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Instances of dijo for speaker AUD

64AUDperoS meS dijoS tuS mamáS conS laS niñaS queS before was in the team she didn't make it ?
  perobut.CONJ meme.PRON.OBL.MF.1S dijotell.V.3S.PAST tuyour.ADJ.POSS.MF.2S.SG mamámum.N.F.SG conwith.PREP lathe.DET.DEF.F.SG niñakid.N.F.SG quethat.PRON.REL beforebefore.CONJ waswas.V.3S.PAST inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF teamteam.N.SG sheshe.PRON.SUB.F.3S didn'tdid.V.PAST+NEG makemake.SV.INFIN itit.PRON.OBJ.3S ?
  but your mom told me that the girl before was in the team she didn't make it ?

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