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Instances of fyw for speaker PIL

642PILoedden nhw yn [/] yn y capel oedden nhw (y)n dysgu popeth (.) um xxx &s <sut uh (.) i> [/] (.) sut i fyw a sut i (.) i bod yn barchus efo bobl eraill a (.) wel a lot o bethau bach heblaw dysgu uh pethau yr ysgol ynde (.) ia .
  oeddenbe.V.3P.IMPERF nhwthey.PRON.3P ynPRT ynin.PREP ythe.DET.DEF capelchapel.N.M.SG oeddenbe.V.3P.IMPERF nhwthey.PRON.3P ynPRT dysguteach.V.INFIN popetheverything.N.M.SG umum.IM suthow.INT uher.IM ito.PREP suthow.INT ito.PREP fywlive.V.INFIN+SM aand.CONJ suthow.INT ito.PREP ito.PREP bodbe.V.INFIN ynPRT barchusrespectful.ADJ+SM efowith.PREP boblpeople.N.F.SG+SM eraillothers.PRON aand.CONJ welwell.IM aand.CONJ lotlot.QUAN oof.PREP bethauthings.N.M.PL+SM bachsmall.ADJ heblawwithout.PREP dysguteach.V.INFIN uher.IM pethauthings.N.M.PL yrthe.DET.DEF ysgolschool.N.F.SG yndeisn't_it.IM iayes.ADV .
  they were in chapel, they taught everything, how to live and how to be respectful towards others... well, and a lot of little other things apart from teaching school things, yes.

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