MIAMI - Herring10: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1PAIoh <now that I> [/] now that I remember antesS deS queS seS meS olvideS .
  ohoh.IM nownow.ADV thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S nownow.ADV thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S rememberremember.V.1S.PRES antesbefore.ADV deof.PREP quethat.CONJ seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S olvideforget.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  oh, now that I remember, before I forget
2PAIthis lady from the school .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG ladylady.N.SG fromfrom.PREP thethe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.SG .
3SARmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
4PAI<she told me> [/] she told me that she bought the subway passes (.) for the whole year .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S thatthat.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S boughtbought.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF subwaysubway.N.SG passespass.N.PL forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wholewhole.ADJ yearyear.N.SG .
5SARsubway passes to where to New_York ?
  subwaysubway.N.SG passespass.N.PL toto.PREP wherewhere.REL toto.PREP New_Yorkname ?
6PAIto New_York it's forty bucks .
  toto.PREP New_Yorkname it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES fortyforty.NUM bucksbuck.N.PL .
7SARyeah but you know what she bought I told you she bought that pass .
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S boughtbought.V.PAST II.PRON.SUB.1S toldtold.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S boughtbought.V.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR passpass.V.INFIN .
8PAIwhich one ?
  whichwhich.REL oneone.PRON.SG ?
9SAR+< it's a special pass that they give .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF specialspecial.ADJ passpass.N.SG thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P givegive.V.3P.PRES .
10SARum .
  umum.IM .
11SARit's a special pass .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF specialspecial.ADJ passpass.N.SG .
12SARit's called something and it gives you also discounts to certain museums (.) in New_York .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART somethingsomething.PRON andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S givesgive.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP alsoalso.ADV discountsdiscount.SV.INFIN+PV toto.PREP certaincertain.ADJ museumsmuseum.N.PL inin.PREP New_Yorkname .
13SARit's like a +...
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF .
14PAIbut for the whole year ?
  butbut.CONJ forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wholewhole.ADJ yearyear.N.SG ?
15SAR&y yeah conS eseS paseS <you can> [//] you know you can use it and <you can> [//] you have certain discounts .
  yeahyeah.ADV conwith.PREP esethat.ADJ.DEM.M.SG pasepass.N.M.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES useuse.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES certaincertain.ADJ discountsdiscount.N.PL .
  yeah, with this pass you can, you know, you can use it and you have certain discounts.
16SARbut (.) it comes out more expensive doesn't it .
  butbut.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES outout.ADV moremore.ADV expensiveexpensive.ADJ doesn'tdoes.SV.INFIN+NEG itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
17PAII don't know she says she can use it up and down as many times as she wants .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S cancan.V.3S.PRES useuse.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S upup.ADV andand.CONJ downdown.PREP asas.CONJ manymany.ADJ timestime.N.PL asas.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wantswant.V.3S.PRES .
18SAR+< like I would &h +...
  likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND .
19SARwas she gonna give it to you ?
  waswas.V.3S.PAST sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP givegive.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
20PAII wonder if it has a picture .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wonderwonder.N.SG ifif.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF picturepicture.N.SG .
21PAII should ask her .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S shouldshould.V.1S.PRES askask.SV.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
22SARI don't know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
23SARI don't know (be)cause I saw that .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S sawsaw.V.PAST thatthat.DEM.FAR .
24SARthey talk about it .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P talktalk.V.3P.PRES aboutabout.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
25SARit's called something .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART somethingsomething.PRON .
26SARit's like a [/] a supersaver I don't know what .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF supersaverunk II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL .
27SARand I was like why do they keep on referencing this ?
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ whywhy.REL dodo.V.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P keepkeep.V.3P.PRES onon.ADV referencingreference.N.SG+ASV thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG ?
28SARI wonder what it is .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wonderwonder.N.SG whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
29PAI+< but she just told me as in subway only .
  butbut.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV toldtold.AV.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S asas.CONJ inin.PREP subwaysubway.N.SG onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV .
30SARyes for the subway .
  yesyes.ADV forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF subwaysubway.N.SG .
31SAR<it's for the> [//] it's [/] it's for that .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES forfor.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR .
32SARbut there may be something different that she bought .
  butbut.CONJ therethere.ADV maymay.SV.INFIN bebe.V.INFIN somethingsomething.PRON differentdifferent.ADJ thatthat.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S boughtbought.V.PAST .
33SARbecause this one serves as [//] <as a> [/] as a thing for the subway .
  becausebecause.CONJ thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG oneone.PRON.SG servesunk asas.CONJ asas.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF asas.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF thingthing.N.SG forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF subwaysubway.N.SG .
34SARbut it also gives you if you have that card sometimes you can get into certain museums and things like that .
  butbut.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S alsoalso.ADV givesgive.SV.INFIN+PV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR cardcard.N.SG sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES getget.V.INFIN intointo.PREP certaincertain.ADJ museumsmuseum.N.PL andand.CONJ thingsthing.N.PL likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.3P.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR .
35SARperoS buenoS I checked out the prize and I was like if we are just gonna use +/.
  perobut.CONJ buenowell.E II.PRON.SUB.1S checkedcheck.V.PAST outout.ADV thethe.DET.DEF prizeprize.N.SG andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ ifif.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES justjust.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP useuse.V.INFIN .
  but well, I checked out the prize and I was, like, if we are just gonna use it
36PAI+< she told me she paid forty two dollars or forty dollars or something like that .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S paidpaid.V.PAST fortyforty.NUM twotwo.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL oror.CONJ fortyforty.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
37SARIt's like using the metro here (.) and you buy the annual pass it comes out cheaper .
  It'sname likelike.CONJ usinguse.V.PRESPART thethe.DET.DEF metrometro.N.SG herehere.ADV andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP buybuy.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF annualannual.ADJ passpass.N.SG itit.PRON.SUB.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES outout.ADV cheapercheap.ADJ.COMP .
38SARxxx .
39PAI+< xxx .
40SAR[- spa] ay yo sabía .
  ayoh.IM yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S sabíaknow.V.13S.IMPERF .
  oh, I know
41PAI[- spa] ay Dios mío [=! laugh] .
  ayoh.IM DiosGod.N.M.SG míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG .
  oh my God
42SAR[- spa] tú eres de madre .
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S eresbe.V.2S.PRES deof.PREP madremother.N.F.SG .
  you're so good
43PAIthat was KatherineSE HartSE by the way .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST Katherinename Hartname byby.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG .
44SAR&=laugh .
45PAI&=laugh .
46SARwhoever wants to know .
  whoeverwhoever.PRON wantswant.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP knowknow.V.INFIN .
47SARthe xxx [=! laugh] .
  thethe.DET.DEF .
48PAI&=laugh .
49PAI[- spa] qué vergüenza !
  quéwhat.INT vergüenzashame.N.F.SG !
  what a shame!
50SAR[- spa] yo sabía .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S sabíaknow.V.13S.IMPERF .
  I know.
51PAI+< I'm gonna kill her .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP killkill.V.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
52SAR&=laugh .
53PAI[- spa] xxx [=! laugh] .
54PAIy él los oy(e) [=! laugh] .
  yunk élname loslo.IM+PV oyeunk .
  and he listens to them.
55SARehSE ?
  eheh.IM ?
56PAI[- spa] él los escucha .
  élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S losthem.PRON.OBJ.M.3P escuchalisten.V.2S.IMPER.[or].listen.V.3S.PRES .
  he listens to them.
57SAR[- spa] ahora me mandaron un +...
  ahoranow.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S mandaronorder.V.3P.PAST unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG .
  now they're booking me a ...
58SARS porS finS did you book (.) the hotel (.) for September ?
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S porfor.PREP finend.N.M.SG diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP bookbook.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF hotelhotel.N.SG forfor.PREP Septembername ?
  in the end did you book the hotel for September?
59PAI+< no .
  nono.ADV .
60SARporqueS meS mandaronS ahoraS unS special elS westernSE de Times_SquareSE in one seventy nine .
  porquebecause.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S mandaronorder.V.3P.PAST ahoranow.ADV unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG specialspecial.ADJ elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG westernwestern.ADJ dede.N.SG Times_Squarename inin.PREP oneone.PRON.SG seventyseventy.NUM ninenine.NUM .
  because now they're booking me a special, the Times Square [Best] Western in one seventy-nine
61SARbut they only have one day in September .
  butbut.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV havehave.V.INFIN oneone.PRON.SG dayday.N.SG inin.PREP Septembername .
62PAIone day ?
  oneone.PRON.SG dayday.N.SG ?
63SAR+< one day .
  oneone.PRON.SG dayday.N.SG .
64SARPaigeSE yoS noS sabíaS queS aS MaríaS laS estabanS recording tambiénS .
  Paigename yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV sabíaknow.V.13S.IMPERF quethat.CONJ ato.PREP Maríaname laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S estabanbe.V.3P.IMPERF recordingrecord.SV.INFIN+ASV tambiéntoo.ADV .
  Paige, I didn't know that they were recording María as well.
65PAI+< ehSE .
  eheh.IM .
66SARqueS aS MaríaS laS estabanS recording tambiénS .
  quethat.CONJ ato.PREP Maríaname laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S estabanbe.V.3P.IMPERF recordingrecord.SV.INFIN+ASV tambiéntoo.ADV .
  that María has been recording as well.
67PAI+< MaríaSE is on all day .
  Maríaname isis.V.3S.PRES onon.PREP allall.ADJ dayday.N.SG .
68SARyeah I saw her with that thing .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S sawsaw.V.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S withwith.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR thingthing.N.SG .
69SARI thought it was her I_Pod .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S I_Podname .
70SARand I go +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES .
71SAR+" what kind of I_Pod is that ?
  whatwhat.REL kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP I_Podname isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
72SARand then mi(ré)S [/] miréS bienS .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV mirélook.V.1S.PAST mirélook.V.1S.PAST bienwell.ADV .
  and then I looked more closely.
73SAR[- spa] y dije +"/.
  yand.CONJ dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  and I said.
74SAR[- spa] +" no ella debe estar haciendo otra cosa .
  nonot.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S debeowe.V.2S.IMPER.[or].owe.V.3S.PRES estarbe.V.INFIN haciendodo.V.PRESPART otraother.ADJ.F.SG cosathing.N.F.SG .
  no, she ought to be doing something else.
75PAI+< yeah because her sister does noSS quéS cosaS .
  yeahyeah.ADV becausebecause.CONJ herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S sistersister.N.SG doesdoes.N.SG nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES quéwhat.INT cosathing.N.F.SG .
  yeah, because her sister does I don't know what.
76SARyeah he explained it to me that she's doing a more extensive one .
  yeahyeah.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S explainedunk itit.PRON.SUB.3S toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S thatthat.CONJ she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES doingdo.V.PRESPART aa.DET.INDEF moremore.ADV extensiveextensive.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
77SARhers is thirty hours .
  hershers.PRON.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES thirtythirty.NUM hourshour.N.PL .
78PAIwow .
  wowwow.IM .
79SAR+< she has to be recorded or something .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN recordedrecord.V.PASTPART oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
80PAIimagínateSS (.) thirty hours .
  imagínateimagine.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S thirtythirty.NUM hourshour.N.PL .
  just imagine, thirty hours.
81PAIshe's been at it for a long time too .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S forfor.PREP aa.DET.INDEF longlong.ADJ timetime.N.SG tootoo.ADV .
82PAIimagínateS thirty hours is almost a week with it .
  imagínateimagine.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] thirtythirty.NUM hourshour.N.PL isis.V.3S.PRES almostalmost.ADV aa.DET.INDEF weekweek.N.SG withwith.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
  imagine: thirty hours is almost a week with it.
