MIAMI - Zeledon6: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1ABIno but seriously there's a lot of mosquitos here all of a sudden .
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ seriouslyserious.ADJ+ADV.[or].seriously.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP mosquitosmosquito.N.PL herehere.ADV allall.ADJ ofof.PREP aa.DET.INDEF suddensudden.ADJ .
2ABIlook at all the cigarettes .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF cigarettesunk .
3ABIwowSE .
  wowwow.IM .
4ELL+< &=gasp .
5ABIokSE so (.) what else could we talk about ?
  okunk soso.ADV whatwhat.REL elseelse.ADJ couldcan.V.COND wewe.PRON.SUB.1P talktalk.V.1P.PRES aboutabout.PREP ?
6ELL[- spa] +< la gente fuma .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG gentepeople.N.F.SG fumasmoke.V.2S.IMPER.[or].smoke.V.3S.PRES .
  people are smoking.
7ABI+< <we should> [/] we [/] we should keep a [/] a steady conversation going on .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P shouldshould.V.1P.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wewe.PRON.SUB.1P shouldshould.V.1P.PRES keepkeep.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF steadysteady.ADJ conversationconversation.N.SG goinggo.V.PRESPART onon.PREP .
8ABIwork how was work today ?
  workwork.V.INFIN howhow.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST workwork.SV.INFIN todaytoday.N.SG ?
9ABI[- spa] cómo fue +/.
  cómohow.INT fuebe.V.3S.PAST .
  how was...
10ELL+< you were working with me [=! laugh] .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP werewere.V.2S123P.PAST workingwork.V.PRESPART withwith.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
11ABI+< I know but you are far away from me .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES farfar.ADV awayaway.ADV fromfrom.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
12ELLI know peroS LauraSE [/] LauraSE +/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES perobut.CONJ Lauraname Lauraname .
  I know, but Laura...
13ABI[- spa] +< <tú estabas en otra> [/] tú estabas en otro +...
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S estabasbe.V.2S.IMPERF enin.PREP otraother.PRON.F.SG you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S estabasbe.V.2S.IMPERF enin.PREP otroother.PRON.M.SG .
  you were in another...
14ELL&=moan .
15ABI[- spa] +< mira te lo mataste encima .
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S matastekill.V.2S.PAST encimauppermost.ADV .
  watch out, you've hit the top.
16ELLahahSE .
  ahahunk .
17ABI+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
18ELLLauraSE (.) cuandoS pasaS pareceS elS [/] elS [/] elS estómagoS seS leS estáS cayendoS .
  Lauraname cuandowhen.CONJ pasapass.V.3S.PRES pareceseem.V.2S.IMPER.[or].seem.V.3S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG estómagostomach.N.M.SG seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S estábe.V.3S.PRES cayendofall.V.PRESPART .
  when Laura walks by, her stomach seems to be falling out.
19ABI[- spa] por qué ?
  porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT ?
20ELLbecause her shirt never covers her stomach bro(ther) .
  becausebecause.CONJ herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S shirtshirt.N.SG nevernever.ADV coverscovers.N.SG.[or].cover.SV.INFIN+PV herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S stomachstomach.N.SG brotherbrother.N.SG .
21ELLis so annoying .
  isis.V.3S.PRES soso.ADV annoyingannoy.SV.INFIN+ASV .
22ABIwhere you able to do (.) the [/] the job for JaimeSE ?
  wherewhere.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ableable.ADJ toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF jobjob.N.SG forfor.PREP Jaimename ?
23ABIwhat he was doing for you ?
  whatwhat.REL hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST doingdo.V.PRESPART forfor.PREP youyou.PRON.OBJ.2SP ?
24ELL+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
25ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
26ABIwhat he had asked you to do ?
  whatwhat.REL hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hadhad.V.PAST askedask.V.PASTPART youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN ?
27ELLyeah but I need more xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S needneed.V.1S.PRES moremore.ADV .
28ABI+< do you wanna move a little bit more back because maybe there's less mosquitoes ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP movemove.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG moremore.ADJ backback.ADV.[or].back.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ maybemaybe.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES lessless.ADV mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL ?
29ELLis that your teacher ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP teacherteach.N.SG+COMP.AG.[or].teacher.N.SG ?
30ABIoh yeah .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
31ABIdo you +//.
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
32ELL[- spa] +< se va ?
  seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP vago.V.3S.PRES ?
  is she leaving?
33ABIno I guess she was gonna meet up with another student .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S guessguess.V.1S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP meetmeet.V.INFIN upup.ADV withwith.PREP anotheranother.ADJ studentstudent.N.SG .
34ELLbye .
  byebye.N.SG .
35ELL&=laugh .
36ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
37ELLayS let's go there .
  ayoh.IM let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.SV.INFIN therethere.ADV .
  oh, let's go there.
38ELLbecause the reason that this is here is (be)cause of the grass .
  becausebecause.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF reasonreason.N.SG thatthat.CONJ thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES herehere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF grassgrass.N.SG .
39ABI+< no but +...
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ .
40ABIok let's move a little bit .
  okunk let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P movemove.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG .
41ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
42ELLdon't drop it .
  don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG dropdrop.N.SG itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
43ELLentoncesS (.) xxx is working now .
  entoncesthen.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES workingwork.V.PRESPART nownow.ADV .
  so [...] is working now.
44ABIbut why don't we sit in one of those things ?
  butbut.CONJ whywhy.REL don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG wewe.PRON.SUB.1P sitsit.V.1P.PRES inin.PREP oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL thingsthing.N.PL ?
45ELLbecause if we are around grass it's gonna be mosquitoes .
  becausebecause.CONJ ifif.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES aroundaround.ADV grassgrass.N.SG it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
46ELL<she told me> [/] she [/] ellaS loS dijoS queS <siS se@s:spa> [/] siS seS vacíaS unaS mesaS queS podemosS irS pa(ra)S alláS .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S dijotell.V.3S.PAST quethat.CONJ siif.CONJ sebe.V.2P.IMPER.PRECLITIC siif.CONJ sebe.V.2P.IMPER.PRECLITIC vacíahollow.ADJ.F.SG unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG mesatable.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL podemosbe_able.V.1P.PRES irgo.V.INFIN parafor.PREP alláthere.ADV .
  she told me that if a table became available we could go there.
47ABI+< but the [?] .
  butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF .
48ABIokSE .
  okunk .
49ELL[- spa] el lío es no sentarnos en la misma mesa .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG líowrap.V.1S.PRES esbe.V.3S.PRES nonot.ADV sentarnossit.V.INFIN+NOS[PRON.MF.1P] enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG mismasame.ADJ.F.SG mesatable.N.F.SG .
  the problem is not sitting at the same table.
50ABI+< look at the xxx .
  looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP thethe.DET.DEF .
51ELLit's another [?] xxx ?
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES anotheranother.ADJ ?
52ABImmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
53ABIno this is xxx .
  nono.ADV thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES .
54ELLhmm .
  hmmhmm.IM .
55ABIdo you wanna see it ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP seesee.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
56ELLnoSE .
  nono.ADV .
57ABIum .
  umum.IM .
58ELL&=laugh .
59ABI+< &=laugh .
60ELLanyway .
  anywayanyway.ADV .
61ABIwith anything ?
  withwith.PREP anythinganything.PRON ?
62ELLI think xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES .
63ABInoS <yS todo@s:spa> [//] no she doesn't at all .
  nonot.ADV yand.CONJ todoall.ADJ.M.SG.[or].everything.PRON.M.SG nono.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG atat.PREP allall.ADJ .
  no, she doesn't at all.
64ABIher hair .
  herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S hairhair.N.SG .
65ELL+< xxx .
66ELLturn [/] let's just turn around .
  turnturn.V.INFIN let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P justjust.ADV turnturn.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV .
67ELL<gives her back> [/] give her back .
  givesgive.V.INFIN+PV herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S backback.ADV.[or].back.N.SG givegive.N.SG herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S backback.ADV.[or].back.N.SG .
68ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
69ABIso we don't look like crazy people .
  soso.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG looklook.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ crazycrazy.ADJ peoplepeople.N.SG .
70ABIso let's talk about something new .
  soso.ADV let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P talktalk.SV.INFIN aboutabout.PREP somethingsomething.PRON newnew.ADJ .
71ABI<let's talk one> [/] let's talk one topic that we could talk about .
  let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P talktalk.V.INFIN oneone.PRON.SG let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P talktalk.V.INFIN oneone.PRON.SG topictopic.N.SG thatthat.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P couldcan.V.COND talktalk.V.INFIN aboutabout.PREP .
72ELLEmilioSE .
  Emilioname .
73ABIEmilioSE ?
  Emilioname ?
74ABIEmilioSE is a very +...
  Emilioname isis.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF veryvery.ADV .
75ELLcomplicated .
  complicatedcomplicate.V.INFIN+AV .
76ABI+< long complicated +//.
  longlong.ADJ complicatedcomplicate.SV.INFIN+AV .
77ELL[- spa] +< mira pa(ra) esto .
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER parafor.PREP estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  look at this.
78ELL[- spa] los mosquitos nos están siguiendo .
  losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL mosquitosmosquito.N.M.PL nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P estánbe.V.3P.PRES siguiendofollow.V.PRESPART .
  the mosquitoes are following us.
79ELL&=moan .
80ABIthere's mosquitoes everywhere .
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL everywhereeverywhere.ADV .
81ABII'm [/] I'm wondering if inside there's just mosquitoes like actually inside the building .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES wonderingwonder.N.SG+ASV ifif.CONJ insideinside.N.SG there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.3P.PRES actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV insideinside.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF buildingunk .
82ELLyeah I know .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
83ELLbut who cares xxx ?
  butbut.CONJ whowho.REL carescare.SV.INFIN+PV ?
84ABIwell I give it a break .
  wellwell.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S givegive.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S aa.DET.INDEF breakbreak.N.SG .
85ABIlet me see .
  letlet.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S seesee.SV.INFIN .
86ABImaybe they just followed us over here .
  maybemaybe.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P justjust.ADV followedfollow.V.PASTPART usus.PRON.OBJ.1P overover.ADV herehere.ADV .
87ABIand now they are gonna leave .
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP leaveleave.V.INFIN .
88ELLmosquitoes .
  mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
89ELLokSE .
  okunk .
90ABIso +...
  soso.ADV .
91ABIEmilioSE .
  Emilioname .
92ELL+< xxx .
93ABIEmilioSE is a very (.) complicated person .
  Emilioname isis.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF veryvery.ADV complicatedcomplicate.V.PASTPART personperson.N.SG .
94ELLI know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
95ABIwe could talk about something else .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P couldcan.V.COND talktalk.V.INFIN aboutabout.PREP somethingsomething.PRON elseelse.ADJ .
96ELL&=laugh not not him ?
  notnot.ADV notnot.ADV himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S ?
97ABI+< no .
  nono.ADV .
98ELLokSE .
  okunk .
99ABI+< um +...
  umum.IM .
100ELLPeterSE ?
  Petername ?
101ELLAnnieSE .
  Anniename .
102ABIbut AnnieSE is what ?
  butbut.CONJ Anniename isis.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL ?
103ELLuh AnnieSE today was talking to PeterSE .
  uhuh.IM Anniename todaytoday.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART toto.PREP Petername .
104ABIbut nothing xxx .
  butbut.CONJ nothingnothing.PRON .
105ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
106ELLyeah xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
107ABIokSE .
  okunk .
108ELLI don't know how SelenaSE alw(ays) [/] always governs LauraSE ?
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN howhow.ADV Selenaname alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV governsgovern.SV.INFIN+PV Lauraname ?
109ABIshe does ?
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES ?
110ELLshe wan(ts) yeah she went to xxx SelenaSE .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wantswant.V.3S.PRES yeahyeah.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Selenaname .
111ELLyS she [/] she tells me +".
  yand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S tellstell.V.3S.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
  and she tells me:
112ELL+" <dileS aS Lau(ra)SE> [//] dileS aS SelenaSE queS vayaS aS almorzarS .
  diletell.V.2S.IMPER+LE[PRON.MF.3S] ato.PREP Lauraname diletell.V.2S.IMPER+LE[PRON.MF.3S] ato.PREP Selenaname quethat.CONJ vayago.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES ato.PREP almorzarhave_lunch.V.INFIN .
  tell Selena to go for lunch.
113ABI[- spa] que vaya a almorzar ?
  quethat.CONJ vayago.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES ato.PREP almorzarhave_lunch.V.INFIN ?
  to go for lunch?
114ELLyeah so I called her .
  yeahyeah.ADV soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S calledcall.V.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
115ABI+< peroS SelenaSE was eating or ellaS [/] ellaS noS estabaS comiendoS ?
  perobut.CONJ Selenaname waswas.V.3S.PAST eatingunk oror.CONJ ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S nonot.ADV estababe.V.13S.IMPERF comiendoeat.V.PRESPART ?
  but Selena was eating, or wasn't she eating?
116ELL+< SelenaSE was eating right ?
  Selenaname waswas.V.3S.PAST eatingunk rightright.ADJ ?
117ELLand then she got out of the lunch .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S gotgot.V.PAST outout.ADV ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF lunchlunch.N.SG .
118ELLand she was like +".
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
119ELL+" yS ahoraS queS [/] queS SelenaSE comaS .
  yand.CONJ ahoranow.ADV quethat.CONJ quethat.CONJ Selenaname comacoma.N.F.SG.[or].coma.N.M.SG.[or].eat.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  and now Selena should eat.
120ELL[- spa] +" dile que venga a comer .
  diletell.V.2S.IMPER+LE[PRON.MF.3S] quethat.CONJ vengacome.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES.[or].avenge.V.3S.PRES ato.PREP comereat.V.INFIN .
  tell her to come and eat.
121ELLlike comoS siS fueraS unaS madreS .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN comolike.CONJ siif.CONJ fuerabe.V.13S.SUBJ.IMPERF unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG madremother.N.F.SG .
  as if she was a mother.
122ABI[- spa] por qué ?
  porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT ?
123ELLI don't know man .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN manman.N.SG .
124ELLshe I [/] I don't like that lady .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR ladylady.N.SG .
125ELLthat lady like she is always like +//.
  thatthat.DEM.FAR ladylady.N.SG likelike.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
126ABIshe's too bossy .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES tootoo.ADV bossybossy.ADJ .
127ELLshe's always bossing +/.
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].always.ADV bossingboss.N.SG+ASV .
128ABIoh you ok you wanna hear a story ?
  ohoh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP okunk youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP hearhear.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF storystory.N.SG ?
129ABIok .
  okunk .
130ABIum <before yes(terday)> [/] before yesterday IriaSE gave me a job to do .
  umum.IM beforebefore.CONJ yesterdayyesterday.N.SG beforebefore.CONJ yesterdayyesterday.N.SG Irianame gavegave.SV.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S aa.DET.INDEF jobjob.N.SG toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN .
131ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
132ABIso then I [/] I xxx terminéS elS trabajoS paraS ahíSS .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S terminéfinish.V.1S.PAST elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG trabajowork.N.M.SG parafor.PREP ahíthere.ADV yes.ADV .
  so then I stopped working there, yes.
133ELL+< &=sniff .
134ABIand then <the next thi(ng)> [/] the next step that I had to do was um divide the patients by their case manager .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV thethe.DET.DEF nextnext.ADJ thingthing.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF nextnext.ADJ stepstep.N.SG thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN waswas.V.3S.PAST umum.IM dividedivide.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF patientspatient.ADJ+PV byby.PREP theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG .
135ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
136ABIso <there was> [/] the(re) [/] there was a stack of papers for ClaraSE .
  soso.ADV therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST therethere.ADV therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF stackstack.N.SG ofof.PREP paperspaper.N.PL forfor.PREP Claraname .
137ABIand there was a stack of patients for +...
  andand.CONJ therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF stackstack.N.SG ofof.PREP patientspatient.ADJ+PV forfor.PREP .
138ELLSelenaSE .
  Selenaname .
139ABISelenaSE right .
  Selenaname rightright.ADJ .
140ABIso then loS queS IriaSE me dijoS queS hagaS eraS cogerS losS [/] losS files deS [/] deS SelenaSE yS entregárselosS aS suS case manager (.) aS SelenaSE paraS queS ellaS losS file in .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL Irianame meme.PRON.OBJ.1S dijotell.V.3S.PAST quethat.CONJ hagado.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES erabe.V.13S.IMPERF cogertake.V.INFIN losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL filesfile.N.PL deof.PREP deof.PREP Selenaname yand.CONJ entregárselosdeliver.V.INFIN.PRECLITIC+SE[PRON.MF.3S] LOS[PRON.M.3P] ato.PREP suhis.ADJ.POSS.MF.3SP.SG casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG ato.PREP Selenaname parafor.PREP quethat.CONJ ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL filefile.N.SG inin.PREP .
  so then Iria told me that she had to collect Selena's files and deliver them to her case manager, so that she can file them.
141ABIright ?
  rightright.ADJ ?
142ABIso and I go to SelenaSE .
  soso.ADV andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP Selenaname .
143ABIbut the thing was that they were active patients right ?
  butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST activeactive.ADJ patientspatient.ADJ+PV rightright.ADJ ?
144ABIso then active patients (.) she wanted to follow them into their xxx .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV activeactive.ADJ patientspatient.ADJ+PV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP followfollow.V.INFIN themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P intointo.PREP theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P .
145ABIso I um whether it was built or not built right .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S umum.IM whetherwhether.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST builtbuilt.V.PASTPART oror.CONJ notnot.ADV builtbuilt.AV.PAST rightright.ADJ .
