MIAMI - Sastre6: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1AARwell no .
  wellwell.ADV nono.ADV .
2AARwe rode for [/] for uhSE nine days .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P roderode.V.1P.PRES forfor.PREP forfor.PREP uhuh.IM ninenine.NUM daysday.N.PL .
3ALYxxx .
4AAR+< from (.) MiamiSE to (.) SanfordSE .
  fromfrom.PREP Miaminame toto.PREP Sanfordname .
5AARfrom SanfordSE (.) we took the train the AmtrakSE train and rode it to (.) uhSE VirginiaSE .
  fromfrom.PREP Sanfordname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P tooktake.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF traintrain.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF Amtrakname traintrain.SV.INFIN andand.CONJ roderode.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP uhuh.IM Virginianame .
6ALYmhmmSE .
  mhmmunk .
7AARthen from VirginiaSE (.) we crossed all over in through New_York .
  thenthen.ADV fromfrom.PREP Virginianame wewe.PRON.SUB.1P crossedcross.N.SG+AV allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP inin.PREP throughthrough.PREP New_Yorkname .
8AARthen we crossed in through BostonSE .
  thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P crossedcross.N.SG+AV inin.PREP throughthrough.PREP Bostonname .
9AARthen we went in through ahSE (..) +/.
  thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST inin.PREP throughthrough.PREP ahah.IM .
10AARwhat is it ?
  whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S ?
11AAR+, Niagara_FallsSE .
  Niagara_Fallsname .
12AARthen we crossed back from Niagara_FallsSE .
  thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P crossedcross.N.SG+AV backback.ADV fromfrom.PREP Niagara_Fallsname .
13AARwe stopped in PhiladelphiaSE .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P stoppedstop.V.PAST inin.PREP Philadelphianame .
14AARthen from PhiladelphiaSE (..) we rode down through (.) ahSE VirginiaSE .
  thenthen.ADV fromfrom.PREP Philadelphianame wewe.PRON.SUB.1P roderode.V.1P.PRES downdown.PREP throughthrough.PREP ahah.IM Virginianame .
15AARwe went to the Laurie_CameronsSE .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF Laurie_Cameronsname .
16ALYmhmmSE .
  mhmmunk .
17AARthen from the Laurie_CameronsSE we went to [//] (.) back to the AmtraksSE station .
  thenthen.ADV fromfrom.PREP thethe.DET.DEF Laurie_Cameronsname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP backback.ADV toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF Amtraksname stationstation.N.SG .
18AARwe rode back to (..) SanfordSE .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P roderode.V.1P.PRES backback.ADV toto.PREP Sanfordname .
19AARand then we rode back to MiamiSE .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P roderode.V.1P.PRES backback.ADV toto.PREP Miaminame .
20ALYokSE .
  okunk .
21AARand that was it .
  andand.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
22ALYthat was a very good experience .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF veryvery.ADV goodgood.ADJ experienceexperience.N.SG .
23ALY<why had it > [///] what is <the next > [/] the next trip that we did ?
  whywhy.REL hadhad.AV.PAST+P itit.PRON.SUB.3S whatwhat.REL isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF nextnext.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF nextnext.ADJ triptrip.N.SG thatthat.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST ?
24AARno as far as long trips we haven't done any other long ones .
  nono.ADV asas.CONJ farfar.ADV asas.CONJ longlong.ADJ tripstrip.N.PL wewe.PRON.SUB.1P haven'thave.V.1P.PRES+NEG donedone.V.PASTPART anyany.ADJ otherother.ADJ longlong.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL .
25ALYno the short one that we did .
  nono.ADV thethe.DET.DEF shortshort.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG thatthat.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST .
26AARohSE we've been to +/.
  ohoh.IM we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP .
27ALY+< we went to LisbergSE .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Lisbergname .
28AARyeah we've been to LisbergSE .
  yeahyeah.ADV we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP Lisbergname .
29AARwe've been to (.) &=yawn ahSE +...
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP ahah.IM .
30ALYTampaSE .
  Tampaname .
31AARTampaSE .
  Tampaname .
32AARwe've been to (.) ehSE &s ehSE SilverpringsSE .
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP eheh.IM eheh.IM Silverpringsname .
33AARwe've been to um (.) RockspringsSE .
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP umum.IM Rockspringsname .
34AARwe went to (..) (.) um (.) +/.
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP umum.IM .
35AARI forgot the name now .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S forgotforgot.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF namename.N.SG nownow.ADV .
36AARwhere [/] where was that place ?
  wherewhere.REL wherewhere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST thatthat.DEM.FAR placeplace.N.SG ?
37AARwhere we saw the +...
  wherewhere.REL wewe.PRON.SUB.1P sawsaw.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF .
38AAR+, for the bike rally .
  forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG rallyrally.N.SG .
39AAR[- spa] fuimos a +...
  fuimosgo.V.1P.PAST ato.PREP .
  we've been to
40ALYI forget the name of that place .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S forgetforget.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF namename.N.SG ofof.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR placeplace.N.SG .
41AARehSE +...
  eheh.IM .
42AARno I can't forget it .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S can'tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG forgetforget.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
43AARI forgot the name .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S forgotforgot.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF namename.N.SG .
44AARwe've been to (.) xxx .
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP .
45ALYmhmmSE .
  mhmmunk .
46AAREverglade_CitySE .
  Everglade_Cityname .
47AARum (.) NaplesSE .
  umum.IM Naplesname .
48AARehSE .
  eheh.IM .
49ALYMarco_IslandSE .
  Marco_Islandname .
50AARMarco_IslandSE .
  Marco_Islandname .
51AARand we've been to uhSE +...
  andand.CONJ we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART toto.PREP uhuh.IM .
52ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
53AAR+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
54AARwe went to (.) ahSE +//.
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP ahah.IM .
55AARthe bike doesn't have a year yet .
  thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG doesn'tdoes.N.SG+NEG havehave.N.SG aa.DET.INDEF yearyear.N.SG yetyet.CONJ .
56AARit won't have a year (un)til July .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S won'twill.V.3S.FUT+NEG havehave.SV.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF yearyear.N.SG untiluntil.CONJ Julyname .
57AARand I've already +/.
  andand.CONJ I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES alreadyalready.ADV .
58OSEwww .
59ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
60AAR+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
61AARwe've got almost ten thousand miles on the bike .
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES gotgot.V.PAST almostalmost.ADV tenten.NUM thousandthousand.NUM milesmile.N.PL onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG .
62ALYten thousand miles on the bike .
  tenten.NUM thousandthousand.NUM milesmile.N.PL onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG .
63AAR<and we've only been > [//] (.) and we haven't had it a year .
  andand.CONJ we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV beenbeen.V.PASTPART andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P haven'thave.V.1P.PRES+NEG hadhad.V.PASTPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S aa.DET.INDEF yearyear.N.SG .
64AARwe ride .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P rideride.V.1P.PRES .
65OSEwww .
66AARwell no .
  wellwell.ADV nono.ADV .
67ALY+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
68ALYmostly [/] (.) <mostly he > [//] sometimes he goes .
  mostlymost.ADJ+ADV.[or].mostly.ADV mostlymost.ADJ+ADV.[or].mostly.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S sometimessometime.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].sometimes.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
69AAR+< he &du [/] he &mo [//] sometimes he goes .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S sometimessometime.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].sometimes.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
70AARsometimes he doesn't .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG .
71ALYsometimes he doesn't .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG .
72AARit all depends .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S allall.ADJ dependsdepend.N.PL .
73AARif he doesn't have +/.
  ifif.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG havehave.SV.INFIN .
74ALYdepending how she feels .
  dependingdepend.V.PRESPART howhow.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S feelsfeel.V.3S.PRES .
75AARlike this [/] (.) this weekend we're not going .
  likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG weekendweekend.N.SG we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV goinggo.SV.INFIN+ASV .
76AARbecause this weekend +/.
  becausebecause.CONJ thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG weekendweekend.N.SG .
77ALY+< this weekend the [/] the club does not have anything (.) ehSE designed .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG weekendweekend.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG doesdoes.N.SG notnot.ADV havehave.V.INFIN anythinganything.PRON eheh.IM designeddesign.SV.INFIN+AV .
78AAR+< they do .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES .
79AARthey do .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES .
80ALYthey do ?
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES ?
81AAR+< they're gonna go eat at [/] at Rib_CitySE at ImmokaleeSE .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN eateat.SV.INFIN atat.PREP atat.PREP Rib_Cityname atat.PREP Immokaleename .
82AARand [///] but they're changing it because of Good_Friday .
  andand.CONJ butbut.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES changingchange.V.PRESPART itit.PRON.OBJ.3S becausebecause.CONJ ofof.PREP Good_Fridayname .
83AAR<they're gonna > [//] they're not gonna have club on Friday .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN clubclub.N.SG onon.PREP Fridayname .
84AARbut they're gonna have it on Saturday .
  butbut.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP havehave.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S onon.PREP Saturdayname .
85AARplus Saturday we gotta go to my sister's party .
  plusplus.PREP Saturdayname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gottaget.V.1P.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S sister'ssister.N.SG+=POSS partyparty.N.SG .
86AARand then Sunday we got the wedding for Juan'sSE sister .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV Sundayname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gotgot.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF weddingunk forfor.PREP Juan'sname sistersister.N.SG .
87ALYyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
88AARso we can't +/.
  soso.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P can'tcan.V.123SP.PRES+NEG .
89ALY+< Sunday I have the wedding on Juan'sSE sister .
  Sundayname II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF weddingunk onon.PREP Juan'sname sistersister.N.SG .
90AARthat's a nice ride to Immok(alee)SE +//.
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF nicenice.ADJ rideride.N.SG toto.PREP Immokaleename .
91AARImmokaleeSE <all there is > [//] <is all > [//] (.) it's a little town all Mexicans .
  Immokaleename allall.ADJ therethere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ towntown.N.SG allall.ADJ Mexicansname .
92AARbut ahSE we just go there to [/] to [/] (.) to eat .
  butbut.CONJ ahah.IM wewe.PRON.SUB.1P justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV toto.PREP toto.PREP toto.PREP eateat.V.INFIN .
93AARwe go for the ride .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF rideride.N.SG .
94AARand we cruise through town .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P cruisecruise.V.1P.PRES throughthrough.PREP towntown.N.SG .
95AARwe cruise through town .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P cruisecruise.V.1P.PRES throughthrough.PREP towntown.N.SG .
96OSEwww .
97AARahSE and ImmokaleeSE is um (.) &=sniffs um +/.
  ahah.IM andand.CONJ Immokaleename isis.V.3S.PRES umum.IM umum.IM .
98AARwhat we do is is we take (.) Alligator_AlleySE .
  whatwhat.REL wewe.PRON.SUB.1P dodo.V.1P.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P taketake.V.1P.PRES Alligator_Alleyname .
99AARwhen we get to where the SeminoleSE tribes are (.) we go through that road there right where the gas station is .
  whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P getget.V.1P.PRES toto.PREP wherewhere.REL thethe.DET.DEF Seminolename tribesunk areare.V.123P.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES throughthrough.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR roadroad.N.SG therethere.ADV rightright.ADJ wherewhere.REL thethe.DET.DEF gasgas.N.SG stationstation.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES .
100AARfollow that road .
  followfollow.V.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR roadroad.N.SG .
101AARand that's called Snake_RoadSE I think it's called .
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART Snake_Roadname II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART .
102AARand that goes in through their town .
  andand.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR goesgoes.V.INFIN inin.PREP throughthrough.PREP theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P towntown.N.SG .
103AARand then from there we cross over I think it's into ahSE State_RoadSE thirty one (.) ehSE or four thirty one .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV fromfrom.PREP therethere.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P crosscross.N.SG overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES intointo.PREP ahah.IM State_Roadname thirtythirty.NUM oneone.NUM eheh.IM oror.CONJ fourfour.NUM thirtythirty.NUM oneone.NUM .
104AARand that takes us all the way across into ImmokaleeSE .
  andand.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR takestake.V.3S.PRES usus.PRON.OBJ.1P allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG acrossacross.PREP intointo.PREP Immokaleename .
105AARand then um (.) xxx +/.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV umum.IM .
106OSEwww .
107AARyeah <it's a > [/] it's a little town .
  yeahyeah.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ towntown.N.SG .
108ALY+< no I remember seeing the sign .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S rememberremember.V.1S.PRES seeingsee.V.PRESPART thethe.DET.DEF signsign.N.SG .
109ALYbut I don't know exactly what it is .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES .
110AAR+< it looks a little bit like (.) um (..) +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG umum.IM .
111AARI don't know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN .
112AAR<it looks > [/] (.) it looks a little bit like ahSE NaplesSE .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.SUB.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG ahah.IM Naplesname .
113AARahSE something like that .
  ahah.IM somethingsomething.PRON likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
114AARon the outer reaches of NaplesSE .
  onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF outerouter.ADJ.[or].out.ADV+COMP.AG reachesreach.N.PL ofof.PREP Naplesname .
115AAR(be)cause it's not as uhSE [/] (.) as modern (.) as NaplesSE .
  becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV asas.CONJ uhuh.IM asas.CONJ modernmodern.ADJ asas.CONJ Naplesname .
116AAR(be)cause it's all [//] imagine it's all uhSE agricultural .
  becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ imagineimagine.SV.INFIN it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ uhuh.IM agriculturalagricultural.ADJ .
117OSEwww .
118AARyeah it's all agricultural .
  yeahyeah.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ agriculturalagricultural.ADJ .
119AARand like I said the only thing there's there is just pretty much um Mexicans .
  andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S saidsaid.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV thingthing.N.SG there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV isis.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV prettypretty.ADJ muchmuch.ADJ umum.IM Mexicansname .
120AARthat's it .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
121AARthey're all little people .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES allall.ADJ littlelittle.ADJ peoplepeople.N.SG .
122AARnone of them go over four feet .
  nonenone.PRON ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P gogo.SV.INFIN overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP fourfour.NUM feetfeet.N.SG .
123AARthey're all tiny little people .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES allall.ADJ tinytiny.ADJ littlelittle.ADJ peoplepeople.N.SG .
124AARand the kids are all you know &ʧini ehSE chinitoS types .
  andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF kidskid.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES allall.ADJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES eheh.IM chinitoChinese_children.N.M.SG.DIM typesunk .
  and the kids are all, you know, Chinese types.
125AARand they have uhSE (.) uhSE the little Asian looks .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES uhuh.IM uhuh.IM thethe.DET.DEF littlelittle.ADJ Asianname lookslook.SV.INFIN+PV .
126AARthe same way when we ride (.) to the [/] the toy run .
  thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ wayway.N.SG whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P rideride.V.1P.PRES toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
127AARwe did the toy run this year .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG yearyear.N.SG .
128AAR<queS fueS > [///] (.) they said there was like forty thousand motorcycles (.) there .
  quethat.CONJ fuebe.V.3S.PAST theythey.PRON.SUB.3P saidsaid.V.PAST therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ fortyforty.NUM thousandthousand.NUM motorcyclesunk therethere.ADV .
  that was, they said there was, like, forty thousand motorcycles there.
129AARwe rode um +/.
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P roderode.V.1P.PRES umum.IM .
130OSEwww .
131AARno .
  nono.ADV .
132ALYno .
  nono.ADV .