83SARso what ehSE buenoS so I went to go check for you .
  soso.ADV whatwhat.REL eheh.IM buenowell.E soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN checkcheck.V.INFIN forfor.PREP youyou.PRON.OBJ.2SP .
  so what, oh well, so I went to check for you.
84SARand they only have one day in [/] in [/] in September that you can get discount .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV havehave.V.INFIN oneone.PRON.SG dayday.N.SG inin.PREP inin.PREP inin.PREP Septembername thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES getget.V.INFIN discountdiscount.SV.INFIN .
85PAII'm just gonna go and +...
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES justjust.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN andand.CONJ .
86PAI[- spa] pero que tengo que esperar a [/] (.) a coger el dinero ese en mayo .
  perobut.CONJ quethat.CONJ tengohave.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ esperarwait.V.INFIN ato.PREP ato.PREP cogertake.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG dineromoney.N.M.SG esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG enin.PREP mayoMay.N.M.SG .
  but, that I have to wait to get that money in May.
87SAR[- spa] qué dinero ?
  quéwhat.INT dineromoney.N.M.SG ?
  what money?
88PAIelS dineroS eseS queS nosS vanS aS darS with the taxes .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG dineromoney.N.M.SG esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P vango.V.3P.PRES ato.PREP dargive.V.INFIN withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF taxestax.N.PL .
  that money that they're going to give with the taxes.
89SARohSE ok .
  ohoh.IM okunk .
90PAIand I'm still four months ahead .
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES stillstill.ADJ fourfour.NUM monthsmonth.N.PL aheadahead.ADV .
91SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
92PAIehSE I mean how much &ero it'll probably go up yeah second month to the first .
  eheh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES howhow.ADV muchmuch.ADJ it'llit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.FUT probablyprobably.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN upup.ADV yeahyeah.ADV secondsecond.ADJ monthmonth.N.SG toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ .
93PAI[- spa] tengo un dolor de cabeza (.) de perros .
  tengohave.V.1S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG dolorpain.N.M.SG deof.PREP cabezahead.N.F.SG deof.PREP perrosdog.N.M.PL .
  I have a splitting headache.
94SARwhat did you eat yesterday queS teS cayóS malS ?
  whatwhat.REL diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP eateat.V.2SP.PRES yesterdayyesterday.N.SG quethat.PRON.REL teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S cayófall.V.3S.PAST malpoorly.ADJ.M.SG.[or].poorly.ADV.[or].poorly.N.M.SG ?
  what did you eat yesterday that made you ill?
95PAI+< I went to PublixSE yesterday night .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Publixname yesterdayyesterday.N.SG nightnight.N.SG .
96PAIand I did some shopping .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S diddid.V.PAST somesome.ADJ shoppingshop.N.SG+ASV .
97PAIyS (.) I didn't wanna cook .
  yand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG wannawant.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP cookcook.N.SG .
  and I didn't want to cook.
98SARo_kSE .
  o_kOK.IM .
99PAI+< so I made xxx that's turkey and stuffing (.) and macaroni and cheese .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S mademade.V.PAST that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES turkeyturkey.N.SG andand.CONJ stuffingunk andand.CONJ macaronimacaroni.N.SG andand.CONJ cheesecheese.N.SG .
100SARyoS noSS porS quéSS comesS macaroni and cheese siSS sabesS queS teS vaS aS caerS malS .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S comeseat.V.2S.PRES macaronimacaroni.N.SG andand.CONJ cheesecheese.N.SG siif.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S sabesknow.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S vago.V.3S.PRES ato.PREP caerfall.V.INFIN malpoorly.ADJ.M.SG.[or].poorly.ADV.[or].poorly.N.M.SG .
  I don't know why you eat macaroni and cheese if you know that you're going to feel ill.
101SAR[- spa] siempre te cae mal .
  siemprealways.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S caefall.V.3S.PRES malpoorly.ADJ.M.SG.[or].poorly.ADV.[or].poorly.N.M.SG .
  you always get ill.
102PAIno no no something something happened something that chicken .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV somethingsomething.PRON somethingsomething.PRON happenedhappen.V.INFIN+AV somethingsomething.PRON thatthat.DEM.FAR chickenchicken.N.SG .
103SARchicken but what's wrong with the chicken ?
  chickenchicken.N.SG butbut.CONJ what'swhat.REL+GB wrongwrong.ADJ withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF chickenchicken.N.SG ?
104PAI+< the [/] the turkey I don't know meS dioS unS ascoS .
  thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF turkeyturkey.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S diogive.V.3S.PAST unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG ascodisgust.N.M.SG .
  the turkey, I don't know, it gave me a turn.
105SAR+< but what kind of turkey was it ?
  butbut.CONJ whatwhat.REL kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP turkeyturkey.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
106PAIdesmenuzadoS conS stuffing todoS mezcladoS .
  desmenuzadocrumble.V.PASTPART conwith.PREP stuffingunk todoeverything.PRON.M.SG mezcladomix.V.PASTPART .
  shredded, with stuffing, everything mixed together.
107SARyou got that at PublixSE .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gotgot.V.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR atat.PREP Publixname .
108PAIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
109SARsounds good .
  soundssound.N.PL goodgood.ADJ .
110PAIit did .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S diddid.V.PAST .
111PAIit looked good .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S lookedlook.V.PAST goodgood.ADJ .
112SARyS noS teS dioS ascoS or something .
  yand.CONJ nonot.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S diogive.V.3S.PAST ascodisgust.N.M.SG oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
  and it didn't make you feel sick or something .
113SARdon't throw up now .
  don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG throwthrow.V.INFIN upup.ADV nownow.ADV .
114SAR(be)cause then I gotta go with you +/.
  becausebecause.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gottaget.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
115PAI&=laugh .
116SARto the bathroom .
  toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bathroombathroom.N.SG .
117SAR<and I don't wanna be> [=! laughs] .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG wannawant.V.INFIN+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN .
118SARno thank you .
  nono.ADV thankthank.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
119PAIperoS my god .
  perobut.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
  but my God.
120PAI&=sigh it's hot .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES hothot.ADJ .
121SARxxx found that thing <for the> [/] for the wine thing expensive .
  foundfound.V.INFIN.[or].find.V.PAST+P thatthat.DEM.FAR thingthing.N.SG forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF winewine.N.SG thingthing.N.SG expensiveexpensive.ADJ .
122PAIfifty dollars .
  fiftyfifty.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
123SARfifty dollars .
  fiftyfifty.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
124PAIxxx for two hours it's twenty five bucks an hour .
  forfor.PREP twotwo.NUM hourshour.N.PL it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES twentytwenty.NUM fivefive.NUM bucksbuck.N.PL anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG .
125PAIunless you drink like a fish it's [/] it's good to go .
  unlessunless.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP drinkdrink.V.2SP.PRES likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF fishfish.N.SG it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES goodgood.ADJ toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
126SARhe's like xxx I would wanna go .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND wannawant.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
127SARperoS there's a whole bunch of restaurants participating .
  perobut.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF wholewhole.ADJ bunchbunch.N.SG ofof.PREP restaurantsrestaurant.N.PL participatingparticipate.V.PRESPART .
  but there's a whole bunch of restaurants participating.
128SARwhat I wanted to ask AdelinaSE was +/.
  whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP askask.V.INFIN Adelinaname waswas.V.3S.PAST .
129PAIis that the one that they was doing in Coral_GablesSE that they closed it down ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P waswas.V.3S.PAST doingdo.V.PRESPART inin.PREP Coral_Gablesname thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closedclose.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S downdown.PREP ?
130SARI've never seen it before .
  I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES nevernever.ADV seenseen.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S beforebefore.CONJ .
131PAII think so .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES soso.ADV .
132PAII've seen it <in a> [/] <in a> [/] in a +/.
133SAR+< maybe like I bumped into it going home since it's on my way .
  maybemaybe.ADV likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S bumpedbump.V.PAST intointo.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S goinggo.V.PRESPART homehome.ADV sincesince.PREP it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES onon.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S wayway.N.SG .
134SARand I noticed that the streets are closed .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S noticednotice.N.SG+AV thatthat.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF streetsstreet.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES closedclose.V.PASTPART .
135PAI+< I [///] yes and [/] and [/] and JohnSE has gone to it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ Johnname hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES gonegone.V.PASTPART toto.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
136SARbut I wanted to ask AdelinaSE because they have a list of +//.
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP askask.V.INFIN Adelinaname becausebecause.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF listlist.N.SG ofof.PREP .
137SARxxx <it says> [/] it says that they are gonna be serving .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN servingunk .
138SARthere's gonna be wine right obviously .
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN winewine.N.SG rightright.ADJ obviouslyobvious.ADJ+ADV .
139PAImmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
140SARbut it's gonna be xxx .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN .
141PAI[- spa] por cincuenta pesos ?
  porfor.PREP cincuentafifty.NUM pesosweight.N.M.PL ?
  for fifty dollars?
142SAR+< exactly from [/] from this place Wild_OatsSE or something right ?
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV fromfrom.PREP fromfrom.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG placeplace.N.SG Wild_Oatsname oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON rightright.ADJ ?
143PAI+< ohSE no .
  ohoh.IM nono.ADV .
144SAR[- spa] (es)pérate .
  espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] .
  wait and see.
145SARbut then I'm saying fifty dollars !
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sayingsay.V.PRESPART fiftyfifty.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL !
146SARand are you gonna get hors_d'oeuvres ?
  andand.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP getget.V.INFIN hors_d'oeuvresunk ?
147SARbut then I went into the restaurant section .
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF restaurantrestaurant.N.SG sectionsection.N.SG .
148SARand it has all the restaurants participating .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF restaurantsrestaurant.N.PL participatingparticipate.V.PRESPART .
149SARso I'm like buenoS is each restaurant gonna have like a booth that you can sample their food porqueS estáS FlemmingsSE ahíS .
  soso.ADV I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ buenowell.E isis.V.3S.PRES eacheach.ADJ restaurantrestaurant.N.SG gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF boothbooth.N.SG thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES samplesample.N.SG theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P foodfood.N.SG porquebecause.CONJ estábe.V.3S.PRES Flemmingsname ahíthere.ADV .
  so I'm like, OK, is each restaurant gonna have, like, a booth that you can sample their food because Flemming is there.
150PAIno yeah Wild_OatsSE is not a +...
  nono.ADV yeahyeah.ADV Wild_Oatsname isis.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV aa.DET.INDEF .
151SARok or are they just gonna (.) pass the stupid hors_d'oeuvres and that's it por cincuentaS pesosS .
  okunk oror.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P justjust.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP passpass.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF stupidstupid.ADJ hors_d'oeuvresunk andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S porpor.N.SG cincuentafifty.NUM pesosweight.N.M.PL .
  OK, or are they just gonna pass the stupid hors d'oeuvres and that's it for fifty dollars.
152PAI+< it's a healthy store .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF healthyhealthy.ADJ storestore.N.SG .
153SAR[- spa] no hay manera que tú te puedas tomar .
  nonot.ADV haythere_is.V.3S.PRES maneraway.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S puedasbe_able.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES tomartake.V.INFIN .
  there's no way you can take it.
154PAI[- spa] cincuenta +/.
  cincuentafifty.NUM .
155SARbuenoS they're gonna have premium drinks too .
  buenowell.E they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN premiumpremium.N.SG drinksdrink.N.PL tootoo.ADV .
  well, they're gonna have premium drinks too
156SARyou know .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
157PAI+< it doesn't sound bad though .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG soundsound.N.SG badbad.ADJ thoughthough.CONJ .
