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Instances of chwech for speaker PIL

411PILachos mam [//] oedd mam yn dŵad o [/] o Caerfyrddin a mi ddoth yma yn uh mil naw cant dau_ddeg chwech (.) i briodi fy nhad .
  achosbecause.CONJ mammother.N.F.SG oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF mammother.N.F.SG ynPRT dŵadcome.V.INFIN oof.PREP ofrom.PREP CaerfyrddinCarmarthen.NAME.PLACE aand.CONJ miPRT.AFF ddothcome.V.3S.PAST+SM ymahere.ADV ynPRT uher.IM milthousand.N.F.SG nawnine.NUM canthundred.N.M.SG dau_ddegtwenty.NUM chwechsix.NUM ito.PREP briodimarry.V.INFIN+SM fymy.ADJ.POSS.1S nhadfather.N.M.SG+NM .
  because Mum came from Carmarthen and she came here in 1926 to marry my father.

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