133AAR+< that's [/] that's [//] this [/] this is the main toy run .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF mainmain.ADJ toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
134AARthe one that um (.) deals ehSE your [/] your uncle's ahSE +...
  thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR umum.IM dealsdeal.SV.INFIN+PV eheh.IM youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP uncle'suncle.N.SG+GB ahah.IM .
135AARSantaclause is our personal toy run .
  Santaclausename isis.V.3S.PRES ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P personalpersonal.ADJ toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
136ALY+< xxx .
137OSEwww .
138AAR<we took> [//] <we went like> [/] we went like two hundred bikes .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P tooktake.V.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST likelike.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST likelike.CONJ twotwo.NUM hundredhundred.NUM bikesbike.N.PL .
139ALY+< <what everybody> [/] what everybody +...
  whatwhat.REL everybodyeverybody.PRON whatwhat.REL everybodyeverybody.PRON .
140ALYehSE we went two hundred bikes at the toy run .
  eheh.IM wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST twotwo.NUM hundredhundred.NUM bikesbike.N.PL atat.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
141AAR[- spa] xxx nosotros .
  nosotroswe.PRON.SUB.M.1P .
  ... we.
142AAR<our own private> [//] our own one .
  ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P ownown.PRON privateprivate.ADJ ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P ownown.PRON oneone.PRON.SG .
143ALYof ours .
  ofof.PREP oursour.ADJ.POSS.1P+PV.[or].ours.PRON.POSS.1P .
144ALYof the club .
  ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG .
145AARright .
  rightright.ADJ .
146ALYand then <we took> [//] everybody took a toy (.) to donate for the poor children .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P tooktake.V.PAST everybodyeverybody.PRON tooktake.AV.PAST aa.DET.INDEF toytoy.N.SG toto.PREP donatedonate.V.INFIN forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF poorpoor.ADJ childrenchildren.N.SG .
147AARyeah we took a truck full of toys .
  yeahyeah.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P tooktake.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF trucktruck.N.SG fullfull.ADJ ofof.PREP toystoy.N.PL .
148ALYand <we took about> [//] there were about two trucks .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P tooktake.V.PAST aboutabout.PREP therethere.ADV werewere.V.2S123P.PAST aboutabout.PREP twotwo.NUM truckstruck.N.PL .
149AAR+< (be)cause what happens is is that [/] that [/] that main toy run (.) which is the south FloridaSE president's council is what it's called (.) they um um (.) it's a bunch of ahSE clubs that are associated .
  becausebecause.CONJ whatwhat.REL happenshappen.SV.INFIN+PV isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR thatthat.DEM.FAR mainmain.ADJ toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG whichwhich.REL isis.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF southsouth.N.SG Floridaname president'spresident.N.SG+=POSS councilcouncil.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES calledcall.V.PASTPART theythey.PRON.SUB.3P umum.IM umum.IM it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF bunchbunch.N.SG ofof.PREP ahah.IM clubsclub.N.PL thatthat.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES associatedassociate.V.PASTPART .
150AARand then what happens is is uhSE (.) everybody goes and donates a toy .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV whatwhat.REL happenshappen.SV.INFIN+PV isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES uhuh.IM everybodyeverybody.PRON goesgoes.SV.INFIN andand.CONJ donatesdonate.V.INFIN+PV aa.DET.INDEF toytoy.N.SG .
151AARapart from donating a toy <everybody pays> [//] (.) um you pay ten dollars per person (.) to ride in the toy run .
  apartapart.ADV fromfrom.PREP donatingdonate.V.PRESPART aa.DET.INDEF toytoy.N.SG everybodyeverybody.PRON payspay.V.3S.PRES umum.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP paypay.V.2SP.PRES tenten.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL perper.ADJ personperson.N.SG toto.PREP rideride.V.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
152AARand this year after they paid everything they [/] (.) they uhSE [/] they [/] they got all the money that they grossed out after they paid all the debts that they had to pay we donated to JoeSE DimaggioSE I think was uhSE five hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars .
  andand.CONJ thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG yearyear.N.SG afterafter.PREP theythey.PRON.SUB.3P paidpaid.V.PAST everythingeverything.PRON theythey.PRON.SUB.3P theythey.PRON.SUB.3P uhuh.IM theythey.PRON.SUB.3P theythey.PRON.SUB.3P gotgot.V.PAST allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF moneymoney.N.SG thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P grossedgross.ADJ+AV outout.ADV afterafter.PREP theythey.PRON.SUB.3P paidpaid.V.PAST allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF debtsdebt.N.PL thatthat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P hadhad.V.PAST toto.PREP paypay.V.INFIN wewe.PRON.SUB.1P donateddonate.V.PAST toto.PREP Joename Dimaggioname II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES waswas.V.3S.PAST uhuh.IM fivefive.NUM hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ eightyeighty.NUM sevenseven.NUM thousandthousand.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
153AARplus (.) we donated about twenty thousand toys .
  plusplus.PREP wewe.PRON.SUB.1P donateddonate.V.PAST aboutabout.PREP twentytwenty.NUM thousandthousand.NUM toystoy.N.PL .
154AARso (.) but <that was> [//] that [//] &də that's the biggest toy run .
  soso.ADV butbut.CONJ thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF biggestbigg.N.SG+ADJ.SUP toytoy.N.SG runrun.N.SG .
155AARthat one's the one we leave from uhSE (.) PampanoSE Pampano_BeachSE .
  thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR one'sone.PRON.SG+GB thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG wewe.PRON.SUB.1P leaveleave.V.1P.PRES fromfrom.PREP uhuh.IM Pampanoname Pampano_Beachname .
156AARand we ride .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P rideride.V.1P.PRES .
157AARthey close I_ninety five and five ninety five .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES I_ninetyname fivefive.NUM andand.CONJ fivefive.NUM ninetyninety.NUM fivefive.NUM .
158AARthey close it .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
159ALYthey close it for us .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S forfor.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
160AAR+< and [/] and the bikes (.) will go all the way from PampanoSE (..) all the way through I nine [//] ninety five five ninety five all the way to Markham_ParkSE .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF bikesbike.N.PL willwill.V.123SP.FUT gogo.SV.INFIN allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG fromfrom.PREP Pampanoname allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG throughthrough.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S ninenine.NUM ninetyninety.NUM fivefive.NUM fivefive.NUM ninetyninety.NUM fivefive.NUM allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG toto.PREP Markham_Parkname .
161AAR<the line> [///] and there's people already on both ends and the line's still riding through that's how many bikes go .
  thethe.DET.DEF lineline.N.SG andand.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG alreadyalready.ADV onon.PREP bothboth.ADJ endsend.N.PL andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF line'sline.N.SG+GB stillstill.ADJ ridingunk throughthrough.PREP that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES howhow.ADV manymany.ADJ bikesbike.N.PL gogo.V.3P.PRES .
162AARand they close everything .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES everythingeverything.PRON .
163AARthey have uhSE police come from all over the [/] the counties .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES uhuh.IM policepolice.N.SG comecome.N.SG fromfrom.PREP allall.ADJ overover.ADV.[or].over.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF countiescounty.N.PL.[or].counties.N.PL .
164AARand they [/] they close it off .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S offoff.ADV .
165AARthey close off completely uhSE I_ninety five only motorcycle travel .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P closeclose.V.3P.PRES offoff.ADV completelycomplete.ADJ+ADV.[or].completely.ADV uhuh.IM I_ninetyname fivefive.NUM onlyonly.ADJ.[or].on.PREP+ADV motorcyclemotorcycle.N.SG traveltravel.N.SG .
166AARand that's through +//.
  andand.CONJ that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES throughthrough.PREP .
167AARwe had a lot of fun .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
168AARwe were there parking bikes from (.) what was it seven or eight in the morning .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST therethere.ADV parkingpark.N.SG+ASV bikesbike.N.PL fromfrom.PREP whatwhat.REL waswas.V.3S.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S sevenseven.NUM oror.CONJ eighteight.NUM inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
169ALYat eight in the morning .
  atat.PREP eighteight.NUM inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
170AAR(un)til [/] (.) (un)til like ahSE (..) two o'clock ?
  untiluntil.CONJ untiluntil.CONJ likelike.CONJ.[or].like.V.INFIN ahah.IM twotwo.NUM o'clocko'clock.ADV ?
171AARbikes parking bikes (.) from that time in the morning .
  bikesbike.N.PL parkingpark.N.SG+ASV bikesbike.N.PL fromfrom.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR timetime.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
172AARand then we parked them .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P parkedpark.N.SG+AV themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P .
173AARand then once that we parked all the bikes then we +//.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV onceonce.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR wewe.PRON.SUB.1P parkedpark.N.SG+AV allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF bikesbike.N.PL thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P .
174ALYthen all the bikes left .
  thenthen.ADV allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF bikesbike.N.PL leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PAST .
175AARhad to leave .
  hadhad.AV.PAST+P toto.PREP leaveleave.V.INFIN .
176ALY+< and then that everybody left .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR everybodyeverybody.PRON leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.AV.PAST .
177ALYthen we were [/] &ha were allowed to leave .
  thenthen.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST werewere.V.2S123P.PAST allowedallow.V.PASTPART toto.PREP leaveleave.V.INFIN .
178AARyeah well we were the last ones because <we were> [//] (.) we [//] <there were> [//] we were the first ones in and were the last ones out .
  yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST thethe.DET.DEF lastlast.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL becausebecause.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P therethere.ADV werewere.V.2S123P.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL inin.PREP andand.CONJ werewere.V.2S123P.PAST thethe.DET.DEF lastlast.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL outout.ADV .
179ALY+< we were the last ones so imagine that what about +...
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST thethe.DET.DEF lastlast.ADJ onesone.PRON.PL soso.ADV imagineimagine.SV.INFIN thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR whatwhat.REL aboutabout.PREP .
180ALY+< how many bikes ?
  howhow.ADV manymany.ADJ bikesbike.N.PL ?
181AARwell it was about they estimated forty thousand bikes .
  wellwell.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aboutabout.PREP theythey.PRON.SUB.3P estimatedestimate.V.PAST fortyforty.NUM thousandthousand.NUM bikesbike.N.PL .
182ALYforty thousand bikes .
  fortyforty.NUM thousandthousand.NUM bikesbike.N.PL .
183AARthat's a lot of bikes .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP bikesbike.N.PL .
184AARI never seen so many .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S nevernever.ADV seenseen.AV.PAST soso.ADV manymany.ADJ .
185ALYI have never seen so many bikes in my life .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES nevernever.ADV seenseen.AV.PAST soso.ADV manymany.ADJ bikesbike.N.PL inin.PREP mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S lifelife.N.SG .
186ALYit's really nice .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV nicenice.ADJ .
187AAR+< it's a lot of fun .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
188ALYit is a lot of fun .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
189AARwe have a lot of fun .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
190ALY+< it's tiring sometimes .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES tiringtire.V.PRESPART sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV .
191ALYbut it's a lot of fun .
  butbut.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
192AAR+< I don't like +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ .
193AAR&=groans .
194AARehSE she's always complaining queS +".
  eheh.IM she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].always.ADV complainingcomplain.V.PRESPART quethat.CONJ .
  she's always complaining that.
195AAR[- spa] +" tú siempre quieres estar en el club .
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S siemprealways.ADV quiereswant.V.2S.PRES estarbe.V.INFIN enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.M.SG .
  you always want to stay in the club.
196AAR[- spa] +" no quieres ir (.) a ningún lugar más .
  nonot.ADV quiereswant.V.2S.PRES irgo.V.INFIN ato.PREP ningúnno.ADJ.M.SG lugarplace.N.M.SG másmore.ADV .
  you don't want to go to any other place.
197AAR+" noS quieresS ask +".
  nonot.ADV quiereswant.V.2S.PRES askask.SV.INFIN .
  you don't want to ask.
198AAR+" we having fun ?
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havinghave.V.PRESPART funfun.N.SG ?
199AARevery time we go .
  everyevery.ADJ timetime.N.SG wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES .
200ALYevery Friday .
  everyevery.ADJ Fridayname .
201ALYevery Friday we get reunited over there .
  everyevery.ADJ Fridayname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P getget.V.1P.PRES reunitedreunite.SV.INFIN+AV overover.ADV therethere.ADV .
202AAR+< we go on Fridays .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES onon.PREP Fridaysname .
203AAR[- spa] +< &e ella se pone (.) se pone mala toda la noche .
  ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP poneput.V.3S.PRES seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP poneput.V.3S.PRES malanasty.ADJ.F.SG todaall.ADJ.F.SG lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG nochenight.N.F.SG .
  she gets, she gets sick all night.
204ALY+< they send food .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P sendsend.V.3P.PRES foodfood.N.SG .
205AARon &f [//] and Friday night <they get> [//] you get to eat &e unaS completaS .
  onon.PREP andand.CONJ Fridayname nightnight.N.SG theythey.PRON.SUB.3P getget.V.3P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP eateat.V.INFIN unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG completacomplete.ADJ.F.SG.[or].complete.V.2S.IMPER.[or].complete.V.3S.PRES .
  on, and Friday night they get, you get to eat a complete.
206ALY+< they send food .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P sendsend.V.3P.PRES foodfood.N.SG .
207ALY+< they send drinks .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P sendsend.V.3P.PRES drinksdrink.SV.INFIN+PV .
208ALY+< you get to eat what you like for six dollars .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP eateat.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP likelike.V.2SP.PRES forfor.PREP sixsix.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
209AAR+< so you're complete for six dollars .
  soso.ADV you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES completecomplete.ADJ forfor.PREP sixsix.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
210ALYnot bad at all .
  notnot.ADV badbad.ADJ atat.PREP allall.ADJ .
211AAR+< conS muchasS lasS vecesS conS dessert .
  conwith.PREP muchasmuch.ADJ.F.PL.[or].many.PRON.F.PL lasthe.DET.DEF.F.PL vecestime.N.F.PL conwith.PREP dessertdessert.N.SG .
  a lot of times with a dessert.
212ALYand sometimes they have the desserts .
  andand.CONJ sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES thethe.DET.DEF dessertsdessert.N.PL .
213ALYI do the Cuban coffee I sell it for twenty five cents a little cup .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S dodo.V.1S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF Cubanname coffeecoffee.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S sellsell.V.1S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S forfor.PREP twentytwenty.NUM fivefive.NUM centscent.N.PL aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ cupcup.N.SG .
214AAR+< teS comprasS a [/] a [/] a bottled water +...
  teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S comprasshopping.N.F.PL.[or].buy.V.2S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF bottledunk waterwater.N.SG .
  you can buy a bottled water ...
215AARyeah that's what she likes .
  yeahyeah.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S likeslike.V.3S.PRES .
216AARthat's her favourite part making coffee .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S favouritefavourite.ADJ partpart.N.SG makingmake.V.PRESPART coffeecoffee.N.SG .
217ALYmaking coffee ?
  makingmake.V.PRESPART coffeecoffee.N.SG ?
218ALYI love Cuban coffee .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S lovelove.V.1S.PRES Cubanname coffeecoffee.N.SG .
219AARyeah &j yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV .
220ALY+< er yeah .
  erer.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
221AARwe go there every Friday .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES therethere.ADV everyevery.ADJ Fridayname .
222AARand +...
  andand.CONJ .
223ALYevery Friday we go .
  everyevery.ADJ Fridayname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES .
224AARand then they have karaokeSE .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES karaokeunk .
225ALY+< and we have an excellent time .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES anan.DET.INDEF excellentexcellent.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
226AARthey have karaokeSE .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES karaokeunk .