158SARbut [/] I don't know .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
159SARI wanted to go .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
160SARbut then RafiSE was like +"/.
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV Rafiname waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
161PAIJohnSE haS idoS .
  Johnname hahave.V.3S.PRES idogo.V.PASTPART .
  John went.
162SAR+" but then <we had> [//] we left the girls yesterday to go to do the taxes .
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PASTPART thethe.DET.DEF girlsgirl.N.PL yesterdayyesterday.N.SG toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF taxestax.N.PL .
163SARso Rafi'sSE+eng like +"/.
  soso.ADV Rafi's likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
164SAR+" I don't know if I wanna leave the girls again you know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP leaveleave.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF girlsgirl.N.PL againagain.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
165SARso I don't know .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
166PAI+< xxx your mom's gonna mind .
  youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP mom'smom.N.SG+GB gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP mindmind.N.SG .
167SARI don't know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
168SARI have to ask her .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP askask.V.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
169SAR[- spa] y después que le grité hoy .
  yand.CONJ despuésafterwards.ADV quethat.CONJ lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S gritéshout.V.1S.PAST hoytoday.ADV .
  and since I called him today.
170PAI[- spa] +< no y después que te xxx .
  nonot.ADV yand.CONJ despuésafterwards.ADV quethat.CONJ teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S .
  no and after you [...].
171SAR&=laugh .
172SARit's only for two hours anyway .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV forfor.PREP twotwo.NUM hourshour.N.PL anywayanyway.ADV .
173SARwe are gonna be right there .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV .
174SARyou know .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
175SARbecause he says +"/.
  becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES .
176SAR+" it sounds good I've always wanted to go .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S soundssound.N.PL goodgood.ADJ I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV wantedwant.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
177SARI always wanted to go to the one in South_BeachSE .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV wantedwant.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG inin.PREP South_Beachname .
178SARbut the one South_BeachSE is so expensive .
  butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG South_Beachname isis.V.3S.PRES soso.ADV expensiveexpensive.ADJ .
179PAIthat's two hundred dollars .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES twotwo.NUM hundredhundred.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
180SARyeah it's really expensive .
  yeahyeah.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV expensiveexpensive.ADJ .
181SARand they keep on and they keep on .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P keepkeep.V.3P.PRES onon.ADV andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P keepkeep.V.3P.PRES onon.ADV .
182PAI+< that's ridiculous .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES ridiculousridiculous.ADJ .
183PAIbut my brother told me it's +/.
  butbut.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S brotherbrother.N.SG toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S it'sit.PRON.OBJ.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES .
184SARthey keep on hiring the prize thinking that people are not gonna go .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P keepkeep.V.3P.PRES onon.ADV hiringhire.V.PRESPART thethe.DET.DEF prizeprize.N.SG thinkingthink.V.PRESPART thatthat.DEM.FAR peoplepeople.N.SG areare.V.123P.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
185SARand more people go .
  andand.CONJ moremore.ADJ peoplepeople.N.SG gogo.N.SG .
186PAI+< and the people are going .
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.SG areare.V.123P.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART .
187SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
188PAInow next year it'll be three hundred bucks .
  nownow.ADV nextnext.ADJ yearyear.N.SG it'llit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.FUT bebe.V.3S.PRES threethree.NUM hundredhundred.NUM bucksbuck.N.PL .
189PAIbut I'm gonna tell my brother next year pa(ra)S queS meSS losS tickets .
  butbut.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP telltell.V.INFIN mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S brotherbrother.N.SG nextnext.ADJ yearyear.N.SG parafor.PREP quethat.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S give.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL ticketsticket.N.PL .
  but I'm gonna tell my brother next year why I got myself the tickets.
190SAR+< <and here> [//] but <here in> [/] <here in miracle> [//] here in this one ?
  andand.CONJ herehere.ADV butbut.CONJ herehere.ADV inin.PREP herehere.ADV inin.PREP miraclemiracle.N.SG herehere.ADV inin.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG oneone.PRON.SG ?
191SARthey have a V_I_P for one fifty .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF V_I_Pname forfor.PREP oneone.PRON.SG fiftyfifty.NUM .
192SARthat you go in the tent .
  thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF tenttent.N.SG .
193SARand I don't know what they give you .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P givegive.V.3P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
194SARis AdelinaSE here ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES Adelinaname herehere.ADV ?
195PAII've seen the te(nt) .
  I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES seenseen.V.PASTPART thethe.DET.DEF tenttent.N.SG .
196PAIyeah let's go there .
  yeahyeah.ADV let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.SV.INFIN therethere.ADV .
197PAII've seen that tent .
  I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES seenseen.V.PASTPART thatthat.DEM.FAR tenttent.N.SG .
198SARSharonSE .
  Sharonname .
199SARelS [/] elS food festival eseS .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG foodfood.N.SG festivalfestival.N.SG esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG .
  that food festival.
200OSEwww .
201SARellosS dijeronS queS ibanS aS darS appetizers at Wild_OatsSE .
  ellosthey.PRON.SUB.M.3P dijerontell.V.3P.PAST quethat.CONJ ibango.V.3P.IMPERF ato.PREP dargive.V.INFIN appetizersappetizer.N.PL atat.PREP Wild_Oatsname .
  they said they were going to give appetisers at Wild Oats.
202OSEwww .
203SAR[- spa] pero hay comida ?
  perobut.CONJ haythere_is.V.3S.PRES comidameal.N.F.SG ?
  but is there a meal?
204OSEwww .
205SARentoncesS todosS esosS restaurants that are participating will have booths .
  entoncesthen.ADV todosall.ADJ.M.PL esosthat.PRON.DEM.M.PL restaurantsrestaurant.N.PL thatthat.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES participatingparticipate.V.PRESPART willwill.V.123SP.FUT havehave.SV.INFIN boothsbooth.N.PL .
  then all those restaurants that are participating will have booths.
206SARand they are provide food for you free .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES provideprovide.SV.INFIN foodfood.N.SG forfor.PREP youyou.PRON.OBJ.2SP freefree.ADJ .
207OSEwww .
208SARoh ok (be)cause if they're just giving appetizers .
  ohoh.IM okunk becausebecause.CONJ ifif.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES justjust.ADV givinggive.V.PRESPART appetizersappetizer.N.PL .
209PAI+< JohnSE has gone .
  Johnname hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES gonegone.V.PASTPART .
210SARehSE ?
  eheh.IM ?
211SARnoSE they have a list of the restaurants that are participating .
  nono.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF listlist.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF restaurantsrestaurant.N.PL thatthat.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES participatingparticipate.V.PRESPART .
212OSEwww .
213SARit's just in the little thing where you buy the ticket .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF littlelittle.ADJ thingthing.N.SG wherewhere.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP buybuy.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF ticketticket.N.SG .
214SARit tells you no ehSE you know the wine and premium drinks and hors_d'oeuvres from Wild_OatsSE .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S tellstell.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP nono.ADV eheh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF winewine.N.SG andand.CONJ premiumpremium.N.SG drinksdrink.N.PL andand.CONJ hors_d'oeuvresunk fromfrom.PREP Wild_Oatsname .
215SARI'm like +...
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ .
216PAIyS Wild_OatsSE esS unS [/] unS healthy store ?
  yand.CONJ Wild_Oatsname esbe.V.3S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG healthyhealthy.ADJ storestore.SV.INFIN ?
  and Wild Oats is a health store?
217SARS peroS they have everything másS oS menosS .
  yes.ADV perobut.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES everythingeverything.PRON másmore.ADV oor.CONJ menosless.ADV .
  yes, but they have more or less everything.
218SARbut still I mean you know it's hors_d'oeuvres it's just +...
  butbut.CONJ stillstill.ADJ II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES hors_d'oeuvresunk it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV .
219SARI mean +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES .
220OSEwww .
221SAR+< I'm sure they probably have a sampling no ?
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES suresure.ADJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P probablyprobably.ADV havehave.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF samplingunk nono.ADV ?
222PAIwhen you do that xxx thing .
  whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dodo.V.2SP.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR thingthing.N.SG .
223SARqueS everybody has .
  quethat.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES .
  that everyone has.
224OSE+< www .
225OSEwww .
226SARyeah but you are paying for that right .
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES payingpay.V.PRESPART forfor.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR rightright.ADJ .
227OSEwww .
228SAR+< that's probably what it is .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES probablyprobably.ADV whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
229SAR[- spa] ah bueno pero mientras que todo el mundo tenga .
  ahah.IM buenowell.E perobut.CONJ mientraswhile.CONJ quethat.CONJ todoall.ADJ.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG mundoworld.N.M.SG tengahave.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  ah, well, but while everybody has it.
230SARporqueS estabaS hastaS elS FlemmingsSE yS todoS .
  porquebecause.CONJ estababe.V.13S.IMPERF hastauntil.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG Flemmingsname yand.CONJ todoeverything.PRON.M.SG .
  because it was up untl the Flemmings and everything.
231OSEwww .
232SARyS <vaS aS estar@s:spa> [///] there's a whole bunch of them .
  yand.CONJ vago.V.3S.PRES ato.PREP estarbe.V.INFIN there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF wholewhole.ADJ bunchbunch.N.SG ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P .
  and there's going to be, there's a whole bunch of them.
233OSEwww .
234SAR<ArchiesSE pi(zza)> [//] that ArchiesSE place pizza and +...
  Archiesname pizzapizza.N.SG thatthat.CONJ Archiesname placeplace.N.SG pizzapizza.N.SG andand.CONJ .
235PAI[- spa] oye tú no tienes que recoger a la niña ?
  oyehear.V.2S.IMPER you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S nonot.ADV tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ recogerpick.V.INFIN ato.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG niñakid.N.F.SG ?
  listen, don't you have to collect the girl?
236OSEwww .
237PAI[- spa] qué hora es ?
  quéwhat.INT horatime.N.F.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES ?
  what time is it?
238SARfifteen .
  fifteenfifteen.NUM .
239PAIohSE .
  ohoh.IM .
240PAI[- spa] vamos saltando para allá .
  vamosgo.V.1P.PRES saltandospring.V.PRESPART parafor.PREP alláthere.ADV .
  let's go there quickly.
241SAR[- spa] +< qué andas haciendo ?
  quéwhat.INT andaswalk.V.2S.PRES haciendodo.V.PRESPART ?
  what are you going to be doing?
242OSEwww .
243SARxxx .
244OSEwww .
245OSEwww .
246SAR+< &=sneeze .
247PAI&pu .
248SAR&pu .
249PAI[- spa] quién ?
  quiénwho.INT.MF.SG ?
250PAIwho [/] who's that ?
  whowho.REL who'swho.REL+GB thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
251SARshe's probably pregnant isn't she ?
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES probablyprobably.ADV pregnantpregnant.ADJ isn'tis.V.3S.PRES+NEG sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S ?
252PAIshe knows you ?
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S knowsknow.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
253OSEwww .
254PAIshe is lying .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES lyinglie.V.PRESPART .
255SARso how'd you add her ?
  soso.ADV how'dhow.ADV+BE.V.COND youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP addadd.V.2SP.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S ?
256SARshe's browsing .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES browsingunk .
257OSEwww .
258OSEwww .
259OSEwww .
260SAR[- spa] ella se mete donde se mete la mamá de xxx .
  ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP meteput.V.3S.PRES dondewhere.REL seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP meteput.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG mamámum.N.F.SG deof.PREP .
  she interferes where [...] mother interferes
261SAR[- spa] y después te manda todas estas manos [?] de [/] de cosas ahí .
  yand.CONJ despuésafterwards.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S mandaorder.V.3S.PRES todasall.ADJ.F.PL estasthis.ADJ.DEM.F.PL manoshand.N.F.PL deof.PREP deof.PREP cosasthing.N.F.PL ahíthere.ADV .
  and then she sends you all these things there.
262OSEwww .
263SAR[- spa] no .
  nonot.ADV .
264SARRafi's mom tambiénS seS meteS enS todasS esasS cosasS &hei .
  Rafi'sname mommom.N.SG tambiéntoo.ADV seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP meteput.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP todasall.ADJ.F.PL esasthat.ADJ.DEM.F.PL cosasthing.N.F.PL .
  Rafi's mom also gets herself into all these things
265SAR&=laugh .
266SAR[- spa] te vas a xxx el papel ese ?
  teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S vasgo.V.2S.PRES ato.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG papelpaper.N.M.SG esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG ?
  are you going to [...] that paper?
267PAI[- spa] ay no .
  ayoh.IM nonot.ADV .
  oh no.
268SAR&=laugh .
269PAIit's just fine .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV finefine.N.SG .
270SAR&=laugh .
271PAI+< &=laugh .
272SAR[- spa] ay pero vete a vomitar .
  ayoh.IM perobut.CONJ vetego.V.2S.IMPER+TE[PRON.MF.2S].[or].see.V.2S.IMPER ato.PREP vomitarvomit.V.INFIN .
  but go and throw up
273PAI[- spa] no y no hables de eso .
  nonot.ADV yand.CONJ nonot.ADV hablestalk.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES deof.PREP esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  no, don't talk about that.
274SAR&=laugh .
275PAIoh my goodness .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S goodnessgoodness.N.SG .
276PAIwhat is that ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
277SARnice to even to have your attention now xxx you dirty sneaky immoral [=! laugh] .
  nicenice.ADJ toto.PREP eveneven.ADJ toto.PREP havehave.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP attentionattention.N.SG nownow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dirtydirty.ADJ sneakysneaky.ADJ immoralimmoral.ADJ .
278PAIunfaithful xxx doubts .
  unfaithfulunfaithful.ADJ doubtsdoubt.N.PL .
279SAR+< oh my god what ?
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG whatwhat.REL ?
280OSEwww .
281SARquéS website ?
  quéwhat.INT websiteunk ?
  what website?
282OSEwww .
283SARoh I don't know .
  ohoh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
284SARI have it um +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S umum.IM .
285SARjust do the Core_Gables food and wine festival .
  justjust.ADV dodo.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF Core_Gablesname foodfood.N.SG andand.CONJ winewine.N.SG festivalfestival.N.SG .
286PAIlost dog miraS estoS .
  lostlost.ADJ dogdog.N.SG miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  lost dog, look at this.
287PAIlast humping his wife best friend on hidden camera answer to StevenSE [/] to see the old dog participating tricks xxx .
  lastlast.ADJ humpinghump.N.SG+ASV hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S wifewife.N.SG bestbest.ADJ friendfriend.N.SG onon.PREP hiddenhidden.AV.PAST cameracamera.N.SG answeranswer.N.SG toto.PREP Stevenname toto.PREP seesee.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ dogdog.N.SG participatingparticipate.V.PRESPART trickstrick.N.PL .
288SARoh my god .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
289PAI+< &=sigh .
290PAIoh my god that's terrible .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES terribleterrible.ADJ .
291SARlook at what she did .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S diddid.V.PAST .
292PAI&=gasp .
293SAR+< &=gasp .
294PAIand a B_M_W .
  andand.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF B_M_Wname .
295SARshe passed it .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S passedpass.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
296PAI+< inside the car .
  insideinside.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG .
297PAI&=gasp .
298SARohSE .
  ohoh.IM .
299PAI[- spa] +< ay dios mío .
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG .
  oh my God.
300SARI think she is mad .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES madmad.ADJ .
301PAI[- spa] +< la mato .
  laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S matokill.V.1S.PRES .
  I'll kill her.
302SAR&=gasp .
303OSEwww .
304SARno you have to show her the other one .
  nono.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP showshow.V.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
305SARlook at what she did to that car .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S diddid.V.PAST toto.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR carcar.N.SG .
306PAI[- spa] +< no repitas .
  nonot.ADV repitasrepeat.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES .
  don't do it again.
307PAI[- spa] no lo repitas .
  nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S repitasrepeat.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES .
  don't do it again.
308SAR[- spa] no lo repitas alto .
  nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S repitasrepeat.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES altohigh.ADJ.M.SG.[or].high.ADV .
  don't say it out loud
309PAIa killer .
  aa.DET.INDEF killerkiller.N.SG.[or].kill.N.SG.AG .
310SAR+< look at what she did &=laughs .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S diddid.V.PAST .
311SARno, look at the other one .
  nono.ADV looklook.N.SG atat.PREP thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
312SAR[- spa] dale .
  dalegive.V.2S.IMPER+LE[PRON.MF.3S] .
  do it.
313SAR&=laugh .
314OSEwww .
315SAR&=laugh .
316PAI[- spa] +< ay dios mío mira esto .
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  oh my God, look at this.
317OSEwww .
318OSEwww .
319PAI&=laugh .
320SAR+< &=laugh .
321SAR[- spa] y esto ?
  yand.CONJ estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  and this?
322OSEwww .
323PAIayS diosS míoS how embarrassing !
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG howhow.ADV embarrassingembarrass.SV.INFIN+ASV !
  oh my God, how embarrassing?
324SAR+< oh my god .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
325SARdid you find it ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP findfind.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
326OSEwww .
327SARxxx .
328PAI[- spa] pero dónde tú estás buscando ?
  perobut.CONJ dóndewhere.INT you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S estásbe.V.2S.PRES buscandoseek.V.PRESPART ?
  but where are you looking?
329SARestásS metidaS enS TagSE .
  estásbe.V.2S.PRES metidaput.V.F.SG.PASTPART enin.PREP Tagname .
  she is in Tag@s:eng&spa
330PAI[- spa] qué es eso ?
  quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  what's that?
331SARsonS unS website there .
  sonbe.V.3P.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG websiteunk therethere.ADV .
  there's a website there.
332SAR[- spa] son +...
  sonbe.V.3P.PRES .
  they're ...
333PAI[- spa] ya yo ni me meto ahí .
  yaalready.ADV yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S ninor.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S metoput.V.1S.PRES ahíthere.ADV .
  yes, I'm not logging myself in there
334SAR[- spa] sí ya vi ya .
  yes.ADV yaalready.ADV visee.V.1S.PAST yaalready.ADV .
  yes, yes, I see, yes
335SAR[- spa] todo el mundo quiere saber dónde [/] dónde comprar e(l) [/] el delantal .
  todoall.ADJ.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG mundoworld.N.M.SG quierewant.V.2S.IMPER.[or].want.V.3S.PRES saberknow.N.M.SG.[or].know.V.INFIN dóndewhere.INT dóndewhere.INT comprarbuy.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG delantalapron.N.M.SG .
  everyone wants to know where to buy the apron.
336PAI[- spa] +< en qué nos metemos ?
  enin.PREP quéwhat.INT nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P metemosput.V.1P.PRES ?
  which one do we log in on?
337PAI[- spa] ay está comiquísimo .
  ayoh.IM estábe.V.3S.PRES comiquísimohilarious.ADJ.M.SG.AUG .
  oh, that's so funny.
338SARI got like six comments (.) on the thing .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S gotgot.V.PAST likelike.CONJ sixsix.NUM commentscomment.N.PL onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG .
339PAI+< that is hilarious .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR isis.V.3S.PRES hilarioushilarious.ADJ .
340SAReverybody wants to know .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON wantswant.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP knowknow.V.INFIN .
341PAI+< that is I am gonna go look at it .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR isis.V.3S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S amam.V.1S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN looklook.SV.INFIN atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
342SARstop .
  stopstop.V.INFIN .
343SAReverybody wants to go .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON wantswant.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
344SAReverybody wants to see .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON wantswant.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP seesee.V.INFIN .
345PAI[- spa] +< xxx ella los vio ?
  ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S losthem.PRON.OBJ.M.3P viosee.V.3S.PAST ?
  [...] did she see them?
346SARS she said it was +...
  yes.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S saidsaid.V.PAST itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST .
  yes, she said it was ...
347SARshe says those last two pictures was a bit disturbing .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL lastlast.ADJ twotwo.NUM picturespicture.N.PL waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF bitbit.N.SG disturbingunk .
348SARand I said +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S saidsaid.V.PAST .
349SAR+" oh god I sent those out .
  ohoh.IM godgod.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S sentsent.V.PAST thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL outout.ADV .
350SARI wasn't supposed to .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wasn'twas.V.13S.PAST+NEG supposedsuppose.V.PASTPART toto.PREP .
351SAR[- spa] lo encontraste o no ?
  lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S encontrastefind.V.2S.PAST oor.CONJ nonot.ADV ?
  have you found it or not?
352SAR[- spa] ah no .
  ahah.IM nonot.ADV .
  ah, no.
353SAR[- spa] igual que CarlaSE no ha hecho nada .
  igualequal.ADJ.M.SG.[or].equal.ADV quethan.CONJ Carlaname nonot.ADV hahave.V.3S.PRES hechodo.V.PASTPART nadanothing.PRON .
  just like Carla hasn't done anything.
354PAI[- spa] CarlaSE estaba de madre .
  Carlaname estababe.V.13S.IMPERF deof.PREP madremother.N.F.SG .
  Carla was cool.
355PAI[- spa] y ya porque como ella está en el chisme xxx lado .
  yand.CONJ yaalready.ADV porquebecause.CONJ comolike.CONJ ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S estábe.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG chismegossip.N.M.SG ladoside.N.M.SG .
  because she knows everything [...].
356PAII think xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES .
357SAR[- spa] ay qué bueno .
  ayoh.IM quéwhat.INT buenowell.E .
  oh, how nice.
358PAI[- spa] dónde ?
  dóndewhere.INT ?
359PAIohSE MaggieSE miraS MaggieSE has more than me .
  ohoh.IM Maggiename miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES Maggiename hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES moremore.ADV thanthan.CONJ meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
  oh, Maggie, look; Maggie has more than me.
360PAI[- spa] qué es esto xxx .
  quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  what is this?
361SAR[- spa] <qué es eso> [//] qué es ?
  quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES ?
  what is that, what is it?
362SARis that the noise coming from there ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR thethe.DET.DEF noisenoise.N.SG comingcome.V.PRESPART fromfrom.PREP therethere.ADV ?
363SARthe dog sniffing ?
  thethe.DET.DEF dogdog.N.SG sniffingunk ?
364PAII don't know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
365PAII guess they have something wrong here .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S guessguess.V.1S.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES somethingsomething.PRON wrongwrong.ADJ herehere.ADV .
366SARohSE it's probably that noSE ?
  ohoh.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES probablyprobably.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR nono.ADV ?
367PAI[- spa] este manda unas cosas tan +//.
  estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG mandaorder.V.2S.IMPER.[or].order.V.3S.PRES unasone.DET.INDEF.F.PL cosasthing.N.F.PL tanso.ADV .
  this [guy] send some things so ...
368PAI[- spa] ellas con sus angelitos están de madre .
  ellasthey.PRON.SUB.F.3P conwith.PREP sushis.ADJ.POSS.MF.3SP.PL angelitosangels.N.M.PL estánbe.V.3P.PRES deof.PREP madremother.N.F.SG .
  they're cool with their angels.