146ABIso then all the ones that I had finished were all built .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF onesone.PRON.PL thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST finishedfinish.V.PASTPART werewere.V.2S123P.PAST allall.ADJ builtbuilt.AV.PAST .
147ABIand they were active .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST activeactive.ADJ .
148ABIand they were all built .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST allall.ADJ builtbuilt.AV.PAST .
149ABIso then I went to SelenaSE .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Selenaname .
150ABI[- spa] y yo le dije +".
  yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  and I told her:
151ABI+" SelenaSE yaS estosS pacientesS estánS [/] estánS xxx .
  Selenaname yaalready.ADV estosthis.ADJ.DEM.M.PL pacientespatient.N.M estánbe.V.3P.PRES estánbe.V.3P.PRES .
  Selena, these patients have already been [...].
152ABI+" peroS <IriaSE quiere@s:spa> [//] IriaSE meS [/] meS pidióS queS losS fileesS+eng enS suS xxx .
  perobut.CONJ Irianame quierewant.V.2S.IMPER.[or].want.V.3S.PRES Irianame meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S pidiórequest.V.3S.PAST quethat.CONJ losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL filees enin.PREP suhis.ADJ.POSS.MF.3SP.SG .
  but Iria has told me that you should file them in her [...].
153ABI[- spa] no mentira .
  nonot.ADV mentiralie.N.F.SG .
154ABI[- spa] habían dos que tenían problemas .
  habíanhave.V.3P.IMPERF dostwo.NUM quethat.CONJ teníanhave.V.3P.IMPERF problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  there were two with problems.
155ABI[- spa] verdad ?
  verdadtruth.N.F.SG ?
156ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
157ABIso <yoS leS dije@s:spa> [/] yoS leS dijeS +".
  soso.ADV yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  so I told her:
158ABI+" SelenaSE estosS dosS tienenS problemasS .
  Selenaname estosthis.PRON.DEM.M.PL dostwo.NUM tienenhave.V.3P.PRES problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  Selena, there are problems with these two.
159ABIand I didn't even write on the post_it (.) the problem .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG eveneven.ADV writewrite.V.INFIN onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF post_itunk thethe.DET.DEF problemproblem.N.SG .
160ABIIriaSE wrote it (.) with her handwriting .
  Irianame wrotewrote.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.SUB.3S withwith.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S handwritinghandwrite.N.SG+ASV .
161ABIand it was simple .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST simplesimple.ADJ .
162ABIit was a simple simple problem .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF simplesimple.ADJ simplesimple.ADJ problemproblem.N.SG .
163ABI<it was> [//] um one of them was to call the nurse and verify that there was a sharp container (.) in the house .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST umum.IM oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P waswas.V.3S.PAST toto.PREP callcall.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF nursenurse.N.SG andand.CONJ verifyverify.V.INFIN thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF sharpsharp.ADJ containercontainer.N.SG.[or].contain.N.SG.AG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF househouse.N.SG .
164ABIand the other one was um to call the nurse and verify that it was that his [//] her son was still <the hou(se)> [//] the care(giver) [/] care giver or something like that .
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST umum.IM toto.PREP callcall.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF nursenurse.N.SG andand.CONJ verifyverify.V.INFIN thatthat.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S sonson.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST stillstill.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF househouse.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF caregiverunk carecare.SV.INFIN givergiver.N.SG oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
165ABIvery simple .
  veryvery.ADV simplesimple.ADJ .
166ELL[- spa] que se puede hacer en cinco minutos .
  quethat.CONJ seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP puedebe_able.V.3S.PRES hacerdo.V.INFIN enin.PREP cincofive.NUM minutosminute.N.M.PL .
  that can be done in five minutes.
167ABIyeah that you could do it in five minutes .
  yeahyeah.ADV thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldcan.V.COND dodo.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S inin.PREP fivefive.NUM minutesminute.N.PL .
168ABII understood what SelenaSE was telling me .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S understoodunderstood.V.PAST whatwhat.REL Selenaname waswas.V.3S.PAST tellingtell.V.PRESPART meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
169ABIbut that's not my problem because I'm just telling her what IriaSE is telling me to do .
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S problemproblem.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES justjust.ADV tellingtell.V.PRESPART herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S whatwhat.REL Irianame isis.V.3S.PRES tellingtell.V.PRESPART meme.PRON.OBJ.1S toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN .
170ABIso whatever SelenaSE xxx estoS eranS comoS diezS pacientesS .
  soso.ADV whateverwhatever.REL Selenaname estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG eranbe.V.3P.IMPERF comolike.CONJ diezten.NUM pacientespatient.ADJ.M.PL.[or].patient.N.M .
  so whatever Selena [...] there were about ten patients.
171ABIand out of them [///] all those ten two of them had problems .
  andand.CONJ outout.ADV ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P allall.ADJ thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL tenten.NUM twotwo.NUM ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P hadhad.AV.PAST+P problemsproblem.N.PL .
172ABI[- spa] y le dije +".
  yand.CONJ lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  and I told her:
173ABI+" SelenaSE estosS dosS pacientesS (.) tienenS problemasS .
  Selenaname estosthis.PRON.DEM.M.PL dostwo.NUM pacientespatient.ADJ.M.PL.[or].patient.N.M tienenhave.V.3P.PRES problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  Selena, those two patients have problems.
174ABI[- spa] +" est(e) [/] el póster está ahí mismo explicándote el problema para que tú lo puedas hacer .
  estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG pósterposter.N.M.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES ahíthere.ADV mismosame.ADJ.M.SG explicándoteexplain.V.PRESPART.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG parafor.PREP quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S puedasbe_able.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES hacerdo.V.INFIN .
  the poster is right there to explain the problem to you so you can deal with it.
175ABI[- spa] entonces ella me mira .
  entoncesthen.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S miralook.V.3S.PRES .
  then she looked at me.
176ABIand she goes +".
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
177ABI[- spa] +" eh y por qué .
  eheh.IM yand.CONJ porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT .
  er, and why?
178ABI[- spa] +" yo no entiendo por qué la persona que revisó esto no [/] no lo hizo de una vez .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV entiendounderstand.V.1S.PRES porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG personaperson.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL revisóreview.V.3S.PAST estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG nonot.ADV nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S hizodo.V.3S.PAST deof.PREP unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG veztime.N.F.SG .
  I don't understand why the person who checked this didn't do it straight away.
179ABI[- spa] no llamó <a la> [/] al que resolvió el problema .
  nonot.ADV llamócall.V.3S.PAST ato.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL resolviósettle.V.3S.PAST elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG .
  she didn't call the one who resolved the problem.
180ELL[- spa] mientras que no sea ella la que resolvió el problema .
  mientraswhile.CONJ quethat.CONJ nonot.ADV seabe.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL resolviósettle.V.3S.PAST elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG .
  while it's not her who resolved the problem.
181ABIxxx .
182ABIand she goes +".
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
183ABI+" yoS noS entiendoS porS quéS laS personaS <queS teníaS este@s:spa> [/] <queS teníaS este@s:spa> [///] ehSE queS [/] queS revisóS estoS <noS meS ayu(dó)@s:spa> [///] <noS loS rev(isó)@s:spa> [///] noS loS hizoS .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV entiendounderstand.V.1S.PRES porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG personaperson.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL teníahave.V.13S.IMPERF esteEast.N.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL teníahave.V.13S.IMPERF estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG eheh.IM quethat.CONJ quethat.CONJ revisóreview.V.3S.PAST estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG nonot.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S ayudóhelp.V.3S.PAST nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S revisóreview.V.3S.PAST nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S hizodo.V.3S.PAST .
  I can't understand why the person who checked this hasn't done it.
184ABI[- spa] no [/] no arregló el problema .
  nonot.ADV nonot.ADV arreglófix.V.3S.PAST elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG .
  she didn't solve the problem.
185ABIand then it's funny because I should have just been like <buenoS xxx hizoS esoS yS noS leS daS laS ganaS deS [/] deS [/] deS revisarS esoS porqueS yaS teS estáS pagandoS aS tiS unS salarioS yS quiereS queSS xxx túS eresS elS case manager yS quiereS queS elS case manager loS revise@s:spa> ["].
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES funnyfunny.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S shouldshould.V.1S.PRES havehave.SV.INFIN justjust.ADV beenbeen.V.PASTPART likelike.CONJ buenowell.E hizodo.V.3S.PAST esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG yand.CONJ nonot.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dagive.V.3S.PRES laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S ganawin.V.2S.IMPER.[or].win.V.3S.PRES deof.PREP deof.PREP deof.PREP revisarreview.V.INFIN esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG porquebecause.CONJ yaalready.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S estábe.V.3S.PRES pagandopay.V.PRESPART ato.PREP tiyou.PRON.PREP.MF.2S unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG salariowage.N.M.SG yand.CONJ quierewant.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S eresbe.V.2S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG yand.CONJ quierewant.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S revisereview.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  and then it's funny because I should have just been like, okay, [...] she did this and doesn't intend to check it because she is already paying you a salary and wants you, you are the case manager and she wants the case manager to check it.
186ELL+< xxx .
187ABIyeah like (be)cause it's true .
  yeahyeah.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES truetrue.ADJ .
188ABII mean yoS leS reviséS xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S reviséreview.V.1S.PAST .
  I mean I checked it [...].
189ABIlike if IriaSE is telling you +/.
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ Irianame isis.V.3S.PRES tellingtell.V.PRESPART youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
190ELLIriaSE told you +"/.
  Irianame toldtold.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
191ELL[- spa] +" revisa esto .
  revisareview.V.2S.IMPER estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  check this.
192ELL[- spa] no resuelve esto no revi(sa) [//] &resi revise .
  nonot.ADV resuelvesettle.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG nonot.ADV revisareview.V.3S.PRES revisereview.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  not solve it, but check it.
193ABI+< xxx exactly because there's a reason that they are the case managers so they could resolverS losS problemasS xxx .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV becausebecause.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF reasonreason.N.SG thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES thethe.DET.DEF casecase.N.SG managersmanager.N.PL soso.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P couldcan.V.COND resolversettle.V.INFIN losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  [...] exactly because there's a reason that they are case managers so they could solve the problems [...].
194ABIand not only that .
  andand.CONJ notnot.ADV onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR .
195ABIlike if she says she doesn't feel like doing it she doesn't feel like doing it .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG feelfeel.SV.INFIN likelike.CONJ doingdo.V.PRESPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG feelfeel.SV.INFIN likelike.CONJ doingdo.V.PRESPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
196ABIshe is paying SelenaSE a [/] a salary of a case manager so she could solve those problems .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES payingpay.V.PRESPART Selenaname aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF salarysalary.N.SG ofof.PREP aa.DET.INDEF casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG soso.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S couldcan.V.COND solvesolve.V.INFIN thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL problemsproblem.N.PL .
197ABIso the reason she's the case manager for the patient .
  soso.ADV thethe.DET.DEF reasonreason.N.SG she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF patientpatient.ADJ .
198ELLright .
  rightright.ADJ .
199ABIso ellaS yoS laS miróS .
  soso.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S mirólook.V.3S.PAST .
  so I looked at her.
200ABI[- spa] y yo le dije +"/.
  yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  and I told her:
201ABI+" noSS SelenaSE .
  nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES Selenaname .
  I don't know, Selena.
202ABIporqueS the thing is with SelenaSE (.) I've already learned to just have patience with her .
  porquebecause.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP Selenaname I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES alreadyalready.ADV learnedunk toto.PREP justjust.ADV havehave.V.INFIN patiencepatience.N.SG withwith.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
  because the thing is with Selena, I've already learned to just have patience with her.
203ABII'm not gonna bitch at her .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bitchbitch.N.SG atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
204ELL+< oh yeah no you can't talk to her if you don't have patience .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV nono.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG talktalk.V.INFIN toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN patiencepatience.N.SG .
205ABI+< I'm not gonna talk back to her .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP talktalk.V.INFIN backback.ADV toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
206ABII'm not gonna talk back to her .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP talktalk.V.INFIN backback.ADV toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
207ABIand I'm not gonna bitch at her because there's just no point .
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bitchbitch.N.SG atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S becausebecause.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV nono.ADV pointpoint.N.SG .
208ABIso I go to her um +//.
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S umum.IM .
209ABII looked at her .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S lookedlook.V.PAST atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
210ABI[- spa] yo le dije +"/.
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  I told her:
211ABI+" noSS ehS noSS SelenaSE estoS meS loS dioS +/.
  nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES eheh.IM nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES Selenaname estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S diogive.V.3S.PAST .
  I don't know, Selena gave me that.
212ELL+< SelenaSE .
  Selenaname .
213ABIxxx all these mosquitoes !
  allall.ADJ thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL !
214ABI<estoS meS loS dio@s:spa> [/] estoS meS loS dioS IriaSE .
  estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S diogive.V.3S.PAST estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S diogive.V.3S.PAST Irianame .
  this is what Iria gave me.
215ABI[- spa] y e(lla) [/] ella me lo pasó para ti .
  yand.CONJ ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S pasópass.V.3S.PAST parafor.PREP tiyou.PRON.PREP.MF.2S .
  and she passed it to me for you.
216ABI[- spa] entonces ella lo cogió .
  entoncesthen.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S cogiótake.V.3S.PAST .
  then she picked it up
217ABIlike she got it from my hand .
  likelike.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S gotgot.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S fromfrom.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S handhand.N.SG .
218ABIand she goes .
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
219ABIshe put it to the side [//] completely to the side .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S putput.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG completelycomplete.ADJ+ADV.[or].completely.ADV toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG .
220ABIand she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
221ABI+" buenoS I'm not gonna stop when xxx .
  buenowell.E I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP stopstop.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ .
  well, I'm not gonna stop [...].
222ELL+< xxx .
223ABIbuenoS I'm not gonna stop what I'm doing right now (.) to solve this .
  buenowell.E I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP stopstop.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES doingdo.V.PRESPART rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV toto.PREP solvesolve.V.INFIN thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG .
  well I'm not gonna stop what I'm doing right now to solve this.
224ABIso <this is gonna be> [/] this is gonna be later on whenever I have a chance .
  soso.ADV thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN laterlater.ADJ onon.PREP wheneverwhenever.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF chancechance.N.SG .
225ABI[- spa] y yo le dije +".
  yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijetell.V.1S.PAST .
  and I told her:
226ABI+" noS noS noS sinS apuroS SelenaSE .
  nonot.ADV nonot.ADV nonot.ADV sinwithout.PREP apurodifficulty.N.M.SG Selenaname .
  no, no, there's no hurry, Selena.
227ABI+" túS hazS esoS mañanaS porS laS mañanaS <when you want> [/] <when you> [/] <when you> [/] when you are másS calmadaS whenever you want .
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S hazdo.V.2S.IMPER esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG mañanatomorrow.ADV porfor.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG mañanamorning.N.F.SG whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wantwant.V.2SP.PRES whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES másmore.ADV calmadacalm.V.F.SG.PASTPART wheneverwhenever.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wantwant.V.2SP.PRES .
  you do this tomorrow morning, when you're calmer, whenever you want.
228ELLyou're good already .
  you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES goodgood.ADJ alreadyalready.ADV .
229ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
230ABIand then I gave her the other eight patients .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gavegave.V.1S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ eighteight.NUM patientspatient.ADJ+PV .
231ABIand then I go to her xxx .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
232ABIand then she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
233ELL+< ahSE .
  ahah.IM .
234ABI[- spa] +" mal trabajo .
  malpoorly.ADJ.M.SG trabajowork.N.M.SG.[or].work.V.1S.PRES .
  poor work.
235ABI[- spa] +" no no no no no pero yo no entiend(o) .
  nonot.ADV nonot.ADV nonot.ADV nonot.ADV nonot.ADV perobut.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S nonot.ADV entiendounderstand.V.1S.PRES .
  no, no, but I don't understand.
236ABIand I'm like +//.
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ .
237ABIlike I looked at her .
  likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S lookedlook.V.PAST atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
238ABIand I'm like +"/.
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ .
239ABI+" SelenaSE siSS quieresS seS loS dasS aS PedroSE .
  Selenaname siif.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S quiereswant.V.2S.PRES seto_him.PRON.INDIR.MF.3SP lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S dasgive.V.2S.PRES ato.PREP Pedroname .
  Selena, if you want to, give it to Pedro.
240ABIyou know her assistant .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S assistantassistant.N.SG .
241ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
242ABI+" seS loS puedeS darS aS PedroSE .
  seto_him.PRON.INDIR.MF.3SP lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S puedebe_able.V.2S.IMPER.[or].be_able.V.3S.PRES dargive.V.INFIN ato.PREP Pedroname .
  it can be given to Pedro.
243ABI[- spa] +" y que él te lo fileeE+spa .
  yand.CONJ quethat.CONJ élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG filee .
  and that he files it for you.
244ABIand then she just turned around .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV turnedunk aroundaround.ADV .
245ABIand she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
246ABI+" here PedroSE véameS estoS .
  herehere.ADV Pedroname véamesee.V.3S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  here, Pedro, look at this for me.
247ELL[- spa] ay .
  ayoh.IM .
248ABI[- spa] +< <y él dijo> [/] y él dijo .
  yand.CONJ élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S dijotell.V.3S.PAST yand.CONJ élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S dijotell.V.3S.PAST .
  and he says.
249ABIentoncesS leS dijoS asíS SelenaSE +"/.
  entoncesthen.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dijotell.V.3S.PAST asíthus.ADV Selenaname .
  then Selena told him:
250ABI[- spa] +" yo te lo hago ahora .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S hagodo.V.1S.PRES ahoranow.ADV .