227AARseS ponenS enS um (.) the uhSE attorney delS clubSE .
  seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP ponenput.V.3P.PRES enin.PREP umum.IM thethe.DET.DEF uhuh.IM attorneyattorney.N.SG delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.SG .
  they put on the attorney of the club.
228AARI guess he's not the attorney .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S guessguess.V.1S.PRES he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV thethe.DET.DEF attorneyattorney.N.SG .
229AARbut he's an attorney .
  butbut.CONJ he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES anan.DET.INDEF attorneyattorney.N.SG .
230AARso (.) they use him for [/] for stuff in the clubSE .
  soso.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P useuse.V.3P.PRES himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S forfor.PREP forfor.PREP stuffstuff.SV.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG .
231AARhe um [/] (.) he has a [//] an I_Pod (.) with eighty gigs of music .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S umum.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF anan.DET.INDEF I_Podname withwith.PREP eightyeighty.NUM gigsgig.N.PL ofof.PREP musicmusic.N.SG .
232AARok (.) so he's got +/.
  okunk soso.ADV he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+HAVE.V.3S.PRES gotgot.V.PASTPART .
233OSEwww .
234AAR[- spa] llenito .
  llenitoplump.ADJ.M.SG.DIM .
  filled up.
235ALYcompletely full .
  completelycomplete.ADJ+ADV.[or].completely.ADV fullfull.ADJ .
236AAR+< all video deS [/] deS [//] for &karao karaokeSE and [/] and all kinds of songs .
  allall.ADJ videovideo.N.SG deof.PREP deof.PREP forfor.PREP karaokeunk andand.CONJ andand.CONJ allall.ADJ kindskind.ADJ+PV.[or].kind.N.PL ofof.PREP songssong.N.PL .
  all video of, for karaoke and all kinds of songs.
237ALY+< all videos (.) karaokesSE and the music .
  allall.ADJ videosvideo.N.PL karaokesunk andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF musicmusic.N.SG .
238ALYall type of songs .
  allall.ADJ typetype.N.SG ofof.PREP songssong.N.PL .
239AARand all he does is uhSE he hooks it up to the T_V .
  andand.CONJ allall.ADJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S doesdoes.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES uhuh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hookshook.N.PL itit.PRON.SUB.3S upup.ADV toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF T_Vname .
240AARand then uhSE <and the &mo> [///] and when we get there sometimes he'll just put music (.) just different kinds of music .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV uhuh.IM andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF andand.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P getget.V.1P.PRES therethere.ADV sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV he'llhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.FUT justjust.ADV putput.V.INFIN musicmusic.N.SG justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV differentdifferent.ADJ kindskind.ADJ+PV.[or].kind.N.PL ofof.PREP musicmusic.N.SG .
241AARand then after ten (.) we put the volume up <on the> [/] on the ahSE [/] the system delS clubSE .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV afterafter.PREP tenten.NUM wewe.PRON.SUB.1P putput.V.1P.PRES thethe.DET.DEF volumevolume.N.SG upup.ADV onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF ahah.IM thethe.DET.DEF systemsystem.N.SG delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.SG .
  and then after ten we put the volume up on the the system of the club.
242AAR(be)cause a lot of people complain +".
  becausebecause.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG complaincomplain.N.SG .
243AAR+" ahSE you can't have the loud music the whole time (be)cause we don't all come for that .
  ahah.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF loudloud.ADJ musicmusic.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF wholewhole.ADJ timetime.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG allall.ADJ comecome.SV.INFIN forfor.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR .
244AARwell that's fine .
  wellwell.ADV that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES finefine.N.SG .
245AARso then they [//] we made an agreement queS &e from seven to [//] (.) (un)til uhSE ten o'clock it's [//] the music's down low .
  soso.ADV thenthen.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P wewe.PRON.SUB.1P mademade.V.PAST anan.DET.INDEF agreementagreement.N.SG quethat.PRON.REL fromfrom.PREP sevenseven.NUM toto.PREP untiluntil.CONJ uhuh.IM tenten.NUM o'clocko'clock.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES thethe.DET.DEF music'smusic.N.SG+GB downdown.PREP lowlow.ADJ .
  so then they, we made an agreement that the the music's down low from seven to, until ten o'clock, it's.
246AARthen at ten (.) we shoot up the music .
  thenthen.ADV atat.PREP tenten.NUM wewe.PRON.SUB.1P shootshoot.V.1P.PRES upup.ADV thethe.DET.DEF musicmusic.N.SG .
247AARand then (.) she starts dancing conS lasS [/] lasS mujeresS delS clubSE .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S startsstart.V.3S.PRES dancingdance.V.PRESPART conwith.PREP lasthe.DET.DEF.F.PL lasthe.DET.DEF.F.PL mujereswoman.N.F.PL delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.SG .
  and then she starts dancing with the women from the club.
248AARand there's about +/.
  andand.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP .
249ALYthere's about [/] about six seven +...
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP aboutabout.PREP sixsix.NUM sevenseven.NUM .
250AAR+< six or seven .
  sixsix.NUM oror.CONJ sevenseven.NUM .
251AARthey're always there bailandoS .
  they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV therethere.ADV bailandodance.V.PRESPART .
  they're always dancing there.
252AARand they're having a good time .
  andand.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES havinghave.V.PRESPART aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
253ALY+< we get that what to dance alone ?
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P getget.V.1P.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR whatwhat.REL toto.PREP dancedance.V.INFIN alonealone.ADV ?
254AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
255AARyS despuésS (en)toncesS he starts putting &a karaokeSE music .
  yand.CONJ despuésafterwards.ADV entoncesthen.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S startsstart.V.3S.PRES puttingput.V.PRESPART karaokeunk musicmusic.N.SG .
  and then later he starts putting on karaoke music.
256AARand a lot of the people there's a few of them that drink two or three beers and they get drunk or they get buzzed out .
  andand.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.SG there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF fewfew.ADJ ofof.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR drinkdrink.V.INFIN twotwo.NUM oror.CONJ threethree.NUM beersbeer.N.PL andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P getget.V.3P.PRES drunkdrunk.ADJ oror.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P getget.V.3P.PRES buzzedunk outout.ADV .
257AARand you see everybody +".
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP seesee.V.2SP.PRES everybodyeverybody.PRON .
258AAR+" &=squeal .
259AARsinging to the songs you know .
  singingunk toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF songssong.N.PL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
260ALY+< everybody singing .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON singingunk .
261AARbut we have a real good time .
  butbut.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF realreal.ADJ goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
262AAR<&e laS otraS nocheS nosS fuimosS > [///] we've had nights when we've left like at one one thirty in the morning .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG otraother.ADJ.F.SG nochenight.N.F.SG nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P fuimosgo.V.1P.PAST we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES hadhad.V.PAST nightsnights.ADV.[or].night.N.PL whenwhen.CONJ we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PASTPART likelike.CONJ atat.PREP oneone.PRON.SG oneone.PRON.SG thirtythirty.NUM inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
  the other night we went, we've had nights when we've left, like, at one, one thirty in the morning.
263ALYthe other day we left about +/.
  thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ dayday.N.SG wewe.PRON.SUB.1P leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PAST aboutabout.PREP .
264OSEwww .
265AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
266AARit's [//] it +/.
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
267ALY+< the other day we left about twelve thirty .
  thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ dayday.N.SG wewe.PRON.SUB.1P leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PAST aboutabout.PREP twelvetwelve.NUM thirtythirty.NUM .
268AARmiraS <we did> [//] we just went to +...
  miralook.V.2S.IMPER wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV wentwent.AV.PAST toto.PREP .
  look, we did, we just went to ...
269ALY+< <so we got here at> [///] went [//] <no we went> [//] no we left one day at twelve .
  soso.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gotgot.V.PAST herehere.ADV atat.PREP wentwent.AV.PAST nono.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST nono.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PAST oneone.PRON.SG dayday.N.SG atat.PREP twelvetwelve.NUM .
270ALYand then everybody wanted to go to Latin_AmericaSE to drink coffee and panS cubanoS .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV everybodyeverybody.PRON wantedwant.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Latin_Americaname toto.PREP drinkdrink.V.INFIN coffeecoffee.N.SG andand.CONJ panbread.N.M.SG cubanocuban.ADJ.M.SG .
  and then everybody wanted to go to Latin America to drink coffee and Cuban bread.
271AARno that was when we did the valentine's party .
  nono.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P diddid.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF valentine'svalentine.N.SG+=POSS partyparty.N.SG .
272ALYahSE &deba &a the day of the valentine's party everybody wanted to go and eat something .
  ahah.IM thethe.DET.DEF dayday.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF valentine'svalentine.N.SG+=POSS partyparty.N.SG everybodyeverybody.PRON wantedwant.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN andand.CONJ eateat.V.INFIN somethingsomething.PRON .
273AAR[- spa] +< &d la [/] &u la +...
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG .
  the, the ...
274AAR+< laS fiestaS delS &kl [//] the +/.
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG fiestaparty.N.F.SG delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG thethe.DET.DEF .
  the party of the.
275ALYso it ended at are twelve no ?
  soso.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S endedend.V.PAST atat.PREP areare.V.123P.PRES twelvetwelve.NUM nono.ADV ?
276AARwe ended at twelve .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P endedend.V.PAST atat.PREP twelvetwelve.NUM .
277AARand then well we got home like at four in the morning .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV wellwell.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gotgot.V.PAST homehome.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG atat.PREP fourfour.NUM inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF morningmorning.N.SG .
278AAR(be)cause we went (.) to elS VersaillesSE .
  becausebecause.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG Versaillesname .
  because we went to the Versailles.
279ALY+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
280ALYelS VersaillesSE .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG Versaillesname .
  the Versailles.
281OSEwww .
282ALYelS VersaillesSE estáS enS laS treintaS yS sieteS .
  elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG Versaillesname estábe.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG treintathirty.NUM yand.CONJ sieteseven.NUM .
  the Versailles is in the Thirty-seven.
283AAR+< ahSE right over there on main street .
  ahah.IM rightright.ADJ overover.ADV therethere.ADV onon.PREP mainmain.ADJ streetstreet.N.SG .
284AARright back to thirty seven in front of laS carretaS .
  rightright.ADJ backback.ADV toto.PREP thirtythirty.NUM sevenseven.NUM inin.PREP frontfront.N.SG ofof.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG carretacart.N.F.SG .
  right behind to Thirty-seven in front of the road.
285AARthat's where todosS losS cubanosS yS estoS hang out .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES wherewhere.REL todosall.ADJ.M.PL losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL cubanoscuban.ADJ.M.PL yand.CONJ estothis.PRON.DEM.NT.SG hanghang.SV.INFIN outout.ADV .
  that's where all the Cubans hang out.
286AARI wonder if xxx .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S wonderwonder.N.SG ifif.CONJ .
287ALY[- spa] +< donde todos los cubanos van a +...
  dondewhere.REL todosall.ADJ.M.PL losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL cubanoscuban.ADJ.M.PL vango.V.3P.PRES ato.PREP .
  where all the Cubans go to ...
288AAR[- spa] es [/] es la ocho .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES esbe.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG ochoeight.NUM .
  it's the Eight.
289ALYexactly .
  exactlyexact.ADJ+ADV .
290AAR[- spa] +< la [/] &ea después de que tú pasas la treinta y siente en la ocho .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG despuésafterwards.ADV deof.PREP quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S pasaspass.V.2S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG treintathirty.NUM yand.CONJ sientesit.V.13S.SUBJ.PRES.[or].feel.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG ochoeight.NUM .
  the, after you pass the Thirty-seven, through the Eight.
291ALY[- spa] +< dónde van ?
  dóndewhere.INT vango.V.3P.PRES ?
  where do they go ?
292ALY[- spa] la ocho <y la trein(ta) > [/] y la treinta y siete .
  lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG ochoeight.NUM yand.CONJ lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG treintathirty.NUM yand.CONJ lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG treintathirty.NUM yand.CONJ sieteseven.NUM .
293AAR+< estáS laS carretaS <on your> [//] on [/] on the south side .
  estábe.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG carretacart.N.F.SG onon.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP onon.PREP onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF southsouth.N.SG sideside.N.SG .
  it's the road on your, on the south side.
294AARyS [/] yS VersailleSE estáS to the +/.
  yand.CONJ yand.CONJ Versaillename estábe.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF .
  and Versaille is to the.
295OSEwww .
296AARthat's right .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ .
297ALY[- spa] correcto .
  correctoright.ADJ.M.SG .
  that's right.
298AAR[- spa] +< después de que tú pasas todo eso .
  despuésafterwards.ADV deof.PREP quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S pasaspass.V.2S.PRES todoall.ADJ.M.SG esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  after you cross over that way.
299AAR[- spa] está por ahí .
  estábe.V.3S.PRES porfor.PREP ahíthere.ADV .
  it's over there.
300AARand they um +...
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P umum.IM .
301AAR[- spa] y fuimos pa(ra) allá .
  yand.CONJ fuimosbe.V.1P.PAST parafor.PREP alláthere.ADV .
  and we went there.
302AARwe [//] I think fuimosS comoS veinticincoS pa(ra)S alláS .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES fuimosbe.V.1P.PAST comolike.CONJ veinticincotwenty_five.NUM parafor.PREP alláthere.ADV .
  we, I think we were about twenty-five and we went there.
303AARyS (.) you know porqueS enS elS grupoS siempreS there's (.) those who [/] (.) who are very active .
  yand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES porquebecause.CONJ enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG grupopool.N.M.SG siemprealways.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL whowho.REL whowho.REL areare.V.123P.PRES veryvery.ADV activeactive.ADJ .
  and you know because in the group there's always those who who are very active.
304AARand then there's a lot who just go to hang out .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG whowho.REL justjust.ADV gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP hanghang.V.INFIN outout.ADV .
305AARand they leave .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P leaveleave.V.3P.PRES .
306AARthey don't really (.) stay .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P don'tdo.V.3P.PRES+NEG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV staystay.SV.INFIN .
307OSEwww .
308AARyeah we have a club house .
  yeahyeah.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF clubclub.N.SG househouse.N.SG .
309AARwe have a warehouse that we rent .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF warehousewarehouse.N.SG thatthat.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P rentrent.V.1P.PRES .
310AARand then um +...
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV umum.IM .
311AARI'll show you pictures when we're done with the (.) motor mouthing here .
  I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT showshow.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP picturespicture.N.PL whenwhen.CONJ we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES donedone.V.PAST withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF motormotor.N.SG mouthingunk herehere.ADV .
312ALYyeah you can see all the pictures .
  yeahyeah.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES seesee.V.INFIN allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF picturespicture.N.PL .
313ALYyou can see the Valentine's picture .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES seesee.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF Valentine'sname picturepicture.N.SG .
314AARand Halloween party .
  andand.CONJ Halloweenname partyparty.N.SG .
315OSEwww .
316ALYyeah ?
  yeahyeah.ADV ?
317OSEwww .
318AARyeah uhSE <you should see> [/] you should see how losS viejosS esosS like LilianaSE .
  yeahyeah.ADV uhuh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP shouldshould.V.2SP.PRES seesee.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP shouldshould.V.2SP.PRES seesee.SV.INFIN howhow.ADV losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL viejosold.ADJ.M.PL esosthat.PRON.DEM.M.PL likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN Liliananame .
  yeah, you should see, you should see how those old people like Liliana.
