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Instances of be for speaker PIL

64PILbe wnawn ni ynde ?
  bewhat.INT wnawndo.V.1P.PRES+SM niwe.PRON.1P yndeisn't_it.IM ?
  what can you do eh?
372PILgawn ni weld blwyddyn nesa be fydden ni (y)n gallu gwneud .
  gawnget.V.1P.PRES+SM niwe.PRON.1P weldsee.V.INFIN+SM blwyddynyear.N.F.SG nesanext.ADJ.SUP bewhat.INT fyddenbe.V.3P.COND+SM niwe.PRON.1P ynPRT gallube_able.V.INFIN gwneudmake.V.INFIN .
  we'll see what we can do next year.
436PILbe ?
  bewhat.INT ?
472PILohCS ia dyna be oedd oedd e (y)n ofnadwy xxx .
  ohoh.IM iayes.ADV dynathat_is.ADV bewhat.INT oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF ehe.PRON.M.3S ynPRT ofnadwyterrible.ADJ .
  oh yeah, that's what... it was awful.
493PIL+" i be wyt ti isio mynd +..?
  ito.PREP bewhat.INT wytbe.V.2S.PRES tiyou.PRON.2S isiowant.N.M.SG myndgo.V.INFIN ?
  why do you want to go?
630PILbe ?
  bewhat.INT ?
703PILwel &d &d dw i (y)n credu na lwcus am y bobl oedd yn byw yma fel (..) be (fy)sa ti (y)n dweud ?
  welwell.IM dwbe.V.1S.PRES iI.PRON.1S ynPRT credubelieve.V.INFIN nano.ADV.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].PRT.NEG lwcuslucky.ADJ amfor.PREP ythe.DET.DEF boblpeople.N.F.SG+SM oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF ynPRT bywlive.V.INFIN ymahere.ADV fellike.CONJ bewhat.INT fysafinger.V.3S.PRES+SM tiyou.PRON.2S ynPRT dweudsay.V.INFIN ?
  well I think it's lucky for the people who lived here like... what would you say?

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