  I'll do it for you now.
251ABI+" or I'll do it for you first thing in the morning .
  oror.CONJ I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT dodo.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S forfor.PREP youyou.PRON.OBJ.2SP firstfirst.ADJ thingthing.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
252ABIyou know to put it to the side .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP putput.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG .
253ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
254ABIso it was funny because that's the way SelenaSE reacted .
  soso.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST funnyfunny.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG Selenaname reactedreact.V.PAST .
255ABIbut then I went to ClaraSE .
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Claraname .
256ABIClaraSE had her own stack .
  Claraname hadhad.V.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S ownown.ADJ stackstack.N.SG .
257ABIand ClaraSE had one patient with one problem .
  andand.CONJ Claraname hadhad.V.PAST oneone.PRON.SG patientpatient.ADJ withwith.PREP oneone.PRON.SG problemproblem.N.SG .
258ABIand I go up to her .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES upup.ADV toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
259ABIand I'm like +"/.
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ .
260ABI+" ClaraSE um (.) estosS eranS losS pacientesS tuyosS ?
  Claraname umum.IM estosthis.PRON.DEM.M.PL eranbe.V.3P.IMPERF losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL pacientespatient.ADJ.M.PL.[or].patient.N.M tuyosof_yours.ADJ.POSS.MF.2S.M.PL ?
  Clara, are these your patients?
261ABI[- spa] +" y éste [/] éste de a(de)lante tiene algún problema .
  yand.CONJ éstethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG éstethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG deof.PREP adelanteforward.ADV.[or].advance.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES tienehave.V.3S.PRES algúnsome.ADJ.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG .
  and this one at the front has some problem..
262ABIand she is like +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ .
263ABI[- spa] +" a ver ya lo leyó ?
  ato.PREP versee.V.INFIN yaalready.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S leyóread.V.3S.PAST ?
  did she already read it?
264ABIshe goes +"/.
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
265ABI+" ahSE okSE esoS esS facilitoS .
  ahah.IM okunk esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES facilitofacilitate.V.1S.PRES .
  ah, ok, that's easy-peasy.
266ABIlike she handled it with such patience .
  likelike.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S handledunk itit.PRON.SUB.3S withwith.PREP suchsuch.ADJ patiencepatience.N.SG .
267ABIxxx the thing is +//.
  thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES .
268ABII think she saw me +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sawsaw.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
269ABIshe saw the situation with SelenaSE .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sawsaw.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF situationsituation.N.SG withwith.PREP Selenaname .
270ABIshe saw how SelenaSE had reacted to it .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sawsaw.V.PAST howhow.ADV Selenaname hadhad.V.PAST reactedreact.V.PASTPART toto.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
271ABIso I think Clara is being smart in the sense of like I'm not gonna be a bitch .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES Claraname isis.V.3S.PRES beingbe.V.PRESPART smartsmart.ADJ inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sensesense.N.SG ofof.PREP likelike.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF bitchbitch.N.SG .
272ABII'm not gonna talk bad .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP talktalk.V.INFIN badbad.ADJ .
273ELL+< of course .
  ofof.PREP coursecourse.N.SG .
274ELLand not even that .
  andand.CONJ notnot.ADV eveneven.ADJ thatthat.DEM.FAR .
275ABII'm [/] I'm not gonna handle .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP handlehandle.N.SG .
276ELL+< I'm not gonna look .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP looklook.V.INFIN .
277ABII'm not gonna look .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP looklook.V.INFIN .
278ABIor like I'm gonna handle the job (.) with ease .
  oror.CONJ likelike.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP handlehandle.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF jobjob.N.SG withwith.PREP easeease.N.SG .
279ABIdo you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
280ABIso she looks at me .
  soso.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES atat.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
281ABIand she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
282ABI[- spa] +" hay uno solamente .
  haythere_is.V.3S.PRES unoone.PRON.M.SG solamenteonly.ADV .
  there's only one.
283ABI[- spa] +" qué bueno qué bueno qué bueno .
  quéwhat.INT buenowell.E quéwhat.INT buenowell.E quéwhat.INT buenowell.E .
  how wonderful.
284ABIand she like clapped her hand .
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S likelike.V.3S.PRES clappedclap.V.PASTPART herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S handhand.N.SG .
285ABIand then she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
286ABI[- spa] +" qué bueno qué bueno .
  quéwhat.INT buenowell.E quéwhat.INT buenowell.E .
  how wonderful.
287ABIand I just laughed .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADV laughedlaugh.V.PASTPART .
288ABIand she was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
289ABI+" yeah buenoS .
  yeahyeah.ADV buenowell.E .
  yeah, fine.
290ABIum and here is the other +/.
  umum.IM andand.CONJ herehere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ .
291ABIand [//] yS entoncesS esto(s)S esto(s)S otrosS noS tienenS problemasS .
  andand.CONJ yand.CONJ entoncesthen.ADV estosthis.PRON.DEM.M.PL estosthis.PRON.DEM.M.PL otrosothers.PRON.M.PL nonot.ADV tienenhave.V.3P.PRES problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  and then these others don't have any problems.
292ABIperoS xxx IriaSE quiereS queSS loS fileesE+spa enS losS xxx .
  perobut.CONJ Irianame quierewant.V.2S.IMPER.[or].want.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG filees enin.PREP losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL .
  but Iria wants you to file them in the [...].
293ABIand she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
294ABI+" okSE mamitaS .
  okunk mamitaMummy.N.F.SG.DIM .
  ok, mummy.
295ABI+" xxx I'll do it right now .
  I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT dodo.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV .
296ABI+" it's no problem .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES nono.ADV problemproblem.N.SG .
297ABIand then like (.) today I had given her +...
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV likelike.CONJ todaytoday.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST givengiven.SV.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
298ABIbecause I &re [//] terminéS deS revisarS like two more patients .
  becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S terminéfinish.V.1S.PAST deof.PREP revisarreview.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ twotwo.NUM moremore.ADV patientspatient.ADJ+PV .
  because I had finished checking like two more patients,
299ABII finished (.) reviewing two more patients .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S finishedfinish.V.PAST reviewingreview.V.PRESPART twotwo.NUM moremore.ADV patientspatient.ADJ+PV .
300ABIand I gave her (.) the rest .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gavegave.V.1S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S thethe.DET.DEF restrest.N.SG .
301ABIoh my god people keep calling my cell phone !
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG peoplepeople.N.SG keepkeep.N.SG callingcall.V.PRESPART mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S cellcell.N.SG phonephone.N.SG !
302ABIhold on .
  holdhold.V.INFIN onon.PREP .
303ABIPamelaSE I'm in school .
  Pamelaname I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES inin.PREP schoolschool.N.SG .
304ABIbye .
  byebye.N.SG .
305ABIso then um +...
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV umum.IM .
306ELL+< noS leS digasS queS estásS conmigoS queS quiereS venirS pa(ra)S acáS &=laugh .
  nonot.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S digastell.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES quethat.CONJ estásbe.V.2S.PRES conmigowith me.PREP+PRON.MF.1S quethat.CONJ quierewant.V.3S.PRES venircome.V.INFIN parafor.PREP acáhere.ADV .
  don't tell her you're with me so that she wants to come here.
307ABI+< noSE .
  nono.ADV .
308ABIno I [/] I don't know .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
309ABIshe [/] she picked up the phone .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S pickedpick.V.PAST upup.ADV thethe.DET.DEF phonephone.N.SG .
310ABIand she goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
311ABI+" you have to call me .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP callcall.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
312ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
313ABI+" let me ask if it was an emergency .
  letlet.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S askask.SV.INFIN ifif.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST anan.DET.INDEF emergencyemergency.N.SG .
314ABIentoncesS um (.) she [/] she handled it completely fine .
  entoncesthen.ADV umum.IM sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S handledunk itit.PRON.SUB.3S completelycomplete.ADJ+ADV.[or].completely.ADV finefine.N.SG .
  then she handled it completely fine.
315ABIand then I gave her a xxx .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S gavegave.V.1S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S aa.DET.INDEF .
316ABII gave her (.) some things to do today (.) to ClaraSE .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S gavegave.V.1S.PRES herher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S somesome.ADJ thingsthing.N.PL toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN todaytoday.N.SG toto.PREP Claraname .
317ABIand she said +"/.
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S saidsaid.V.PAST .
318ABI[- spa] +" sí mamita <dame a mi to(do)> [/] dame a mí todo lo que tiene que ver con mis pacientes que yo prefiero tenerlos en el xxx .
  yes.ADV mamitaMummy.N.F.SG.DIM damegive.V.2S.IMPER+ME[PRON.MF.1S] ato.PREP mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG todoeverything.PRON.M.SG damegive.V.2S.IMPER+ME[PRON.MF.1S] ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S todoall.ADJ.M.SG lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ versee.V.INFIN conwith.PREP mismy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.PL pacientespatient.N.M quethat.PRON.REL yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S prefieroprefer.V.1S.PRES tenerloshave.V.INFIN+LOS[PRON.M.3P] enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG .
  yes, mummy, give me everything that needs looking at with my patients that I prefer to have the [...].
319ABI[- spa] +" <y yo> [/] y yo tenerlo aquí todo .
  yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S tenerlohave.V.INFIN+LO[PRON.M.3S] aquíhere.ADV todoeverything.PRON.M.SG .
  so I can have everything here.
320ABIlike ClaraSE handled everything so perfectly and smooth .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN Claraname handledunk everythingeverything.PRON soso.ADV perfectlyperfect.ADJ+ADV.[or].perfectly.ADV andand.CONJ smoothsmooth.ADJ .
321ELLyeah but every time +"/.
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ everyevery.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
322ELL[- spa] siempre me pasa lo mismo .
  siemprealways.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S pasapass.V.3S.PRES lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG mismosame.ADJ.M.SG .
  the same thing happens to me all the time.
323ELL<if I give something> [//] if I xxx +//.
  ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S givegive.V.1S.PRES somethingsomething.PRON ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S .
324ABIAbigailSE is it an emergency ?
  Abigailname isis.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S anan.DET.INDEF emergencyemergency.N.SG ?
325ABIthen what happened ?
  thenthen.ADV whatwhat.REL happenedhappen.V.PAST ?
326ABI[- spa] bueno xxx .
  buenowell.E .
  well, [...].
327ELLand everytime I give +"/.
  andand.CONJ everytimeunk II.PRON.SUB.1S givegive.V.1S.PRES .
328ELL+, ClaraSE something .
  Claraname somethingsomething.PRON .
329ELLshe is always like +"/.
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
330ELL+" ahSE okSE okSE <yaS loS escriboS aquí@s:spa> [/] yaS loS escriboS aquíS .
  ahah.IM okunk okunk yaalready.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S escribowrite.V.1S.PRES aquíhere.ADV yaalready.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S escribowrite.V.1S.PRES aquíhere.ADV .
  ah, ok, I'm already writing it here."
331ELL+" thank you EllaSE .
  thankthank.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP Ellaname .
332ELL[- spa] ay xxx estoy ahogada .
  ayoh.IM estoybe.V.1S.PRES ahogadadrowned.ADJ.F.SG .
  oh, [...] I'm snowed under.
333ABI[- spa] +< xxx problemas xxx .
  problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  [...] problems [...].
334ELL[- spa] xxx a hablar .
  ato.PREP hablartalk.V.INFIN .
  [...] to talk.
335ELL[- spa] y te preocupa por sus problemas .
  yand.CONJ teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S preocupaconcern.V.3S.PRES porfor.PREP sushis.ADJ.POSS.MF.3SP.PL problemastrouble.N.M.PL .
  and worry about his problems.
336ELLxxx .
337ABI[- spa] +< y estoy ahogada .
  yand.CONJ estoybe.V.1S.PRES ahogadadrowned.ADJ.F.SG .
  and I am snowed under.
338ELL[- spa] +< xxx tengo que hacer eso .
  tengohave.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ hacerdo.V.INFIN esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  [...] I have to do this.
339ABI+< peroS if he is the ca(se) +/.
  perobut.CONJ ifif.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF casecase.N.SG .
  but if he is the case...
340ELL[- spa] +< xxx él [/] él no trabaja .
  élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S nonot.ADV trabajawork.V.3S.PRES .
  [...] he doesn't work.
341ABIperoS she is the case manager for those patients .
  perobut.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG forfor.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL patientspatient.ADJ+V 3S PRES .
  but she is the case manager for those patients.
342ABIshe is the case manager for those patients .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG forfor.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL patientspatient.ADJ+V 3S PRES .
343ELL+< for those patients .
  forfor.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL patientspatient.ADJ+V 3S PRES .
344ABIthat's what she has her salary for .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S salarysalary.N.SG forfor.PREP .
345ABIthat's what she's getting paid for so she needs to do her job .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gettingget.V.PRESPART paidpaid.AV.PAST forfor.PREP soso.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S needsneeds.ADV.[or].need.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S jobjob.N.SG .
346ABIjust because she gets atareadaS just a little bit too much .
  justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV becausebecause.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S getsget.V.3S.PRES atareadabusy.ADJ.F.SG justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG tootoo.ADV muchmuch.ADJ .
  just because she gets just a little bit too busy.
347ABIshe like she does ohSE a little bit more work than [/] than normal .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S likelike.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES ohoh.IM aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG moremore.ADJ workwork.N.SG thanthan.CONJ thanthan.CONJ normalnormal.ADJ .
348ABIshe already like <she gets at> [//] she is I don't know she's [/] she's learned to not be as rude .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S alreadyalready.ADV likelike.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S getsget.V.3S.PRES atat.PREP sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S isis.V.3S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES learnedunk toto.PREP notnot.ADV bebe.V.INFIN asas.CONJ ruderude.ADJ .
349ABIbut she's pretty rude .
  butbut.CONJ she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES prettypretty.ADJ ruderude.ADJ .
350ELLI get she likes things her way .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S getget.V.1S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S likeslike.V.3S.PRES thingsthing.N.PL herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S wayway.N.SG .
351ELLand <seS hun(de)@s:spa> [/] seS hundeS enS unS vasoS deS aguaS siS [//] if [/] if it's not her way .
  andand.CONJ seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP hundesink.V.3S.PRES seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP hundesink.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG vasoglass.N.M.SG deof.PREP aguawater.N.F.SG siif.CONJ ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S wayway.N.SG .
  and she drowns herself in a glass of water if it's not her way.
352ABIyeah she's very rude .
  yeahyeah.ADV she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES veryvery.ADV ruderude.ADJ .
353ELLshe has to learn how to treat people because like everybody everybody after I hear SelenaSE scream they come out through [/] through the xxx .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP learnlearn.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP treattreat.N.SG peoplepeople.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ likelike.V.INFIN everybodyeverybody.PRON everybodyeverybody.PRON afterafter.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S hearhear.V.1S.PRES Selenaname screamscream.SV.INFIN theythey.PRON.SUB.3P comecome.V.3P.PRES outout.ADV throughthrough.PREP throughthrough.PREP thethe.DET.DEF .
354ABI+< did you see what happened today in the morning ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP seesee.V.2SP.PRES whatwhat.REL happenedhappen.V.PASTPART todaytoday.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG ?
355ELLahSE .
  ahah.IM .
356ABIokSE .
  okunk .
357ABIyou remember in the morning when you and me were sitting in the front ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP rememberremember.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP andand.CONJ meme.PRON.OBJ.1S werewere.V.2S123P.PAST sittingsit.V.PRESPART inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF frontfront.N.SG ?
358ELL+< &=sniff .
359ABIand an xxx goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ anan.DET.INDEF goesgoes.N.SG .
360ABI[- spa] +" puedo [///] <tengo que oír> [///] tengo que ver a xxx .
  puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES tengohave.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ oírhear.V.INFIN tengohave.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ versee.V.INFIN ato.PREP .
  I have to see [...].
361ABI[- spa] +" puedo entrar ?
  puedobe_able.V.1S.PRES entrarenter.V.INFIN ?
  can I come in?
362ABIremember that lady ?
  rememberremember.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR ladylady.N.SG ?
363ELL+< ohSE yeah .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
364ELLyeah the law lady .
  yeahyeah.ADV thethe.DET.DEF lawlaw.N.SG ladylady.N.SG .
365ABI+< she went in +//.
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wentwent.V.PAST inin.PREP .
366ABIbuenoS she went in .
  buenowell.E sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wentwent.V.PAST inin.PREP .
  well, she went in.
367ABIand then like five minutes I went in also because I had to give something to RosaSE [/] to xxx .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV likelike.CONJ fivefive.NUM minutesminute.N.PL II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST inin.PREP alsoalso.ADV becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST toto.PREP givegive.V.INFIN somethingsomething.PRON toto.PREP Rosaname toto.PREP .
368ABIso I went in .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S wentwent.V.PAST inin.PREP .
369ABIand I gave something to xxx whatever .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gavegave.V.1S.PRES somethingsomething.PRON toto.PREP whateverwhatever.REL .
370ABIand they were talking .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART .
371ABIbut they were talking kind of loud .
  butbut.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP loudloud.ADJ .
372ABIand then like two minutes later I go back into for a faxSE .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV likelike.CONJ twotwo.NUM minutesminute.N.PL laterlater.ADJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES backback.ADV intointo.PREP forfor.PREP aa.DET.INDEF faxmax.N.SG+SM .
373ABIand MariaSE and xxx were at it .
  andand.CONJ Marianame andand.CONJ werewere.V.2S123P.PAST atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
374ABIlike they are screaming at each other .
  likelike.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES screamingunk atat.PREP eacheach.ADJ otherother.ADJ .