319ALYno my god .
  nono.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
320AARLilianaSE is [/] is +/.
  Liliananame isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES .
321ALY+< LilianaSE enjoyed the trip to Canada also .
  Liliananame enjoyedenjoy.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF triptrip.N.SG toto.PREP Canadaname alsoalso.ADV .
322AAR+< they call her nana .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P callcall.V.3P.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S nananana.N.SG .
323AARthey call her nana .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P callcall.V.3P.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S nananana.N.SG .
324ALYthey call her nana .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P callcall.V.3P.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S nananana.N.SG .
325AARyeah they don't even call her LilianaSE .
  yeahyeah.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P don'tdo.V.3P.PRES+NEG eveneven.ADV callcall.V.INFIN herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S Liliananame .
326AARthey call her nana .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P callcall.V.3P.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S nananana.N.SG .
327ALYeverybody likes her .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON likeslike.V.3S.PRES herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
328AAR+< she's [//] ellaS llegaS allíS &e .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S llegaget.V.2S.IMPER.[or].get.V.3S.PRES allíthere.ADV .
  she's, she gets there.
329ALYand there's an old guy that he [/] he's a [/] an accountant ?
  andand.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES anan.DET.INDEF oldold.ADJ guyguy.N.SG thatthat.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF anan.DET.INDEF accountantaccountant.N.SG ?
330AARS eseS RonSE .
  yes.ADV esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG Ronname .
  yes, one called Ron.
331ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
332ALYthat guy he's always asking for her how she doing .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR guyguy.N.SG he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+V 3S PRES.[or].always.ADV askingask.V.PRESPART forfor.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S howhow.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S doingdo.V.PRESPART .
333ALYbecause she went to Canada with her .
  becausebecause.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Canadaname withwith.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
334AAR+< she's unreal .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES unrealunreal.ADJ .
335AAR+< he's <seventy one> [/] seventy one years old .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES seventyseventy.NUM oneone.NUM seventyseventy.NUM oneone.NUM yearsyear.N.PL oldold.ADJ .
336ALYand LilianaSE rode with him on the bike .
  andand.CONJ Liliananame roderode.SV.INFIN withwith.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG .
337AAR+< xxx and he looks good .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES goodgood.ADJ .
338ALYand he looks +/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES .
339OSEwww .
340ALYbecause he went alone .
  becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S wentwent.V.PAST alonealone.ADV .
341AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
342ALYand then in the way back she drove with another guy from the club that he was alone also .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG backback.ADV.[or].back.N.SG sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S drovedrove.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP anotheranother.ADJ guyguy.N.SG fromfrom.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG thatthat.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST alonealone.ADV alsoalso.ADV .
343AAR[- spa] sí el [/] el gaucho .
  yes.ADV elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG gauchopeasant.N.M.SG .
  yes, the gaucho.
344ALY[- spa] él le dice el gaucho (.) porque es argentino .
  élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S dicetell.V.3S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG gauchopeasant.N.M.SG porquebecause.CONJ esbe.V.3S.PRES argentinoargentine.ADJ.M.SG.[or].argentine.N.M.SG .
  he she calls him gaucho because he's Argentinian.
345OSEwww .
346ALY[- spa] ay dios mío .
  ayoh.IM diostell.V.2S.IMPER+OS[PRON.MF.2P] míoof_mine.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.M.SG .
  oh my God.
347AARxxx .
348AARS ahoraS despuésS queS todasS lasS cosasS (.) um I gotta pay off some things queS nosS quedanS ahoraS .
  yes.ADV ahoranow.ADV despuésafterwards.ADV quethat.CONJ todasall.ADJ.F.PL lasthe.DET.DEF.F.PL cosasthing.N.F.PL umum.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S gottaget.V.1S.PRES+TO.PREP paypay.V.INFIN offoff.ADV somesome.ADJ thingsthing.N.PL quethat.PRON.REL nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P quedanstay.V.3P.PRES ahoranow.ADV .
  yes now after all the things, I gotta pay off some things that we have left now.
349AAR[- spa] &e xxx de ella xxx la niña .
  deof.PREP ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG niñakid.N.F.SG .
  ... of her [...] the girl.
350AARonce I get those things squared up boy I see [/] (.) see uhSE (.) if we uhSE +...
  onceonce.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S getget.V.1S.PRES thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL thingsthing.N.PL squaredsquare.N.SG+AV upup.ADV boyboy.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S seesee.V.1S.PRES seesee.SV.INFIN uhuh.IM ifif.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P uhuh.IM .
351ALYaSS I get scared (.) for her to be on a bike (.) you know .
  ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S getget.V.1S.PRES scaredscare.SV.INFIN+AV forfor.PREP herher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN onon.PREP aa.DET.INDEF bikebike.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
  for myself, I get scared for her to be on a bike you know.
352AAR+< but she'll ride with us .
  butbut.CONJ she'llshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.FUT rideride.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
353AARshe'll ride with us .
  she'llshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.FUT rideride.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
354ALYI really do get scared .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV dodo.SV.INFIN getget.SV.INFIN scaredscare.SV.INFIN+AV .
355AAR[- spa] +< oye &u allí [/] allí pa(ra) que tú +/.
  oyehear.V.2S.IMPER allíthere.ADV allíthere.ADV parafor.PREP quethat.CONJ you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S .
  hey, there, there so you can.
356ALY+< even though I ride but I have respect to it you know .
  eveneven.ADJ thoughthough.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S rideride.V.1S.PRES butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES respectrespect.N.SG toto.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
357AAR<you're not that> [/] you're not that well balanced .
  you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR wellwell.ADV balancedbalance.N.SG+AV .
358ALY+< I ride +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S rideride.V.1S.PRES .
359AARyou have to be +...
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN .
360AAR&e &d &e how do I say ?
  howhow.ADV dodo.SV.INFIN II.PRON.SUB.1S saysay.V.1S.PRES ?
361AAR&em you have to be cut out for that .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN cutcut.V.INFIN outout.ADV forfor.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR .
362AARbecause a lot of people cuandoS montanS laS [/] laS [//] the motorcycles they believe that a motorcycle just by turning the wheel the motorcycle turns .
  becausebecause.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG cuandowhen.CONJ montanride.V.3P.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG thethe.DET.DEF motorcyclesunk theythey.PRON.SUB.3P believebelieve.V.3P.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR aa.DET.INDEF motorcyclemotorcycle.N.SG justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV byby.PREP turningunk thethe.DET.DEF wheelwheel.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF motorcyclemotorcycle.N.SG turnsturn.N.PL .
  because a lot of people when they ride the motorcycles they believe that a motorcycle just by turning the wheel the motorcycle turns.
363AARand you're going fast .
  andand.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART fastfast.ADJ .
364AARit doesn't work that +/.
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG workwork.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
365OSE+< www .
366AARno it doesn't work like that .
  nono.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG workwork.SV.INFIN likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
367AARwhen you wanna turn you have to (.) actually with your body turn the motorcycle because <it doesn't> [//] it actually wants to keep going straight .
  whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP turnturn.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV withwith.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP bodybody.N.SG turnturn.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF motorcyclemotorcycle.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S doesn'tdoes.V.3S.PRES+NEG itit.PRON.OBJ.3S actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV wantswant.N.PL toto.PREP keepkeep.V.INFIN goinggo.V.PRESPART straightstraight.ADJ .
368AARso (.) you know you turn the wheel .
  soso.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP turnturn.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF wheelwheel.N.SG .
369AARyes you do .
  yesyes.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dodo.V.2SP.PRES .
370AARbut if you could actually turn +/.
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldcan.V.COND actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV turnturn.V.INFIN .
371ALY+< and stop moving your feets .
  andand.CONJ stopstop.V.INFIN movingmove.V.PRESPART youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP feetsfeet.N.PL .
372ALY[- spa] la tienes loca .
  laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S tieneshave.V.2S.PRES locamad.ADJ.F.SG .
  it gets crazy.
373AAR+< xxx .
374ALY[- spa] tienes un reculillo [?] .
  tieneshave.V.2S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG reculillofear.N.M.SG .
  you brake sharply.
375ALYcome on .
  comecome.V.INFIN onon.PREP .
376ALY&=laughs .
377AAR&e .
378AARthe um (.) the +...
  thethe.DET.DEF umum.IM thethe.DET.DEF .
379ALY[- spa] +< reculillo tiene [?] .
  reculillofear.N.M.SG tienehave.V.3S.PRES .
380ALY[- spa] déjame sentarme aquí .
  déjamelet.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+ME[PRON.MF.1S] sentarmesit.V.INFIN+ME[PRON.MF.1S] aquíhere.ADV .
  let me sit down here.
381ALY[- spa] estoy más comoda aquí .
  estoybe.V.1S.PRES másmore.ADV comodaunk aquíhere.ADV .
  I'm better here.
382AAR+< the bike actually you have to actually lean into the way you wanna go .
  thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV leanlean.V.INFIN intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
383AARyou have to push your body weight so the bike will go into the curves .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP pushpush.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP bodybody.N.SG weightweight.N.SG soso.ADV thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG willwill.V.123SP.FUT gogo.SV.INFIN intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF curvesunk .
384AARand now there's one old guy (.) que he drove off the side of an expressway (.) (be)cause we were coming up on the curve .
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES oneone.PRON.SG oldold.ADJ guyguy.N.SG queunk hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S drovedrove.V.3S.PRES offoff.ADV thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG ofof.PREP anan.DET.INDEF expresswayexpressway.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST comingcome.V.PRESPART upup.ADV onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF curvecurve.N.SG .
385AAR[- spa] y parece que le cogió miedo la curva .
  yand.CONJ pareceseem.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S cogiótake.V.3S.PAST miedofear.N.M.SG lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG curvacurve.N.F.SG .
  and it seems that he got scared of the curve.
386AARand he didn't lean into it .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG leanlean.SV.INFIN intointo.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
387AARseS quedóS rectoS on the bike .
  seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP quedóstay.V.3S.PAST rectostraight.ADJ.M.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG .
  he stayed straight on the bike.
388AARand [/] and what happens is is you do one of those like you know teS vaS echandoS porS unS ladoS asíS like you're gonna fall off .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ whatwhat.REL happenshappen.SV.INFIN+PV isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dodo.V.2SP.PRES oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S vago.V.3S.PRES echandochuck.V.PRESPART porfor.PREP unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG ladoside.N.M.SG asíthus.ADV likelike.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP fallfall.V.INFIN offoff.ADV .
  and, and what happens is is you do one of those like you know it makes you swerve like you're gonna fall off.
389AAR(be)cause you're afraid the bike's not gonna turn .
  becausebecause.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES afraidafraid.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF bike'sbike.N.SG+GB notnot.ADV gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP turnturn.V.INFIN .
390AARand he just went off the side of the road .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV wentwent.AV.PAST offoff.ADV thethe.DET.DEF sideside.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF roadroad.N.SG .
391OSEwww .
392AARyeah that was before nosS hicimosS miembrosS nosotrosS .
  yeahyeah.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST beforebefore.CONJ nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P hicimosdo.V.1P.PAST miembrosmember.N.M nosotroswe.PRON.SUB.M.1P .
  yeah that was before we became members of the club.
393AARor actually it was just about three weeks before nosS hicimosS miembrosS delS clubSE .
  oror.CONJ actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV aboutabout.PREP threethree.NUM weeksweek.N.PL beforebefore.CONJ nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P hicimosdo.V.1P.PAST miembrosmember.N.M delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.SG .
  or actually it was just about three weeks before we became members of the club.
394ALY+< yeah <delS ahSE > [///] before we +/.
  yeahyeah.ADV delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG ahah.IM beforebefore.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P .
  yeah, of the, before we.
395AAR+< yeah <he broke> [/] he broke three ribs .
  yeahyeah.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S brokebroke.V.PAST hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S brokebroke.V.PAST threethree.NUM ribsrib.N.PL .
396OSEwww .
397AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
398ALYpoor thing I know .
  poorpoor.ADJ thingthing.N.SG II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
399AAR[- spa] &w (.) y el [/] el problema que tiene que la cogió miedo a la moto .
  yand.CONJ elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG problematrouble.N.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S cogiótake.V.3S.PAST miedofear.N.M.SG ato.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG motomotorbike.N.F.SG .
  and the problem is that he got scared of the bike.
400OSEwww .
401AAR[- spa] ahora está +//.
  ahoranow.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES .
  now he's.
402AARnoSE peroS you can't .
  nono.ADV perobut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG .
  no, but you can't.
403AARif you're gonna ride it you [/] you can't be afraid of it .
  ifif.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP rideride.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG bebe.V.INFIN afraidafraid.ADJ ofof.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
404AAR(be)cause +/.
  becausebecause.CONJ .
405OSEwww .
406AARno you'll [///] &d the [/] the biggest problem why people +/.
  nono.ADV you'llyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.FUT thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF biggestbigg.N.SG+ADJ.SUP problemproblem.N.SG whywhy.REL peoplepeople.N.SG .
407ALY<I am> [//] to be honest with you I'm scared of it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S amam.V.1S.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN honesthonest.ADJ.[or].hon.N.SG+ADJ.SUP withwith.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES scaredscare.V.PAST ofof.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
408ALYI'm scared that I won't have the capacity to be able to ride it to learn how to ride it .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES scaredscare.V.PAST thatthat.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S won'twill.V.1S.FUT+NEG havehave.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF capacitycapacity.N.SG toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN ableable.ADJ toto.PREP rideride.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP learnlearn.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP rideride.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
409OSEwww .
410ALYno I don't .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG .
411ALY<I dri(ve)> [//] I [/] I ride behind him .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S drivedrive.V.1S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S rideride.V.1S.PRES behindbehind.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
412AAR+< no she [/] she [/] she rides behind me .
  nono.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S ridesride.V.3S.PRES+PL behindbehind.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
413ALYand you know when he leans +/.
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES whenwhen.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S leanslean.V.3S.PRES .
414AAR+< she actually doesn't need to grab on to me (be)cause my bike it has a [/] a [/] a backrest (.) for her .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV doesn'tdoes.V.INFIN+NEG needneed.SV.INFIN toto.PREP grabgrab.V.INFIN onon.PREP toto.PREP meme.PRON.OBJ.1S becausebecause.CONJ mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S bikebike.N.SG itit.PRON.SUB.3S hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF backrestbackrest.N.SG forfor.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].her.PRON.OBJ.F.3S .
415ALYso when I'm you know in the back relaxed when he turns I lean a little bit like with +...
  soso.ADV whenwhen.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF backback.N.SG relaxedrelax.N.SG+AV whenwhen.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S turnsturn.V.3S.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S leanlean.V.1S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF littlelittle.ADJ bitbit.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG withwith.PREP .
416AAR+< yeah she's learning .
  yeahyeah.ADV she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES learningunk .
417AARyeah she's not like when we first started .
  yeahyeah.ADV she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P firstfirst.ADV startedstart.V.PASTPART .
418ALY+< so +...
  soso.ADV .
419AARyeah she would like you know when you get on the curve and if I'm going really fast (.) you have to really lean in to it you know .
  yeahyeah.ADV sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wouldbe.V.3S.COND likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF curvecurve.N.SG andand.CONJ ifif.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART reallyreal.ADJ+ADV fastfast.ADJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP reallyreal.ADJ+ADV leanlean.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP itit.PRON.SUB.3S youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
420AARbut you don't fall because it's all centrifical force .
