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Instances of tener for speaker AUD

557AUDvoy a tener xxx .
  voygo.V.1S.PRES ato.PREP tenerhave.V.INFIN .
  I'm having ....
629AUDcualquier momento nos llaman que [/] (.) que ya vamos a [/] a tener otro bebe en la familia .
  cualquierwhatever.ADJ.MF.SG momentomomentum.N.M.SG nosus.PRON.OBL.MF.1P llamancall.V.3P.PRES quethat.CONJ quethat.CONJ yaalready.ADV vamosgo.V.1P.PRES ato.PREP ato.PREP tenerhave.V.INFIN otroother.PRON.M.SG bebedrink.V.2S.IMPER.[or].drink.V.3S.PRES enin.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG familiafamily.N.F.SG .
  any moment now they will call us saying that we are about to have another baby in the family.
699AUDprimero por no tener dinero .
  primerofirst.ADV porfor.PREP nonot.ADV tenerhave.V.INFIN dineromoney.N.M.SG .
  first, for not having money.
802AUDyo quise ir mañana a la iglesia para no tener que ir el domingo .
  yoI.PRON.SUB.MF.1S quisewant.V.1S.PAST irgo.V.INFIN mañanatomorrow.ADV ato.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG iglesiachurch.N.F.SG parafor.PREP nonot.ADV tenerhave.V.INFIN quethat.CONJ irgo.V.INFIN elthe.DET.DEF.M.SG domingoSunday.N.M.SG .
  I wanted to go tomorrow to church so I don't have to go on Sunday.

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