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Instances of cold for speaker AUD

299AUDno they don't because it's very very cold where they live .
  nono.ADV theythey.PRON.SUB.3P don'tdo.V.3P.PRES+NEG becausebecause.CONJ it'sit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.3S.PRES veryvery.ADV veryvery.ADV coldcold.ADJ wherewhere.REL theythey.PRON.SUB.3P livelive.V.3P.PRES .
604AUDperoS he told me yesterday that it was kind of cold .
  perobut.CONJ hehe.PRON.SUB.M.3S toldtold.V.PAST meme.PRON.OBJ.1S yesterdayyesterday.N.SG thatthat.CONJ itit.PRON.SUB.3S waswas.V.3S.PAST kindkind.ADJ.[or].kind.N.SG ofof.PREP coldcold.ADJ .
  but he told me yesterday that it was kind of cold.
1007AUDyeah we never do have (.) very cold .
  yeahyeah.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P nevernever.ADV dodo.SV.INFIN havehave.SV.INFIN veryvery.ADV coldcold.ADJ .

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