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG fallfall.V.INFIN becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES allall.ADJ centrificalunk forceforce.N.SG .
421AARso you [/] you know you're actually leaning the bike peroS you know .
  soso.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV leaninglean.V.PRESPART thethe.DET.DEF bikebike.N.SG perobut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
  so you, you know you're actually leaning the bike, but, you know.
422ALY+< you don't fall .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG fallfall.V.INFIN .
423OSEwww .
424AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
425ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
426AARand AlyssaSE she's gotten used to it .
  andand.CONJ Alyssaname she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gottengotten.V.PASTPART.US useduse.N.SG+AV toto.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
427AARyeah ellaS seS +...
  yeahyeah.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S sebe.V.2P.IMPER.PRECLITIC .
  yeah she ...
428ALYyeah I've gotten used to it .
  yeahyeah.ADV I'veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES gottengotten.V.PASTPART.US useduse.N.SG+AV toto.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
429ALY[- spa] ahora no le tengo miedo .
  ahoranow.ADV nonot.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S tengohave.V.1S.PRES miedofear.N.M.SG .
  now I'm not scared of it.
430AARshe [/] <she's getting> [//] she's +/.
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gettingget.V.PRESPART she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES .
431AARand we have a good time .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
432AAR&ah we went to tambiénS aS Saint_Augustine .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP tambiéntoo.ADV ato.PREP Saint_Augustinename .
  we went to Saint_Augustine too.
433ALYohSE San_AgustinS we love it .
  ohoh.IM San_Agustinname wewe.PRON.SUB.1P lovelove.V.1P.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
  oh, Saint_Augustine, we love it.
434AAR+< we went a big group .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF bigbig.ADJ groupgroup.N.SG .
435ALYLilianaSE went .
  Liliananame wentwent.AV.PAST .
436AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
437ALYLilianaSE went in her car .
  Liliananame wentwent.AV.PAST inin.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S carcar.N.SG .
438AAR+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
439AARLilianaSE followed us in her car conS AnaSE .
  Liliananame followedfollow.V.PAST usus.PRON.OBJ.1P inin.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S carcar.N.SG conwith.PREP Ananame .
  Liliana followed us in her car with Ana.
440ALY+< behind all of us .
  behindbehind.PREP allall.ADJ ofof.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
441AAR[- spa] xxx locas .
  locasmad.ADJ.F.PL .
  ... crazy girls.
442ALY+< with AnaSE with her friend .
  withwith.PREP Ananame withwith.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S friendfriend.N.SG .
443AARfíjateS queS they gave them an honorary uh diploma .
  fíjatefix.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] quethat.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P gavegave.V.3P.PRES themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P anan.DET.INDEF honoraryhonorary.ADJ uhuh.IM diplomadiploma.N.SG .
  just imagine, they gave them an honorary diploma.
444AAR[- spa] a [/] a [/] a ella y a AnaSE .
  ato.PREP ato.PREP ato.PREP ellashe.PRON.OBJ.F.3S yand.CONJ ato.PREP Ananame .
  to her and Ana.
445ALY+< I can show them to you .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES showshow.V.INFIN themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P toto.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
446ALYI have them .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S havehave.V.1S.PRES themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P .
447AAR+< lesS regalaronS unS honorary diploma +...
  lesthem.PRON.OBL.MF.23P regalarongive.V.3P.PAST unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG honoraryhonorary.ADJ diplomadiploma.N.SG .
  they gave them an honorary diploma ...
448ALY[- spa] te lo voy a enseñar .
  teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP enseñarteach.V.INFIN .
  I'll show it to you.
449AAR+, delS clubSE for &a attending in the trip .
  delof_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG clubclub.N.SG forfor.PREP attendingattend.SV.INFIN+ASV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF triptrip.N.SG .
  from the club, for attending in the trip.
450AAReS ibanS lasS dosS locasS &w through the sunroof taking pictures .
  eand.CONJ ibango.V.3P.IMPERF lasthe.DET.DEF.F.PL dostwo.NUM locasmad.ADJ.F.PL throughthrough.PREP thethe.DET.DEF sunroofunk takingtake.V.PRESPART picturespicture.N.PL .
  and the two crazy girls were going, through the sunroof taking pictures.
451ALYthey got so many pictures that it was amazing .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P gotgot.V.PAST soso.ADV manymany.ADJ picturespicture.N.PL thatthat.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST amazingunk .
452ALYit was really nice .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST reallyreal.ADJ+ADV nicenice.ADJ .
453AAR+< yeah but we have +...
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES .
454ALYwe had a great +/.
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF greatgreat.ADJ .
455AAR+< it's a lot of fun .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP funfun.N.SG .
456AARthere's you know right now in the club there's a lot of controversy +...
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP controversycontroversy.N.SG .
457ALY+< it's worth it .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES worthworth.ADJ itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
458ALYit is worth it .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES worthworth.ADJ itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
459ALYpeople that like it .
  peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.CONJ likelike.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
460AAR+, (be)cause there's a lot of people .
  becausebecause.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG .
461ALYand you can learn how to ride a bike good .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES learnlearn.V.INFIN howhow.ADV toto.PREP rideride.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF bikebike.N.SG goodgood.ADJ .
462ALYand you know you go easy .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES easyeasy.ADJ .
463ALYyou maintain the speed limit .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP maintainmaintain.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF speedspeed.N.SG limitlimit.N.SG .
464ALYyou do everything one behind the other one .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP dodo.V.2SP.PRES everythingeverything.PRON oneone.PRON.SG behindbehind.PREP thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
465ALYyou don't have no problems .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG havehave.V.INFIN nono.ADV problemsproblem.N.PL .
466ALYahoraS xxx just for competition .
  ahoranow.ADV justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV forfor.PREP competitioncompetition.N.SG .
  now [...] just for competition.
467ALYthen you're going to have problems .
  thenthen.ADV you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART toto.PREP havehave.V.INFIN problemsproblem.N.PL .
468AARyeah there's people that race the bikes when we go through twenty seven .
  yeahyeah.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR racerace.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF bikesbike.N.PL whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P gogo.V.1P.PRES throughthrough.PREP twentytwenty.NUM sevenseven.NUM .
469ALY+< just for racing .
  justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV forfor.PREP racingrace.N.SG+ASV .
470ALYyou know I don't recommend it to anybody .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG recommendrecommend.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S toto.PREP anybodyanybody.PRON .
471ALYto anybody .
  toto.PREP anybodyanybody.PRON .
472AAR+< no they ride at (.) close to a hundred and sixty miles an hour .
  nono.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P rideride.V.3P.PRES atat.PREP closeclose.N.SG toto.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ sixtysixty.NUM milesmile.N.PL anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG .
473OSEwww .
474AARno .
  nono.ADV .
475AAR&a we've been on our bike &a like we've [/] we've gone up to about a hundred .
  we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES beenbeen.V.PASTPART onon.PREP ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P bikebike.N.SG likelike.CONJ we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES we'vewe.PRON.SUB.1P+HAVE.V.PRES gonegone.V.PASTPART upup.ADV toto.PREP aboutabout.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM .
476AARonce you get used to cruising at seventy five eighty (.) you [//] actually when you go slower it feels like nothing .
  onceonce.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES useduse.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP cruisingcruise.V.INFIN+ASV atat.PREP seventyseventy.NUM fivefive.NUM eightyeighty.NUM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV whenwhen.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES slowerslow.ADJ.COMP itit.PRON.SUB.3S feelsfeel.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ nothingnothing.PRON .
477AAR&e actually last weekend yoS estabaS haciendoS signal pa(ra)S sacarleS pieS pa(ra)S to show that there was a dead otter in the middle of the road .
  actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV lastlast.ADJ weekendweekend.N.SG yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S estababe.V.13S.IMPERF haciendodo.V.PRESPART signalsignal.N.SG parafor.PREP sacarleremove.V.INFIN+LE[PRON.MF.3S] piefoot.N.M.SG parafor.PREP toto.PREP showshow.V.INFIN thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF deaddead.ADJ otterotter.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF middlemiddle.ADJ ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF roadroad.N.SG .
  actually last weekend I was signalling by putting out my foot to show that there was a dead otter in the middle of the road.
478ALYAaronSE that's a good one &=laughs .
  Aaronname that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG .
479AAR+< and I took out my foot .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S tooktake.V.PAST outout.ADV mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S footfoot.N.SG .
480AARand you're supposed to actually you know if there's something on the road or some kind of an obstacle (.) since everybody's riding together if you're in front the guys in back can't really see when they're coming up to it .
  andand.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES supposedsuppose.V.PAST toto.PREP actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES ifif.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES somethingsomething.PRON onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF roadroad.N.SG oror.CONJ somesome.ADJ kindkind.N.SG ofof.PREP anan.DET.INDEF obstacleobstacle.N.SG sincesince.PREP everybody'severybody.PRON+GB ridingunk togethertogether.ADV ifif.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES inin.PREP frontfront.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF guysguy.N.PL inin.PREP backback.ADV.[or].back.N.SG can'tcan.V.123SP.PRES+NEG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV seesee.SV.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES comingcome.V.PRESPART upup.ADV toto.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
481AARso what you're supposed to do is you're [///] something on the road on your side you're supposed to put out your foot .
  soso.ADV whatwhat.REL you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES supposedsuppose.V.PAST toto.PREP dodo.V.INFIN isis.V.3S.PRES you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES somethingsomething.PRON onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF roadroad.N.SG onon.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP sideside.N.SG you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES supposedsuppose.V.PAST toto.PREP putput.V.INFIN outout.ADV youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP footfoot.N.SG .
482AARand to show you know .
  andand.CONJ toto.PREP showshow.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
483AARyou're not supposed to lay .
  you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV supposedsuppose.SV.INFIN+AV toto.PREP laylay.V.INFIN .
484AARbut apparently I calculated wrong .
  butbut.CONJ apparentlyapparent.ADJ+ADV.[or].apparently.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S calculatedcalculate.V.PAST wrongwrong.ADJ .
485AARand I left my foot down too far .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S leftleft.ADJ.[or].leave.V.PAST mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S footfoot.N.SG downdown.PREP tootoo.ADV farfar.ADV .
486AARand I hit that damn otter .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S hithit.ADJ thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR damndamn.V.INFIN otterotter.N.SG .
487AARI almost broke my leg .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S almostalmost.ADV brokebroke.AV.PAST mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S legleg.N.SG .
488ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
489AARI almost broke my leg .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S almostalmost.ADV brokebroke.AV.PAST mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S legleg.N.SG .
490ALYit was really hard .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST reallyreal.ADJ+ADV hardhard.ADJ .
491AARwe're doing almost seventy miles an hour imagínateS .
  we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES doingdo.V.PRESPART almostalmost.ADV seventyseventy.NUM milesmile.N.PL anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG imagínateimagine.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S] .
  we're doing almost seventy miles an hour, just think.
492ALY+< the pain that he had .
  thethe.DET.DEF painpain.N.SG thatthat.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S hadhad.V.PAST .
493AARsomething laying there and then you kick it .
  somethingsomething.PRON layinglay.SV.INFIN+ASV therethere.ADV andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP kickkick.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
494AARit was like +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
495AARthat [///] losS [/] losS viejosS &la &đə they were all cracking up (.) because uh when we came back it was still there .
  thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL viejosold.ADJ.M.PL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P werewere.V.3P.PAST allall.ADJ crackingcrack.SV.INFIN+ASV upup.ADV becausebecause.CONJ uhuh.IM whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P camecame.V.PAST backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST stillstill.ADJ therethere.ADV .
  that the the older guys, they were all cracking up because when we came back it was still there.
496AARand he goes ehSE &se you know +"/.
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES eheh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
497AAR[- spa] +" seguro que ese es la nutria .
  segurosure.N.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG nutriaotter.N.F.SG .
  I'm sure that's the otter.
498AARin Spanish esS unaS nutriaS .
  inin.PREP SpanishSpanish.N.SG esbe.V.3S.PRES unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG nutriaotter.N.F.SG .
  in Spanish it's "nutria".
499AAR[- spa] +" seguro que la nutria ese dice +"/.
  segurosure.N.M.SG quethat.PRON.REL lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG nutriaotter.N.F.SG esethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG dicetell.V.3S.PRES .
  I'm sure that that otter is saying.
500AAR[- spa] +" coño me arrollaron y me mataron .
  coñofuck.E meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S arrollaronrun over.V.3P.PAST yand.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S mataronkill.V.3P.PAST .
  fuck, they ran over me and killed me.
501AAR[- spa] +" y ahora viene con xxx una patata a mí .
  yand.CONJ ahoranow.ADV vienecome.V.3S.PRES conwith.PREP unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG patatapotato.N.F.SG ato.PREP me.PRON.PREP.MF.1S .
  and now she's coming at me with [...] a potato.
502AAR[- spa] +" coño hasta donde voy él .
  coñofuck.E hastauntil.PREP dondewhere.REL voygo.V.1S.PRES élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S .
  fuck, anywhere I go he's there.
503OSEwww .
504AARand it was pretty big too .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST prettypretty.ADJ bigbig.ADJ tootoo.ADV .
505ALY[- spa] +< mi madre .
  mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG madremother.N.F.SG .
  oh dear.
506ALYit was big .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST bigbig.ADJ .
507ALYit was about like that .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aboutabout.PREP likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
508AAR[- spa] noSE mi amor .
  nono.ADV mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG amorlove.N.M.SG .
  no my darling.
509AARit was about like this .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aboutabout.PREP likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG .
510ALYno it was about like that .
  nono.ADV itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aboutabout.PREP likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
511AARhuge sucker .
  hugehuge.ADJ suckersucker.N.SG.[or].suck.SV.INFIN+COMP.AG .
512ALY+< really that big it was ?
  reallyreal.ADJ+ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR bigbig.ADJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST ?
513AAR+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
514ALY[- spa] yo la vi más chiquita .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S visee.V.1S.PAST másmore.ADV chiquitasmall.ADJ.F.SG.DIM .
  I think it was smaller.
515AAR[- spa] tú ?
  you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S ?
516ALY&=laughs .
517AAR+< well let me tell you .
  wellwell.ADV letlet.V.IMPER meme.PRON.OBJ.1S telltell.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
518AARit didn't feel +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG feelfeel.SV.INFIN .
519ALY[- spa] < yo iba a &tra> [//] yo no le pasé con el xxx .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S ibago.V.13S.IMPERF ato.PREP yoI.PRON.OBJ.MF.1S nonot.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S pasépass.V.1S.PAST conwith.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG .
  I was going to, I didn't cross with the ....
520AARJesus that thing hurt .
  Jesusname thatthat.DEM.FAR thingthing.N.SG hurthurt.N.SG .
521ALY+< oh my god .
  ohoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S godgod.N.SG .
522AAR&=sniffs .
523ALY&dem .
524AARno <we have> [/] we have such a good time .
  nono.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES suchsuch.ADJ aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
525ALY+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
526ALYwe have a great time going .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF greatgreat.ADJ timetime.N.SG goinggo.V.PRESPART .
527ALY[- spa] de verdad que sí .
  deof.PREP verdadtruth.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL yes.ADV .
  yes it's true.
528AAR+< <everybody &e> [///] there's [/] (.) there's people in our age group .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG inin.PREP ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P ageage.N.SG groupgroup.N.SG .
