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Instances of allan for speaker PIL

479PILcyn dod allan .
  cynbefore.PREP dodcome.V.INFIN allanout.ADV .
  before coming out.
492PILoedd fy uh mam a tad uh um fy mam ddim isio iddi ddod allan um +"/.
  oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF fymy.ADJ.POSS.1S uher.IM mammother.N.F.SG aand.CONJ tadfather.N.M.SG uher.IM umum.IM fymy.ADJ.POSS.1S mammother.N.F.SG ddimnot.ADV+SM isiowant.N.M.SG iddito_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S ddodcome.V.INFIN+SM allanout.ADV umum.IM .
  my mother's parents didn't want her to come over.
591PILac oedd uh uh wel uh oedd ddim uh (.) petrol achos uh oedden nhw (y)n gyrru o allan i_gyd ynde .
  acand.CONJ oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF uher.IM uher.IM welwell.IM uher.IM oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF ddimnot.ADV+SM uher.IM petrolpetrol.N.M.SG achosbecause.CONJ uher.IM oeddenbe.V.3P.IMPERF nhwthey.PRON.3P ynPRT gyrrudrive.V.INFIN ohe.PRON.M.3S allanout.ADV i_gydall.ADJ yndeisn't_it.IM .
  and there wasn't any petrol because they used to send it all overseas.

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