369SAR<I go to the main page> [//] go to your main page xxx in .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF mainmain.ADJ pagepage.N.SG gogo.N.SG toto.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP mainmain.ADJ pagepage.N.SG inin.PREP .
370SAR[- spa] tienes que cambiar eso .
  tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ cambiarshift.V.INFIN esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  you have to change that.
371PAI<it xxx> [///] and I can't open it .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG openopen.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
372SAR[- spa] +< mira pa(ra) allá .
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER parafor.PREP alláthere.ADV .
  look over there.
373PAI[- spa] ay .
  ayoh.IM .
374SAR&=laugh .
375SAR[- spa] ahí arriba ahí arriba .
  ahíthere.ADV arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES ahíthere.ADV arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  up there, up there.
376SARohSE .
  ohoh.IM .
377PAI&=laugh .
378SAR+< &=laugh .
379SARyou go in .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP .
380SAR<and then you> [//] and you redo it .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP redoredo.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
381SARgo in the countdown .
  gogo.V.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF countdowncountdown.N.SG .
382SARand redo it .
  andand.CONJ redoredo.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
383PAIhow [///] and xxx I did .
  howhow.ADV andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S diddid.V.PAST .
384SARright there press it .
  rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV presspress.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
385PAI+< and they do not no longer have it .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES notnot.ADV nono.ADV longerlong.ADJ.COMP havehave.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
386PAII tried it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S triedtry.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
387SARwhat do you mean ?
  whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP meanmean.V.2SP.PRES ?
388SARor there go the [//] that one .
  oror.CONJ therethere.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR oneone.PRON.SG .
389PAI[- spa] sí .
  yes.ADV .
390PAI[- spa] sí .
  yes.ADV .
391SARright there click the link .
  rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV clickclick.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF linklink.N.SG .
392SARno no there .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV therethere.ADV .
393PAI+< here ?
  herehere.ADV ?
394SARwait xxx there .
  waitwait.V.INFIN therethere.ADV .
395SARnow pick one .
  nownow.ADV pickpick.V.INFIN oneone.PRON.SG .
396SARwait hold on .
  waitwait.V.INFIN holdhold.SV.INFIN onon.PREP .
397SARsomething xxx &bla &bla &bla .
  somethingsomething.PRON .
398SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
399PAII wanna see them .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP seesee.V.INFIN themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P .
400SARpick .
  pickpick.V.INFIN .
401SARpick like My_spaceSE flowers or +...
  pickpick.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ My_spacename flowersflower.N.PL oror.CONJ .
402PAI[- spa] ay qué lindo está ese .
  ayoh.IM quéhow.ADV lindocute.ADJ.M.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG .
  oh, how pretty that is.
403PAI[- spa] ok .
  okOK.E .
404PAIenter the date .
  enterenter.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF datedate.N.SG .
405PAIit will be +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S willwill.V.3S.FUT bebe.SV.INFIN .
406SAR+< may .
  maymay.V.INFIN .
407PAImay .
  maymay.V.INFIN .
408PAIninth .
  ninthninth.ORD .
409SAR+< ninth .
  ninthninth.ORD .
410PAItwo thousand and eight .
  twotwo.NUM thousandthousand.NUM andand.CONJ eighteight.NUM .
411PAIand then you put what you want .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP putput.V.2SP.PRES whatwhat.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wantwant.V.2SP.PRES .
412PAINew_York trip .
  New_Yorkname triptrip.N.SG .
413SAR[- spa] no te cabe .
  nonot.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S cabefit.V.3S.PRES .
  it doesn't fit you.
414PAIahSE .
  ahah.IM .
415SARjust xxx .
  justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV .
416PAIgross .
  grossgross.ADJ .
417SARno .
  nono.ADV .
418SARput girl .
  putput.V.INFIN girlgirl.N.SG .
419PAII know what I'm gonna do .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES whatwhat.REL I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP dodo.V.INFIN .
420SAR+< and gap .
  andand.CONJ gapgap.N.SG .
421PAIxxx .
422SARxxx .
423PAInow what do I do ?
  nownow.ADV whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S dodo.V.1S.PRES ?
424SARehSE ?
  eheh.IM ?
425SAR[- spa] lo qué ?
  lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quéwhat.INT ?
426PAIand now what do I do ?
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S dodo.V.1S.PRES ?
427SARgo down a minute .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP aa.DET.INDEF minuteminute.N.SG .
428SARand let me see that quick post .
  andand.CONJ letlet.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S seesee.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR quickquick.ADJ postpost.N.SG .
429SARoh I'll tell you where .
  ohoh.IM I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT telltell.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wherewhere.REL .
430SARok copy the thing .
  okunk copycopy.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG .
431PAIcopy .
  copycopy.N.SG .
432SARok now open My_spaceSE .
  okunk nownow.ADV openopen.ADJ.[or].open.SV.INFIN My_spacename .
433PAI+< or should I copy it like that ?
  oror.CONJ shouldshould.V.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S copycopy.N.SG itit.PRON.SUB.3S likelike.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
434SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
435SARthat's what I would do yeah .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND dodo.SV.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV .
436SARthat's gonna take forever .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP taketake.V.INFIN foreverforever.ADV .
437PAIok .
  okunk .
438SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
439PAIehSE .
  eheh.IM .
440PAIcopy .
  copycopy.N.SG .
441SAR+< copy .
  copycopy.N.SG .
442SARnow go to your My_spaceSE .
  nownow.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN toto.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP My_spacename .
443SARnow you have to go into going home .
  nownow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP goinggo.V.PRESPART homehome.ADV .
444PAIxxx .
445SARprofile about me ok .
  profileprofile.N.SG aboutabout.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S okunk .
446SARgo into profile there .
  gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP profileprofile.N.SG therethere.ADV .
447PAI[- spa] dónde ?
  dóndewhere.INT ?
448SARahíS mismoS profile profile .
  ahíthere.ADV mismosame.ADJ.M.SG profileprofile.N.SG profileprofile.N.SG .
  that's the same, profile, profile.
449PAI[- spa] +< ahí ?
  ahíthere.ADV ?
450SAR[- spa] ahí .
  ahíthere.ADV .
451PAIabout me .
  aboutabout.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
452SARahoraS tienesS queS buscarS elS countdown .
  ahoranow.ADV tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ buscarseek.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG countdowncountdown.N.SG .
  now you have to look for the countdown.
453PAI[- spa] +< imagínate tú .
  imagínateimagine.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S .
  just imagine.
454SAR[- spa] debe estar en +...
  debeowe.V.2S.IMPER estarbe.V.INFIN enin.PREP .
  it ought to be in ...
455SARgo all the way down .
  gogo.V.INFIN allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG downdown.PREP .
456SAR[- spa] debe estar abajo .
  debeowe.V.2S.IMPER estarbe.V.INFIN abajobelow.ADV .
  it ought to be down there.
457SARI can másS oS menosS +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES másmore.ADV oor.CONJ menosless.ADV .
  I can more or less ...
458SARgo down aS verS .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP ato.PREP versee.V.INFIN .
  go down to see.
459PAIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
460SAR[- spa] (es)pérate (es)pérate (es)pérate .
  espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] .
  wait, wait, wait.
461PAIcounters .
  counterscounter.N.PL .
462SAR+< let me see .
  letlet.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S seesee.SV.INFIN .
463SARwhere does it say counters ?
  wherewhere.REL doesdoes.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.SUB.3S saysay.V.3S.PRES counterscounter.N.PL ?
464PAIhere .
  herehere.ADV .
465SAR+< no no no .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV .
466SAR[- spa] ve arriba arriba .
  vego.V.2S.IMPER.[or].see.V.2S.IMPER arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  go up, up.
467SARto the top .
  toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG .
468PAIthis is +...
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES .
469SARdoes it say something countdown ?
  doesdoes.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S saysay.V.3S.PRES somethingsomething.PRON countdowncountdown.N.SG ?
470SARyeah there it is .
  yeahyeah.ADV therethere.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
471PAI+< xxx .
472PAI[- spa] dónde ?
  dóndewhere.INT ?
473SARnoS vesS New_York ?
  nonot.ADV vessee.V.2S.PRES New_Yorkname ?
  you don't see New York?
474SAR[- spa] pero ahora no sé +...
  perobut.CONJ ahoranow.ADV nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES .
  but now I don't know.
475SARat ok go (.) síS I know peroS it doesn't start there .
  atat.PREP okunk gogo.SV.INFIN yes.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES perobut.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG startstart.SV.INFIN therethere.ADV .
  at ok go, yes I know but it doesn't start there.
476PAI+< ésteS miraS elS countdown aquíS estáS .
  éstethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG countdowncountdown.N.SG aquíhere.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES .
  this one, look, the countdown, it's here.
477SARit probably starts all the way on the top .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S probablyprobably.ADV startsstart.SV.INFIN+PV allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG .
478SARgo down a minute .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP aa.DET.INDEF minuteminute.N.SG .
479SARbecause you have to +...
  becausebecause.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP .
480PAIcountdowns .
  countdownscountdown.N.PL .
481SARoh it starts all the way there then .
  ohoh.IM itit.PRON.SUB.3S startsstart.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG therethere.ADV thenthen.ADV .
482PAI[- spa] es de aquí pa(ra) arriba no ?
  esbe.V.3S.PRES deof.PREP aquíhere.ADV parafor.PREP arribaup.ADV nonot.ADV ?
  it's from here on up, isn't it?
483SARmiraS bienS enS laS páginaS dondeS estáS elS countdown cómoS empiezaS .
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER bienwell.ADV enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG páginapage.N.F.SG dondewhere.REL estábe.V.3S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG countdowncountdown.N.SG cómohow.INT empiezastart.V.2S.IMPER.[or].start.V.3S.PRES .
  take a look at the page where the countdown is, how it starts
484SARyou [/] you took it away right .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP tooktake.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S awayaway.ADV rightright.ADJ .
485PAIthe countdown no .
  thethe.DET.DEF countdowncountdown.N.SG nono.ADV .
486SARwhere is it ?
  wherewhere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S ?
487PAIit's in the page .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF pagepage.N.SG .
488SARjust stick it under I [//] where I like to meet .
  justjust.ADV stickstick.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S underunder.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S wherewhere.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP meetmeet.V.INFIN .
489PAIand where is that ?
  andand.CONJ wherewhere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
490SARright there .
  rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV .
491PAI+< here ?
  herehere.ADV ?
492SARsee how it starts .
  seesee.V.INFIN howhow.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S startsstart.V.3S.PRES .
493SARsee embedded type .
  seesee.V.INFIN embeddedunk typetype.N.SG .
494SARnow look for the same thing on the top .
  nownow.ADV looklook.SV.INFIN forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ thingthing.N.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG .
495SARbut then erase from there .
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV eraseerase.SV.INFIN fromfrom.PREP therethere.ADV .
496SARit doesn't have the same thing does it ?
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG havehave.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ thingthing.N.SG doesdoes.N.SG itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
497SARnope .
  nopenope.ADV .
498PAI[- spa] no .
  nonot.ADV .
499SAResS queS <you might> [/] you might erase your background that's why .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP mightmight.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP mightmight.V.2SP.PRES eraseerase.SV.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP backgroundbackground.N.SG that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES whywhy.REL .
  it's that, you might erase your background, that's why
500PAIok .
  okunk .
501PAI[- spa] xxx así mismo lo pongo .
  asíthus.ADV mismosame.ADJ.M.SG lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S pongoput.V.1S.PRES .
  I place it in the same way
502SARput previous section ahíS .
  putput.V.INFIN previousprevious.ADJ sectionsection.N.SG ahíthere.ADV .
  put the previous section here
503SARthere it is .
  therethere.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
504PAIbut that's not the one I picked .