375ELLso MartaSE and MariaSE have been at it .
  soso.ADV Martaname andand.CONJ Marianame havehave.SV.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
376ELLelS gatoS and MariaSE have been at it .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG gatocat.N.M.SG andand.CONJ Marianame havehave.SV.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
  the cat and Maria have been at it.
377ELLMartinSE and MariaSE have been at it .
  Martinname andand.CONJ Marianame havehave.SV.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
378ELLeverybody has been at it with MariaSE because she just doesn't know how to handle situations .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S withwith.PREP Marianame becausebecause.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S justjust.ADV doesn'tdoes.V.INFIN+NEG knowknow.SV.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP handlehandle.N.SG situationssituation.N.PL .
379ABIincluding me <when that time> [/] when that time that she +...
  includingunk meme.PRON.OBJ.1S whenwhen.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR timetime.N.SG whenwhen.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR timetime.N.SG thatthat.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S .
380ELLohSE yeah MariaSE and I had never been at it because from the beginning I knew that with that lady you have to have a little bit more than pacienciaS than everybody else .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV Marianame andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST nevernever.ADV beenbeen.V.PASTPART atat.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S becausebecause.CONJ fromfrom.PREP thethe.DET.DEF beginningbegin.N.SG.GER II.PRON.SUB.1S knewknew.V.1S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR withwith.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR ladylady.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP havehave.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG moremore.ADV thanthan.CONJ pacienciapatience.N.F.SG thanthan.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON elseelse.ADJ .
  oh yeah, Maria and I had never been at it because from the beginning I knew that with that lady you have to have a little bit more patience than everybody else.
381ABI+< she's rude .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES ruderude.ADJ .
382ABIshe's rude .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES ruderude.ADJ .
383ABII think she's very rude .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES veryvery.ADV ruderude.ADJ .
384ELLI think she just never learned people skills .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV nevernever.ADV learnedunk peoplepeople.N.SG skillsskill.N.PL .
385ABIpeople skills ?
  peoplepeople.N.SG skillsskill.N.PL ?
386ELLyeah (be)cause when somebody cuandoS +...
  yeahyeah.ADV becausebecause.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ somebodysomebody.PRON cuandowhen.CONJ .
  yeah, because when somebody, when...
387ABI+< exactly .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
388ABIit's about no matter how mad you are you hold in your anger .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP nono.ADV mattermatt.ADJ.COMP.[or].matter.N.SG howhow.ADV madmad.ADJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP holdhold.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP angeranger.N.SG .
389ABIand you have some sort of modalesS .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES somesome.ADJ sortsort.N.SG ofof.PREP modalesmodal.ADJ.M.PL .
  and you have some sort of manners.
390ABIdo you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
391ABIyou have modalesS like you xxx office .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES modalesmodal.ADJ.M.PL likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP officeoffice.N.SG .
  you have manners like you [...] office.
392ABIxxx your coworkers .
  youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP coworkersunk .
393ABIxxx screaming at people .
  screamingunk atat.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG .
394ELL+< exactly túS tienesS queS convivirS conS laS mismaS genteS so why would you get in a fight with them or whatever ?
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ convivircoexist.V.INFIN conwith.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG mismasame.ADJ.F.SG gentepeople.N.F.SG soso.ADV whywhy.REL wouldbe.V.123SP.COND youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP aa.DET.INDEF fightfight.N.SG withwith.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P oror.CONJ whateverwhatever.REL ?
  exactly, you have to live with the same people, so why would you get in a fight with them or whatever?
395ABI+< exactly before [/] before [/] before you scream you could just talk .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV beforebefore.CONJ beforebefore.CONJ beforebefore.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP screamscream.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldcan.V.COND justjust.ADV talktalk.V.INFIN .
396ELLand it's not that xxx .
  andand.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR .
397ELLremember when AnnieSE was her (.) asistenteS ?
  rememberremember.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ Anniename waswas.V.3S.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S asistenteassistant.N.M.SG ?
  remember when Annie was her assistant?
398ABIbut do you think these people xxx .
  butbut.CONJ dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL peoplepeople.N.SG .
399ABIeverything's +//.
  everything'severything.PRON+GB .
400ABIxxx .
401ELL+< er .
  erer.IM .
402ABImaybe they are (.) studying or something .
  maybemaybe.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES studyingstudy.V.PRESPART oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
403ELL+< um +...
  umum.IM .
404ELLwho cares ?
  whowho.REL carescare.SV.INFIN+PV ?
405ABIdo you wanna move somewhere else ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP movemove.V.INFIN somewheresomewhere.ADV elseelse.ADJ ?
406ABIthere are some mosquitoes here .
  therethere.ADV areare.V.123P.PRES somesome.ADJ mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL herehere.ADV .
407ELL+< no mosquitoes .
  nono.ADV mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
408ELLoh you [/] you wanna go to +...
  ohoh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP .
409ELLoh no because the teacher said that she had to see us to come in and see .
  ohoh.IM nono.ADV becausebecause.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF teacherteacher.N.SG.[or].teach.N.SG.AG saidsaid.AV.PAST+P thatthat.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S hadhad.V.PAST toto.PREP seesee.V.INFIN usus.PRON.OBJ.1P toto.PREP comecome.V.INFIN inin.PREP andand.CONJ seesee.V.INFIN .
410ABIbut my class is right there .
  butbut.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S classclass.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ therethere.ADV .
411ELLand there's nobody in the class ?
  andand.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES nobodynobody.PRON inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF classclass.N.SG ?
412ABIno .
  nono.ADV .
413ELLlet's go in the class then .
  let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.SV.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF classclass.N.SG thenthen.ADV .
414ELLum +...
  umum.IM .
415ABI+< I think she's not in the class .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF classclass.N.SG .
416ELLS teS acuerdasS when AnnieSE was Maria'sSE+eng case manager assistant ?
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S acuerdasremind.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ Anniename waswas.V.3S.PAST Maria's casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG assistantassistant.N.SG ?
  do you remember when Annie was Maria's case manager assistant?
417ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
418ELLthat MariaSE was screaming every five seconds .
  thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR Marianame waswas.V.3S.PAST screamingunk everyevery.ADJ fivefive.NUM secondssecond.ADJ+PV .
419ABI+< to [/] to [/] to AnnieSE ?
  toto.PREP toto.PREP toto.PREP Anniename ?
420ELL+< yeah peroS now she doesn't scream as much because she's talking to JoseSE .
  yeahyeah.ADV perobut.CONJ nownow.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG screamscream.SV.INFIN asas.CONJ muchmuch.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES talkingtalk.V.PRESPART toto.PREP Josename .
  yeah, but now she doesn't scream as much because she's talking to Jose.
421ELLshe knows queS seS tieneS queS aguantarS laS lenguaS because Jose'sSE+eng a grown man .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S knowsknow.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ aguantarstand.V.INFIN lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG lenguatongue.N.F.SG becausebecause.CONJ Jose's aa.DET.INDEF growngrown.ADJ manman.N.SG .
  she knows that she has to restrain her language because Jose's a grown man.
422ABIof course .
  ofof.PREP coursecourse.N.SG .
423ELL+< do you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
424ELLbut it's not even +/.
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV eveneven.ADJ .
425ABI+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
426ELLit's beyond that .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES beyondbeyond.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR .
427ELLit's beyond the fact that like +...
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES beyondbeyond.PREP thethe.DET.DEF factfact.N.SG thatthat.CONJ likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN .
428ELLlook in this way .
  looklook.V.INFIN inin.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG wayway.N.SG .
429ELLit's beyond the fact that like it's like +/.
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES beyondbeyond.PREP thethe.DET.DEF factfact.N.SG thatthat.CONJ likelike.V.INFIN it'sit.PRON.OBJ.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
430ABIit doesn't matter if I'm twenty years old <or if I'm> [/] or if or if I'm thirty or forty .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG mattermatt.ADJ.COMP.[or].matter.N.SG ifif.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES twentytwenty.NUM yearsyear.N.PL oldold.ADJ oror.CONJ ifif.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES oror.CONJ ifif.CONJ oror.CONJ ifif.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES thirtythirty.NUM oror.CONJ fortyforty.NUM .
431ELL+< exactly like you have to learn it because +...
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP learnlearn.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S becausebecause.CONJ .
432ABIyou just +...
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV .
433ABIthey're [/] they're your coworkers .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP coworkersunk .
434ABIthey're not a kid .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV aa.DET.INDEF kidkid.N.SG .
435ABII mean they're your coworkers .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP coworkersunk .
436ABIfrom nine to five that person is your coworker .
  fromfrom.PREP ninenine.NUM toto.PREP fivefive.NUM thatthat.DEM.FAR personperson.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP coworkerunk .
437ELLand it's not even that .
  andand.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV eveneven.ADJ thatthat.DEM.FAR .
438ABI+< <they are not your> [//] they are not anything .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES notnot.ADV youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES notnot.ADV anythinganything.PRON .
439ELLregardless it's like if [//] siS yoS fueraS AnnieSE I would look at her and be like +"/.
  regardlessregardless.ADJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN ifif.CONJ siif.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S fuerabe.V.13S.SUBJ.IMPERF Anniename II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND looklook.SV.INFIN atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S andand.CONJ bebe.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ .
  regardless it's like if I was Annie I would look at her and be like:
440ELL+" túS creesS queS meS puedasS hablarS aSS comoS siS fueraS personaS please .
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S creesbelieve.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S puedasbe_able.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES hablartalk.V.INFIN ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S comolike.CONJ siif.CONJ fuerabe.V.13S.SUBJ.IMPERF personaperson.N.F.SG pleaseplease.SV.INFIN .
  do you think you could talk to me as if I were a person, please?
441ELLhonestly .
  honestlyhonest.ADJ+ADV.[or].honestly.ADV .
442ABI+< xxx er um but there's a lot of mosquitoes outside .
  erer.IM umum.IM butbut.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL outsideoutside.PREP .
443ELLI know like we're getting bitten .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES likelike.CONJ we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES gettingget.V.PRESPART bittenbitten.AV.PAST .
444ABIno but um but <I thought> [/] I thought you weren't in here .
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ umum.IM butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST II.PRON.SUB.1S thoughtthought.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP weren'twere.V.2S123P.PAST+NEG inin.PREP herehere.ADV .
445ABIthat's why we were like +"/.
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whywhy.REL wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST likelike.CONJ .
446ABI+" let's just go back .
  let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN .
447ABI+< oh .
  ohoh.IM .
448ELLoh ok .
  ohoh.IM okunk .
449ABIno no no xxx .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV .
450ABII feel bad .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S feelfeel.V.1S.PRES badbad.ADJ .
451ABII feel weird talking .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S feelfeel.V.1S.PRES weirdweird.ADJ talkingtalk.SV.INFIN+ASV .
452ABIoh ok ok ok .
  ohoh.IM okunk okunk okunk .
453ELLthank you .
  thankthank.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
454ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
455ABI+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
456ABIuhuh so <what were> [/] what were we saying ?
  uhuhuhuh.IM soso.ADV whatwhat.REL werewere.V.2S123P.PAST whatwhat.REL werewere.V.2S123P.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P sayingsay.V.PRESPART ?
457ELLno that when AnnieSE was her [/] her assistant her case manager queS MariaSE every five minutes +"/.
  nono.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR whenwhen.CONJ Anniename waswas.V.3S.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S assistantassistant.N.SG herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S casecase.N.SG managermanager.N.SG quethat.PRON.REL Marianame everyevery.ADJ fivefive.NUM minutesminute.N.PL .
  no, that when Annie was her assistant her assistant case manager that Maria went every five minutes:
458ELL+" ayS MarieSE &=screaming .
  ayoh.IM Mariename .
  oh, Marie.
459ABI+< she [/] she always .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].always.ADV .
460ELL+< she always screams .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].always.ADV screamsscream.SV.INFIN+PV .
461ELLand it's just like you have to learn how to talk to people .
  andand.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP learnlearn.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP talktalk.V.INFIN toto.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG .
462ELLand you have to learn how to defend yourself as well .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP learnlearn.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP defenddefend.V.INFIN yourselfyourself.PRON.REFL.2SP asas.CONJ wellwell.ADV .
463ELLbecause if I was in Marie'sSE+eng shoes I would look at her .
  becausebecause.CONJ ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST inin.PREP Marie's shoesshoes.N.PL II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND looklook.SV.INFIN atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
464ABI+< I feel bad now .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S feelfeel.V.1S.PRES badbad.ADJ nownow.ADV .
465ABIwhatever .
  whateverwhatever.REL .
466ELLif I was in Marie'sSE+eng shoes I would look at her and be like +"/.
  ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST inin.PREP Marie's shoesshoes.N.PL II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND looklook.SV.INFIN atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S andand.CONJ bebe.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ .
467ELL+" MariaSES creesS queSS meS puedasS hablarS aSS comoS unaS personaS porS favorS ?
  Marianame you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S creesbelieve.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S puedasbe_able.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES hablartalk.V.INFIN ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S comolike.CONJ unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG personaperson.N.F.SG porfor.PREP favorfavour.N.M.SG ?
  Maria, do you think you can talk to me like a person please?
468ELL[- spa] no tiene que gritarme .
  nonot.ADV tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ gritarmeshout.V.INFIN+ME[PRON.MF.1S] .
  she doesn't have to shout at me.
469ABI+< because they are a personaS .
  becausebecause.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P areare.V.3P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF personaperson.N.F.SG .
  because they are a person.
470ELLexactly .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
471ELLlike the one time that MariaSE has +//.
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG timetime.N.SG thatthat.CONJ Marianame hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES .
472ABI+< you can sit here .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES sitsit.V.INFIN herehere.ADV .
473ELLyou've never heard MariaSE scream at me .
  you'veyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+HAVE.V.PRES nevernever.ADV heardheard.AV.PAST Marianame screamscream.SV.INFIN atat.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
474ELLand the one time that MariaSE screamed at me was porqueS she was trying to [/] to printearE+spa unS xxx order .
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG timetime.N.SG thatthat.CONJ Marianame screamedunk atat.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S waswas.V.3S.PAST porquebecause.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST tryingtry.V.PRESPART toto.PREP toto.PREP printear unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG orderord.N.SG+COMP.AG.[or].order.N.SG .
  and the one time that Maria screamed at me was because she was trying to print a [...] order.
475ELL[- spa] y yo estaba faxeandoE+spa .
  yand.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S estababe.V.13S.IMPERF faxeando .
  and I was faxing.
476ELLso she's like +/.
  soso.ADV she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
477ABI+< ah .
  ahah.IM .
478ELLso she was like ayS ["] .
  soso.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ ayoh.IM .
  so she was like "hey".
479ABI+< ah oh yeah she does that all the time .
  ahah.IM ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF timetime.N.SG .
480ELL[- spa] +" ayS yoS tengoS queS printearE+spa .
  ayoh.IM yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S tengohave.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ printear .
  hey, i need to print.
481ELLand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
482ELL[- spa] +" sí sí esperate un momentito .
  yes.ADV yes.ADV esperatewait.V.2S.IMPER+TE[PRON.MF.2S] unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG momentitomoment.N.M.SG.DIM .
  yes, yes, wait a moment.
483ELL+" déjameS mandarS esteS faxSE .
  déjamelet.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] mandarorder.V.INFIN estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG faxmax.N.SG+SM .
  let me send this fax.
484ABIterminarS deS [/] deS mandarS esteS faxSE exactly .
  terminarfinish.V.INFIN deof.PREP deof.PREP mandarorder.V.INFIN estethis.PRON.DEM.M.SG faxmax.N.SG+SM exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
  finish sending this fax, exactly.
485ELLyeah and then she was like +"/.
  yeahyeah.ADV andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
486ELL+" no no no no no no .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV .
487ELLand I'm like +"/.
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ .
488ELL+" MariaSE !
  Marianame !
489ABIyou got bit with a lot of mosquitoes .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gotgot.V.PAST bitbit.N.SG withwith.PREP aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
490ELLI know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
491ABIuhuh .
  uhuhuhuh.IM .
492ELLI looked at her .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S lookedlook.V.PAST atat.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
493ELLand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
494ELL+" MariaSE .
  Marianame .
495ABI[- spa] esto es un momento .
  estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG momentomomentum.N.M.SG .
  this is a moment.
496ABI[- spa] es dos minutos más .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES dostwo.NUM minutosminute.N.M.PL másmore.ADV .
  it is two minutes more.
497ELL+< no no no no .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV .
498ELLI was like +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
499ELL+" MariaSES sabesS queS yoS teS entiendoS másS cuandoSS meS estásS hablandoS .
  Marianame you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S sabesknow.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S entiendounderstand.V.1S.PRES másmore.ADV cuandowhen.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S estásbe.V.2S.PRES hablandotalk.V.PRESPART .
  Maria, you know I understand you better when you talk to me.
500ELL[- spa] +" cuando tú me gritas no sé qué me pasa en la mente que te bloqueo completamente .
  cuandowhen.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S gritasshout.V.2S.PRES nonot.ADV know.V.1S.PRES quéwhat.INT meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S pasapass.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG mentemind.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S bloqueoblocking.N.M.SG.[or].block.V.1S.PRES completamentewholly.ADV .
  when you shout at me I don't know what's happening in my mind and I block you out totally.
501ABIyou told her that ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP toldtold.V.PAST herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
502ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
503ABIwhat did she say to you ?
  whatwhat.REL diddid.V.PAST sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S saysay.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
504ELLno that she was just like +/.
  nono.ADV thatthat.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ .
