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Instances of thad for speaker PIL

413PILac uh (.) oedd ei mam a (e)i thad hi ddim isio iddi ddod (.) <i (y)r> [/] i (y)r Wladfa achos doedden nhw ddim yn gwybod dim_byd am y Wladfa ynde .
  acand.CONJ uher.IM oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF eihis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S mammother.N.F.SG aand.CONJ eiher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S thadfather.N.M.SG+AM hishe.PRON.F.3S ddimnot.ADV+SM isiowant.N.M.SG iddito_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S ddodcome.V.INFIN+SM ito.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF ito.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF Wladfaname achosbecause.CONJ doeddenbe.V.3P.IMPERF.NEG nhwthey.PRON.3P ddimnot.ADV+SM ynPRT gwybodknow.V.INFIN dim_bydnothing.ADV amfor.PREP ythe.DET.DEF Wladfaname yndeisn't_it.IM .
  and her mother and father didn't want her to come to the settlement because they didn't know anything about the settlement, did they?

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