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S pickedpick.V.PAST .
505SARoh it's down there .
  ohoh.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES downdown.PREP therethere.ADV .
506SARlook at it down there .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S downdown.PREP therethere.ADV .
507SARI don't know how to get rid of +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP getget.V.INFIN ridrid.V.INFIN ofof.PREP .
508SARare you gonna change your layout ?
  areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP changechange.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP layoutlayout.N.SG ?
509PAIno .
  nono.ADV .
510PAIbecause I need it .
  becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S needneed.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
511SARyeah go save the changes .
  yeahyeah.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN savesave.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF changeschange.N.SG+PV .
512PAIso now what I can do is +/.
  soso.ADV nownow.ADV whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES dodo.V.INFIN isis.V.3S.PRES .
513SAR+< now go to view my profile .
  nownow.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN toto.PREP viewview.N.SG mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S profileprofile.N.SG .
514PAI[- spa] dónde está eso ?
  dóndewhere.INT estábe.V.3S.PRES esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  where is this
515SAR[- spa] ahí arriba .
  ahíthere.ADV arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  up here at the top
516PAIright there in the corner .
  rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF cornercorn.N.SG+COMP.AG.[or].corner.N.SG .
517SARarribaS arribaS arribaS there .
  arribaarrive.V.2S.IMPER arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV .
  up, up, up there
518SAR[- spa] ahora tienes que quitar el de arriba .
  ahoranow.ADV tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ quitarremove.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG deof.PREP arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  now you have to quit the one at the top
519SAR[- spa] pero no sé +...
  perobut.CONJ nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES .
  but I don't know
520PAI[- spa] pero yo puedo volver a hacerlo de ahí mismo ?
  perobut.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES volverreturn.V.INFIN ato.PREP hacerlodo.V.INFIN+LO[PRON.M.3S] deof.PREP ahíthere.ADV mismosame.ADJ.M.SG ?
  but I can go back to do this one in the same place?
521SARI thought you could .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldcan.V.COND .
522SARbut you can't .
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG .
523PAII'm gonna put the other one now xxx .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP putput.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG nownow.ADV .
524SARoh just like mine that I have double .
  ohoh.IM justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ minemine.PRON.POSS.1S thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES doubledouble.ADJ .
525PAIyou do ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dodo.V.2SP.PRES ?
526SARyeah I have two of them .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES twotwo.NUM ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P .
527PAIand now fun hearts .
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV funfun.N.SG heartsheart.N.PL.[or].hearts.N.SG .
528SAR[- spa] qué romántico .
  quéhow.ADV románticoromantic.ADJ.M.SG .
  how romantic
529PAIoh .
  ohoh.IM .
530PAIwe are going in September .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART inin.PREP Septembername .
531PAIxxx .
532PAIno .
  nono.ADV .
533SARxxx .
534SARyS porS finS PeggySE cogióS elS estoS oS noS ?
  yand.CONJ porfor.PREP finend.N.M.SG Peggyname cogiótake.V.3S.PAST elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG oor.CONJ nonot.ADV ?
  and at the end did Peggy take this one or not?
535PAIfive six seven .
  fivefive.NUM sixsix.NUM sevenseven.NUM .
536PAIno .
  nono.ADV .
537SARyou have to change the year .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP changechange.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.SG .
538SARshe's not going ?
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV goinggo.SV.INFIN+ASV ?
539SARat all ?
  atat.PREP allall.ADJ ?
540PAI+< she xxx she doesn't get it cheap .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG getget.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.SUB.3S cheapcheap.ADJ .
541SARdid she go +...
  diddid.V.PAST sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S gogo.V.3S.PRES .
542SARwhen is she leaving for [/] for the cruise ?
  whenwhen.CONJ isis.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S leavingleave.V.PRESPART forfor.PREP forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF cruisecruise.N.SG ?
543PAIayS no I wanna go back .
  ayoh.IM nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN .
  oh, I want to go back
544PAIhow do I go back ?
  howhow.ADV dodo.SV.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN ?
545SARxxx .
546SARgod it's still three hundred and eleven days away .
  godgod.N.SG it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES stillstill.ADJ threethree.NUM hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ eleveneleven.NUM daysday.N.PL awayaway.ADV .
547SAR&=laugh .
548SAR[- spa] me muero [=! laugh] .
  meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S muerodie.V.1S.PRES .
  I'm killing myself!
549PAIoh my god .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
550SARthat's a long time .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF longlong.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
551PAIwhy ?
  whywhy.REL ?
552PAIthere is only three hundred and sixty five days (.) of the year .
  therethere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV threethree.NUM hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ sixtysixty.NUM fivefive.NUM daysday.N.PL ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.SG .
553SAR+< &=laugh .
554PAIthat doesn't sound right .
  thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR doesn'tdoes.V.INFIN+NEG soundsound.N.SG rightright.ADJ .
555PAIit can't be three hundred days from now .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S can'tcan.V.3S.PRES+NEG bebe.V.INFIN threethree.NUM hundredhundred.NUM daysday.N.PL fromfrom.PREP nownow.ADV .
556PAIit's +...
  it'sit.PRON.OBJ.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES .
557PAIright now we're in March .
  rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES inin.PREP Marchname .
558PAIApril May June July August .
  Aprilname Mayname Junename Julyname Augustname .
559PAI[- spa] uno dos tres cuatro cinco .
  unoone.NUM dostwo.NUM tresthree.NUM cuatrofour.NUM cincofive.NUM .
  one, two, three, four, five
560PAIno that's wrong .
  nono.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES wrongwrong.ADJ .
561SARsix times thirty .
  sixsix.NUM timestime.N.PL thirtythirty.NUM .
562PAIit's a hundred and eighty .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ eightyeighty.NUM .
563SARok when xxx finish .
  okunk whenwhen.CONJ finishfinish.V.INFIN .
564PAI+< no <that's just> [//] that's not right .
  nono.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV rightright.ADJ .
565SARfinish putting it there and then .
  finishfinish.V.INFIN puttingput.V.PRESPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S therethere.ADV andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV .
566SARit probably hasn't refreshed or +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S probablyprobably.ADV hasn'thas.V.3S.PRES+NEG refreshedrefresh.V.PASTPART oror.CONJ .
567SAR&=singing .
568SARa hundred and sixty .
  aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ sixtysixty.NUM .
569PAIthat's what I thought .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST .
570PAII was like hello .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ hellohello.N.SG .
571PAIcopy .
  copycopy.N.SG .
572SARxxx .
573PAII'm gonna go to +...
574PAI[- spa] dónde ahora ?
  dóndewhere.INT ahoranow.ADV ?
  where now?
575PAIprofile noS ?
  profileprofile.N.SG nonot.ADV ?
  profile, isn't it?
576SARhome .
  homehome.ADV .
577SARthen profile .
  thenthen.ADV profileprofile.N.SG .
578PAI[- spa] y voy a +...
  yand.CONJ voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP .
  I'm going to ...
579SARprofile ahíS abajoS .
  profileprofile.N.SG ahíthere.ADV abajobelow.ADV .
  profile, down here
580PAI[- spa] aquí ?
  aquíhere.ADV ?
581SARnoS aquíS enS ésteS enS control panel tieneS queS serS .
  nonot.ADV aquíhere.ADV enin.PREP éstethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG enin.PREP controlcontrol.SV.INFIN panelpanel.N.SG tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ serbe.V.INFIN .
  no, here, in this, you have to be in control panel
582PAI[- spa] +< ah en [/] en .
  ahah.IM enin.PREP enin.PREP .
  ah, in, in
583SARS but now I don't know which one is +...
  yes.ADV butbut.CONJ nownow.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whichwhich.REL oneone.PRON.SG isis.V.3S.PRES .
  yes, but now I don't know which one is ...
584PAI[- spa] +< lo voy a poner aquí abajo .
  lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP ponerput.V.INFIN aquíhere.ADV abajobelow.ADV .
  I'm going to put it down here
585PAII'd like to meet .
  I'dI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.COND likelike.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP meetmeet.V.INFIN .
586PAIand what I'll do is I'll separate it .
  andand.CONJ whatwhat.REL I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT dodo.V.INFIN isis.V.3S.PRES I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT separateseparate.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
587SARyou think you will .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP willwill.V.2SP.FUT .
588SARbut I doubt it's separated .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S doubtdoubt.N.SG it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES separatedseparate.V.PASTPART .
589PAIyeah look .
  yeahyeah.ADV looklook.SV.INFIN .
590PAI[- spa] ya .
  yaalready.ADV .
591SARpreview xxx .
  previewpreview.N.SG .
592PAI+< preview .
  previewpreview.N.SG .
593SAR[- spa] ah pero tienes que sacar el de arriba .
  ahah.IM perobut.CONJ tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ sacarremove.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG deof.PREP arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  ah but you have to get the one from the top
594PAIyeah but now I gotta figure out how the heck to do that .
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ nownow.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gottaget.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP figurefigure.N.SG outout.ADV howhow.ADV thethe.DET.DEF heckheck.N.SG toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
595PAInow .
  nownow.ADV .
596SARgo into save .
  gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP savesave.SV.INFIN .
597PAI+< save all changes .
  savesave.V.INFIN allall.ADJ changeschange.N.PL .
598SARI wonder where the countdown begins for that one .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wonderwonder.N.SG wherewhere.REL thethe.DET.DEF countdowncountdown.N.SG beginsbegin.N.PL forfor.PREP thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR oneone.PRON.SG .
599SARit should be the first thing .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S shouldshould.V.3S.PRES bebe.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ thingthing.N.SG .
600SARI would wanna say to take off all of that until aS verS .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND wannawant.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP saysay.V.INFIN toto.PREP taketake.V.INFIN offoff.ADV allall.ADJ ofof.PREP thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR untiluntil.CONJ ato.PREP versee.V.INFIN .
  I would wanna say to take off all of that until, to see
601PAI+< xxx .
602SARgo in the bottom aS verS .
  gogo.V.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bottombottom.N.SG ato.PREP versee.V.INFIN .
  go in the bottom, to see
603SARright there .
  rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV .
604SARno that's your background .
  nono.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP backgroundbackground.N.SG .
605SARthat I know .
  thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
606PAIhere ?
  herehere.ADV ?
607SARall that is your background .
  allall.ADJ thatthat.DEM.FAR isis.V.3S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP backgroundbackground.N.SG .
608SARgo up go up .
  gogo.V.INFIN upup.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN upup.ADV .
609SAR&to yeah that's your &si .
  yeahyeah.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP .
610SAResteS I think it's up to here .
  estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES upup.ADV toto.PREP herehere.ADV .
  this, I think it's up to here
611SARfrom object all the way to c_countdown New_York New_York .
  fromfrom.PREP objectobject.N.SG allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG toto.PREP c_countdownunk New_Yorkname New_Yorkname .
612SARgo down a little bit more .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG moremore.ADV .
613SARgo down .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP .
614SARgo down .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP .
615PAII can't .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG .
616PAI[- spa] espérate .
  espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] .
617SARwhere it says A (.) H R .
  wherewhere.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES Aname Hname Rname .
618PAI[- spa] +< aquí ?
  aquíhere.ADV ?
619SAR[- spa] hasta aquí .
  hastauntil.PREP aquíhere.ADV .
  till here?
620SARhastaS object .
  hastauntil.PREP objectobject.N.SG .
  till object.
621SAR[- spa] no pero no quites la A esa .
  nonot.ADV perobut.CONJ nonot.ADV quitesremove.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG Aname esathat.PRON.DEM.F.SG .
  no don't remove that A
622PAI[- spa] no ?
  nonot.ADV ?
