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Instances of gwneud for speaker EDU

58EDUpa cerddoriaeth oeddech chi (y)n (.) gwneud ?
  pawhich.ADJ cerddoriaethmusic.N.F.SG oeddechbe.V.2P.IMPERF chiyou.PRON.2P ynPRT gwneudmake.V.INFIN ?
  what music were you doing?
770EDUpryd wyt ti (y)n mynd i gael amser (.) rhydd i ymlacio a gwneud dim ?
  prydwhen.INT wytbe.V.2S.PRES tiyou.PRON.2S ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN ito.PREP gaelget.V.INFIN+SM amsertime.N.M.SG rhyddfree.ADJ.[or].give.V.3S.PRES ito.PREP.[or].I.PRON.1S ymlaciorelax.V.INFIN aand.CONJ gwneudmake.V.INFIN dimnot.ADV.[or].nothing.N.M.SG ?
  when are you going to have free time to relax and do nothing?

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