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Instances of Maes_yr_Haf for speaker PIL

462PILa wedyn mi ddoth yn_ôl yn mil wyth &s uh saith pedwar (.) ac o(edde)n nhw (y)r rhai cyntaf ac uh uh Parch uh Heulfryn_LewisCS (.) ac um um misus um mister a misus um (.) LewisCS um <Maes_yrCS> [/] Maes_yr_HafCS .
  aand.CONJ wedynafterwards.ADV miPRT.AFF ddothcome.V.3S.PAST+SM yn_ôlback.ADV ynin.PREP milthousand.N.F.SG wytheight.NUM uher.IM saithseven.NUM pedwarfour.NUM.M acand.CONJ oeddenbe.V.3P.IMPERF nhwthey.PRON.3P yrthe.DET.DEF rhaisome.PRON cyntaffirst.ORD acand.CONJ uher.IM uher.IM Parchname uher.IM Heulfryn_Lewisname acand.CONJ umum.IM umum.IM misusMrs.N.F.SG umum.IM mistermr.N.M.SG aand.CONJ misusMrs.N.F.SG umum.IM Lewisname umum.IM Maes_yrname Maes_yr_Hafname .
  and then they came back in 1874 and they were the first ones... and Reverend Heulfryn Lewis and... mister and missus Lewis, um, from Maes yr Haf.

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