505ELL[- spa] bueno que cuando termine +...
  buenowell.E quethat.CONJ cuandowhen.CONJ terminefinish.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES .
  well, that when it finishes...
506ABImiraS you brought a mosquito with you .
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP broughtbrought.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF mosquitomosquito.N.SG withwith.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
  look, you brought a mosquito with you.
507ELLI know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
508ELLI'm allergic to mosquitoes .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES allergicallergic.ADJ toto.PREP mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
509ELLI'm gonna have grey manchasS all over myself right now .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN greygrey.ADJ manchasstain.N.F.PL.[or].mark.V.2S.PRES allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP myselfmyself.PRON.REFL.1S rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV .
  I'm gonna have grey marks all over myself right now.
510ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
511ELLand then that's it .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
512ELLand you've never ever ever heard MariaSE screaming .
  andand.CONJ you'veyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+HAVE.V.PRES nevernever.ADV everever.ADV everever.ADV heardheard.AV.PAST Marianame screamingunk .
513ABIshe's gotten better because MariaSE antesS it was with everyone .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gottengotten.V.PASTPART.US betterbetter.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ Marianame antesbefore.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST withwith.PREP everyoneeveryone.PRON .
  she's gotten better because Maria, it used to be with everyone.
514ABIMariaSE had a problem with everyone at work .
  Marianame hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF problemproblem.N.SG withwith.PREP everyoneeveryone.PRON atat.PREP workwork.N.SG .
515ELL[- spa] este mosquito +...
  estethis.ADJ.DEM.M.SG mosquitomosquito.N.M.SG .
  this mosquito...
516ABI[- spa] está detrás de ti .
  estábe.V.3S.PRES detrásbehind.ADV deof.PREP tiyou.PRON.PREP.MF.2S .
  it's behind you.
517ELL[- spa] quiere ser mi hermano .
  quierewant.V.2S.IMPER serbe.V.INFIN mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG hermanobrother.N.M.SG .
  it wants to be my brother.
518ABI+< you know you're dressed in black .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES dresseddress.V.PAST inin.PREP blackblack.ADJ .
519ABIblack attracts more mosquitoes .
  blackblack.ADJ attractsattract.N.PL moremore.ADJ mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
520ABI&dra black attracts mosquitoes .
  blackblack.ADJ attractsattract.N.PL mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL .
521ELLgo for your shirt .
  gogo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP shirtshirt.N.SG .
522ELL&=laugh .
523ABII know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
524ABIbut I'm wearing jeans .
  butbut.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES wearingunk jeansjean.N.PL.[or].jeans.N.PL .
525ABIyou are black .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES blackblack.ADJ .
526ELLI know I have one here now xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES oneone.PRON.SG herehere.ADV nownow.ADV .
527ELLI have one everywhere see .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES oneone.PRON.SG everywhereeverywhere.ADV seesee.SV.INFIN .
528ELL[- spa] soy alérgica .
  soybe.V.1S.PRES alérgicaallergic.ADJ.F.SG .
  I'm allergic.
529ELLin CubaSE it was really bad .
  inin.PREP Cubaname itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST reallyreal.ADJ+ADV badbad.ADJ .
530ELLwhen I used to live in CubaSE when I was a little girl .
  whenwhen.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S useduse.V.PAST toto.PREP livelive.V.INFIN inin.PREP Cubaname whenwhen.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ girlgirl.N.SG .
531ABImmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
532ELLronchasS <all over> [/] <all over> [/] all over my legs xxx .
  ronchasswellings.N.F.SG allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S legsleg.N.PL .
  lumps all over my legs [...].
533ABIbut in CubaSE and [/] and [/] and those countries there's a lot more mosquitoes because <todoS es@s:spa> [//] <there's not> [//] there [//] places are not A_CSE .
  butbut.CONJ inin.PREP Cubaname andand.CONJ andand.CONJ andand.CONJ thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL countriescountry.N.PL.[or].countries.N.PL there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG moremore.ADJ mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL becausebecause.CONJ todoeverything.PRON.M.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV therethere.ADV placesplace.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES notnot.ADV A_Cname .
  but in Cuba and those countries ther's a lot more mosquitoes because places are not air-conditioned.
534ABIeverything is with the windows open .
  everythingeverything.PRON isis.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF windowswindow.N.PL openopen.ADJ.[or].open.V.3P.PRES .
535ABIand then all mosquitoes come in .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV allall.ADJ mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL comecome.V.3P.PRES inin.PREP .
536ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
537ABIdid you have a mosquiteroS (.) in your bedroom ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG inin.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP bedroombedroom.N.SG ?
  did you have a mosquito net in your bedroom?
538ELL+< yeah I had a mosquiteroS in my bedroom .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG inin.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S bedroombedroom.N.SG .
  yeah, I had a mosquito net in my bedroom.
539ABIin your bedroom ?
  inin.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP bedroombedroom.N.SG ?
540ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
541ELLI wanted to walk around the mosquiteroS twenty four seven .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP walkwalk.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV.[or].around.PREP thethe.DET.DEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG twentytwenty.NUM fourfour.NUM sevenseven.NUM .
  I wanted to walk around the mosquito net twenty-four seven.
542ABI+< did that get hot ?
  diddid.AV.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR getget.V.INFIN hothot.ADJ ?
543ABIdid that get hot ?
  diddid.AV.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR getget.V.INFIN hothot.ADJ ?
544ELLyeah nights in CubaSE are hot .
  yeahyeah.ADV nightsnights.ADV.[or].night.N.PL inin.PREP Cubaname areare.V.123P.PRES hothot.ADJ .
545ELLunless [/] unless you open a window .
  unlessunless.CONJ unlessunless.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP openopen.ADJ.[or].open.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF windowwindow.N.SG .
546ELLand you let more mosquitoes come in .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP letlet.V.2SP.PRES moremore.ADJ mosquitoesmosquitoes.N.PL comecome.V.3P.PRES inin.PREP .
547ELLbut you still get air .
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP stillstill.ADJ getget.V.2SP.PRES airair.N.SG .
548ABIbut with the mosquiteroS do you +..?
  butbut.CONJ withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
  but with the mosquito net, do you...?
549ELLnot really .
  notnot.ADV reallyreal.ADJ+ADV .
550ABIdoes the air go through ?
  doesdoes.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF airair.N.SG gogo.N.SG throughthrough.PREP ?
551ELLnot really .
  notnot.ADV reallyreal.ADJ+ADV .
552ELLI don't [/] I don't +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG .
553ELLxxx .
554ABI+< does it get any hotter with the mosquiteroS or it doesn't get hotter with the mosquiteroS ?
  doesdoes.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S getget.V.3S.PRES anyany.ADJ hotterhotter.ADJ withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG oror.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG getget.SV.INFIN hotterhotter.ADJ withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF mosquiteromosquito net.N.M.SG ?
  does it get any hotter with the mosquito net or it doesn't get hotter with the mosquito net?
555ELL+< no it doesn't .
  nono.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG .
556ELLit doesn't because it has holes .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG becausebecause.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES holeshole.N.PL .
557ELLthe air goes through .
  thethe.DET.DEF airair.N.SG goesgoes.N.SG throughthrough.PREP .
558ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
559ELLI'm sure the ventilation is not as fast but +...
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES suresure.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF ventilationventilation.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV asas.CONJ fastfast.ADJ butbut.CONJ .
560ABIyes it's <not as> [/] not as um powerful .
  yesyes.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV asas.CONJ notnot.ADV asas.CONJ umum.IM powerfulpowerful.ADJ .
561ELLI wanna go to CubaSE .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Cubaname .
562ABIwhat did you like best about CubaSE ?
  whatwhat.REL diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP likelike.V.2SP.PRES bestbest.ADJ aboutabout.PREP Cubaname ?
563ELL&=laughing I have to tell you one thing .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP telltell.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP oneone.PRON.SG thingthing.N.SG .
564ABIok .
  okunk .
565ELLthe people the conversation +...
  thethe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF conversationconversation.N.SG .
566ABI+< everything what did you like about CubaSE ?
  everythingeverything.PRON whatwhat.REL diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP likelike.V.2SP.PRES aboutabout.PREP Cubaname ?
567ELLand my whole family is there +...
  andand.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S wholewhole.ADJ familyfamily.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV .
568ELL[- spa] la comida .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG comidameal.N.F.SG .
  the food.
569ABIlaS comidaS you have here too .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG comidameal.N.F.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES herehere.ADV tootoo.ADV .
  you have the food here too.
570ELL[- spa] ya pero nadie cocina como mis abuelas .
  yaalready.ADV perobut.CONJ nadieno-one.PRON cocinastove.N.F.SG.[or].cook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].cook.V.3S.PRES comolike.CONJ mismy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.PL abuelasgrandmother.N.F.PL .
  yes, but nobody cooks like my grandmothers.
571ELLnobody [/] nobody [/] nobody in this earth has been able to compare to my abuelaS .
  nobodynobody.PRON nobodynobody.PRON nobodynobody.PRON inin.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG earthearth.N.SG hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART ableable.ADJ toto.PREP comparecompare.V.INFIN toto.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S abuelagrandmother.N.F.SG .
  nobody on this earth has been able to compare to my grandma.
572ELL(e)special(ly) +//.
  especiallyespecial.ADJ+ADV.[or].especially.ADV .
573ABI+< your mom's mom ?
  youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP mom'smom.N.SG+=POSS mommom.N.SG ?
574ELLmy mom's mom she used to cook the best harinaS .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mom'smom.N.SG+=POSS mommom.N.SG sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S useduse.V.PAST toto.PREP cookcook.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF bestbest.ADJ harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  my mom's mom used to cook the best corn-flour.
575ABII don't like harinaS .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  I don't like corn-flour.
576ELLno but you would have liked hers .
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wouldbe.V.2SP.COND havehave.SV.INFIN likedlike.CONJ+AV.[or].like.V.PASTPART hershers.PRON.F.3S .
577ABII don't like harinaS .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  I don't like corn-flour.
578ELLbut you would like +//.
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wouldbe.V.2SP.COND likelike.CONJ .
579ABImy mom makes really really really good harinaS .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG makesmake.V.PRES.3S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV reallyreal.ADJ+ADV reallyreal.ADJ+ADV goodgood.ADJ harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  my mom makes really, really good corn-flour.
580ABIbut my mom's harinaS is sweet .
  butbut.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mom'smom.N.SG+GB harinaflour.N.F.SG isis.V.3S.PRES sweetsweet.ADJ .
  but my mom's corn-flour is sweet.
581ABIit's not the harinaS like for food .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thethe.DET.DEF harinaflour.N.F.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN forfor.PREP foodfood.N.SG .
  it's not the corn-flour like for food.
582ABImy mom's harinaS is awesome .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mom'smom.N.SG+GB harinaflour.N.F.SG isis.V.3S.PRES awesomeawesome.ADJ .
  my mom's corn-flour is awesome.
583ABIyou should try it .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP shouldshould.V.2SP.PRES trytry.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
584ABIbut it's sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES sweetsweet.ADJ sweetsweet.ADJ sweetsweet.ADJ sweetsweet.ADJ sweetsweet.ADJ .
585ABIeh what is not .
  eheh.IM whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV .
586ABImaybe it's not harinaS because it's called cream of wheat .
  maybemaybe.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV harinaflour.N.F.SG becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART creamcream.N.SG ofof.PREP wheatwheat.N.SG .
  maybe it's not corn-flour because it's called cream of wheat.
587ABIit's like um avenaS .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN umum.IM avenaoats.N.F.SG .
  it's like oats.
588ABIno it's harinaS .
  nono.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  no, it's flour.
589ABIit's not avenaS .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV avenaoats.N.F.SG .
  it's not avena.
590ABIit's harinaS .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  it's corn-flour.
591ABIit's harinaS but +//.
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES harinaflour.N.F.SG butbut.CONJ .
  it's corn-flour but...
592ELL+< grits .
  gritsgrit.N.PL.[or].grits.N.PL .
593ABIno it's not the grits because the grits are kind of like +/.
  nono.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thethe.DET.DEF gritsgrit.N.PL.[or].grits.N.PL becausebecause.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF gritsgrit.N.PL.[or].grits.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN .
594ELL++ are whiter .
  areare.V.123P.PRES whiterwhit.N.SG+COMP.AG .
595ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
596ABIthis one's xxx .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG one'sone.PRON.SG+GB .
597ABIon the outside of the [///] (.) it's a red (.) box .
  onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF outsideoutside.PREP ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF redred.N.SG boxbox.N.SG .
598ABIand it says cream of wheat .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES creamcream.N.SG ofof.PREP wheatwheat.N.SG .
599ELLoh my god a mosquitoS bit me on my scar .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG aa.DET.INDEF mosquitomosquito.N.M.SG bitbit.N.SG meme.PRON.OBJ.1S onon.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S scarscar.N.SG .
  oh my god, a mosquito bit me on my scar.
600ABI+< on the outside .
  onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF outsideoutside.PREP .
601ABI&axau .
602ELLI can't scratch it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG scratchscratch.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
603ABIno <don't scratch it> [/] don't scratch it .
  nono.ADV don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG scratchscratch.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG scratchscratch.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
604ELL[- spa] dónde va esto ?
  dóndewhere.INT vago.V.3S.PRES estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG ?
  where does this go?
605ABIum it's called cream of wheat .
  umum.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART creamcream.N.SG ofof.PREP wheatwheat.N.SG .
606ABIbut it's sweet .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES sweetsweet.ADJ .
607ABIbecause my [//] well my mommy is like that .
  becausebecause.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S wellwell.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommymommy.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR .
608ABImy mom doesn't put +/.
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG doesn'tdoes.N.SG+NEG putput.N.SG .
609ELL+< got it .
  gotgot.AV.PAST+P itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
610ELL[- spa] ya lo maté .
  yaalready.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S matékill.V.1S.PAST .
  I've killed it.
611ABImy mom .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG .
612ELL+< &=cough .
613ABImy mom doesn't put salt in it .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG doesn'tdoes.N.SG+NEG putput.N.SG saltsalt.N.SG inin.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
614ABIit's [///] she does it with sweet .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S withwith.PREP sweetsweet.ADJ .
615ABIshe does it with (.) milk .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S withwith.PREP milkmilk.N.SG .
616ABImilk azúcarS yS yaS .
  milkmilk.N.SG azúcarsugar.N.M.SG yand.CONJ yaalready.ADV .
  milk, sugar, and ready.
617ELLand that's it .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
618ABIazúcarS yS mmhm .
  azúcarsugar.N.M.SG yand.CONJ mmhmmmhm.IM .
  sugar and mmhm.
619ELL+< you can have +//.
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES havehave.V.INFIN .
620ELLyou can put milk azúcarS .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES putput.V.INFIN milkmilk.N.SG azúcarsugar.N.M.SG .
  you can put milk, sugar.
621ELLand drink it .
  andand.CONJ drinkdrink.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
622ELLit's the same thing .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ thingthing.N.SG .
623ABI+< well it's not a drink .
  wellwell.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV aa.DET.INDEF drinkdrink.N.SG .
624ABIit's kind of like a maizenaS .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG .
  it's kind of like corn-starch.
625ELL+< but .
  butbut.CONJ .
626ABIwell you [/] you [/] you tried maizenaS right ?
  wellwell.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP triedtry.V.PASTPART maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG rightright.ADJ ?
  well, you tried corn-starch, right?
627ELL+< yeah <with a spoon> [/] with a spoon .
  yeahyeah.ADV withwith.PREP aa.DET.INDEF spoonspoon.N.SG withwith.PREP aa.DET.INDEF spoonspoon.N.SG .
628ABIwith a spoon yeah .
  withwith.PREP aa.DET.INDEF spoonspoon.N.SG yeahyeah.ADV .
629ELL+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
630ELLI'm the same drink because I swap the milk .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ drinkdrink.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S swapswap.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF milkmilk.N.SG .
631ABIwhy ?
  whywhy.REL ?
632ELL(be)cause I like to slurp the milk .
  becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP slurpslurp.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF milkmilk.N.SG .
633ABIno .
  nono.ADV .
634ABIand +...
  andand.CONJ .
635ABIthe maizenaS thing is really good too .
  thethe.DET.DEF maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV goodgood.ADJ tootoo.ADV .
  the corn-starch thing is really good too.
636ABII remember I introduced EmilioS to the maizenaS .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S rememberremember.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S introducedintroduce.V.PASTPART Emilioname toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG .
  I remember I introduced Emilio to the corn-starch.
637ABII was at his house one day +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST atat.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S househouse.N.SG oneone.NUM dayday.N.SG .
638ABIand them [//] um there was maizenaS at his house .
  andand.CONJ themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P umum.IM therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG atat.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S househouse.N.SG .
  and there was corn-starch at his house.
639ABIthere was maizenaS at his house .
  therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG atat.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S househouse.N.SG .
  there was corn-starch at his house.
640ABIthat was when I was always there .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST whenwhen.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV therethere.ADV .
641ABIthere was maizenaS at his house .
  therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG atat.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S househouse.N.SG .
  there was corn-starch at his house.
642ABIand we were having lunch .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST havinghave.V.PRESPART lunchlunch.N.SG .
643ABIand I go to him +//.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
644ABIwe didn't know what to eat .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG knowknow.SV.INFIN whatwhat.REL toto.PREP eateat.V.INFIN .
645ABInoS mentiraS it was dinner .
  nonot.ADV mentiralie.N.F.SG itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST dinnerdinner.N.SG .
  honestly, it was dinner.
