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Instances of gwers for speaker EDU

690EDUahCS ti (y)n mynd i gwers darllen cerddoriaeth .
  ahah.IM tiyou.PRON.2S ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN ito.PREP gwerslesson.N.F.SG darllenread.V.INFIN cerddoriaethmusic.N.F.SG .
  ah, you go to a music reading lesson
697EDUfelly wyt ti (y)n mynd i gwers cerddoriaeth gynta a wedyn wyt ti mynd i wers pianoCS (.) i darllen beth wyt ti (we)di dysgu yn fan (a)cw ?
  fellyso.ADV wytbe.V.2S.PRES tiyou.PRON.2S ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN ito.PREP gwerslesson.N.F.SG cerddoriaethmusic.N.F.SG gyntafirst.ORD+SM aand.CONJ wedynafterwards.ADV wytbe.V.2S.PRES tiyou.PRON.2S myndgo.V.INFIN ito.PREP werslesson.N.F.SG+SM pianopiano.N.M.SG ito.PREP darllenread.V.INFIN bethwhat.INT wytbe.V.2S.PRES tiyou.PRON.2S wediafter.PREP dysguteach.V.INFIN ynPRT fanplace.N.MF.SG+SM acwover there.ADV ?
  so you have to go to music lessons first and then [...] in the piano lesson to read what you've learnt there?
701EDU++ y gwers darllen .
  ythe.DET.DEF gwerslesson.N.F.SG darllenread.V.INFIN .
  the reading lesson

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