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Instances of dim for speaker PIL

8PILa dy(dy) nhw (ddi)m yn wneud dim effortE <i i> [/] i mynd â pethau (y)mlaen a +...
  aand.CONJ dydybe.V.3S.PRES.NEG nhwthey.PRON.3P ddimnot.ADV+SM ynPRT wneudmake.V.INFIN+SM dimnot.ADV efforteffort.N.SG ito.PREP ito.PREP ito.PREP myndgo.V.INFIN âwith.PREP pethauthings.N.M.PL ymlaenforward.ADV aand.CONJ .
  and they don't make any effort to take things forward and...
357PILond uh uh (e)fallai bod dim plwc &=laugh ie ie .
  ondbut.CONJ uher.IM uher.IM efallaiperhaps.CONJ bodbe.V.INFIN dimnot.ADV plwcpluck.N.M.SG ieyes.ADV ieyes.ADV .
  but, er... maybe they don't have enough get-up-and-go... yes, yes.
590PILachos oedd [//] doedd dim ceir amser hynny achos uh amser y rhyfel ynde .
  achosbecause.CONJ oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF doeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG dimnot.ADV ceircars.N.M.PL amsertime.N.M.SG hynnythat.ADJ.DEM.SP achosbecause.CONJ uher.IM amsertime.N.M.SG ythe.DET.DEF rhyfelwar.N.MF.SG yndeisn't_it.IM .
  because there weren't cars in that time because of the war eh?

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