PATAGONIA - Patagonia3
Instances of methu for speaker PIL

39PILuh (.) dan ni &d methu bod heb jam a teisen beth_bynnag .
  uher.IM danbe.V.1P.PRES niwe.PRON.1P methufail.V.INFIN bodbe.V.INFIN hebwithout.PREP jamjam.N.M.SG aand.CONJ teisencake.N.F.SG beth_bynnaganyway.ADV .
  er we can't go without jam and cake anyway.
189PILprin methu ffeindio (y)r +//.
  prinscarce.ADJ methufail.V.INFIN ffeindiofind.V.INFIN yrthe.DET.DEF .
  barely able to find the...

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