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Instances of basen for speaker EDU

279EDUos wyt [//] os (ba)sen nhw (y)n wahodd ti fynd ar lan y môr (ba)set ti (y)n mynd ?
  osif.CONJ wytbe.V.2S.PRES osif.CONJ basenbe.V.3P.PLUPERF nhwthey.PRON.3P ynPRT wahoddinvite.V.INFIN+SM tiyou.PRON.2S fyndgo.V.INFIN+SM aron.PREP lanshore.N.F.SG+SM ythe.DET.DEF môrsea.N.M.SG basetbe.V.2S.PLUPERF tiyou.PRON.2S ynPRT myndgo.V.INFIN ?
  if they were to invite you to the beach, would you go?

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