529AARand there's people that are older than us .
  andand.CONJ there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.CONJ areare.V.123P.PRES olderolder.ADJ.[or].old.ADJ.COMP thanthan.CONJ usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
530AARbut (.) the good thing is is we also have the radio <on the> [/] (.) on the thing so we're listening to everybody talking on the C_bs .
  butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF goodgood.ADJ thingthing.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P alsoalso.ADV havehave.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF radioradio.N.SG onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG soso.ADV we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES listeninglisten.V.PRESPART toto.PREP everybodyeverybody.PRON talkingtalk.V.INFIN+ASV onon.PREP thethe.DET.DEF C_bsname .
531AARso you [//] <these guys are all> [///] they got this one guy xxx .
  soso.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL guysguy.N.PL areare.V.123P.PRES allall.ADJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P gotgot.V.PAST thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG oneone.PRON.SG guyguy.N.SG .
532AARthis guy's a joke .
  thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG guy'sguy.N.SG+GB aa.DET.INDEF jokejoke.N.SG .
533ALY[- spa] es un alocado .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG alocadocrazy.ADJ.M.SG .
  he's crazy.
534AAR+< <he comes up> [/] he comes up with these things (.) that you know you wouldn't have dreamed .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES upup.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES upup.ADV withwith.PREP thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL thingsthing.N.PL thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wouldn'tbe.V.2SP.COND+NEG havehave.SV.INFIN dreamedunk .
535AARbut then (.) teS daS elS xxx you know just cracking up all day .
  butbut.CONJ thenthen.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S dagive.V.3S.PRES elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES justjust.ADV crackingcrack.V.PRESPART upup.ADV allall.ADJ dayday.N.SG .
  but then, he gives you the [...] you know, just cracking up all day.
536AARyou gotta be pissing every ten minutes (be)cause he just cracks you up with the things he comes up with you know .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN pissingpiss.V.PRESPART everyevery.ADJ tenten.NUM minutesminute.N.PL becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV crackscrack.N.PL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP upup.ADV withwith.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thingsthing.N.PL hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES upup.ADV withwith.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
537AAR[- spa] todo locura de esa de loco .
  todoall.ADJ.M.SG locurafolly.N.F.SG deof.PREP esathat.PRON.DEM.F.SG deof.PREP locomad.ADJ.M.SG .
  it's all sheer madness.
538AARbut you gotta +/.
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP .
539ALYhe's crazy .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES crazycrazy.ADJ .
540ALYhe's a diabetic .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF diabeticdiabetic.ADJ .
541ALYbut he likes to drink a lot (.) you know a lot of beer .
  butbut.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S likeslike.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP drinkdrink.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP beerbeer.N.SG.[or].be.SV.INFIN+COMP.AG .
542ALYand er his wife doesn't like it .
  andand.CONJ erer.IM hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S wifewife.N.SG doesn'tdoes.N.SG+NEG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
543ALYand you know they're always in a debate .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES alwaysalway.ADV+PV.[or].always.ADV inin.PREP aa.DET.INDEF debatedebate.N.SG .
544ALY&eh middle age .
  middlemiddle.ADJ ageage.N.SG .
545AARno <he's gotta be> [/] he's gotta be in his fifties .
  nono.ADV he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gottaget.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES gottaget.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN inin.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S fiftiesfifties.N.PL.[or].fifty.NUM+PV .
546ALY+< no he's about +...
  nono.ADV he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP .
547ALYin his fifties .
  inin.PREP hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S fiftiesfifties.N.PL.[or].fifty.NUM+PV .
548AAR[- spa] él no puede estar más que eso .
  élhe.PRON.SUB.M.3S nonot.ADV puedebe_able.V.3S.PRES estarbe.V.INFIN másmore.ADV quethat.CONJ esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG .
  he can't be more.
549ALYand she's about I would say for(ty) [/] forty seven forty eight .
  andand.CONJ she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S wouldbe.V.1S.COND saysay.SV.INFIN fortyforty.NUM fortyforty.NUM sevenseven.NUM fortyforty.NUM eighteight.NUM .
550AAR+< the same .
  thethe.DET.DEF samesame.ADJ .
551AARyou think ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES ?
552AARno no no much older .
  nono.ADV nono.ADV nono.ADV muchmuch.ADJ olderolder.ADJ.[or].old.ADJ.COMP .
553ALY+< yeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
554AAR[- spa] no más está en los cincuenta .
  nonot.ADV másmore.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL cincuentafifty.NUM .
  not more, she is in her fifties.
555ALYin the fifties ?
  inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.PL.[or].fifty.NUM+PV ?
556AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
557AAR[- spa] noSE MaríaSE está en los cincuenta y pico .
  nono.ADV Maríaname estábe.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL cincuentafifty.NUM yand.CONJ picobite.V.1S.PRES .
  no, Maria is fifty something.
558AAR[- spa] no MaríaSE no es tan [/] tan xxx .
  nonot.ADV Maríaname nonot.ADV esbe.V.3S.PRES tanso.ADV tanso.ADV .
  no, Maria is not that that ....
559ALY[- spa] no cincuenta y pico no .
  nonot.ADV cincuentafifty.NUM yand.CONJ picobite.V.1S.PRES nonot.ADV .
  not fifty something.
560AAR+< she's not no spring chicken .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV nono.ADV springspring.N.SG chickenchicken.N.SG .
561OSEwww .
562ALY&=laughs .
563AARshe's [//] yaS estáS +...
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES yaalready.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES .
  she's already ...
564ALY+< not that old .
  notnot.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR oldold.ADJ .
565ALYnot that old .
  notnot.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR oldold.ADJ .
566AAR[- spa] lo que pasa es que es una xxx cuando fue jovencita tiene que haber sido bien bonita .
  lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL pasapass.V.3S.PRES esbe.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ esbe.V.3S.PRES unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG cuandowhen.CONJ fuebe.V.3S.PAST jovencitagirl.N.F.SG.DIM tienehave.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ haberhave.V.INFIN sidobe.V.PASTPART bienwell.ADV bonitapretty.ADJ.F.SG .
  what's happening is that she's a [...] when she was young she must have been very pretty.
567ALY&eh she's a tall lady .
  she'sshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF talltall.ADJ ladylady.N.SG .
568AAR[- spa] +< poca xxx .
  pocalittle.ADJ.F.SG .
  little ....
569ALYvery elegant .
  veryvery.ADV elegantelegant.ADJ .
570AAR[- spa] sí .
  yes.ADV .
571ALY[- spa] siempre está bien arreglada .
  siemprealways.ADV estábe.V.3S.PRES bienwell.ADV arregladafix.V.F.SG.PASTPART .
  she's always well-dressed.
572AAR[- spa] sí .
  yes.ADV .
573ALYso seS mantieneS muyS bienS .
  soso.ADV seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP mantienemaintain.V.3S.PRES muyvery.ADV bienwell.ADV .
  so she looks very well.
574AAR+< and they love to dress up .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P lovelove.V.3P.PRES toto.PREP dressdress.V.INFIN upup.ADV .
575ALYand she love to dress up .
  andand.CONJ sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S lovelove.V.3S.PRES toto.PREP dressdress.V.INFIN upup.ADV .
576AAR+< whenever we have a Hallowe'en party +...
  wheneverwhenever.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF Hallowe'enname partyparty.N.SG .
577ALYwhenever we have a Hallowe'en SanS Patrick day (.) any +...
  wheneverwhenever.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF Hallowe'enname Sanname Patrickname dayday.N.SG anyany.ADJ .
  whenever we have a Hallowe'en, Saint Patrick's Day any ...
578AARseS ponenS pelucaS pa(ra)S Saint Patrick .
  seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP ponenput.V.3P.PRES pelucawig.N.F.SG parafor.PREP Saintname Patrickname .
  they wear a wig on Saint Patrick's.
579ALY+< she got a green pelucaS .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S gotgot.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF greengreen.N.SG pelucawig.N.F.SG .
  she's got a green wig.
580AAR[- spa] fue con peluca verde .
  fuebe.V.3S.PAST conwith.PREP pelucawig.N.F.SG verdegreen.ADJ.M.SG .
  she has a green wig.
581OSEwww .
582ALYfor SanS Patrick Day with her hair like that and then unS collarS enS verdeS .
  forfor.PREP Sanname Patrickname Dayname withwith.PREP herher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S hairhair.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG collarnecklace.N.M.SG enin.PREP verdegreen.ADJ.M.SG .
  for Saint Patrick's Day with her hair like that, and then a green necklace.
583AAR+< enS [/] (.) enS unaS fiestaS queS hicieronS deS [/] deS disfrazS she went dressed like saint polly girl .
  enin.PREP enin.PREP unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG fiestaparty.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL hicierondo.V.3P.PAST deof.PREP deof.PREP disfrazcostume.N.M.SG sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S wentwent.V.PAST dresseddress.SV.INFIN+AV likelike.CONJ saintsaint.N.SG pollypol.N.SG+ADV girlgirl.N.SG .
  once in in a costume party she went dressed like Saint Polly girl.
584AAR&eh pa(ra)S Halloween I'll show you the pictures .
  parafor.PREP Halloweenname I'llI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.FUT showshow.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thethe.DET.DEF picturespicture.N.PL .
  for Hallowe'en, I'll show you the pictures.
585AARRickySE fueS like the angel and a devil .
  Rickyname fuebe.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF angelangel.N.SG andand.CONJ aa.DET.INDEF devildevil.N.SG .
  Ricky dressed up like the angel and a devil.
586AARyeah together .
  yeahyeah.ADV togethertogether.ADV .
587OSEwww .
588AARyes well what it was was like um [/] (..) like when it &t &t was the type of costume like when people get into a horse .
  yesyes.ADV wellwell.ADV whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ umum.IM likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST thethe.DET.DEF typetype.N.SG ofof.PREP costumecostume.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG whenwhen.CONJ peoplepeople.N.SG getget.N.SG intointo.PREP aa.DET.INDEF horsehorse.N.SG .
589AARand then the &f [//] you're the feet of the horse .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV thethe.DET.DEF you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES thethe.DET.DEF feetfeet.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF horsehorse.N.SG .
590AARand you're in the horse but you're also riding the horse .
  andand.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF horsehorse.N.SG butbut.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES alsoalso.ADV ridingunk thethe.DET.DEF horsehorse.N.SG .
591AARthat's what type of it .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL typetype.N.SG ofof.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
592AARit was a mix between +//.
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST aa.DET.INDEF mixmix.N.SG betweenbetween.PREP .
593AARa half part of him was the devil and the other part was the [/] the [/] the angel .
  aa.DET.INDEF halfhalf.N.SG partpart.N.SG ofof.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST thethe.DET.DEF devildevil.N.SG andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ partpart.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF angelangel.N.SG .
594AARperoS he was walking around riéndoseS .
  perobut.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST walkingwalk.V.PRESPART aroundaround.ADV riéndoselaugh.V.PRESPART.PRECLITIC+SE[PRON.MF.3S] .
  but he was walking around laughing.
595AARand [/] and we had such a good time .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST suchsuch.ADJ aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
596OSEwww .
597AARohSE .
  ohoh.IM .
598AARlook who's home .
  looklook.V.INFIN who'swho.REL+GB homehome.ADV .
599ALYoh look who's here .
  ohoh.IM looklook.V.IMPER who'swho.REL+GB herehere.ADV .
600OSEwww .
601ALYlook who's here .
  looklook.V.INFIN who'swho.REL+GB herehere.ADV .
602AARwe're [/] we were talking shit about you .
  we'rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART shitshit.SV.INFIN aboutabout.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP .
603OSEwww .
604ALYour daughter got home wow .
  ourour.ADJ.POSS.1P daughterdaughter.N.SG gotgot.AV.PAST+P homehome.ADV wowwow.IM .
605AARxxx .
606OSEwww .
607ALYhow nice .
  howhow.ADV nicenice.ADJ .
608OSEwww .
609AARhas what ?
  hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL ?
610OSEwww .
611ALYxxx .
612AARperoS we +...
  perobut.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P .
  but we ...
613OSEwww .
614ALY[- spa] está en el &mai allí mismito puesto está .
  estábe.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG allíthere.ADV mismitoexact_same.ADJ.M.SG.DIM puestostand.N.M.SG.[or].put.V.PASTPART estábe.V.3S.PRES .
  it's just there.
615AAR[- spa] todo está allí .
  todoeverything.PRON.M.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES allíthere.ADV .
  everything is there.
616AAR[- spa] todo está allí .
  todoeverything.PRON.M.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES allíthere.ADV .
  everything is there.
617ALY[- spa] todo está allí mira .
  todoeverything.PRON.M.SG estábe.V.3S.PRES allíthere.ADV miralook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES .
  everything is there, look.
618ALYthe rice in the thing .
  thethe.DET.DEF ricerice.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG .
619ALYthe meat is over here .
  thethe.DET.DEF meatmeat.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES overover.ADV herehere.ADV .
620ALY[- spa] oíste ?
  oístehear.V.2S.PAST ?
  did you hear?
621AAR[- spa] y el xxx .
  yand.CONJ elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG .
  and the ....
622ALY[- spa] lo que lo tienes que sírvalo al plato .
  lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL lohim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S tieneshave.V.2S.PRES quethat.CONJ sírvaloserve.V.3S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+LO[PRON.M.3S] alto_the.PREP+DET.DEF.M.SG platoplate.N.M.SG .
  you have to put it on the plate.
623AAR+< <yS ahora@s:spa> [/] yS ahoraS they wanna do um +...
  yand.CONJ ahoranow.ADV yand.CONJ ahoranow.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P wannawant.V.3P.PRES+TO.PREP dodo.V.INFIN umum.IM .
  and now, and now they wanna do ...
624ALY[- spa] y caliéntalo en el plato .
  yand.CONJ caliéntalowarm.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+LO[PRON.M.3S] enin.PREP elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG platoplate.N.M.SG .
  and heat it up on the plate.
625AARI think they wanna do a ride up to Tennessee or something .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P wannawant.V.3P.PRES+TO.PREP dodo.V.INFIN aa.DET.INDEF rideride.N.SG upup.ADV toto.PREP Tennesseename oror.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
626OSEwww .
627AARoh yeah .
  ohoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV .
628ALYyeah that was awesome .
  yeahyeah.ADV thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST awesomeawesome.ADJ .
629OSEwww .
630ALYI know .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S knowknow.V.1S.PRES .
631ALYit would have been nice for you to +...
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S wouldbe.V.3S.COND havehave.SV.INFIN beenbeen.V.PASTPART nicenice.ADJ forfor.PREP youyou.PRON.OBJ.2SP toto.PREP .
632ALYyeah but there was another guy that was alone .
  yeahyeah.ADV butbut.CONJ therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST anotheranother.ADJ guyguy.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST alonealone.ADV .
633AAR+< you coulda ridden .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldaunk riddenridden.AV.PAST .
634ALYand you woulda gone with us .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wouldaunk gonegone.AV.PAST withwith.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P .
635AARyou coulda ridden .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP couldaunk riddenridden.AV.PAST .
636AARthere was space .
  therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST spacespace.N.SG .
637AARthere was people that [/] that went out .
  therethere.ADV waswas.V.3S.PAST peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.CONJ thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR wentwent.AV.PAST outout.ADV .
