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Instances of wraig for speaker PIL

364PILa (y)r wraig wedi gwahodd fi a xxx (.) nhw wedi penderfynu bod fi fod i fynd .
  aand.CONJ yrthe.DET.DEF wraigwife.N.F.SG+SM wediafter.PREP gwahoddinvite.V.INFIN fiI.PRON.1S+SM aand.CONJ nhwthey.PRON.3P wediafter.PREP penderfynudecide.V.INFIN bodbe.V.INFIN fiI.PRON.1S+SM fodbe.V.INFIN+SM ito.PREP fyndgo.V.INFIN+SM .
  and the wife invited me and I'd decided that I was supposed to go.

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