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Instances of awydd

198DORwel mae hi awydd dod .
  welwell.IM maebe.V.3S.PRES hishe.PRON.F.3S awydddesire.N.M.SG dodcome.V.INFIN .
  well, she wants to come
199DORond wrth bod hi ddim yn iawn (dy)dy hi (ddi)m awydd teithio .
  ondbut.CONJ wrthby.PREP bodbe.V.INFIN hishe.PRON.F.3S ddimnot.ADV+SM ynPRT iawnOK.ADV dydybe.V.3S.PRES.NEG hishe.PRON.F.3S ddimnot.ADV+SM awydddesire.N.M.SG teithiotravel.V.INFIN .
  but since she isn't well she doesn't want to travel
209DORmaen nhw meddwl awydd dod at veinticincoS dw i (y)n credu .
  maenbe.V.3P.PRES nhwthey.PRON.3P meddwlthink.V.INFIN awydddesire.N.M.SG dodcome.V.INFIN atto.PREP veinticincotwenty_five.NUM dwbe.V.1S.PRES iI.PRON.1S ynPRT credubelieve.V.INFIN .
  they're thinking of wanting to come for the 25th I think

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