638AARand unosS señoresS queS fueronS solosS .
  andand.CONJ unosone.DET.INDEF.M.PL señoressir.N.M.PL quethat.PRON.REL fueronbe.V.3P.PAST solosonly.ADJ.M.PL.[or].only.N.M.PL .
  and some men that were alone.
639AAR[- spa] es como todo &e .
  esbe.V.3S.PRES comolike.CONJ todoeverything.PRON.M.SG .
  it's like everything.
640AARbuenoSS primeroS teS montasS like we didn't know any one in the club .
  buenowell.E you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S primerofirst.ADV teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S montasride.V.2S.PRES likelike.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG knowknow.SV.INFIN anyany.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG .
  well, first you ride, like, we didn't know anyone in the club.
641AARwhen we went we were just (.) fresh into the club .
  whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST justjust.ADJ.[or].just.ADV freshfresh.ADJ intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG .
642OSEwww .
643AARwhat my dad ?
  whatwhat.REL mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S daddad.N.SG ?
644AARmy dad's been in the club already four years .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S dad'sdad.N.SG+GB beenbeen.V.PASTPART inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG alreadyalready.ADV fourfour.NUM yearsyear.N.PL .
645OSEwww .
646AAR<my dad> [/] my dad went into the club when I bought him his HarleySE .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S daddad.N.SG mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S daddad.N.SG wentwent.V.PAST intointo.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG whenwhen.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S boughtbought.V.PAST himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S Harleyname .
647AARI actually took him .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV tooktake.AV.PAST himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
648AAR(be)cause uhSE I asked the [/] (.) the people at the dealer .
  becausebecause.CONJ uhuh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S askedask.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF thethe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.SG atat.PREP thethe.DET.DEF dealerdealer.N.SG.[or].deal.N.SG.AG .
649AARand they told me +"/.
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S .
650AAR+" no go see these people .
  nono.ADV gogo.N.SG seesee.N.SG thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL peoplepeople.N.SG .
651AARand we went there .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST therethere.ADV .
652AARand I took him .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S tooktake.V.PAST himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
653AARand (.) you know when he first went in the first it was like +"/.
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES whenwhen.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S firstfirst.ADJ wentwent.AV.PAST inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF firstfirst.ADJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST likelike.CONJ .
654AAR+" &e: you know &e: .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
655AAR[- spa] pero xxx empezaron a coger (.) &e (.) &e presión en eso en [/] en +...
  perobut.CONJ empezaronstart.V.3P.PAST ato.PREP cogertake.V.INFIN presiónpressure.N.F.SG enin.PREP esothat.PRON.DEM.NT.SG enin.PREP enin.PREP .
  but [...] they began to get involved in that in ...
656AARand he's uhSE [//] he likes it .
  andand.CONJ he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES uhuh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S likeslike.V.3S.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
657AAR<we have> [/] we have issues in the club queS they have to be worked out .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES issuesissue.N.PL inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG quethat.PRON.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES toto.PREP bebe.V.INFIN workedwork.V.PASTPART outout.ADV .
  we have, we have issues in the club that have to be worked out.
658AARperoS (.) I'm pretty sure everybody has issues (.) you know .
  perobut.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES prettypretty.ADJ suresure.ADJ everybodyeverybody.PRON hasha.IM+V 3S PRES.[or].has.V.3S.PRES issuesissue.N.PL youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
  but I'm pretty sure everybody has issues, you know.
659AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
660ALYyes .
  yesyes.ADV .
661ALYxxx .
662AAR+< and they [/] <they have> [/] (.) they have a lot of people +...
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.SG .
663ALY+< it's a case right ?
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF casecase.N.SG rightright.ADJ ?
664ALYI can +...
  II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES .
665AARthe typical type problems .
  thethe.DET.DEF typicaltypical.ADJ typetype.N.SG problemsproblem.N.PL .
666ALY+< yes .
  yesyes.ADV .
667AARqueS yeah there's people that don't want to pay their membership .
  quethat.CONJ yeahyeah.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.CONJ don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG wantwant.V.INFIN toto.PREP paypay.V.INFIN theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P membershipmembership.N.SG .
  that, yeah, there's people that don't want to pay their membership.
668ALY+< I don't like it .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG likelike.CONJ itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
669AARor [//] and then the membership in this place is [/] is junk money .
  oror.CONJ andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV thethe.DET.DEF membershipmembership.N.SG inin.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG placeplace.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES junkjunk.N.SG moneymoney.N.SG .
670AARand we have a club house .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES aa.DET.INDEF clubclub.N.SG househouse.N.SG .
671AARand they're paying um +...
  andand.CONJ they'rethey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.PRES payingpay.V.PRESPART umum.IM .
672AARwhat do you call it ?
  whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP callcall.V.2SP.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
673AARI think it's (.) eight dollars a month is what it comes out to .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES eighteight.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL aa.DET.INDEF monthmonth.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S comescomes.N.SG.[or].come.V.3S.PRES outout.ADV toto.PREP .
674AARthat's nothing .
  that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES nothingnothing.PRON .
675AARand then there's people that complain that that's too much money .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.SG thatthat.CONJ complaincomplain.V.INFIN thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES tootoo.ADV muchmuch.ADJ moneymoney.N.SG .
676AARand I'm like you know +"/.
  andand.CONJ I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES likelike.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
677AAR+" give me a break .
  givegive.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S aa.DET.INDEF breakbreak.N.SG .
678AARyou know that's [/] that's not a lot of money .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP moneymoney.N.SG .
679OSEwww .
680AARand you have a place to go to .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF placeplace.N.SG toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP .
681AARit's every there every Friday .
  it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES everyevery.ADJ therethere.ADV everyevery.ADJ Fridayname .
682AAR[- spa] después como +/.
  despuésafterwards.ADV comolike.CONJ .
  and then, like.
683ALY+< and everybody that uhSE has a birthday they celebrate it over there .
  andand.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR uhuh.IM hasha.IM+PV.[or].has.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF birthdaybirthday.N.SG theythey.PRON.SUB.3P celebratecelebrate.V.3P.PRES itit.PRON.OBJ.3S overover.ADV therethere.ADV .
684ALYeverybody you can take bocaditosS pastelitosS .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES taketake.V.INFIN bocaditossnacks.N.M.PL.DIM pastelitoscupcakes.N.M.PL.DIM .
  everybody, you can take snacks and cakes.
685ALY&e you know everything the cake .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES everythingeverything.PRON thethe.DET.DEF cakecake.N.SG .
686ALYand everybody sings happy birthday to that person .
  andand.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON singsunk happyhappy.ADJ birthdaybirthday.N.SG toto.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR personperson.N.SG .
687ALYand you know they get all wild .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES theythey.PRON.SUB.3P getget.V.3P.PRES allall.ADJ wildwild.ADJ .
688ALYand you know .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
689ALYand we have fun .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P havehave.V.1P.PRES funfun.N.SG .
690AARno they do .
  nono.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES .
691ALYso it's really nice .
  soso.ADV it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES reallyreal.ADJ+ADV nicenice.ADJ .
692AAR<there's a lot of> [/] there's a lot of uhSE (.) like we went to Calle_OchoS this weekend .
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP uhuh.IM likelike.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST toto.PREP Calle_Ochoname thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG weekendweekend.N.SG .
  there's a lot of, there's a lot of, like, we went to Eighth Street this weekend.
693ALY+< mamaSE there's corn .
  mamamama.N.SG there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES corncorn.N.SG .
694ALYdid you saw it ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP sawsaw.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
695AAR+< and I believe we sold (.) like six thousand five hundred dollars worth of beer .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S believebelieve.V.1S.PRES wewe.PRON.SUB.1P soldsold.V.PAST likelike.CONJ sixsix.NUM thousandthousand.NUM fivefive.NUM hundredhundred.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL worthworth.ADJ ofof.PREP beerbeer.N.SG.[or].be.SV.INFIN+COMP.AG .
696OSEwww .
697AARin Calle_OchoS .
  inin.PREP Calle_Ochoname .
  in Eighth Street.
698AARyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
699OSEwww .
700AARright now (.) I believe active active active members I'd say there's about a hundred and forty (.) that are active all the time going there .
  rightright.ADJ nownow.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S believebelieve.V.1S.PRES activeactive.ADJ activeactive.ADJ activeactive.ADJ membersmember.N.PL I'dI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.COND saysay.V.1S.PRES there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES aboutabout.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ fortyforty.NUM thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR areare.V.123P.PRES activeactive.ADJ allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF timetime.N.SG goinggo.V.PRESPART therethere.ADV .
701AARthere's actually um I imagine I'm member six hundred and something .
  there'sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV umum.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S imagineimagine.V.1S.PRES I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES membermember.N.SG sixsix.NUM hundredhundred.NUM andand.CONJ somethingsomething.PRON .
702AARyeah six eighty four .
  yeahyeah.ADV sixsix.NUM eightyeighty.NUM fourfour.NUM .
703AARbut what happens is is (.) that a lot of the older people some have stopped going some don't go .
  butbut.CONJ whatwhat.REL happenshappen.SV.INFIN+PV isis.V.3S.PRES isis.V.3S.PRES thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF olderolder.ADJ.[or].old.ADJ.COMP peoplepeople.N.SG somesome.ADJ havehave.SV.INFIN stoppedstop.V.PASTPART goinggo.V.PRESPART somesome.ADJ don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG gogo.V.INFIN .
704AARand those are some of the issues .
  andand.CONJ thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL areare.V.123P.PRES somesome.ADJ ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF issuesissue.N.PL .
705AARbecause what happens is these people get lost .
  becausebecause.CONJ whatwhat.REL happenshappen.SV.INFIN+PV isis.V.3S.PRES thesethese.DEM.NEAR.PL peoplepeople.N.SG getget.N.SG lostlost.ADJ .
706AARand then they come back .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P comecome.V.3P.PRES backback.ADV .
707AARand they don't pay membership for a couple of years .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P don'tdo.V.3P.PRES+NEG paypay.V.INFIN membershipmembership.N.SG forfor.PREP aa.DET.INDEF couplecouple.N.SG ofof.PREP yearsyear.N.PL .
708AARand then they come back .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P comecome.V.3P.PRES backback.ADV .
709AARand they wanna pay (.) their one year .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P wannawant.V.3P.PRES+TO.PREP paypay.V.INFIN theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P oneone.PRON.SG yearyear.N.SG .
710AARand then like if +//.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV likelike.CONJ.[or].like.SV.INFIN ifif.CONJ .
711AARmy dad was complaining .
  mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S daddad.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST complainingcomplain.V.PRESPART .
712AARhe said +"/.
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S saidsaid.V.PAST .
713AAR+" no I don't think they should do that .
  nono.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG thinkthink.V.INFIN theythey.PRON.SUB.3P shouldshould.V.3P.PRES dodo.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
714AARI say +"/.
  II.PRON.SUB.1S saysay.V.1S.PRES .
715AAR+" if you want your original number (.) you have to pay back everything that you haven't been paying if you wanna keep your number .
  ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wantwant.V.2SP.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP originaloriginal.ADJ numbernumb.ADJ.COMP.[or].number.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP havehave.V.2SP.PRES toto.PREP paypay.V.INFIN backback.V.INFIN everythingeverything.PRON thatthat.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP haven'thave.V.2SP.PRES+NEG beenbeen.V.PASTPART payingpay.V.PRESPART ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP wannawant.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP keepkeep.V.INFIN youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP numbernumb.ADJ.COMP.[or].number.N.SG .
716AAR+" or not (.) we kill your number .
  oror.CONJ notnot.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P killkill.V.1P.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP numbernumb.ADJ.COMP.[or].number.N.SG .
717AAR+" and you get a new number like the last person .
  andand.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES aa.DET.INDEF newnew.ADJ numbernumb.ADJ.COMP.[or].number.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG thethe.DET.DEF lastlast.ADJ personperson.N.SG .
718AARperoS they [/] they [///] you know the president of the club no túS sabesS he's real políticoS .
  perobut.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P theythey.PRON.SUB.3P youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES thethe.DET.DEF presidentpresident.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG nono.ADV you.PRON.SUB.MF.2S sabesknow.V.2S.PRES he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES realreal.ADJ políticopolitical.ADJ.M.SG.[or].political.N.M.SG .
  but they, they, you know, the president of the club, no, you know, he's real politician.
719AARhe's a good person a very good person .
  he'she.PRON.SUB.M.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ personperson.N.SG aa.DET.INDEF veryvery.ADV goodgood.ADJ personperson.N.SG .
720AARperoS (.) igualS loS queS pasóS we had a camping trip .
  perobut.CONJ igualequal.ADJ.M.SG.[or].equal.ADV lothe.DET.DEF.NT.SG quethat.PRON.REL pasópass.V.3S.PAST wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF campingcamp.V.PRESPART triptrip.N.SG .
  but the same thing happened, we had a camping trip.
721AARwhen we went camping .
  whenwhen.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P wentwent.V.PAST campingcamp.SV.INFIN+ASV .
722AARand um +/.
  andand.CONJ umum.IM .
723ALY+< oh he went .
  ohoh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S wentwent.V.PAST .
724ALYbut I [/] I didn't go .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG gogo.SV.INFIN .
725AARshe didn't wanna go .
  sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG wannawant.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN .
726ALYI didn't wanna go no .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG wannawant.SV.INFIN+TO.PREP gogo.V.INFIN nono.ADV .
727ALY<I was in> [//] I had my plans for the weekend .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S waswas.V.13S.PAST inin.PREP II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S plansplan.N.SG+PV forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF weekendweekend.N.SG .
728ALYI had a bridal shower (.) for that weekend on Sunday .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF bridalbridal.ADJ showershower.N.SG.[or].show.N.SG.AG forfor.PREP thatthat.DEM.FAR weekendweekend.N.SG onon.PREP Sundayname .
729ALYand then I said +"/.
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S saidsaid.V.PAST .
730ALYI'm not going to go you know early in a hurry to go camping .
  I'mI.PRON.SUB.1S+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV goinggo.SV.INFIN+ASV toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES earlyearly.ADJ.[or].ear.N.SG+ADV inin.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hurryhurry.N.SG toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN campingcamp.V.PRESPART .
731ALYand then pick up everything back .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV pickpick.SV.INFIN upup.ADV everythingeverything.PRON backback.ADV.[or].back.SV.INFIN .
732AAR+< we had a good time .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF goodgood.ADJ timetime.N.SG .
733ALYand then be all tired .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV bebe.SV.INFIN allall.ADJ tiredtire.SV.INFIN+AV .
734AARthey took karaokeSE .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P tooktake.V.PAST karaokeunk .
735OSEwww .
736ALYthey took karaokesSE .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P tooktake.V.PAST karaokesunk .
737AAR+< they took the karaokeSE .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P tooktake.V.PAST thethe.DET.DEF karaokeunk .
738ALYthey did barbeque .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P diddid.V.PAST barbequebarbeque.N.SG .
739AAR+< everybody took their tents .
  everybodyeverybody.PRON tooktake.AV.PAST theirtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P tentstent.N.PL .
740ALY+< they did a lot of things .
  theythey.PRON.SUB.3P diddid.V.PAST aa.DET.INDEF lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP thingsthing.N.PL .
741AARand um one guy which +/.
  andand.CONJ umum.IM oneone.PRON.SG guyguy.N.SG whichwhich.REL .
742ALYyour dad &do +...
  youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP daddad.N.SG .
743AAR+, wasn't a member of the club paid .
  wasn'twas.V.3S.PAST+NEG aa.DET.INDEF membermember.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG paidpaid.V.PAST .