646ABI<IriaSE had> [///] IriaSE I don't think she cooked that day .
  Irianame hadhad.V.PAST Irianame II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG thinkthink.V.INFIN sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S cookedcook.N.SG+AV thatthat.DEM.FAR dayday.N.SG .
647ABIso then +...
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV .
648ELLshe cooked .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S cookedcook.N.SG+AV .
649ELLand you guys had +/.
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP guysguy.N.PL hadhad.AV.PAST+P .
650ABI+< no she didn't cook that day .
  nono.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG cookcook.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR dayday.N.SG .
651ELLoh that's why .
  ohoh.IM that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whywhy.REL .
652ABI+< she didn't cook that day .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG cookcook.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR dayday.N.SG .
653ABIso then we were hungry .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST hungryhungry.ADJ .
654ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
655ABI+" do you wanna try something ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP trytry.V.INFIN somethingsomething.PRON ?
656ABIand xxx said +".
  andand.CONJ saidsaid.AV.PAST+P .
657ABI+" what ?
  whatwhat.REL ?
658ABIand I was like +".
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
659ABI+" it's maizenaS .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG .
  it's corn-starch.
660ABIit's actually pretty good .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV prettypretty.ADJ goodgood.ADJ .
661ABIand he goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
662ABI+" ok whatever just go for it .
  okunk whateverwhatever.REL justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
663ABI+" make it .
  makemake.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
664ABIhe loved it .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S lovedlove.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
665ABIhe loved it .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S lovedlove.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
666ABIand he would ask me for it later on .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S wouldbe.V.3S.COND askask.SV.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S forfor.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S laterlater.ADJ onon.PREP .
667ELL<and the> [/] and the +...
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF .
668ABI+< xxx do you wanna make it .
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP makemake.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
669ABIxxx (be)cause the thing is I make it sweet .
  becausebecause.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S makemake.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S sweetsweet.ADJ .
670ABIdid you ever try my maizenaS ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP everever.ADV trytry.SV.INFIN mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG ?
  did you ever try corn-starch?
671ELLno I haven't tried it .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S haven'thave.V.1S.PRES+NEG triedtry.V.PASTPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
672ABIoh it's really good but I learnt from my mom .
  ohoh.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV goodgood.ADJ butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S learntlearnt.V.1S.PRES fromfrom.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG .
673ELL+< xxx doesn't like my harinaS .
  doesn'tdoes.V.INFIN+NEG likelike.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  [...] doesn't like my corn-flour.
674ABIis your harinaS anything like your mom's harinaS ?
  isis.V.3S.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP harinaflour.N.F.SG anythinganything.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP mom'smom.N.SG+GB harinaflour.N.F.SG ?
  is you corn-flour anything like your mom's corn-flour?
675ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
676ABIthen I don't like it either .
  thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ itit.PRON.OBJ.3S eithereither.ADJ .
677ABII don't like xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ .
678ELL+< it's just I've [//] I grew up with that .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S grewgrew.V.1S.PRES upup.ADV withwith.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR .
679ABI+< it's nasty .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES nastynasty.ADJ .
680ELLand [/] and you know .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
681ELLlike that's what I ate .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S ateate.V.PAST .
682ELLthat's why I like it .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whywhy.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
683ABII don't like it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
684ELLI like it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
685ELLI like it a lot .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG .
686ELLand in fact my mom hasn't made it in (.) tresS mesesS .
  andand.CONJ inin.PREP factfact.N.SG mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG hasn'thas.V.3S.PRES+NEG mademade.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S inin.PREP tresthree.NUM mesesmonth.N.M.PL .
  and in fact my mom hasn't made it in three months.
687ABIlike I like wheat like the American stuff .
  likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES wheatwheat.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF AmericanAmerican.N.SG stuffstuff.N.SG .
688ABIthat's not bad .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV badbad.ADJ .
689ABIbut I still put sugar in it .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S stillstill.ADJ putput.V.INFIN sugarsugar.N.SG inin.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
690ELLthat's why you like it because you can put sugar in it [=! laughing] .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whywhy.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP likelike.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S becausebecause.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES putput.V.INFIN sugarsugar.N.SG inin.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
691ABI+< &=laughing .
692ELLno but mine you can eat it .
  nono.ADV butbut.CONJ minemine.PRON.POSS.1S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES eateat.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
693ELLmine you can put sugar .
  minemine.PRON.POSS.1S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES putput.V.INFIN sugarsugar.N.SG .
694ELLyou could spread sugar on the top or milk xxx .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldcan.V.COND spreadspread.V.INFIN sugarsugar.N.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG oror.CONJ milkmilk.N.SG .
695ABIno my [/] my mom puts +//.
  nono.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG putsput.V.PRES.3S .
696ABIok look .
  okunk looklook.SV.INFIN .
697ABIwell either both of them maizenaS and harinaS .
  wellwell.ADV eithereither.ADJ bothboth.ADJ ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P maizenacornstarch.N.F.SG andand.CONJ harinaflour.N.F.SG .
  well, either both of them, corn-starch and corn-flour.
698ABIwhat she does is she put(s) cinnamon on top .
  whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S putsput.V.3S.PRES cinnamoncinnamon.N.SG onon.PREP toptop.N.SG .
699ELLoh .
  ohoh.IM .
700ABIoh my god that's delicious .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES deliciousdelicious.ADJ .
701ELLI hate cinnamon .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S hatehate.V.1S.PRES cinnamoncinnamon.N.SG .
702ABII love cinnamon .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S lovelove.V.1S.PRES cinnamoncinnamon.N.SG .
703ABIoh xxx <I saw the> [/] I saw the movie &=cough +...
  ohoh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S sawsaw.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF II.PRON.SUB.1S sawsaw.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF moviemovie.N.SG .
704ABIthat was so funny [=! laughing ] .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST soso.ADV funnyfunny.ADJ .
705ABIthe movie +...
  thethe.DET.DEF moviemovie.N.SG .
706ELLthere's a mosquito right by your head .
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF mosquitomosquito.N.SG rightright.ADJ byby.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP headhead.N.SG .
707ABIyeah I think I feel it .
  yeahyeah.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S feelfeel.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
708ABIthe movie um Game_PlanSE .
  thethe.DET.DEF moviemovie.N.SG umum.IM Game_Planname .
709ELLGame_PlanSE ?
  Game_Planname ?
710ABIwell with that with the Rock that he has a little +/.
  wellwell.ADV withwith.PREP thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF Rockname thatthat.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ .
711ELLoh .
  ohoh.IM .
712ABI+< and the part that he goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF partpart.N.SG thatthat.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
713ABI+" but I'm related to cinnamon cinnamon .
  butbut.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES relatedrelate.V.PAST toto.PREP cinnamoncinnamon.N.SG cinnamoncinnamon.N.SG .
714ELLoh yeah .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
715ABIdid you see that when he was shooting a commercial ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP seesee.V.2SP.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR whenwhen.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST shootingunk aa.DET.INDEF commercialcommercial.ADJ ?
716ELL+< yeah the lisp .
  yeahyeah.ADV thethe.DET.DEF lisplisp.N.SG .
717ABI+< xxx oh my god .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
718ABIthe what ?
  thethe.DET.DEF whatwhat.REL ?
719ELL+< like he was talking about the [//] like almost a lisp .
  likelike.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART aboutabout.PREP thethe.DET.DEF likelike.N.SG almostalmost.ADV aa.DET.INDEF lisplisp.N.SG .
720ABIyeah and he is like go .
  yeahyeah.ADV andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S isis.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ gogo.V.INFIN .
721ABIwhatever rangers .
  whateverwhatever.REL rangersranger.N.PL .
722ABII don't remember what they were .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG rememberremember.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST .
723ABIwhat the team was .
  whatwhat.REL thethe.DET.DEF teamteam.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST .
724ABIbut that was so funny .
  butbut.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST soso.ADV funnyfunny.ADJ .
725ELLI have to see that movie actually .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP seesee.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR moviemovie.N.SG actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV .
726ELLit's in BlockbustersSE ?
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP Blockbustersname ?
727ABIyeah it's already in Block(buster)SE .
  yeahyeah.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES alreadyalready.ADV inin.PREP Blockbustername .
728ABIxxx .
729ABII have to return it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP returnreturn.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
730ELL&=gasp .
731ELLgive it to me .
  givegive.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
732ELLand I'll return it .
  andand.CONJ I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT returnreturn.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
733ABIit's in the BlockbusterSE on one forty seven and Coral_Way .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF Blockbustername onon.PREP oneone.PRON.SG fortyforty.NUM sevenseven.NUM andand.CONJ Coral_Wayname .
734ELLthe one by PorkysSE .
  thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG byby.PREP Porkysname .
735ABIno .
  nono.ADV .
736ELLoh no Coral_Way .
  ohoh.IM nono.ADV Coral_Wayname .
737ABICoral_Way well Coral_Way and one forty seven by xxx .
  Coral_Wayname wellwell.ADV Coral_Wayname andand.CONJ oneone.PRON.SG fortyforty.NUM sevenseven.NUM byby.PREP .
738ABIby my house .
  byby.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S househouse.N.SG .
739ELLxxx .
740ELLI'll tell them it's a return .
  I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT telltell.V.INFIN themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF returnreturn.N.SG .
741ABIok .
  okunk .
742ELLxxx .
743ABIso after this we'll go and get the movie .
  soso.ADV afterafter.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG we'llwe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.FUT gogo.V.1P.PRES andand.CONJ getget.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF moviemovie.N.SG .
744ABIbut um yeah .
  butbut.CONJ umum.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
745ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
746ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
747ABII think I'm gonna call EmilioSE so that I can say hi to him .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP callcall.V.INFIN Emilioname soso.ADV thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES saysay.V.INFIN hihi.SV.INFIN toto.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
748ABIsee how he is doing .
  seesee.V.INFIN howhow.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S isis.V.3S.PRES doingdo.V.PRESPART .
749ELLwhy ?
  whywhy.REL ?
750ABII don't know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
751ABIto see what he is up to .
  toto.PREP seesee.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S isis.V.3S.PRES upup.ADV toto.PREP .
752ELL+< no .
  nono.ADV .
753ELLno .
  nono.ADV .
754ABImmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
755ELLdon't call him .
  don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG callcall.V.INFIN himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
756ELLthe only reason you wanna call him is because xxx .
  thethe.DET.DEF onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV reasonreason.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP callcall.V.INFIN himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S isis.V.3S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ .
757ABIkind of .
  kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP .
758ELLthe xxx that he xxx that xxx .
  thethe.DET.DEF thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S thatthat.DEM.FAR .
759ABIkind of well that and then what AnnieSE commented to me yesterday .
  kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP wellwell.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV whatwhat.REL Anniename commentedcomment.N.SG+AV toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S yesterdayyesterday.N.SG .
760ABIwhat AnnieSE said .
  whatwhat.REL Anniename saidsaid.V.PAST .
761ELL[- spa] qué ?
  quéwhat.INT ?
762ABIthat SergiSE had told her .
  thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR Serginame hadhad.V.PAST toldtold.V.PASTPART herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
763ELLwhat ?
  whatwhat.REL ?
764ABIwhat [/] what AnnieSE told me xxx to her .
  whatwhat.REL whatwhat.REL Anniename toldtold.AV.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S toto.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
765ABIbut that's just that's just like a bitch .
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF bitchbitch.N.SG .
766ELL+< oh that xxx .
  ohoh.IM thatthat.DEM.FAR .
767ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
768ABIthat part is just a bitch .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR partpart.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV aa.DET.INDEF bitchbitch.N.SG .
769ABIbut and then +/.
  butbut.CONJ andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV .
770ELL[- spa] entonces tú le vas a decir +/.
  entoncesthen.ADV you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S vasgo.V.2S.PRES ato.PREP decirtell.V.INFIN .
  then you will say:
771ABI[- spa] no no .
  nonot.ADV nonot.ADV .
772ELL[- spa] +< yo oí que esto esto esto y esto .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S hear.V.1S.PAST.[or].listen.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC quethat.CONJ estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG yand.CONJ estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  I have heard this, this and this.
773ELLand now I'm mad at you .
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES madmad.ADJ atat.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
774ABI&=laughing .
775ELLwhy are you gonna present that to him ?
  whywhy.REL areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP presentpresent.ADJ thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR toto.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S ?
776ABI+< why was that ?
  whywhy.REL waswas.V.3S.PAST thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
777ELLwhy are you gonna present that to him ?
  whywhy.REL areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP presentpresent.ADJ thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR toto.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S ?
778ABIjust call him .
  justjust.ADV callcall.V.INFIN himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
779ABIand ask him +"/.
  andand.CONJ askask.V.INFIN himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
780ABI+" what is that true ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR truetrue.ADJ ?
781ELLxxx don't start a fight again .
  don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG startstart.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF fightfight.N.SG againagain.ADV .
782ABIwhy were you saying that ?
  whywhy.REL werewere.V.2S123P.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP sayingsay.V.PRESPART thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
783ELLand don't let his last memories of you be fighting .
  andand.CONJ don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG letlet.V.INFIN hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S lastlast.ADJ memoriesmemory.N.PL ofof.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP bebe.V.2SP.PRES fightingunk .
784ELLtoo late .
  tootoo.ADV latelate.ADJ .
785ELL&=laughing .
786ABI+< &=laughing .
787ABItoo late it was three years of fighting .
  tootoo.ADV latelate.ADJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST threethree.NUM yearsyear.N.PL ofof.PREP fightingunk .
788ELLyeah but still like +...
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ stillstill.ADJ likelike.CONJ .
789ELLleave it as a mature breakup that you are just like forget it forget it forget it .
  leaveleave.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S asas.CONJ.[or].a.DET.INDEF+V 3S PRES aa.DET.INDEF maturemature.ADJ breakupbreakup.N.SG thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ forgetforget.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S forgetforget.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S forgetforget.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
790ELLand that's it .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
791ELLnadaS de &lalala .
  nadanothing.PRON dede.N.SG .
  nothing of lalala.
792ELLbecause then that's all I'm gonna remember .
  becausebecause.CONJ thenthen.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP rememberremember.V.INFIN .
793ELLoh my god my ex girlfriend &ululalulu .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S exex.PREP girlfriendgirlfriend.N.SG .
794ELLlike that .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
795ABIyeah that's true .
  yeahyeah.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES truetrue.ADJ .
796ABIwell I'll leave it at that for now then .
  wellwell.ADV I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT leaveleave.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S atat.PREP thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR forfor.PREP nownow.ADV thenthen.ADV .
797ABIfor now until I talk to him next time .
  forfor.PREP nownow.ADV untiluntil.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S talktalk.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S nextnext.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
798ELLxxx .
799ABIhe called me this weekend .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S calledcall.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG weekendweekend.N.SG .
800ELLreally ?
  reallyreal.ADJ+ADV ?
801ABIreally .
  reallyreal.ADJ+ADV .
802ELL[- spa] qué quería saber [=! laughing] ?
  quéwhat.INT queríawant.V.13S.IMPERF saberknow.N.M.SG.[or].know.V.INFIN ?
  what did he want to know?
803ABIFriday .
  Fridayname .
804ABIhe called me xxx .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S calledcall.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
805ABIhe was home early .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST homehome.ADV earlyearly.ADJ.[or].ear.N.SG+ADV .
806ABIbecause it was +/.
  becausebecause.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST .
807ABIok did I tell you ?
  okunk diddid.V.PAST II.PRON.SUB.1S telltell.V.1S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
808ABIok well I was already sleeping .
  okunk wellwell.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST alreadyalready.ADV sleepingunk .
809ABIbut it was like twelve thirty on Friday .
  butbut.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ twelvetwelve.NUM thirtythirty.NUM onon.PREP Fridayname .
810ABIlike twelve thirty .
  likelike.CONJ twelvetwelve.NUM thirtythirty.NUM .
811ABIand he had sent me a text message .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hadhad.V.PAST sentsent.V.PASTPART meme.PRON.OBJ.1S aa.DET.INDEF texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG .
812ABIbut noS loS viS .
  butbut.CONJ nonot.ADV lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S visee.V.1S.PAST .
  but I didn't see it.
813ABII mean I was sleeping .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST sleepingunk .
814ABIso you know it didn't wake me up .
  soso.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG wakewake.N.SG meme.PRON.OBJ.1S upup.ADV .
815ABIand then um like um like yeah like ten minutes after the text message he called me .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV umum.IM likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN umum.IM likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN yeahyeah.ADV likelike.CONJ tenten.NUM minutesminute.N.PL afterafter.PREP thethe.DET.DEF texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S calledcall.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
816ABIand I picked up .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S pickedpick.V.PAST upup.ADV .
817ABIbecause I just heard the phone ringing .
  becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV heardheard.AV.PAST thethe.DET.DEF phonephone.N.SG ringingunk .
818ABIso I didn't really notice who it was .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV noticenotice.N.SG whowho.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST .
819ABIand I just picked up the phone .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADV pickedpick.V.PASTPART upup.ADV thethe.DET.DEF phonephone.N.SG .
820ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
821ABIand he said +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S saidsaid.V.PAST .
822ABI+" hi .
  hihi.V.INFIN .
823ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
824ABI+" oh .
  ohoh.IM .
825ABII was ok .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST okunk .
826ABIbut I was sleepy .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST sleepysleepy.ADJ .
827ABII was like +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
828ABI+" hey .
  heyhey.IM .
829ABIand he goes .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
830ABI+" you were sleeping ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP werewere.V.2S123P.PAST sleepingunk ?
