withwith.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S mapbap.N.SG+SM.[or].map.N.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ inin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM thingthing.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ plasticplastic.N.SG andand.CONJ somesome.PRON+SM hang.NONFINhang.V.INFIN onon.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES chestunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh dear lord, he was a real rambler, right, with his little map in some little plastic thing and hanging on his chest, you know, right
1223BAGyeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE [=! laughs] .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
1224ABEac umCE # rywun yn gofyn de timod &b be (y)dy enwau (y)r mynyddoedd .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES namesnames.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL
  and um, someone asked, right, you know, what the mountains are called
1225BAG+< &=laugh .
1226ABEoedd hi (y)n olygfa anhygoel de timod de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT viewscene.N.F.SG+SM incredibleincredible.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  it was an incredible view, right, you know yeah
1227ABEac erCE # duwcs o'n i (ddi)m (we)di bod yn # gweithio (y)n y plas ers ryw hir iawn .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM goshunk be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mansionunk sincesince.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM longlong.ADJ veryvery.ADV
  and er, gosh, I hadn't been working at the Plas for very long
1228ABEo'n i (ddi)m yn gyfarwydd efo Eryri beth bynnag de timod .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT familiarskilled.ADJ+SM.[or].familiar.ADJ+SM withwith.PREP Snowdonianame whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  I wasn't familiar with Snowdonia anyway, right, you know
1229ABEac umCE (y)n dechrau deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM PRTPRT start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and um, started to say...
1230ABE+" ohCE <dacw hi> [?] umCE &d umCE # Cader_IdrisCE lawr yn fan (a)cw # y RhinogyddCE yn fan (y)na Aran_FawddwyCE fan (y)na .
  IMoh.IM thereunk PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S IMum.IM IMum.IM Cader_Idrisname downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM thereover there.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF Rhinogyddname inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV Aran_Fawddwyname placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  "oh that's um Cader Idris down there, the Rhinogydd there, Aran Fawddwy there"
1231ABEde timod a hyn a llall +" .
  TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ otherother.PRON
  right, you know, and this and that
1232ABEa diawl # o'n i (ddi)m yn gwybod be oedd rei o (y)r lleill (y)ma de timod .
  andand.CONJ devilunk be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF somesome.PRON+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF othersothers.PRON herehere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and god, I didn't know what some of these other ones were, did I, you know
1233ABExx cofio ryw hen storyCE myn diawl i .
  remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM oldold.ADJ storystory.N.SG byinsist.V.2S.IMPER devilunk PRON.1Sto.PREP
  [...] remembered some old story, my goodness
1234ABEoedd (y)na ryw foyCE # umCE yn arfer mynd ar # dripiau .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM boyboy.N.SG+SM IMum.IM PRTPRT use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onon.PREP tripsunk
  there was some guy, um, who used to go on trips
1235ABEneu # dreifar busCE oedd o o DreforCE .
  oror.CONJ driverunk busbus.N.SG.[or].pus.N.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMof.PREP fromfrom.PREP Treforname
  or, he was a bus driver from Trefor
1236ABEMotor_CochCE # erCE Dic_Motor_CochCE timod .
  Motor_Cochname IMer.IM Dic_Motor_Cochname know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  Motor Coch, er Dic Motor Coch, you know
1237ABEa (we)dyn pan oedd hwnnw mynd â ryw griwiau o Saeson o_gwmpas oedd gynno fo fath â ryw microphoneCE bach de timod # ac yn # deud bob mathau o bethau # am enwau (y)r mynyddoedd (y)ma timod .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM crewscrews.N.M.PL+SM offrom.PREP English_peoplename aroundaround.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM microphonemicrophone.N.SG smallsmall.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN everyeach.PREQ+SM kindstypes.N.M.PL ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM aboutfor.PREP namesnames.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL herehere.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and then when he'd take these groups of English people around, he had like some small microphone, right, you know, and would say all kinds of things about the names of these mountains, you know
1238ABE+" ohCE erCE # cachu iâr mountainE yn fan (a)cw .
  IMoh.IM IMer.IM shitshit.V.INFIN henhen.N.F.SG mountainmountain.N.SG inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM thereover there.ADV
  "oh er, chicken shit mountain over there"
1239ABEtimod de +" .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM
  you know, right
1240BAG&=laugh .
1241ABE+< <a finnau (y)n defnyddio> [=! laughs] (y)r un un fath de timod de .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM PRTPRT use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM oneone.NUM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES TAGbe.IM+SM