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Instances of dy for speaker PIL

297PILydy dy ffrind EnlliCS yn dod efo ni i (y)r eisteddfod .
  ydybe.V.3S.PRES dyyour.ADJ.POSS.2S ffrindfriend.N.M.SG Enlliname ynPRT dodcome.V.INFIN efowith.PREP niwe.PRON.1P ito.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF eisteddfodeisteddfod.N.F.SG .
  is your friend Enlli coming with you to the Eisteddfod?
326PILfaint yw dy oed di ?
  faintsize.N.M.SG+SM ywbe.V.3S.PRES dyyour.ADJ.POSS.2S oedage.N.M.SG diyou.PRON.2S+SM ?
  how old are you?

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