831ABIyou know .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
832ABII was like +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
833ABI+" yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
834ABIand he goes .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
835ABIum no he goes me +"/.
  umum.IM nono.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
836ABI+" I sent you a text message to um +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S sentsent.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP aa.DET.INDEF texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG toto.PREP umum.IM .
837ABI+" you weren't .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP weren'twere.V.2S123P.PAST+NEG .
838ABI+" did you get it ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
839ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
840ABI+" well I'm sleeping .
  wellwell.ADV I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sleepingunk .
841ABIand he goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
842ABI+" oh I'm sorry .
  ohoh.IM I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sorrysorry.ADJ .
843ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
844ABI+" that's ok .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES okunk .
845ABIand then he goes to me +...
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
846ABIoh and he like he goes +"/.
  ohoh.IM andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S likelike.V.3S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
847ABI+" oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you up .
  ohoh.IM I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sorrysorry.ADJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sorrysorry.ADJ II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG meanmean.SV.INFIN toto.PREP wakewake.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP upup.ADV .
848ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
849ABI+" that's fine .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES finefine.N.SG .
850ABIand he goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
851ABI+" ok well I guess read the text message and um +...
  okunk wellwell.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S guessguess.V.1S.PRES readread.SV.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG andand.CONJ umum.IM .
852ABI+" sorry for waking you up .
  sorrysorry.ADJ forfor.PREP wakingwake.N.SG+ASV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP upup.ADV .
853ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
854ABI+" ok no problem .
  okunk nono.ADV problemproblem.N.SG .
855ABII was like +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
856ABI+" ok ok .
  okunk okunk .
857ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
858ABI+" ok that's fine .
  okunk that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES finefine.N.SG .
859ABIbecause I was like sleeping mostly [//] main(ly) [/] mainly I was like uhuh .
  becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ sleepingunk mostlymost.ADJ+ADV.[or].mostly.ADV mainlymain.ADJ+ADV.[or].mainly.ADV mainlymain.ADJ+ADV.[or].mainly.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ uhuhuhuh.IM .
860ABIok .
  okunk .
861ABIand he goes +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
862ABI+" alright well ok bye .
  alrightalright.ADV wellwell.ADV okunk byebye.N.SG .
863ABIand I was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
864ABI+" ok bye .
  okunk byebye.N.SG .
865ABIand the text message was just um +/.
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV umum.IM .
866ELL+< huh how you doing ?
  huhhuh.IM howhow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP doingdo.V.PRESPART ?
867ELLhey what's up xxx .
  heyhey.IM what'swhat.REL+GB upup.ADV .
868ABI+< yeah it was like +"/.
  yeahyeah.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
869ABI+" um are you awake because I can't sleep .
  umum.IM areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP awakeawake.V.2SP.PRES becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG sleepsleep.N.SG .
870ABI+" and I wanna talk to you or something .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP talktalk.V.INFIN toto.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
871ELLoh what a surprise .
  ohoh.IM whatwhat.REL aa.DET.INDEF surprisesurprise.N.SG .
872ABIxxx it was early though .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST earlyearly.ADJ.[or].ear.N.SG+ADV thoughthough.CONJ .
873ABIoh and then I know he was home because +/.
  ohoh.IM andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST homehome.ADV becausebecause.CONJ .
874ELLbecause he just had the same text message .
  becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADV hadhad.V.PASTPART thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ texttext.N.SG messagemessage.N.SG .
875ELLand he just duplicates xxx .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV duplicatesduplicate.ADJ+PV .
876ELLand sends it to you .
  andand.CONJ sendssend.V.INFIN+PV itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
877ABI+< <he just> [/] he just resends it .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV resendsresend.N.PL itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
878ELL+" I can't sleep talk to me .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG sleepsleep.N.SG talktalk.N.SG toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
879ABIand he was home because I heard the T_VSE in the background .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST homehome.ADV becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S heardheard.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF T_Vname inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF backgroundbackground.N.SG .
880ELLso puedeS serS elS televisorS deS PattySE .
  soso.ADV puedebe_able.V.2S.IMPER.[or].be_able.V.3S.PRES serbe.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG televisortelevision.N.M.SG deof.PREP Pattyname .
  so it may be Patty's TV.
881ABIhe's not gonna be talking to me in front of PattySE [=! laughing] .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN talkingtalk.V.PRESPART toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S inin.PREP frontfront.N.SG ofof.PREP Pattyname .
882ELL+< &=laughing .
883ELLI know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
884ELLmeS aS loS &me PattySE estabaS durmiendoS .
  meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S ato.PREP lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG Pattyname estababe.V.13S.IMPERF durmiendosleep.V.PRESPART .
  I, it, Patty was sleeping.
885ABI<PattySE estaba@s:spa> [/] PattySES estabaS dormidaS .
  Pattyname estababe.V.13S.IMPERF Pattyname yes.ADV estababe.V.13S.IMPERF dormidasleep.V.F.SG.PASTPART .
  yes, Patty was asleep.
886ELLPattySE estabaS durmiéndoseS .
  Pattyname estababe.V.13S.IMPERF durmiéndosesleep.V.PRESPART.PRECLITIC+SE[PRON.MF.3S] .
  Patty had fallen asleep.
887ELL[- spa] se [/] se despertó .
  sebe.V.2P.IMPER.PRECLITIC seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP despertówake.V.3S.PAST .
  he woke up.
888ELLcreoS queS cuandoSS estabasS dormidaS queS élS seS despiertaS yS llamaS aS PattySE .
  creobelieve.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ cuandowhen.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S estabasbe.V.2S.IMPERF dormidasleep.V.F.SG.PASTPART quethat.CONJ élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP despiertawake.V.3S.PRES yand.CONJ llamacall.V.3S.PRES ato.PREP Pattyname .
  I think when you had been sleeping he woke up and called Patty.
889ABI+< xxx .
890ELL[- spa] ahora está haciendo al revés .
  ahoranow.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES haciendodo.V.PRESPART alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG revésreverse.N.M.SG .
  now he's doing it the other way round.
891ABI+< oh he never called me PattySE .
  ohoh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S nevernever.ADV calledcall.SV.INFIN+AV meme.PRON.OBJ.1S Pattyname .
892ABIor PattySE was sleeping in his house .
  oror.CONJ Pattyname waswas.V.3S.PAST sleepingunk inin.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S househouse.N.SG .
893ABIshe was sleeping .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST sleepingunk .
894ELLmmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
895ABIregardless I think he was home .
  regardlessregardless.ADJ II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST homehome.ADV .
896ABII don't think so .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG thinkthink.V.INFIN soso.ADV .
897ABIshe's not gonna sleep over there but +...
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP sleepsleep.N.SG overover.ADV therethere.ADV butbut.CONJ .
898ABIregardless she was home .
  regardlessregardless.ADJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST homehome.ADV .
899ABII think so .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES soso.ADV .
900ELLxxx mosquitosSE xxx .
  mosquitosmosquito.N.SG+PL .
901ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
902ABIso are you gonna start classes next semester ?
  soso.ADV areare.V.123P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP startstart.V.INFIN classesclass.N.PL nextnext.ADJ semestersemester.N.SG ?
903ELL+< fall fall fall .
  fallfall.V.INFIN fallfall.SV.INFIN fallfall.SV.INFIN .
904ABIin fall ?
  inin.PREP fallfall.N.SG ?
905ABIand your foot is gonna be recovered ?
  andand.CONJ youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP footfoot.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN recoveredrecover.V.PASTPART ?
906ELLyeah because my next operation is in May so .
  yeahyeah.ADV becausebecause.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S nextnext.ADJ operationoperation.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES inin.PREP Mayname soso.ADV .
907ABI+< do you have enough time <to get> [/] to have your foot recovered ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES enoughenough.ADJ timetime.N.SG toto.PREP getget.V.INFIN toto.PREP havehave.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP footfoot.N.SG recoveredrecover.V.PAST ?
908ELLJune and July .
  Junename andand.CONJ Julyname .
909ABI+< I mean recovered .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S meanmean.V.1S.PRES recoveredrecover.SV.INFIN+AV .
910ABIand <is that> [/] is that even recovered yet ?
  andand.CONJ isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR eveneven.ADV recoveredrecover.V.PASTPART yetyet.CONJ ?
911ABIis that a +//.
  isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR aa.DET.INDEF .
912ABIthat's not that I think I used .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S useduse.V.PAST .
913ELL+< do you know how +//.
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES howhow.ADV .
914ELLdo you have enough recovery time ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES enoughenough.ADJ recoveryrecovery.N.SG timetime.N.SG ?
915ELLor something like that .
  oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
916ABIor well your foot be +...
  oror.CONJ wellwell.ADV youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP footfoot.N.SG bebe.N.SG .
917ELLhealed ?
  healedunk ?
918ABIhealed .
  healedunk .
919ELLyeah that's what it is .
  yeahyeah.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
920ABIthank you .
  thankthank.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
921ELL+< yeah because May xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV becausebecause.CONJ Mayname .
922ABIJanuary February March April May .
  Januaryname Februaryname Marchname Aprilname Mayname .
923ELL+< June July .
  Junename Julyname .
924ABIJune July .
  Junename Julyname .
925ELLok .
  okunk .
926ABIand then August .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV Augustname .
927ELLAugust is when [/] when fall term starts .
  Augustname isis.V.3S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ fallfall.V.INFIN termterm.N.SG startsstart.N.PL .
928ELLso I have June and July .
  soso.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES Junename andand.CONJ Julyname .
929ELLpretty much how January +...
  prettypretty.ADJ muchmuch.ADJ howhow.ADV Januaryname .
930ABIthe same you are gonna be walking with kind of +//.
  thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN walkingwalk.V.PRESPART withwith.PREP kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP .
931ABIyeah <you'll be> [/] you'll be fine .
  yeahyeah.ADV you'llyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.FUT bebe.V.2SP.PRES you'llyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.FUT bebe.V.2SP.PRES finefine.N.SG .
932ABIno .
  nono.ADV .
933ELLI'm not gonna be willing because I have my operation <in &jei> [/] in January .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN willingwill.V.123SP.FUT+ASV becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S operationoperation.N.SG inin.PREP inin.PREP Januaryname .
934ABI+< January .
  Januaryname .
935ABI&=laughing .
936ELLand by &f late February I was walking fine .
  andand.CONJ byby.PREP latelate.ADJ Februaryname II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST walkingwalk.V.PRESPART finefine.N.SG .
937ABImmhm .
  mmhmmmhm.IM .
938ELLdo you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
939ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
940ELLso .
  soso.ADV .
941ABIyeah that's the same thing .
  yeahyeah.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ thingthing.N.SG .
942ABIyou are gonna have June and July to +...
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN Junename andand.CONJ Julyname toto.PREP .
943ABIplus school doesn't start like the first week of August .
  plusplus.PREP schoolschool.N.SG doesn'tdoes.N.SG+NEG startstart.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ weekweek.N.SG ofof.PREP Augustname .
944ABII have a little bit of August .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG ofof.PREP Augustname .
945ELL+< no it's just kind of late August .
  nono.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP latelate.ADJ Augustname .
946ABIyeah you have a little bit of August .
  yeahyeah.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG ofof.PREP Augustname .
947ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
948ABIto be able to completely +...
  toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN ableable.ADJ toto.PREP completelycomplete.ADJ+ADV.[or].completely.ADV .
949ELLI can't wait man .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG waitwait.V.INFIN manman.N.SG .
950ELLI wanna wear high heels .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wannawant.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP wearwear.V.INFIN highhigh.ADJ heelsheel.N.PL .
951ABII know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
952ABIbut I think you should xxx off for the high heels .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP shouldshould.V.2SP.PRES offoff.ADV forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF highhigh.ADJ heelsheel.N.PL .
953ELL[- spa] quiero bailar .
  quierowant.V.1S.PRES bailardance.V.INFIN .
  I want to dance.
954ABIentoncesS um +...
  entoncesthen.ADV umum.IM .
955ELLneat boots fast cheap end of all .
  neatneat.ADJ bootsboot.N.PL.[or].boots.N.SG fastfast.ADJ cheapcheap.ADJ endend.SV.INFIN ofof.PREP allall.ADJ .
956ELLeveryone's boots dot com .
  everyone'severyone.PRON+GB bootsboot.N.PL.[or].boots.N.SG dotdot.N.SG comcom.N.SG .
957ELLesoS fueS enS Miami_DadeSE tambiénS .
  esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG fuebe.V.3S.PAST enin.PREP Miami_Dadename tambiéntoo.ADV .
  that was in Miami-Dade as well.
958ABI&=laughing .
959ABIpossibly yeah .
  possiblypossibly.ADV yeahyeah.ADV .
960ABIyeah that could just be any .
  yeahyeah.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR couldcan.V.COND justjust.ADV bebe.V.INFIN anyany.ADJ .
961ELL+< how much does a term in F_i_uSE cost you ?
  howhow.ADV muchmuch.ADJ doesdoes.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF termterm.N.SG inin.PREP F_i_uname costcost.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
962ABIabout xxx .
  aboutabout.PREP .
963ELL+< how many classes do you take ?
  howhow.ADV manymany.ADJ classesclass.N.PL dodo.V.3P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP taketake.V.2SP.PRES ?
964ABIexactly if we are gonna take all four classes it'll cost about a thousand and +...
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV ifif.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP taketake.V.INFIN allall.ADJ fourfour.NUM classesclass.N.PL it'llit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.FUT costcost.N.SG aboutabout.PREP aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM andand.CONJ .
965ABII think it was six hundred more or less .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST sixsix.NUM hundredhundred.NUM moremore.ADV oror.CONJ lessless.ADV .
966ABIok it's a hundred dollars per credit .
  okunk it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL perper.ADJ creditcredit.N.SG .
967ABIa hundred dollars per credit .
  aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL perper.ADJ creditcredit.N.SG .
968ABIand then each class is more or less worth three credits .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV eacheach.ADJ classclass.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES moremore.ADV oror.CONJ lessless.ADV worthworth.ADJ threethree.NUM creditscredit.N.PL.[or].credits.N.PL .
969ABIlike EnglishSE is worth three credits .
  likelike.CONJ EnglishEnglish.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES worthworth.ADJ threethree.NUM creditscredit.N.PL.[or].credits.N.PL .
970ABIand math is worth three credits .
  andand.CONJ mathmath.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES worthworth.ADJ threethree.NUM creditscredit.N.PL.[or].credits.N.PL .
971ABIdo you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
972ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
973ABIbut um like let's say that semester that I took it the [/] the freshmans arrived or whatever .
  butbut.CONJ umum.IM likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P saysay.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR semestersemester.N.SG thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S tooktake.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF freshmansfreshman.N.PL arrivedarrive.V.PAST oror.CONJ whateverwhatever.REL .
974ABIthat wasn't worth +/.
  thatthat.DEM.FAR wasn'twas.V.3S.PAST+NEG worthworth.ADJ .
975ABIthat was only worth one credit .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV worthworth.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG creditcredit.N.SG .
976ABIdo you get me ?
  dodo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S ?
977ABIso let's say you are taking four classes .
  soso.ADV let'slet.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P saysay.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP areare.V.2SP.PRES takingtake.V.PRESPART fourfour.NUM classesclass.N.PL .
978ABIum so four times three each one being three credits that's twelve credits .
  umum.IM soso.ADV fourfour.NUM timestime.N.PL threethree.NUM eacheach.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG beingbe.N.SG+ASV threethree.NUM creditscredit.N.PL.[or].credits.N.PL that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES twelvetwelve.NUM creditscredit.N.PL.[or].credits.N.PL .
979ABItimes about a hundred that's about <a hundred> [/] a thousand two hundred másS oS menosS .
  timestime.N.PL aboutabout.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM twotwo.NUM hundredhundred.NUM másmore.ADV oor.CONJ menosless.ADV .
  times about a hundred that's about a thousand two hundred more or less.
980ABIand then you have to then pay all the fees .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP thenthen.ADV paypay.V.INFIN allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF feesfee.N.PL .
981ABIthe parking fee the xxx fee .
  thethe.DET.DEF parkingpark.N.SG+ASV feefee.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF feefee.N.SG .
982ELLI don't have that fee yet .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR feefee.N.SG yetyet.CONJ .
983ABI+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
984ELL+< I don't have that fee .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR feefee.N.SG .
985ABIand then it comes out to like I guess a little less like a thousand five hundred or something .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES outout.ADV toto.PREP likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S guessguess.V.1S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ lessless.ADV likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM fivefive.NUM hundredhundred.NUM oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
986ELLwell for me it's a thousand flat .
  wellwell.ADV forfor.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM flatflat.ADJ .
987ELLeverything for five classes was a thousand flat .
  everythingeverything.PRON forfor.PREP fivefive.NUM classesclass.N.PL waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM flatflat.ADJ .
988ELLand that's five classes .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES fivefive.NUM classesclass.N.PL .
989ABIum wowSE .
  umum.IM wowwow.IM .
990ELLthat's what I paid last year .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S paidpaid.V.PAST lastlast.ADJ yearyear.N.SG .
991ELLit's a thousand flat .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF thousandthousand.NUM flatflat.ADJ .
992ABIwow that's good .
  wowwow.IM that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES goodgood.ADJ .
993ELLnine hundred and ninety nine dollars and like seventy six cents or something like that .
  ninenine.NUM hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ ninetyninety.NUM ninenine.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ seventyseventy.NUM sixsix.NUM centscent.N.PL oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
994ABIit's good .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES goodgood.ADJ .
995ELLyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
996ABIthe F_I_USE .
  thethe.DET.DEF F_I_Uname .