623SAR[- spa] al final .
  alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG finalfinal.ADJ.MF.SG .
  at the end.
624SARno because that's probably the beginning of +...
  nono.ADV becausebecause.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES probablyprobably.ADV thethe.DET.DEF beginningbegin.N.SG.GER ofof.PREP .
625SARe(verything) [/] everything starts <when you are> [/] when you are &e +/.
  everythingeverything.PRON everythingeverything.PRON startsstart.V.3S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES .
626PAI[- spa] +< aquí .
  aquíhere.ADV .
627SARuhuh right .
  uhuhuhuh.IM rightright.ADJ .
628SAR[- spa] no pero no quites la cosita esa .
  nonot.ADV perobut.CONJ nonot.ADV quitesremove.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG cositathing.N.F.SG.DIM esathat.PRON.DEM.F.SG .
  no but don't remove that little thing.
629PAIahSE .
  ahah.IM .
630SARnoS ahíS ahíS right .
  nonot.ADV ahíthere.ADV ahíthere.ADV rightright.ADJ .
  no there there right
631SARxxx .
632PAI[- spa] lo coge .
  lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S cogetake.V.2S.IMPER.[or].take.V.3S.PRES .
  he/she catches it.
633SARok so separate it .
  okunk soso.ADV separateseparate.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
634SAR[- spa] espérate .
  espératewait.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] .
635SARthere .
  therethere.ADV .
636SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
637SARdelete .
  deletedelete.V.INFIN .
638PAI[- spa] ay dios mío .
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG .
  oh my God.
639SARnow do a preview .
  nownow.ADV dodo.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF previewpreview.N.SG .
640SARnot that one .
  notnot.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR oneone.PRON.SG .
641SARthe bottom .
  thethe.DET.DEF bottombottom.N.SG .
642SARdown .
  downdown.PREP .
643SARsee if it did it .
  seesee.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S diddid.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
644PAIwhat is this ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG ?
645SAR+< whatever we did we did it .
  whateverwhatever.REL wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
646SARthere you go .
  therethere.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES .
647SARgo down .
  gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP .
648SARwe did it .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
649PAI[- spa] no pero qué es esto ?
  nonot.ADV perobut.CONJ quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  no, but what's up with that?
650SARthere it is PaigeSE .
  therethere.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES Paigename .
651PAI+< ohSE ok ok .
  ohoh.IM okunk okunk .
652PAI[- spa] y esto no me salió ?
  yand.CONJ estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG nonot.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S salióexit.V.3S.PAST ?
  and this didn't come out?
653SARthat's who you use to do your background .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whowho.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP useuse.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP backgroundbackground.N.SG .
654SARso that's gonna come out .
  soso.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP comecome.V.INFIN outout.ADV .
655PAIso entoncesS save all changes .
  soso.ADV entoncesthen.ADV savesave.SV.INFIN allall.ADJ changeschange.N.PL .
  so then save all changes.
656PAI[- spa] ay dios mío .
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG .
  oh my God.
657SARnow go into view my profile on the top .
  nownow.ADV gogo.SV.INFIN intointo.PREP viewview.N.SG mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S profileprofile.N.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG .
658PAIok .
  okunk .
659SAR&=sniff .
660SAR&=singing there you go .
  therethere.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES .
661SAR[- spa] vieja mira la canción esa .
  viejaold.ADJ.F.SG miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG canciónsong.N.F.SG esathat.PRON.DEM.F.SG .
  girl check this song.
662PAII know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
663PAII gotta xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S gottaget.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP .
664SARyS xxx todoS esoS deS Hannah_MontanaSE .
  yand.CONJ todoall.ADJ.M.SG esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG deof.PREP Hannah_Montananame .
  and all of that about Hannah Montana.
665PAI+< girls just wanna have fun .
  girlsgirl.N.PL justjust.ADV wannawant.V.INFIN+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN funfun.N.SG .
666PAI[- spa] dónde estaba xxx música ?
  dóndewhere.INT estababe.V.13S.IMPERF músicamusic.N.F.SG ?
  where was the music?
667PAI[- spa] cómo lo quito ?
  cómohow.INT lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S quitoremove.V.1S.PRES ?
  how do I remove it?
668SAR[- spa] no .
  nonot.ADV .
669SARtiene que ir en música (.) arriba .
  tieneunk queunk irir.N.SG enen.N.SG músicaunk arribaunk .
  you have to go to music up there.
670PAIhere ?
  herehere.ADV ?
671SARnoSE .
  nono.ADV .
672PAIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
673SARand then you gotta find the +...
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP findfind.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF .
674PAI[- spa] aquí pongo la [/] la música .
  aquíhere.ADV pongoput.V.1S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG músicamusic.N.F.SG .
  I put music here.
675SARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
676SARwho sings that ?
  whowho.REL singsunk thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
677PAIMadonnaSE .
  Madonnaname .
678SARgirls just wanna have fun [=! singing] .
  girlsgirl.N.PL justjust.ADV wannawant.V.INFIN+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN funfun.N.SG .
679SARthat's Cyndi_LouperSE .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES Cyndi_Loupername .
680PAIright that's what I thought Cyndi_LouperSE right .
  rightright.ADJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST Cyndi_Loupername rightright.ADJ .
681SARgo back .
  gogo.V.INFIN backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN .
682PAI[- spa] xxx el nombre de la canción .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG nombrename.N.M.SG deof.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG canciónsong.N.F.SG .
  the name of the song.
683SARayS I don't know .
  ayoh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
  ay I don't know.
684SARthat thing is so annoying .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES soso.ADV annoyingannoy.SV.INFIN+ASV .
685SARand you're not typing anything .
  andand.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV typingunk anythinganything.PRON .
686SARsometimes you can't even find the artist .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG eveneven.ADV findfind.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF artistartist.N.SG .
687PAI&=typing &=singing .
688SARshe may not even be there .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S maymay.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV eveneven.ADV bebe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV .
689PAI[- spa] y dónde está la canción ?
  yand.CONJ dóndewhere.INT estábe.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG canciónsong.N.F.SG ?
  and where is the song?
690SARnow you gotta go into her site .
  nownow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S sitesite.N.SG .
691PAI[- spa] cuál ?
  cuálwhich.PRON.INT.MF.SG ?
  which one?
692PAI[- spa] ésta ?
  éstathis.PRON.DEM.F.SG ?
  this one?
693SARcualquieraS porqueS now we don't know which one's which .
  cualquieraanyone.PRON.MF.SG porquebecause.CONJ nownow.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whichwhich.REL one'sone.PRON.SG+GB whichwhich.REL .
  any of them because now we don't know which one's which.
694SARwe don't know which one's true and which one's not .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whichwhich.REL one'sone.PRON.SG+GB truetrue.ADJ andand.CONJ whichwhich.REL one'sone.PRON.SG+GB notnot.ADV .
695SARthey have material girls material girls .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES materialmaterial.N.SG girlsgirl.N.PL materialmaterial.N.SG girlsgirl.N.PL .
696PAIma(terial) material [=! singing] .
  materialmaterial.N.SG materialmaterial.N.SG .
697SARbut that's MadonnaSE .
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES Madonnaname .
698PAI+< that's MadonnaSE .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES Madonnaname .
699SARgo back and try the other one .
  gogo.V.INFIN backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN andand.CONJ trytry.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
700SARlet's see .
  let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P seesee.SV.INFIN .
701PAItrue colors .
  truetrue.ADJ colorscolor.N.PL.[or].colors.N.PL .
702SAR+< true colors .
  truetrue.ADJ colorscolors.N.PL.[or].color.N.PL .
703SARI see your true colors [=! singing] .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S seesee.V.1S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP truetrue.ADJ colorscolor.N.PL.[or].colors.N.PL .
704PAIah so siS noS laS tieneS noS laS puedoS cogerS .
  ahah.IM soso.ADV siif.CONJ nonot.ADV laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S tienehave.V.3S.PRES nonot.ADV laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES cogertake.V.INFIN .
  ah so if it doesn't have it I can't get it.
705SARuhuh .
  uhuhuhuh.IM .
706SAResS queS yoS noS creoS queS ellaS tieneS unS site porqueS those are just people I think .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV creobelieve.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S tienehave.V.3S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG sitesite.N.SG porquebecause.CONJ thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL areare.V.123P.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV peoplepeople.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES .
  the thing is that I don't think they have a site because those are jut people I think.
707SARmaybe is this a Chinese pop ?
  maybemaybe.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG aa.DET.INDEF Chinesename poppop.SV.INFIN ?
708SARnope .
  nopenope.ADV .
709SARdigoS I don't know how to go to that other site and like look for it you know .
  digotell.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR otherother.ADJ sitesite.N.SG andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN looklook.V.INFIN forfor.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
  I say I don't know how to go to that other site and like look for it you know.
710SARyou can go into top artist .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP toptop.N.SG artistartist.N.SG .
711SARand search on the top .
  andand.CONJ searchsearch.V.INFIN onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG .
712SARand see .
  andand.CONJ seesee.V.INFIN .
713SARbut she's not a top artist any_more .
  butbut.CONJ she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV aa.DET.INDEF toptop.N.SG artistartist.N.SG any_moreany_more.ADV .
714PAI+< xxx .
715SARor you can do a +...
  oror.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES dodo.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF .
716PAI[- spa] no se puede ni mover esto .
  nonot.ADV seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP puedebe_able.V.3S.PRES ninor.CONJ movershift.V.INFIN estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  you cannot even more that.
717SARperoS go down .
  perobut.CONJ gogo.V.INFIN downdown.PREP .
  but go down.
718SARoh there you go .
  ohoh.IM therethere.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES .
719SAReh nice glasses .
  eheh.IM nicenice.ADJ glassesglass.N.PL.[or].glasses.N.PL .
720PAI+< what up .
  whatwhat.REL upup.ADV .
721SARhe's going to the airport .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF airportairport.N.SG .
722PAI[- spa] en qué lo puedo ayudar ?
  enin.PREP quéwhat.INT lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES ayudarhelp.V.INFIN ?
  how can I help?
723PAI[- spa] vas al aeropuerto ?
  vasgo.V.2S.PRES alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG aeropuertoairport.N.M.SG ?
  are you going to the airport?
724SAR[- spa] discúlpame .
  discúlpameexcuse.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  excuse me.
725PAIit [/] it sounds like you're saying escúpameS .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S itit.PRON.SUB.3S soundssound.N.PL likelike.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES sayingsay.V.PRESPART escúpamespit.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  it sounds like you are saying spit on me.
726SAR[- spa] +< escúpame .
  escúpamespit.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  spit on me.
727SAR&=laughing .
728PAIoh .
  ohoh.IM .
729PAI[- spa] escúpame .
  escúpamespit.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  spit on me.
730OSEwww .
731SAR[- spa] discúlpame .
  discúlpameexcuse.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  excuse me.
732SAR&=laughing .
733PAI[- spa] en qué te puedo ayudar ?
  enin.PREP quéwhat.INT teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES ayudarhelp.V.INFIN ?
  how can I help you?
734OSEwww .
735SAR&=laughing .
736PAI+< that's just xxx .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV .
737SAR&=laughing .
738SARoh god .
  ohoh.IM godgod.N.SG .
739PAI[- spa] +< dime .
  dimetell.V.2S.IMPER+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  tell me.
740OSEwww .
741SAR[- spa] sí ?
  yes.ADV ?
742SAR[- spa] muy bien .
  muyvery.ADV bienwell.ADV .
  very good.