744AARuhSE hadn't gone to the club for like three years .
  uhuh.IM hadn'thad.AV.PAST+P+NEG gonegone.V.PASTPART toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG forfor.PREP likelike.CONJ threethree.NUM yearsyear.N.PL .
745AARand then showed up .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV showedshow.SV.INFIN+AV upup.ADV .
746AAR(be)cause he wanted to go to the camping .
  becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S wantedwant.V.PAST toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN toto.PREP thethe.DET.DEF campingcamp.N.SG.GER .
747ALY[- spa] +< siéntate a comer ahí mi amor .
  siéntatesit.V.2S.IMPER.PRECLITIC+TE[PRON.MF.2S].[or].feel.V.3S.IMPER.PRECLITIC ato.PREP comereat.V.INFIN ahíthere.ADV mimy.ADJ.POSS.MF.1S.SG amorlove.N.M.SG .
  sit down there, my darling.
748AAR+< he heard about it .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S heardheard.V.PAST aboutabout.PREP itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
749AARand um (.) uhSE the president told him +"/.
  andand.CONJ umum.IM uhuh.IM thethe.DET.DEF presidentpresident.N.SG toldtold.V.PAST himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
750AAR+" you can't go .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG gogo.V.INFIN .
751AAR+" you're not an active member .
  you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES notnot.ADV anan.DET.INDEF activeactive.ADJ membermember.N.SG .
752AARthen he goes +"/.
  thenthen.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
753AAR+" well if I pay can I go ?
  wellwell.ADV ifif.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S paypay.V.1S.PRES cancan.V.123SP.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S gogo.V.1S.PRES ?
754AARwell he says +"/.
  wellwell.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S sayssays.N.SG.[or].say.V.3S.PRES .
755AAR+" yeah if you pay your membership you can go .
  yeahyeah.ADV ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP paypay.V.2SP.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP membershipmembership.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES gogo.V.INFIN .
756ALY[- spa] +< <te serviste la> [//] calentaste la arroz y el bistec ?
  teyou.PRON.OBL.MF.2S servisteserve.V.2S.PAST laher.PRON.OBJ.F.3S calentastewarm.V.2S.PAST lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG arrozrice.N.M.SG yand.CONJ elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG bistecsteak.N.M.SG ?
  have you helped yourself to, have you heated up the rice and the steak?
757AAR+< he paid his [/] his membership .
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S paidpaid.V.PAST hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S membershipmembership.N.SG .
758AARand uhSE he showed up in a camper .
  andand.CONJ uhuh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S showedshow.V.PAST upup.ADV inin.PREP aa.DET.INDEF campercamp.N.SG.AG .
759ALY[- spa] +< cogiste maíz ?
  cogistetake.V.2S.PAST maízcorn.N.M.SG ?
  have you bought maize?
760AARand his camper got stuck in the back all the way in the back <of the> [/] of the thing .
  andand.CONJ hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S campercamp.N.SG+COMP.AG gotgot.AV.PAST+P stuckstuck.AV.PAST inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF backback.N.SG allall.ADJ thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF backback.ADV ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.SG .
761AARit got stuck uhSE (be)cause it's humid over there .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S gotgot.V.PAST stuckstuck.AV.PAST uhuh.IM becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES humidhumid.ADJ overover.ADV therethere.ADV .
762AARand it got stuck in the ground .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S gotgot.V.PAST stuckstuck.AV.PAST inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF groundground.N.SG .
763AAR<and I> [//] and the presidenteS had to wait for him all day (un)til they took his out with unaS grúaS .
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S andand.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF presidentepresident.N.M.SG hadhad.AV.PAST+P toto.PREP waitwait.V.INFIN forfor.PREP himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S allall.ADJ dayday.N.SG untiluntil.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P tooktake.V.PAST hishis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S outout.ADV withwith.PREP unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG grúacrane.N.F.SG .
  and I, and the president had to wait for him all day until they took his out with a crane.
764ALYyeah .
  yeahyeah.ADV .
765AARand I said you know +...
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S saidsaid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
766AARand then he was complaining .
  andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST complainingcomplain.V.PRESPART .
767AAR(be)cause he pulled out a big uhSE one of those big screen type T_Vs one of the projection types .
  becausebecause.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S pulledpull.V.PAST outout.ADV aa.DET.INDEF bigbig.ADJ uhuh.IM oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thosethose.DEM.FAR.PL bigbig.ADJ screenscreen.N.SG typetype.N.SG T_Vsname oneone.PRON.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF projectionprojection.N.SG typesunk .
768AARand he was watching a movie .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST watchingunk aa.DET.INDEF moviemovie.N.SG .
769AARand imagine we had tremendaS (.) músicaS conS estaS tocandoS .
  andand.CONJ imagineimagine.V.INFIN wewe.PRON.SUB.1P hadhad.V.PAST tremendatremendous.ADJ.F.SG músicamusic.N.F.SG conwith.PREP estathis.PRON.DEM.F.SG tocandotouch.V.PRESPART .
  and imagine, we had terrific music with her playing.
770AARand everybody was singing and &v dancing .
  andand.CONJ everybodyeverybody.PRON waswas.V.3S.PAST singingunk andand.CONJ dancingdance.V.INFIN+ASV .
771AARand we were laughing &pa jokes .
  andand.CONJ wewe.PRON.SUB.1P werewere.V.1P.PAST laughinglaugh.V.PRESPART jokesjoke.N.PL .
772AARand he was complaining that the music was too loud .
  andand.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST complainingcomplain.V.PRESPART thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR thethe.DET.DEF musicmusic.N.SG waswas.V.3S.PAST tootoo.ADV loudloud.ADJ .
773AARand I said +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S saidsaid.V.PAST .
774AAR+" look .
  looklook.V.INFIN .
775AAR+" you don't make the rules .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG makemake.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF rulesrule.N.PL .
776ALY+< SnappySE .
  Snappyname .
777AAR+" we are the ones that planned on doing all of this .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P areare.V.1P.PRES thethe.DET.DEF onesone.PRON.PL thatthat.CONJ plannedplan.V.INFIN+AV onon.PREP doingdo.V.PRESPART allall.ADJ ofof.PREP thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG .
778ALY[- spa] +< no le des que ya ella comió .
  nonot.ADV lehim.PRON.OBL.MF.23S desgive.V.2S.SUBJ.PRES quethat.CONJ yaalready.ADV ellashe.PRON.SUB.F.3S comióeat.V.3S.PAST .
  don't give her any, she has already eaten.
779AAR+" if you don't agree with us that's fine then you can leave .
  ifif.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP don'tdo.V.2SP.PRES+NEG agreeagree.V.INFIN withwith.PREP usus.PRON.OBJ.1P that'sthat.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES finefine.N.SG thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP cancan.V.2SP.PRES leaveleave.V.INFIN .
780AAR+" but you [//] how you gonna be not even an active active member and then you gonna come and complain .
  butbut.CONJ youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP howhow.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP bebe.V.INFIN notnot.ADV eveneven.ADJ anan.DET.INDEF activeactive.ADJ activeactive.ADJ membermember.N.SG andand.CONJ thenthen.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP comecome.V.INFIN andand.CONJ complaincomplain.V.INFIN .
781AARyS entoncesS he was talking all kinda &st ahSE junk .
  yand.CONJ entoncesthen.ADV hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST talkingtalk.V.PRESPART allall.ADJ kindaunk ahah.IM junkjunk.N.SG .
  and then he was talking all kinda junk.
782AAR<and I> [/] and I him +"/.
  andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S andand.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S .
783AAR+" you know I don't really appreciate that .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV appreciateappreciate.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR .
784AAR+" I don't think we should allow people like that .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S don'tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG thinkthink.V.INFIN wewe.PRON.SUB.1P shouldshould.V.1P.PRES allowallow.SV.INFIN peoplepeople.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR .
785AARwe don't need people like that .
  wewe.PRON.SUB.1P don'tdo.V.12S13P.PRES+NEG needneed.V.INFIN peoplepeople.N.SG likelike.CONJ.[or].like.N.SG thatthat.DEM.FAR .
786AAR[- spa] y este de verdad que tipo se ve que es un pesado de madre .
  yand.CONJ esteEast.N.M.SG deof.PREP verdadtruth.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL tipotype.N.M.SG seself.PRON.REFL.MF.3SP vesee.V.3S.PRES quethat.CONJ esbe.V.3S.PRES unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG pesadoheavy.ADJ.M.SG deof.PREP madremother.N.F.SG .
  and he's really, what a guy, it is obvious that he's such a bore.
787AARyou know ?
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES ?
788AARthe other day he showed up at the club on Friday .
  thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ dayday.N.SG hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S showedshow.V.PAST upup.ADV atat.PREP thethe.DET.DEF clubclub.N.SG onon.PREP Fridayname .
789AARand uhSE he asked for water .
  andand.CONJ uhuh.IM hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S askedask.V.PAST forfor.PREP waterwater.N.SG .
790AARand they gave him a bottle of water .
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P gavegave.V.3P.PRES himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S aa.DET.INDEF bottlebottle.N.SG ofof.PREP waterwater.N.SG .
791AAR&=mumble .
792AAR+" give me a dollar .
  givegive.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S aa.DET.INDEF dollardollar.N.SG .
793AARhe goes +"/.
  hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S goesgoes.V.3S.PRES .
794AAR+" oh you gotta pay for the water ?
  ohoh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP paypay.V.INFIN forfor.PREP thethe.DET.DEF waterwater.N.SG ?
795AAR+" what do you think ?
  whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES ?
796AAR+" you know <this isn't> [/] this isn't a not for profit xxx organization .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isn'tis.V.3S.PRES+NEG thisthis.DEM.NEAR.SG isn'tis.V.3S.PRES+NEG aa.DET.INDEF notnot.ADV forfor.PREP profitprofit.N.SG organizationorganization.N.SG .
797AAR+" yeah you gotta pay for your stuff here like everybody else does .
  yeahyeah.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gottaget.V.2SP.PRES+TO.PREP paypay.V.INFIN forfor.PREP youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP stuffstuff.N.SG herehere.ADV likelike.V.INFIN everybodyeverybody.PRON elseelse.ADJ doesdoes.SV.INFIN .
798AAR+" oh I didn't think that was right .
  ohoh.IM II.PRON.SUB.1S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG thinkthink.SV.INFIN thatthat.DEM.FAR waswas.V.3S.PAST rightright.ADJ .
799AARgive me a break man .
  givegive.V.INFIN meme.PRON.OBJ.1S aa.DET.INDEF breakbreak.N.SG manman.N.SG .
800AAR+" what do you think ?
  whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES ?
801AAR+" you gonna pay (.) around a hundred dollars a year .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP paypay.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV.[or].around.PREP aa.DET.INDEF hundredhundred.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL aa.DET.INDEF yearyear.N.SG .
802AAR+" and you're gonna think you're gonna get free food every Friday here ?
  andand.CONJ you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP thinkthink.V.INFIN you'reyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+BE.V.PRES gonnago.V.PRESPART+TO.PREP getget.V.INFIN freefree.ADJ foodfood.N.SG everyevery.ADJ Fridayname herehere.ADV ?
803AAR+" what's wrong with you ?
  what'swhat.REL+GB wrongwrong.ADJ withwith.PREP youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP ?
804AAR+" what do you think ?
  whatwhat.REL dodo.SV.INFIN youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP thinkthink.V.2SP.PRES ?
805AAR+" that costs money .
  thatthat.DEM.FAR costscost.N.PL moneymoney.N.SG .
806OSEwww .
807AAR&y yeah the food is six dollars .
  yeahyeah.ADV thethe.DET.DEF foodfood.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES sixsix.NUM dollarsdollar.N.PL .
808AARyou get your um (.) whatever it is arrozS unS platoS llenoS deS comidaS .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP getget.V.2SP.PRES youryour.ADJ.POSS.2SP umum.IM whateverwhatever.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S isis.V.3S.PRES arrozrice.N.M.SG unone.DET.INDEF.M.SG platoplate.N.M.SG llenofull.ADJ.M.SG deof.PREP comidameal.N.F.SG .
  you get your, whatever it is, rice, a plate full of food.
809OSEwww .
810AARsix bucks it's [///] you can't beat it .
  sixsix.NUM bucksbuck.N.PL it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP can'tcan.V.2SP.PRES+NEG beatbeat.V.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S .
811AARsometimes they have chicken wings .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES chickenchicken.N.SG wingsunk .
812AARsometimes they have french_fries hamburgers .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P havehave.V.3P.PRES french_friesunk hamburgershamburger.N.PL .
813AARit depends what xxx .
  itit.PRON.SUB.3S dependsdepend.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.REL .
814AARsometimes people from the members will bring food .
  sometimessometime.ADV+PV.[or].sometimes.ADV peoplepeople.N.SG fromfrom.PREP thethe.DET.DEF membersmember.N.PL willwill.V.123SP.FUT bringbring.SV.INFIN foodfood.N.SG .
815AARthey'll donate the food for that Friday .
  they'llthey.PRON.SUB.3P+BE.V.FUT donatedonate.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF foodfood.N.SG forfor.PREP thatthat.CONJ.[or].that.DEM.FAR Fridayname .
816ALYyeah they can donate albóndigasS lasagnaSE depending what they do you know .
  yeahyeah.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P cancan.V.123SP.PRES donatedonate.V.INFIN albóndigasmeatball.N.F.PL lasagnaunk dependingdepend.SV.INFIN+ASV whatwhat.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP knowknow.V.2SP.PRES .
  yeah, they can donate meatballs, lasagna, depending what they do, you know.
817ALY[- spa] o xxx .
  oor.CONJ .
818ALYxxx with yucaS and um carneS asadaS .
  withwith.PREP yucacassava.N.F.SG andand.CONJ umum.IM carnemeat.N.F.SG asadaroast.ADJ.F.SG .
  ... with yucca and roast meat.
819AARxxx .
820AARthe other day fueS unaS señoraS queS esS españolaS .
  thethe.DET.DEF otherother.ADJ dayday.N.SG fuebe.V.3S.PAST unaa.DET.INDEF.F.SG señoralady.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL esbe.V.3S.PRES españolaSpanish.ADJ.F.SG.[or].Spanish.N.F.SG .
  the other day there was a woman who is Spanish.
821AARyS hizoS &e estaS creoS queS esS xxx oS xxx whatever they do +...
  yand.CONJ hizodo.V.3S.PAST estathis.PRON.DEM.F.SG creobelieve.V.1S.PRES quethat.CONJ esbe.V.3S.PRES oor.CONJ whateverwhatever.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P dodo.V.3P.PRES .
  and she did, I think she's from [...] or ..., whatever they do ...
822ALYxxx .
823AAR[- spa] +, los españoles .
  losthe.DET.DEF.M.PL españolesSpanish.N.M.PL .
  Spanish people.
824AARand it was pretty good .
  andand.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST prettypretty.ADJ goodgood.ADJ .
825AAR[- spa] con arroz blanco .
  conwith.PREP arrozrice.N.M.SG blancowhite.ADJ.M.SG .
  with white rice
826AARand they had um +...
  andand.CONJ theythey.PRON.SUB.3P hadhad.V.PAST umum.IM .
827AAR[- spa] qué más hicieron ?
  quéwhat.INT másmore.ADV hicierondo.V.3P.PAST ?
  what else did they do?

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