997ELL+< I paid that out of my pocket .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S paidpaid.V.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR outout.ADV ofof.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S pocketpocket.N.SG .
998ELL<I had a> [/] I had a savings account .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF savingsunk accountaccount.N.SG .
999ELLI paid <for my> [/] for my Miami_DadeSE term half of my car .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S paidpaid.V.PAST forfor.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S forfor.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S Miami_Dadename termterm.N.SG halfhalf.N.SG ofof.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S carcar.N.SG .
1000ABIyeah xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
1001ELL+< and that's it .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
1002ELLand then my mom paid the other half of the car .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mommom.N.SG paidpaid.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ halfhalf.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG .
1003ELLand that's it .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
1004ELLand my dad didn't help with squat [=! laughing] .
  andand.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S daddad.N.SG didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG helphelp.SV.INFIN withwith.PREP squatsquat.SV.INFIN .
1005ABIthat's not good .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV goodgood.ADJ .
1006ABIum +...
  umum.IM .
1007ELLthat's how it is .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES howhow.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
1008ABIbut I was gonna tell you the [/] the thing here er ok .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP telltell.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG herehere.ADV erer.IM okunk .
1009ABIMiami_DadeSE is setentaS dólaresS porS créditoS right ?
  Miami_Dadename isis.V.3S.PRES setentaseventy.NUM dólaresdollar.N.M.PL porfor.PREP créditocredit.N.M.SG rightright.ADJ ?
  Miami-Dade is seventy dollars per credit, right?
1010ELLI think so .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES soso.ADV .
1011ABIyeah and here it's just a hundred .
  yeahyeah.ADV andand.CONJ herehere.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM .
1012ELLwell .
  wellwell.ADV .
1013ABIso it's about thirty ?
  soso.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP thirtythirty.NUM ?
1014ABItimes twelve how much is that ?
  timestime.N.PL twelvetwelve.NUM howhow.ADV muchmuch.ADJ isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.DEM.FAR ?
1015ELL+< but that's what I'm saying .
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES sayingsay.V.PRESPART .
1016ELLporS quéSS noS fuisteS alS Miami_DadeSE two years before coming here ?
  porfor.PREP quéwhat.INT you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S nonot.ADV fuistebe.V.2S.PAST alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG Miami_Dadename twotwo.NUM yearsyear.N.PL beforebefore.CONJ comingcome.V.INFIN+ASV herehere.ADV ?
  why weren't you at Miami-Dade two years before coming here?
1017ABI+< I don't know I just came straight over here .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV camecame.AV.PAST straightstraight.ADJ overover.ADV herehere.ADV .
1018ELL<I'm gonna do my> [/] I'm gonna xxx +//.
1019ABI+< finish .
  finishfinish.V.INFIN .
1020ELLpractically like saving money .
  practicallypractical.ADJ+ADV.[or].practically.ADV likelike.CONJ savingsave.V.PRESPART moneymoney.N.SG .
1021ABIit is saving money .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES savingsave.V.PRESPART moneymoney.N.SG .
1022ABIjust came straight over here .
  justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV camecame.AV.PAST straightstraight.ADJ overover.ADV herehere.ADV .
1023ABICarlosSE was here and .
  Carlosname waswas.V.3S.PAST herehere.ADV andand.CONJ .
1024ABII like the school .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.SG .
1025ELL+< oh that's true .
  ohoh.IM that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES truetrue.ADJ .
1026ELLthat's true .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES truetrue.ADJ .
1027ELLI'm gonna have to come to this school .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN toto.PREP comecome.V.INFIN toto.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG schoolschool.N.SG .
1028ABI+< he [/] he guided me through it .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S guidedunk meme.PRON.OBJ.1S throughthrough.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
1029ELL+< the school +...
  thethe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.SG .
1030ELLthe school pareceS a little bit more confusing than Miami_DadeSE .
  thethe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.SG pareceseem.V.2S.IMPER.[or].seem.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG moremore.ADV confusingconfuse.V.PRESPART thanthan.CONJ Miami_Dadename .
  the school semms to be a little bit more confusing than Miami-Dade.
1031ABIno you get the hang of it .
  nono.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF hanghang.N.SG ofof.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
1032ELLI know I'll get the hang of it (be)cause when I first saw Miami_DadeSE I was +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT getget.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF hanghang.N.SG ofof.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S becausebecause.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S firstfirst.ADJ sawsaw.AV.PAST Miami_Dadename II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST .
1033ELL+" oh my god this is so confusing .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES soso.ADV confusingconfuse.SV.INFIN+ASV .
1034ABI+< ah you see Miami_DadeSE seems too confusing to me .
  ahah.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP seesee.V.2SP.PRES Miami_Dadename seemsseem.SV.INFIN+PV tootoo.ADV confusingconfuse.SV.INFIN+ASV toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
1035ABInot confusing .
  notnot.ADV confusingconfuse.SV.INFIN+ASV .
1036ABIbut it's seemed like a jail to me .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES seemedunk likelike.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF jailjail.N.SG toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
1037ELLjail ?
  jailjail.N.SG ?
1038ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
1039ELLno .
  nono.ADV .
1040ABI+< (be)cause it's just the buildings .
  becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV thethe.DET.DEF buildingsunk .
1041ELL+< this class is ugly compared to the classes I had in Miami_DadeSE .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG classclass.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES uglyugly.ADJ comparedcompar.N.SG+AV toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF classesclass.N.PL II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST inin.PREP Miami_Dadename .
1042ABIthe buildings are too like gray .
  thethe.DET.DEF buildingsunk areare.V.123P.PRES tootoo.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN graygray.ADJ .
1043ELLonly outside .
  onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV outsideoutside.PREP .
1044ABI+< <this is> [/] <this is just> [/] this is a small class though to be honest .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF smallsmall.ADJ classclass.N.SG thoughthough.CONJ toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN honesthonest.ADJ.[or].hon.N.SG+ADJ.SUP .
1045ABIEnglish classes are put in a really small class .
  EnglishEnglish.N.SG classesclass.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES putput.SV.INFIN inin.PREP aa.DET.INDEF reallyreal.ADJ+ADV smallsmall.ADJ classclass.N.SG .
1046ABImost of our +//.
  mostmost.ADJ ofof.PREP ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P .
1047ABIall my other classes I ever had even my math class which is right in this building but towards the other end they're all big classes like auditorium like +...
  allall.ADJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S otherother.ADJ classesclass.N.PL II.PRON.SUB.1S everever.ADV hadhad.AV.PAST+P eveneven.ADJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mathmath.N.SG classclass.N.SG whichwhich.REL isis.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ inin.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG buildingunk butbut.CONJ towardstoward.ADJ+PV.[or].towards.PREP thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ endend.N.SG they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES allall.ADJ bigbig.ADJ classesclass.N.PL likelike.CONJ auditoriumauditorium.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG .
1048ABIeven if it's just for a hundred students .
  eveneven.ADJ ifif.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV forfor.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM studentsstudent.N.PL .
1049ABIbut they're the type that you walk in .
  butbut.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES thethe.DET.DEF typetype.N.SG thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP walkwalk.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP .
1050ABIand they have like steps .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES likelike.CONJ stepsstep.N.PL .
1051ABIyou get me .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
1052ABIthat you go up and then +...
  thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES upup.ADV andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV .
1053ABIthat's how all my classes are .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES howhow.ADV allall.ADJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S classesclass.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES .
1054ABIthe only classes that have been really small always have been my English classes .
  thethe.DET.DEF onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV classesclass.N.PL thatthat.CONJ havehave.V.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART reallyreal.ADJ+ADV smallsmall.ADJ alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV havehave.SV.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S EnglishEnglish.N.SG classesclass.N.PL .
1055ELL[- spa] bueno .
  buenowell.E .
1056ABIall the other ones are like those types .
  allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL areare.V.123P.PRES likelike.CONJ thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL typesunk .
1057ELL+< so (.) the reason I like Miami_DadeSE esS porqueS +/.
  soso.ADV thethe.DET.DEF reasonreason.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES Miami_Dadename esbe.V.3S.PRES porquebecause.CONJ .
  so the reason I like Miami-Dade is because...
1058ABI+< I just don't like how the building looks .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADV don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ howhow.ADV thethe.DET.DEF buildingunk lookslook.SV.INFIN+PV .
1059ABIF_I_USE have a lot of arts .
  F_I_Uname havehave.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP artsart.N.PL.[or].arts.N.PL .
1060ABIand like the buildings look prettier and like .
  andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF buildingsunk looklook.SV.INFIN prettierprettier.ADJ.[or].pretty.ADJ.COMP andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN .
1061ELLah I'm [//] aSS noS meS importaS esoS .
  ahah.IM I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S nonot.ADV meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S importamind.V.3S.PRES esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  ah, to me that's not important.
1062ELLhuh I don't look at it .
  huhhuh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG looklook.V.INFIN atat.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
1063ELLand [/] and Miami_DadeSE has like +/.
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ Miami_Dadename hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ .
1064ABI+< but it gives you more xxx environment .
  butbut.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S givesgive.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP moremore.ADJ environmentenvironment.N.SG .
1065ELL+< &mia Miami_DadeSE has like arts stuff too .
  Miami_Dadename hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ artsart.N.PL.[or].arts.N.PL stuffstuff.V.3P.PRES tootoo.ADV .
1066ELLperoS what I like is on the side of the building (.) has a really big four or three or two .
  perobut.CONJ whatwhat.REL II.PRON.SUB.1S likelike.V.1S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF buildingunk hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF reallyreal.ADJ+ADV bigbig.ADJ fourfour.NUM oror.CONJ threethree.NUM oror.CONJ twotwo.NUM .
  but what I like is on the side of the building has a really big four or three or two.
1067ABIoh it's one of those .
  ohoh.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL .
1068ELLit's one of those where where ever you need to go +/.
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL wherewhere.REL wherewhere.REL everever.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP needneed.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
1069ABI+< yeah it's building four .
  yeahyeah.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES buildingunk fourfour.NUM .
1070ELLexactly .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
1071ABIand then you just find the room inside .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP justjust.ADV findfind.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF roomroom.N.SG insideinside.N.SG .
1072ELLwell it's building four like lets say four two zero five .
  wellwell.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES buildingunk fourfour.NUM likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG letslet.V.INFIN+PV saysay.SV.INFIN fourfour.NUM twotwo.NUM zerozero.NUM fivefive.NUM .
1073ELLit's building four second floor fifth room .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES buildingunk fourfour.NUM secondsecond.ADJ floorfloor.N.SG fifthfifth.ORD roomroom.N.SG .
1074ABI+< yeah xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
1075ABIyeah exactly .
  yeahyeah.ADV exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
1076ELLthat's the way it's split up .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES splitsplit.SV.INFIN upup.ADV .
1077ELLso paraSS queS yoS soyS unS poquitoS ahS retrasadaS .
  soso.ADV parafor.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S quethat.CONJ yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S soybe.V.1S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG poquitolittle.ADJ.M.SG.DIM ahah.IM retrasadaslow.V.F.SG.PASTPART .
  so, for me who is a little bit slow...
1078ABI[- spa] acelerada .
  aceleradaaccelerate.V.F.SG.PASTPART .
1079ELL+< &=laugh .
1080ELLem that's easy .
  emem.N.SG that'sthat.CONJ+BE.V.3S.PRES easyeasy.ADJ .
1081ELLporqueS if it's building four entoncesS eh parking here .
  porquebecause.CONJ ifif.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES buildingunk fourfour.NUM entoncesthen.ADV eheh.IM parkingpark.N.SG+ASV herehere.ADV .
  because if it's building four, then parking here.
1082ELLbuilding three and parking here .
  buildingunk threethree.NUM andand.CONJ parkingpark.N.SG+ASV herehere.ADV .
1083ELLand in between each building parking there's xxx a little parking in cases there's not space .
  andand.CONJ inin.PREP betweenbetween.PREP eacheach.ADJ buildingunk parkingpark.N.SG+ASV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ parkingpark.N.SG+ASV inin.PREP casescase.N.PL there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV spacespace.N.SG .
1084ELLand +/.
  andand.CONJ .
1085ABI&u +/.
1086ELLI always find space close to my class .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV findfind.SV.INFIN spacespace.N.SG closeclose.N.SG toto.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S classclass.N.SG .
1087ABI+< parking .
  parkingpark.N.SG+ASV .
1088ABIno xxx parking is very very difficult .
  nono.ADV parkingpark.N.SG+ASV isis.V.3S.PRES veryvery.ADV veryvery.ADV difficultdifficult.ADJ .
1089ABIextremely difficult honestly .
  extremelyextreme.ADJ+ADV.[or].extremely.ADV difficultdifficult.ADJ honestlyhonest.ADJ+ADV.[or].honestly.ADV .
1090ABIyou have to be here about +...
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN herehere.ADV aboutabout.PREP .
1091ABIlike I'm really used to this .
  likelike.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV useduse.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG .
1092ABII really know like I just go into the garage .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV knowknow.SV.INFIN likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF garagegarage.N.SG .
1093ABIand I go to the fifth floor (be)cause there's always gonna be parking there .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF fifthfifth.ORD floorfloor.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN parkingpark.N.SG+ASV therethere.ADV .
1094ABIbut it's pretty difficult .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES prettypretty.ADJ difficultdifficult.ADJ .
1095ABIand takes before like freshmanSE [/] freshmanSE year but the first semester I ever took here I never had such a hard time parking .
  andand.CONJ takestake.V.INFIN+PV beforebefore.CONJ likelike.CONJ freshmanfreshman.N.SG freshmanfreshman.N.SG yearyear.N.SG butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ semestersemester.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S everever.ADV tooktake.AV.PAST herehere.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S nevernever.ADV hadhad.AV.PAST+P suchsuch.ADJ aa.DET.INDEF hardhard.ADJ timetime.N.SG parkingpark.N.SG+ASV .
1096ABIbut that's because I wasn't like +//.
  butbut.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES becausebecause.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wasn'twas.V.13S.PAST+NEG likelike.CONJ .
1097ABIand I would get there way early .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND getget.SV.INFIN therethere.ADV wayway.N.SG earlyearly.ADJ.[or].ear.N.SG+ADV .
1098ABIlike I'll be at school like an hour half an hour before my class .
  likelike.CONJ I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT bebe.V.INFIN atat.PREP schoolschool.N.SG likelike.CONJ anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG halfhalf.N.SG anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG beforebefore.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S classclass.N.SG .
1099ABIand it's just like I didn't know xxx to early .
  andand.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG knowknow.SV.INFIN toto.PREP earlyearly.ADJ.[or].ear.N.SG+ADV .
1100ABIjust don't bother xxx looking for parking right xxx .
  justjust.ADV don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG botherboth.ADJ.COMP.[or].bother.V.INFIN lookinglook.V.PRESPART forfor.PREP parkingpark.N.SG+ASV rightright.ADJ .
1101ABIxxx fifth floor .
  fifthfifth.ORD floorfloor.N.SG .
1102ABIxxx can use the elevator .
  cancan.V.123SP.PRES useuse.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF elevatorelevator.N.SG .
1103ELLno no no for me is (.) leaving in like loS queS teníaS queS esperarS eraS cincoS minutosS .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV forfor.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S isis.V.3S.PRES leavingleave.V.PRESPART inin.PREP likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL teníahave.V.13S.IMPERF quethat.CONJ esperarwait.V.INFIN erabe.V.13S.IMPERF cincofive.NUM minutosminute.N.M.PL .
  no, no, for me is leaving in like I would have to wait for five minutes.
1104ELLand somebody left .
  andand.CONJ somebodysomebody.PRON leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.AV.PAST .
1105ELLsomebody always left .
  somebodysomebody.PRON alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.AV.PAST .
1106ELLand all I have to do xxx .
  andand.CONJ allall.ADJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN .
1107ABIno .
  nono.ADV .
1108ABIand then the buildings here there're just +//.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV thethe.DET.DEF buildingsunk herehere.ADV there'rethere.ADV+BE.V.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV .
1109ABIthey's not by numbers .
  they'sthey.PRON.SUB.3P+GB notnot.ADV byby.PREP numbersnumber.N.PL .
1110ABIbut they're by names .
  butbut.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES byby.PREP namesname.N.PL .
1111ABIthey're [//] like this [/] this building here is the <chemistry and physics> ["] .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES likelike.V.3P.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG buildingunk herehere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF chemistrychemistry.N.SG andand.CONJ physicsphysic.N.PL.[or].physics.N.SG .
1112ELL+< ah I know .
  ahah.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
1113ABIbut <when you> [//] when you've +/.
  butbut.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP whenwhen.CONJ you'veyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+HAVE.V.PRES .
1114ELLthis is a ChemistrySE and physics building with an [/] an English class inside of it ?
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF Chemistryname andand.CONJ physicsphysic.N.PL.[or].physics.N.SG buildingunk withwith.PREP anan.DET.INDEF anan.DET.INDEF EnglishEnglish.N.SG classclass.N.SG insideinside.N.SG ofof.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
1115ABIyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
1116ELL&=laugh .
1117ABI+< &=laugh yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
1118ABIcause they're using it as an English class you know ?
  causecause.N.SG they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES usinguse.V.PRESPART itit.PRON.SUB.3S asas.CONJ.[or].a.DET.INDEF+V 3S PRES anan.DET.INDEF EnglishEnglish.N.SG classclass.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES ?
1119ABIthis is obviously a lot of other things .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES obviouslyobvious.ADJ+ADV aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP otherother.ADJ thingsthing.N.PL .

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