743PAI[- spa] adiós pues enton(ces) .
  adiósbye.E puesthen.CONJ entoncesthen.ADV .
  see you later then.
744PAI[- spa] hasta luego .
  hastauntil.PREP luegonext.ADV .
  see you later.
745PAIpassport office .
  passportpassport.N.SG officeoffice.N.SG .
746PAIof course not it's never on .
  ofof.PREP coursecourse.N.SG notnot.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES nevernever.ADV onon.PREP .
747PAIit's never on .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES nevernever.ADV onon.PREP .
748PAI[- spa] nunca !
  nuncanever.ADV !
749PAIyeah nuncaS laS tienesS puestaS .
  yeahyeah.ADV nuncanever.ADV laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S tieneshave.V.2S.PRES puestaput.ADJ.F.SG .
  yeah you never have it on.
750SAR&=laughing .
751PAIyou are being recorded .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES beingbe.V.PRESPART recordedrecord.V.PASTPART .
752SARyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
753SARhello [=! laughing] .
  hellohello.N.SG .
754PAI+< &=laughing .
755OSEwww .
756PAIwhy and then who ?
  whywhy.REL andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV whowho.REL ?
757OSEwww .
758SARmmhm partners in crime .
  mmhmmmhm.IM partnerspartner.N.PL.[or].partners.N.PL inin.PREP crimecrime.N.SG .
759PAIM I A mean F I xxx .
  Mname II.PRON.SUB.1S Aname meanmean.SV.INFIN Fname II.PRON.SUB.1S .
760SAR+< oh he's going to the airport .
  ohoh.IM he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF airportairport.N.SG .
761SAR&=laugh .
762SAR&=hiss .
763PAI+< and she doesn't even work here .
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG eveneven.ADV workwork.V.INFIN herehere.ADV .
764SARand I don't even work here [=! laughing] .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG eveneven.ADV workwork.V.INFIN herehere.ADV .
765PAI+< and she knows .
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S knowsknow.V.3S.PRES .
766SAR&=laughing .
767PAI+< &=laughing .
768OSEwww .
769PAIwhat is he talking about ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S talkingtalk.V.PRESPART aboutabout.PREP ?
770PAI[- spa] qué es eso ?
  quéwhat.INT esbe.V.3S.PRES esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  what's that?
771PAIwhat is he talking about ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S talkingtalk.V.PRESPART aboutabout.PREP ?
772SAR+< is he making fun of my cups ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S makingmake.V.PRESPART funfun.N.SG ofof.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S cupscup.N.PL ?
773PAIohSE .
  ohoh.IM .
774SAR&=laughing .
775PAI+< &=laughing .
776SARthey're so small .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES soso.ADV smallsmall.ADJ .
777PAI[- spa] qué lindo !
  quéhow.ADV lindocute.ADJ.M.SG !
  how nice!
778PAII know like everybody who keeps coming to me and telling me are you teasing me [=! laughing] .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES likelike.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON whowho.REL keepskeep.SV.INFIN+PV comingcome.V.PRESPART toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S andand.CONJ tellingtell.V.INFIN+ASV meme.PRON.OBJ.1S areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP teasingtease.V.PRESPART meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
779SAR+< you see [=! laughing] .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP seesee.V.2SP.PRES .
780PAIlike I have forty three days (.) for my first one and a hundred and sixty two +...
  likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES fortyforty.NUM threethree.NUM daysday.N.PL forfor.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S firstfirst.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG andand.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ sixtysixty.NUM twotwo.NUM .
781SARtienesS queS quitarS todoS esoS deS Hannah_MontanaSE yaS .
  tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ quitarremove.V.INFIN todoall.ADJ.M.SG esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG deof.PREP Hannah_Montananame yaalready.ADV .
  you have to get rid of all of that about Hannah Montana soon.
782PAIayS I know .
  ayoh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
  ay I know.
783SARdaleS go into +...
  dalegive.V.2S.IMPER+LE[PRON.MF.3S] gogo.SV.INFIN intointo.PREP .
  do it, go into.
784SARthat's easy because you just have it in one section .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES easyeasy.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP justjust.ADV havehave.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S inin.PREP oneone.PRON.SG sectionsection.N.SG .
785SARgo into home .
  gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP homehome.ADV .
786PAIlook I'm jolly .
  looklook.V.INFIN I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES jollyjolly.ADJ .
787SARayS how nice .
  ayoh.IM howhow.ADV nicenice.ADJ .
  oh, how nice.
788SARgo into home .
  gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP homehome.ADV .
789SARyou should seem nauseated .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP shouldshould.V.2SP.PRES seemseem.SV.INFIN nauseatednauseate.SV.INFIN+AV .
790SARhome .
  homehome.ADV .
791SAR&m go into profile .
  gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP profileprofile.N.SG .
792PAI[- spa] eso está aquí abajo .
  esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES aquíhere.ADV abajobelow.ADV .
  that's down there.
793SARmusic under music borraS todoS loS queS hayS under music .
  musicmusic.N.SG underunder.PREP musicmusic.N.SG borraerase.V.2S.IMPER.[or].erase.V.3S.PRES todoall.ADJ.M.SG lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL haythere_is.V.3S.PRES underunder.PREP musicmusic.N.SG .
  music under music remove all you have under music.
794SARall the way down .
  allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG downdown.PREP .
795SAR[- spa] ya .
  yaalready.ADV .
796SAR[- spa] bueno &pi .
  buenowell.E .
797PAIoh so I can even add things in here huh .
  ohoh.IM soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES eveneven.ADV addadd.V.INFIN thingsthing.N.PL inin.PREP herehere.ADV huhhuh.IM .
798SAR+< of course you can add them anywhere .
  ofof.PREP coursecourse.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES addadd.V.INFIN themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P anywhereanywhere.ADV .
799SAR<that's where people> [/] that's where people add their slide shows and stuff .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES wherewhere.REL peoplepeople.N.SG that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES wherewhere.REL peoplepeople.N.SG addadd.N.SG theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P slideslide.N.SG showsshow.V.PRES.3S andand.CONJ stuffstuff.V.INFIN .
800PAI[- spa] +< oh podíamos empezar a jugar aquí .
  ohoh.IM podíamosbe_able.V.1P.IMPERF empezarbegin.V.INFIN ato.PREP jugarplay.V.INFIN aquíhere.ADV .
  oh, we can start playing here.
801SARyou add them in different sections .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP addadd.V.2SP.PRES themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P inin.PREP differentdifferent.ADJ sectionssection.N.PL .
802SARyou don't have to add it in one place .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN toto.PREP addadd.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S inin.PREP oneone.PRON.SG placeplace.N.SG .
803SARyaS ahoraS view profile .
  yaalready.ADV ahoranow.ADV viewview.N.SG profileprofile.N.SG .
  so now, view profile.
804SAR[- spa] ahí arriba .
  ahíthere.ADV arribaup.ADV.[or].arrive.V.2S.IMPER.[or].arrive.V.3S.PRES .
  up there.
805SAR[- spa] me duele la muela otra vez .
  meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S duelehurt.V.3S.PRES laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S muelagrind.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES otraother.ADJ.F.SG veztime.N.F.SG .
  my tood is aching again.
806SAR[- spa] ya .
  yaalready.ADV .
807PAI[- spa] ah muy bien .
  ahah.IM muyvery.ADV bienwell.ADV .
  ah, very good.
808SARdo it .
  dodo.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
809PAI[- spa] ah ya yo sé jugar con eso .
  ahah.IM yaalready.ADV yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S know.V.1S.PRES jugarplay.V.INFIN conwith.PREP esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  ah, I alreday know how to play with this.
810SARso now you have all that &ts +//.
  soso.ADV nownow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES allall.ADJ thatthat.DEM.FAR .
811SAReverything that you have xxx come out on this side .
  everythingeverything.PRON thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES comecome.SV.INFIN outout.ADV onon.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG sideside.N.SG .
812SARbecause you have nothing on this side .
  becausebecause.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES nothingnothing.PRON onon.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG sideside.N.SG .
813PAI[- spa] +< yo voy a agregar .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP agregaradd.V.INFIN .
  I'm going to add.
814SAR+< all you have is under the general section .
  allall.ADJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES underunder.PREP thethe.DET.DEF generalgeneral.ADJ sectionsection.N.SG .
815SAR[- spa] eh ?
  eheh.IM ?
816PAI[- spa] ya yo sé cómo jugar aquí .
  yaalready.ADV yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S know.V.1S.PRES cómohow.INT jugarplay.V.INFIN aquíhere.ADV .
  I know how to play here.
817PAI[- spa] voy ahora a mi casa .
  voygo.V.1S.PRES ahoranow.ADV ato.PREP mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG casahouse.N.F.SG .
  I'm going home now.
818PAI[- spa] y voy a cambiar todo (.) si me acuerdo .
  yand.CONJ voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP cambiarshift.V.INFIN todoall.ADJ.M.SG.[or].everything.PRON.M.SG siif.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S acuerdoarrangement.N.M.SG.[or].remind.V.1S.PRES .
  I'm going to change everything if I remember.
819SAR[- spa] y la canción +...
  yand.CONJ lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG canciónsong.N.F.SG .
  and the song.
820SARyou can just go and pick +/.
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN andand.CONJ pickpick.V.INFIN .
821PAI+< noS laS canciónS esS aS metermeS ahíS enS music .
  nonot.ADV lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG canciónsong.N.F.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES ato.PREP metermeput.V.INFIN+ME[PRON.MF.1S] ahíthere.ADV enin.PREP musicmusic.N.SG .
  no, I log in to get the song there in music.
822PAI[- spa] y ya .
  yand.CONJ yaalready.ADV .
  and yes.
823PAI[- spa] <no me voy de aquí que va no me puedo meter> [?] .
  nonot.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S voygo.V.1S.PRES deof.PREP aquíhere.ADV quethat.CONJ vago.V.3S.PRES nonot.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES meterput.V.INFIN .
  I can't get out of here, so I can't log in.
824SAR[- spa] qué ?
  quéwhat.INT ?
825PAI[- spa] tengo hambre .
  tengohave.V.1S.PRES hambrehunger.N.M.SG .
  I'm hungry.
826SAR[- spa] qué pasó ?
  quéwhat.INT pasópass.V.3S.PAST ?
  what happened?
827PAI[- spa] que ya .
  quethat.CONJ yaalready.ADV .
  that it's done.
828PAIok I think we are (.) done .
  okunk II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES donedone.V.PASTPART .
829PAIwhere is that ?
  wherewhere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
830PAIJulioSE then here .
  Julioname thenthen.ADV herehere.ADV .
831PAI[- spa] qué lindo !
  quéhow.ADV lindocute.ADJ.M.SG !
  how pretty!
832PAInow I'm gonna change it around .
  nownow.ADV I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP changechange.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S aroundaround.ADV .
833PAInow I know what to do .
  nownow.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES whatwhat.REL toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN .
834SARI did mine xxx already .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S diddid.V.PAST minemine.PRON.POSS.1S alreadyalready.ADV .
835PAIyeah I think xxx New_York is old .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES New_Yorkname isis.V.3S.PRES oldold.ADJ .
836SAR&t old news .
  oldold.ADJ newsnew.ADJ+PV.[or].news.N.SG .
837PAI+< I need to clean it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S needneed.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP cleanclean.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
838PAIbut now I know how to play .
  butbut.CONJ nownow.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES howhow.ADV toto.PREP playplay.V.INFIN .
839SARold news .
  oldold.ADJ newsnew.ADJ+PV.[or].news.N.SG .

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