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Instances of Cymraeg for speaker PIL

100PILmae (y)na lot o bobl yn siarad Cymraeg eto er mae (y)r cymdeithas yn mynd lawr a lawr tra mae (y)r hen bobl yn mynd .
  maebe.V.3S.PRES ynathere.ADV lotlot.QUAN oof.PREP boblpeople.N.F.SG+SM ynPRT siaradtalk.V.INFIN CymraegWelsh.N.F.SG etoagain.ADV erer.IM maebe.V.3S.PRES yrthe.DET.DEF cymdeithassociety.N.F.SG ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN lawrdown.ADV aand.CONJ lawrdown.ADV trawhile.CONJ maebe.V.3S.PRES yrthe.DET.DEF henold.ADJ boblpeople.N.F.SG+SM ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN .
  there are still many people who speak Welsh but society is going downhill as old people leave it.
634PILie Cymraeg .
  ieyes.ADV CymraegWelsh.N.F.SG .
  yes, Welsh.
717PILoedd rhai o (y)r plant yn dod i (y)r capel (..) a wedi dysgu Cymraeg xxx .
  oeddbe.V.3S.IMPERF rhaisome.PRON oof.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF plantchild.N.M.PL ynPRT dodcome.V.INFIN ito.PREP yrthe.DET.DEF capelchapel.N.M.SG aand.CONJ wediafter.PREP dysguteach.V.INFIN CymraegWelsh.N.F.SG .
  some of the children came to the chapel... and had learnt Welsh.

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