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Instances of sefodd for speaker PIL

446PILa wedyn oedd fe [//] mi sefodd o (.) wel o(e)dd o (y)n mynd i (y)r ysgol a bopeth draw .
  aand.CONJ wedynafterwards.ADV oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF fehe.PRON.M.3S miPRT.AFF sefoddstand.V.3S.PAST ohe.PRON.M.3S welwell.IM oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF ohe.PRON.M.3S ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN ito.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF ysgolschool.N.F.SG aand.CONJ bopetheverything.N.M.SG+SM drawyonder.ADV .
  and then he stood... well, he went to school over there and everything.

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